Monday, January 9, 2012

Michael, the Way Back Becomes the Way Ahead
Channeled by Dreamwalker

You are light form in the heavens. There is nothing stopping you from your journey. I AM Michael. There is much to be joyful for, be thankful, enjoy yourselves. You are a light cadre and you will not be suppressed, nor denied, nor will you awaken to any more days of Cabal rule. Those days are behind you now, they are no longer even a memory. As you forget your days of cruelty and survival, you will embrace the moment of divine ascension and abundance, for the kingdom of heaven is yours. Do not be afraid of this moment, as we have been sending you messages on your electronic devices with increasing frequency to let you know we are here watching over you. 11:11, 1:11, 12:12, these numbers may be familiar to you. This is the sign that we are here, and you are on the right path. Many other numbers guide you on your way, reassuring we are here.

As you increase frequency know that you are not alone, your journey is shared by millions now all seeking Truth and a glimpse of the source to which they have come. In truth that source is within you all, you are one with the creator now, created in the creator's image. What would you do if you saw the creator, some guy standing on the street? Quite a question. For this is him, and this is her. Look in a mirror, you will see the creator. Indeed, it is a Great Spirit that presides over all realms, and that Great Spirit is the consciousness of you as individuals.

Do not let the path of others stray you from your own. You are now ascending, as a process, not an event, and you always were ascending, ever upward to the light of the new era.

It is good to see you again, Troy, I hope you are enjoying this journey, and I trust the journey we chose together is one that you are converging with others. Let go of all feelings, in truth, do not think, let all events tied to the past wash over you like a tide, washing out, washing in, to carry you like a small shell either towards the shore or out to sea. Any rough edges you may have had will be smoothed by time. Either way it is just another place to go, and you can let the water in a bowl carry these issues away in a stream or a sink, it matters not, although as you have discovered plastics are to be avoided. Just imagine placing these from your mind into the water, and the water will do the rest.

Abundance in your plane is very close, it will be interesting to see what direction things go, but you already know the answer.

I AM Michael, thank you, my friend, for listening.



I first met Michael in a dream about the afterlife - my afterlife prior to my current incarnation. 

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