Monday, April 28, 2014

Dream Log: 28APR2014 - 70s Mansion

I arrived at a large house/ mansion. It was nighttime, so I wasn't able to make out the details of the house clearly. It was a low-lying house, maybe two stories. It was built in the 70's, reminiscent of a sprawling rancher. The paint was a dark brown, almost black. There may have been one of those odd cutout circles in the roof, common of larger buildings from that era, and probably it had one or two dome skylights - the ones from the 70's that were opaque with an off-white color; faded plexiglass. There was a driveway and a large grassy front yard in front of the house - gravel drive with a terraced rock garden leading up to the house.  Round moon-shaped street lights on top of a cast iron gate were placed at odd intervals, not really enough to light up the house, but enough to find your way.

I entered the house by the front door, and there was a sunken living room that seemed more like a furniture showroom because it was so large. Couches marked off square meeting spaces; the decor was generally muted colors, light gray, mid-to late- 80's furniture. Some had coffee tables in the interior space, others had side tables. The overall feeling was conservative. The lighting was dim, not warm, but not uncomfortable.

Along the walls were alcoves that at first seemed like the "lighting department" of the furniture showroom, but as I looked closer there was more to it. The far wall from the front door was a square archway that led to another "living room" / meeting area. I went over to look through it, and I could see that there were many more living rooms (similar spaces to this) going off in the distance. This didn't seem to bother me - it was something I took for granted. To the right of this entrance, there was a lighting display. A light at the top of the display was like the full moon. Below that, a miniature mountain, with a stream running down the mountain. I was reminded of a Japanese painting of a mountain, that had been turned into something 3-D. I was also reminded of the mountain in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. All of this sat on a shelf placed at about waist-height. Light and dark gray on the walls, done in a tasteful/conservative way.

There were a few people in the "living room" area with me, it felt like a reception or party. It felt like there were more people still to come. The few that were there were chatting idly. As with any event like this I didn't talk to anyone - it's usually possible for me to be alone in a room full of people.  That didn't bother me, though. It was enough to just be there.

There were stairs to the right of the front door leading up to what I assume would be the bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. of the house. I found myself in a large bathroom. It was completely tiled with light yellow tiles, it felt like a room in a hospital. In the center of the bathroom was a raised tiled platform with a shower head and a drain, and a hospital-green curtain that went right around the perimeter of the platform, hanging from a chrome railing. I decided to have a shower, and when I turned on the shower there were additional jets to the right and left of the shower head, kind of like a garden sprinkler. I thought this was a silly / unnecessary feature. At this point I thought that I was in my sister's house, though I never met her in the dream. It was just something I knew.

After I finished my shower I wrapped a beige towel around me, and for some reason thought it was a good idea to head back to the living room like this. Perhaps it was for the purpose of shocking the party-goers, a practical joke, and I pretended to shriek as the towel exposed part of my leg. This is not something I'd normally consider doing.

After that I headed back upstairs to get dressed, and that was the end of the dream. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Manifestation 101: ONE MILLION DOLLARS

 (paragraphs marked with > are my comments)

[Triangle diamond] (this is a "handshake" symbol - I saw this as a diamond superimposed over a triangle)

This is Adama.

>Hi Adama, how are you?

I'm fine, Troy. It's nice to talk to you. It's been a bit of time, from your point of reference.

You have had some success in manifestation. You have discovered the necessary vibration, to visualize one million dollars. It is the feeling of that idea that you want to use. You will be able to identify other vibrations that correspond to different patterns/templates within your reality, and you will notice the desired outcome based on that vibration. And the key is to focus your intent on that vibration, rather than focusing on the outcome or the thing itself. It's the FEELING of that thing that you want to focus on. That's all. It's really very simple.

I know you have many questions about how others might bring this to reality for them, but it is somewhat different depending on the situation, and different for the person doing the visualizing. For some, the idea of this thing - one million dollars - is too hard to grasp, since they are unaccustomed to what this represents. Do you see the dragon curling around a gold hoard? All along, it is not his to give, but yours to feel. From your perspective, simply do what works for you. It is really not the task of the way-shower to show others their path. You are on your path, they are on theirs, but the help is in knowing that such a thing can be accomplished. If they wish to benefit, it is their own choice to do so.

Other businessmen - especially those who are household names - have discovered this trick and have walked a similar path. Every morning, they wake up and visualize a million dollars. The expression "I feel like a million dollars" is a good idiom to follow, but it could take the vibration and externalize it. They internalize this feeling in their chest/heart area. And they JUST visualize a million dollars. They have discovered that the visualization is not complete once they start thinking about HOW, or WHY, because that limits the manifestation.

>I'm curious, Adama... can you tell me why there seems to be a random "negative" manifestation that appears with every "positive" one? How do I limit the negative to accomplish my original intent?

This is the price of duality - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

>Would I be better off not visualizing money, since it is often said that the money I'm visualizing has negative energy attached to it?

Not necessarily. When you start to ride a bike, usually the bike you start with is not the best bike, but rather the one you are comfortable with. I think you are beginning to see how parasitic energy works, but remember this is your - and only your - visualization. If it helps you to "cleanse" the money first, visualize light surrounding that money, if you wish. But really it is the simple feeling of the essence of the money that you are needing to use.

You may also wish to analyze your feelings towards this money. Negative energy that you put into this money may also manifest. All I'm saying is that it's a worthwhile meditation, to focus on the essence of that vibration, without the surrounding values you might place on it. Strip those away, and you might find more success with your manifestation. In time you will discover other significant manifestation vibrations, and you'll want to take a similar approach to those.

For example, how do you feel towards a pretty girl. The pretty girl might see her lot in life as both a blessing and a curse. But really she is just she, and you are just you. Whether you see her as cursed or blessed, doesn't change the essence of who she is.

>There was a time when I trusted a pretty girl less, but of course I let that go because, as you say, the essence of who someone is, is pretty much who everyone is.

Yes exactly. [smiling] I will let you go, if you wish, Troy.

>Thanks Adama. I appreciate our conversation together.

Have a good evening, Troy.

[Note: the highest printed currency in the U.S. is $100.]

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dream Log 30MAR2014: University Mission

30 March dream – I was in a university complex, a gray cement building, fairly modern-looking. The walls had a vertical line pattern, for acoustics. I recall vivid blue accents, such as trim and awnings. There were two young women there, with shoulder-length hair tied back in a pony tail. We were a team, doing something we needed to do. A mission. I don’t remember the conversation, though I remembered it when I woke up this morning. It had to do with dismantling the structure of society… For some reason it all started in that microcosm of the university. It was the weakest point of the dam, so to speak.

Dream Log: 29MAR2014 "Friend of the Devil"

29 March – I was thinking about how laws place themselves between “us” and “god”.
Then I find myself in a stone chalet, with wood floors. A cozy place with a fireplace and wingback chairs. There were people there, well-dressed, it was a club of some sort. Everyone was in their early 20s. They seemed to be people of power and priviledge.
Near the fire was a gray wingback chair, and in it sat a young man with black hair, red skin and small black horns jutting out of his forehead. As I walked across the floor towards him, someone near me said, don’t do it, man! I looked at him and said, it’s okay, bud. This needs to be done. When I looked back towards the chair, the young man was not there, but I knew he was.
You have had control over this place for many years, but no longer, I said calmly. You pretend to be the master but you’re really the servant, because that’s where you place yourself – this is of your own doing. I am the master. You can go. And there’s no point in hiding, I can see your energy quite clearly.
As I said that, I could see bands of radiating energy around a blank space sitting in the chair. I felt calm and empowered (which is not how I would typically feel in such a situation!). That was the end of the dream. It felt good to do that.

The Grateful Dead’s Friend of the Devil is going through my head this morning.