Friday, June 22, 2012

You Are the Master

You are the master. You no longer need answers from without, which is to say, from the viewpoint of being answer-less. Universal Mastery is the key to all questions. All answers are readily available because you are the answer. You are not a seeker of wisdom, you are wisdom im-bodied in all, internal to one. You no longer require guidance, because all guidance is available. We are here to help, but truly as master you are as we are, all knowing is within our realm as it is in yours. You already sense that as above so below places one on an uneven playing field, but it is only the start of the path, a trigger, but not necessarily the endpoint, or even the beginning. As master you hold the key. Don't be a stranger, but you are as we are. It is now time to spread your wings both symbolically and literally. You are the master.

(is this why I can't connect with my friends at this time?)

You are always connected.

(yet I experience void)

As you surmised it is winter before spring. And truly connecting to external elements are not required, it was a push to lead to another path. You now walk this path.

(I miss them, I enjoy their company.)

This is necessary for a much stronger connection, be patient, it will be as if they are speaking next to you.

(I understand, and looking forward to it)

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roll Call: Athabantian

From Adrial:

Based on the positive response of the reception of access to All About Enlightenment (the book), 

We’re putting out want-ads. We’re having Roll Call.

Who wants to join the Athabantian Ground Crew?

We have the beginning of a list of names.

These are names of some of the members of the Crew of Athabantian who have been trying diligently to connect with some of you who are searching the Net.
Connecting is simple.

We’ll list the names (and this really is only a partial list…) and their roles. If one of the names you read resonates with you very deeply, and you feel you need help connecting with them, please contact Leslee by email.

We’ll use this email address:

Of course you’re more than welcome to make these connections on your own. If you do, We’d love for you to share about it here on Up 2 the 5th, so please let Leslee know!

Some of you are well on your way to making this connection, and just need one tiny nudge. Some need to learn to communicate telepathically. Leslee can help you in either case.

There are a few caveats, and if you wish to learn the communication method We taught Leslee, and be a part of the community We’re creating here, there are some requirements.

They’re all rolled in here together:

1. These will be telepathic connections. Not trance channeling, and not a physical meeting. It’s okay if you cannot do this yet; Leslee can teach you how, with Our help. Or, Leslee can encourage you, if you think you’ve got it down and just want to check. All you need is a pendulum and access to Skype (or to go see Leslee in person). This is not typical pendulum work. There is a person-to-person transmission involved, that makes a huge difference in generating clarity and protects the integrity of the message. With practice and dedication, you may learn to connect with Us spontaneously and be confident that you have reached Us, and not spirit imposters.

2. If you want Leslee’s help with telepathy, you must to be willing to work with Us and her on the connection until Adrial says you’re ready to go. You and Leslee will learn to trust together. I, Adrial, am organizing this venture, not Leslee. Please do not worry. You will all learn quickly.
3. To work with Us, you must be willing to share your results, publicly and using your real – legal – name. You must make yourself accessible to the public by email. Leslee can either set you up on Up 2 the 5th, or you’re free to start your own blog or website. If you really think you might lose your job or your spouse if you used your real name, but you really want to do this, then please let Leslee know, and We will discuss it with you.

4. You must be willing to work on a donations-only basis and never try to capitalize on your connection with Athabantian. Running ads on a site devoted to Athabantian or any of her Crew is strongly discouraged. If you develop related products that you wish to sell, you may set prices in online stores, but if people contact you directly, We expect you to use a sliding scale, and we strongly encourage barter or donation basis. This involves trust, and will be one of your most difficult lessons. However, you must learn it if you wish to Ascend.

5. You must not try to copyright, patent, or profit from your knowledge of Athabantian of her Crew. You do not need to add notices or disclaimers to your messages and sites. You will be accessing information that will very soon be available to all. Those with whom you will be working are Ascending too, and you must learn to trust them – and be trustworthy – as well. You must not charge money or require exchange of goods or energy in exchange for what you have been given freely. For the time being, Mark Kimmel is the only person who has our blessings to offer talks, seminars, workshops, etc., related to Athabantian and Her Crew. If you create videos, your channel must not use ads. Again, donation options are welcome.

6. Please be aware that by making this connection, your prime directive is to be willing to help others with their Ascension, and to that end, We may ask you to do a job or fill a role. This venture is not a form of entertainment. There is much work that needs to be done. That said, please understand that this matter is not urgent. We are experiencing a natural growth process. Please continue with your everyday life, where you are now, as We all acclimate to our new communication methods.

7. You must be willing to work directly (in 3D, electronically or in person) with other members of the Ground Crew, and you must be willing to submit the information you receive for feedback and corroboration by others. Blogs are an excellent way to do this. The Spirit Train Chronicles ( is a wonderful example of this which is currently available. This is how we work on Athabantian – as One – and this is how you must all learn to work if you wish to engage the Fifth Dimension. Oneness is all-inclusive. Please keep in mind that in the 5th dimension, all are connected telepathically. There are no outliers or outcasts, rogues or rebels. But We are individuals. We treat one another with respect and kindness and observe personal boundaries, and all are free and encouraged to speak their mind respectfully and judiciously.

8. You may wish to establish discussion forums as the Community grows. Please refrain from creating them with any form of exclusivity. This means no passwords, no logins, no criticism and no divisive words among you. If “trolls” appear, banish them, or as Seth Godin says, ask them “What are you afraid of?” You will be delighted to learn how this approach to community can lead to joyous interaction. We will establish more guidelines in the future if they are needed, but We anticipate that you will relish your transparent community.

9. Lastly, you must not hold Leslee accountable for the outcome of your connection or any efforts to connect with Us. If you wish to work with her, you will be vetted by Us, through her. If We feel that another time would be preferable for you to connect with Us, We will explain why, and what signs you may look for if you wish to try again later.

Here we go with the list of names.
We will add to this list as time allows. For now, We think this specific team will be a wonderful start for developing a model. We are starting rather small so that you may become acclimated to our way of being together as One.

(Please note: Crew Members will connect with more than one individual on Earth. Please do not worry. As you compare notes with one another, you will gain understanding. Also, please note that the descriptions are just that – descriptions of inclinations and avocations. There are no formal agencies and departments. The joys of telepathy!)

RUBINHOUT: (Yes, We know it sounds a lot like “Robin Hood”; that’s more than mere coincidence.) Serving in the energy exchange guidance field.
ADRIAL: Serving in the energetic and communicative focus field.
BREN-TON: Serving in the guidance and oversight field.
JUSTINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field.
MORAINE: Serving in the facilities and relations development field, as well as the emotional development field.
LASKEVALL: (pronounced much like “Basketball”) Serving in the nourishment and sensory enjoyment field.
MINSHEHOUT: (Nickname: “Miscoot”) Serving in the nourishment and health field.
NESBEVHAR: (Nickname: “Nebs”) Serving in the health and realization field
CLURISNAN: (Nickname: “Clover”) Serving in the agriculture, horticulture, and pleasure gardening fields
ASPINGELLE: (Nickname: “Jelly”) Serving in the transportation field
NOXAMINIA: (Nickname: “Noxy”) Serving in the astral field (sometimes known as the “Explaining Nature to Humans” field)
BUSCODIS: (Nickname: “Otis”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field (otherwise known as “Music”, and yes, Otis borrows his nickname from Mr. Redding.)
AXNORAPHILIM: (Nickname: “Norim”) Serving in the vibratory modulation field and the visual collaboration (“Visual Arts”) field
MARCORUSCAVA: (Nickname: “Marco”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)
PALASDOSIA: (Nickname: “Palas”) Serving in the physical manipulation field (“Dance” and “Athletics”)
AMPHEGRENE: Serving in the sensory therapy field
CALLIOSTA: (Nickname: “Calli”) Serving in the sensory therapy field
MARHAYAMYA: (Nickname: “Yamya”) Serving in the celestial liaison field

You may notice that We make no promises or declarations of the outcome of this venture. On one level, We refer to this as an experiment. On another level, We are showing you how things will progress. Even if this round of recruiting yields merely one additional connection, it will have been a success. However, you may surprise yourselves with how rapidly you find your world shifting into 5D as you begin making these connections.

Finally, please share this bulletin widely in any way you see fit – electronically or otherwise. Leslee speaks English, a fair amount of French, and knows a few words of Spanish. If you are available to help with translations, please let her know, in case they are needed. We will quickly develop a delegate system. Please trust that things will move forward according to your readiness.

Please enjoy re-kindling your long-dormant friendships, and begin to remember All That You Are.

Faithfully and Gratefully Yours in Union,


Contact with Adrial

I had a cool experience this morning. Yesterday on Leslee’s “up to the 5th” site, I expressed my desire to connect with someone on the Athabantian. This morning, I hear in my head this young girl’s voice, she’s 8 or 9 years old…

“Mr. Dreamwalker, are you there? I just wanted to say hi.”

-”I’m here… Is that you Adrial?”

“Yes, I just wanted to make contact with you. Have a great day!”

This “voice” was inside my head, but it wasn’t like the intuitive channeling I normally do… she was loud and clear, almost like I could hear it with my ears but it was inside my head. I was not expecting the voice of a young girl, everything I’ve read makes her sound much older…

Monday, June 18, 2012

Barack Obama (A Dream)

I dreamed I was in a small gymnasium, watching some kind of team sport that my younger son was playing, it was his Kindergarten class (next year, 2012-2013). His teacher, running the game, was my older son's Kindergarten teacher.

Barack Obama was sitting next to me, laid back, shooting the breeze, we were good friends (this is the way he treats everyone, and how he prefers to be treated). He was wearing a white long-sleeve button shirt, gray suit pants, black shoes, no tie. 

We were reminiscing about our childhood, what we remember from Elementary school. He remembered a French song that he learned as a young boy, the title of the song sounded like "La Tramer ils de complot", they weave the plot (or the weave of the plot). He sung the song for me, at the end of it he was pretty happy with himself and this helped him remember his childhood. I was pretty impressed that he could remember this song.

("Tramer" means both "weave" and "hatch", I felt the song had a double meaning. For example it could mean conspiracy but it could also mean enlightenment and rebirth - hatching a new self or new ideas.)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunset: June 14, 2012

So I was looking up at the clouds yesterday evening, as I was going home I got this amazing jacob’s ladder display from the clouds, so I thought,wow thank you for this light show! Then an hour later I went to pick up the kids from summer camp, same light show. Wow clouds, thank you! Then we got in the car and driving home the kids noticed it too. Quietly I said my thanks.

Then just for fun I thought to the clouds, give me a “yes”.

And as I watched, the clouds started forming an eye shape. The eye of Horus. Then the sun peeked out of the clouds between the eye shape, right where a real iris would be, still blazing the jacob’s ladders. A blazing golden eye of Horus. I was completely dumbfounded.

Then I looked across from this opposite of where the sun was shining, and the clouds looked exactly like the snow-covered mountains on my blog!

Just…. Wow.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Santa Muerte: Waveforms

>I can feel you smiling at me, Santa Muerte

sm> I am here Troy. Do you know why I am smiling?

>I can't imagine... because you are a skeleton and really can't help yourself?

sm> Ha, well yes, I think most have reason to be happy to cast aside their mortal coil, so a smiling skull is perhaps a fitting tribute

>That is somewhat morbid but funny at the same time. How do you do that?

sm> A natural talent.

> I expect it comes with the territory... so what do you have for me today? I think I've got the hang of the "balance" of energy that we discussed. Not so much where it flows from and to, perhaps, or how to prevent that from happening, but I think I understand why I'm feeling tired as a representation of the displacement of money/energy.

sm> Yes, that is a large part of it. Although you may think that this might have something to do with cosmic energies, you will find, as your friend Adrial has mentioned, this is something of a mis-direction of the energies at play. When you look closer to home, you will find that the energy you spend is energy lost. You should be aware of this, it is a direct reflection of the money you spend. It is no matter that someone else spends your money for you... in this case it is a three-legged race to keep up with the Joneses, and you are as affected as she, although more so for her, since this is a "direct" output, you are an "indirect" output, but still an output by proxy. Partnerships can be very draining. Now you know why.

sm> I am pointing this out because there is misrepresentation at play with regards to energies. You have also noticed a waveform energy, and this also mimics the waveform of visits to various websites. Higher on wednesday, lower over the weekend. A waveform template, one of many. You will also notice other waves taking place... time is a wave, sound is a wave, light is a wave.

>You are saying that waves also govern human behaviour.

sm> To a large extent yes. There will be outliers but that is the pattern. Not just bursts, but waves. A stone dropped in the pond. A large event, and then highs and lows... perhaps they taper to nothing.

>What else can you tell me about the energy at play at this time?

sm> do not judge yourself too hard by your own actions, you are only balancing out what is necessary for your progress at this time.

>I understand.


Image source: 

Cross-reference of Leslee Hare's description of the "light body":

Monday, June 4, 2012

Archons Confronted (a Dream)

By dreamwalker |

I was watching this row of houses, small ranchers with white picket fences around them, all painted the same. My viewpoint was above / hovering in front, as in astral travel. Out of the house next to me came a creature similar to a Dalek from Dr. Who. Except the top of the head was this large brown brain with eyes and a mouth, with sharp pointy teeth. Instead of a laser, it had a chainsaw in his right arm.

It was coming after me, I flew back to my body, but was paralyzed / I couldn't get up. As the creature was coming towards me (in bed) I woke up.

The feeling of this creature was similar to the brown alien in the nasajim video.

I notice in this dream, that the ranchers represent conformity.

Alien Video by Nasajim