Saturday, July 18, 2020

Listen to Your Heart

This is... it doesn't matter. Look into your heart, try to feel my energy, and you will know who I am. This is unique for all of us.

Changes are happening rapidly now, and particularly in the United States, some who were looking forward to the appearance of the so-called "anti christ", and the impending apocalypse, will know this. What they don't understand is that the apocalypse that they think they see is the opposite of what is happening. Apocalypse means a change in thoughts, and change in heart... not the destruction of a society.

Without giving away too much, I want to tell you that the changes you see around you are the collective choice that the world is making now. It may seem that all hope is lost... fear, greed, and other base directives are what seem to shape society. It may seem that what holds you down now is a rigid system that cannot be changed. Well let me tell you that this anti-christ is simply the opposite of what some may refer to as "christ-consciousness", which is nothing more than what all of us in the universe already have every day. It's not something to be earned or taken away. It's within you all now. The catalyst for that change is lowering the curtains - parting the veil, if you will - on what has held you back for so long.

Understand that it was your will to create such a place - a place of adventure and intrigue. A place of possibilities that can't be experienced elsewhere. Understand that those you see as evil are indeed simply playing the role that they were given, and the path to fear and hate because of them only leads to a spiral of further fear and hate. You are an energetic expression, and you keep this with you for all eternity. When you return to your energetic self, these aren't things you bring with you, and these need not be things you carry with you now. The universe is love - that's all there is. Without your human form, your senses are no longer restricted by human senses. Your percepations are no longer clouded by human perceptions. The need to survive - and the fear that goes with it - is no longer there.

Soon, you will be able to realize more of your potential, as more and more will understand the lives they have been living is not something they want to return to. Everyone WANTS to be more... and they shall... but not in the ways of the past, that place one above another. It's a realization of empty successes, when true success lifts the spirit.

This is all I have to say for now... follow your heart, and know that you are loved. You are as precious now as you were when you were born. Remember that.

Your friend.