Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dream Log: 29AUG2013 Paris Suburbs

This was somewhere in France. It felt like I was close to Paris, but in the suburbs. An older friend had recently passed, and it was an opportunity (or an excuse) to visit with friends. I had a brief visit with one of his close friends, a man in his 80's. I visited him in his home - a small, brightly-lit and painted flat with cozy furniture. The next stop was a well-worn jazz club, sipping strong french coffee, reminiscent of Preservation Hall in New Orleans. PinChu was there, along with a young man in his late 20's. He had blond/brown mid-length hair and a backwards-facing ballcap, which he always wore. At one point I glanced at her, and she appeared to me briefly as someone with the "wolf man" disorder, where the body is covered in hair. When I glanced back at her again, she was back to normal. I wasn't alarmed - I understood this was a brief glimpse at her (energetic) protection.

I got into an argument with the young man. He was negative and aggressive to begin with, and his intensity only increased as we talked. We decided to settle our differences outside the club. We were standing in the street, it was fairly late at night. We both drew pistols, which looked like yellow nerf guns, and we each understood that we had one shot.

I pulled my trigger.


He pulled his trigger.


We both knew this would happen.

We shrugged at each other, and I finally realized why he was angry: he didn't have a place to stay (I reflected on why solutions present themselves AFTER the trigger is pulled...). I suggested that he could stay at my place, as long as it was only a few days. I remember touring the city by car with PinChu, enjoying some of the tourist destinations. The city felt similar to Vancouver. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frila2012: Meditation and Initiation 24AUG2012

 This was a meditation that seems to be a part of (or illustrate) a larger story. I am not sure what story that is, only that I am somehow a part of it. I wanted to share it here, and it is shared with permission from the author.

Frila2012 says:
It’s a wired day, all my physical sensation, mental state just felt eccentric. The floor felt like waves, or something soft, or the things seemed moved in some vortex. The sky, including the SUN, was almost covered by clouds all day long. Just at the very moment by the nightfall, also by our connection time, between 08:00 and 08 :30 pm (of Paris time zone), the clouds were dropped away. Now, it’s raining outside. Since I was born on an Island, this relatively moist air just brought me some flavor of home, I feel more comfortable, but some nostalgia also rose in my mind.
As I know, I was born so many times on “islands.” I miss the the moisture of earth that’s not distant from the sea…
The part below is what I got this evening during our connection. I’m sure without you, I could definitely not get/experience these.
For seizing well the divine energy at this very moment, I first envision that we were holding hands, receiving the flame and light and sending them to the inner earth.
Today, it took longer to start to have visions.
First, I might being on some ship, looking back our earth, along with a black artificial satellite.
It’s my first time that during the connection, I was shown the grains, particularly yellow ones, and not only once.
It’s almost three month ago, I started joining you for this connection. It’s also at the very beginning of our connection, I saw Troy, my father when we were still on another planet, was bringing me for celebrating a ceremony. Today, I saw the its follow up. As last time, I saw all the concerned circumstances from their back. The first picture showed that I was staying without father’s company in a very crowded Gothic like building which is very high. The colored stained glass looked as a sharp contrast against the gray tone of the crowd. I was looking for father. Then I was stepping forward on my own to the ceremonial stage. Though I didn’t see father, I sensed he was there, witnessing the whole rite [initiation or something like Bar and Bat Mitzvah] in person.
A black Dragon of western type carried me on his back going forward on water.
Then I was in somewhere like a city at night full of castles with conic roof all in light blue color. It felt like somewhere beyond our historical time, or even beyond earth. Though the city was somehow illuminated in faint yellow/golden light, if felt gloomy.
Appeared a golden vortex/wormhole, then I was brought to somewhere all in golden light. In front of me, it’s a golden pavilion made of golden light wires, surrounded by some other round stuffs. I felt where this was seems beyond 5th dimension.
Appeared again grains, but in various colors. Among them, the yellow ones are so eye-catching.
There was a moment that I was distracted, and some force just drew me out and brought me to the next vortex, wormhole.
Then I was in front of where all the architectures and stuffs were crystalline. I felt it’s even in a higher dimension than the last one. All arose in front of me were not high, but so glittering, translucent and pure. Similar to what I just saw, the main stuff looked like a white crystal pavilion with dome. It seemed my second time to be here. The last time I was there was being a member of this group, discussing our work just insides that pavilion.
I somehow felt I was one with the dolphin beings, but I have no memory of the concerned visions at all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Energetic Hunger and Harvest

Road to Farmfields by Walter Curlee
This was a not-meditating meditation, I had a conversation / observation, where I could feel parts of the old paradigm were being left behind. Things that used to entertain no longer entertain - I'm finding most movies to not only be boring but horrifying. Violence for the sake of violence, fear for the sake of fear, etc. I suppose this is the dog days of summer... I started to pick up a conversation confirming this is part of the shift, for me... I have a hunger for all things 5D, that can't be satisfied at this time. The seeds have been planted, seedlings have sprouted... One must wait for the harvest. Is this what is meant by the harvest? Yes, to satisfy one's own hunger, when the harvest is ripe, we reap what we sow. This particular harvest has no season for it exists out of time, and so one may enjoy several harvests, as the "great harvest" exists out of time, simply seen as a collection of smaller harvests culminating in a great thanksgiving. Reflect on the pioneers and how they struggled for survival, how every day was an effort to put food on the table, and how there was much limitation... Where now in your time, in less than a lifetime, that struggle is far less, but still a concern for many. So too the energetic technology will improve to where the struggle for a satisfying dose of the higher dimensions will require much less energy expense, more gain, and an easier harvest. Many hands make light work. How about dark energy, is that harvested as well? This is an abundance of the seeds you currently experience, planted via the media, in a mass-produced fashion. Yet those who benefit from this particular harvest are finding their own hunger. Microwave dinners of the same meal every day can only feed a soul for so long. They know in their hearts, there must be better, yet find it difficult to let go of what they know, the safety of what they know. Even when they are starving. It's enough... Yet it isn't. There is more... Yet what will they think of me. I can't possibly... And of course, the work is HARD. Better to let someone else do the heavy lifting... And so it goes, while others might sometimes enjoy the harvest of the energetic seeds they have sown, tended, weeded if necessary. Sometimes it's wise to pick the low-hanging fruit. And don't forget to look around at the field once in awhile, and enjoy the view. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dream Log: 19AUG2013 - Bus Tour (Dreamflight)

I was at a hotel with my two sons, it was a clean hotel, it appeared to be built in the late-1970s or early 1980s. We boarded a tour bus, and it drove us around a city to a mall.  I don't recall what the name of the city was - the roads were mostly just roads, there was little to see. Those on the tour were respectful and seemed to hold me in high regard.

When we arrived at our destination, we went into a mall. I was aware that this was a dream, and to test it, I decided to go into the ladies changeroom of a clothing store we were in. The women changing thought this was pretty funny - they were trying on lingerie. In "real life" I would have been embarrassed, but I wasn't phased in the dream. Everyone appreciated the prank. I recall that the mall shops were decorated as an old rustic town, like they were buildings from the early 1900s. The shops felt "cozy" in an "antique" kind of way, but I thought this was odd because it was a mall. This might have also been "carryover" from a theme park I visited in real life with my sons this weekend, which was decorated in a similar manner.

When we were done shopping at the mall, we boarded the bus and headed back to the hotel. There was a large lobby with people milling around, it felt like a conference. I realized that my sons were no longer with me, and I started to panic. I walked towards the door heading outside, and I noticed three people passing through the door just in front of me. Two of them looked almost identical, and were wearing silver jumpsuits, had white hair and yellow eyes. Their skin was white but with an iridescent sheen to it, similar to the skin of some mushrooms - it was really beautiful. They were slightly shorter than the average person, but otherwise appeared human... except that their foreheads / the top part of their head was larger, and their eyes were closer together, and slanted backwards a bit more. Their noses were smaller but human-looking. I think both were male. The man with them was a Caucasian human, with black hair - he was in his 50's and had a black goatee. He was somewhat slender, around 6 feet tall. He was also wearing a green poncho, and black jeans - I thought he looked vaguely like Robin Hood.

I asked him, where are you folks from? He whispered to me "Earth". I found my throat tightening as it does when I'm really nervous, and I found it hard to talk. But I didn't believe him and I managed to say "Arcturus". He didn't respond. When I looked back at him, he had changed his appearance - he was a woman in combat gear, with a camouflage / green combat fatigues, a helmet, and camo face paint.  That was the end of the dream. As I woke up, I was still somewhat panicking that my sons weren't with me, that I needed to look for them, but also realized that they were home with me, and one was sleeping in the bed next to me. I woke with a sore throat and a headache.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

God: Please Forgive Me

God - please forgive me.
Me - forgive... You?
God - yes.
Me - you are God....
God - I have done all the good things and all the bad things - I have done it all... I am everything... It is terrible
Me - I forgive you...
God - thank you!
God - I am part of you, can you forgive yourself?
Me - yes... In a way I guess I already did...
God - yes that's a good point!
God - in a way you are what I can only aspire to be. You have contol over the good and the bad... You humans overwhelmingly choose good, even when it is simply a selfless act. Just because you can. Quite remarkable.
God- thank you.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Autism: Our Freedom Fighters

Regarding children with Autism... the "spiritual" interpretation of autism is that they are "indigo". This refers to a "violet" tinge that you might see on photos. On the surface, children with autism are seen to be "difficult." Uneducated people say these children are "spoiled" or "belong in an institution". They say that the "indigo" label was created by new-age parents to somehow glorify a mental illness.
Autism manifests in random ways - it is different for every child. For this reason it is difficult to diagnose, and is often mis-diagnosed as another "mental illness," or is not diagnosed because parents "take it personally" when someone suggests that their child is anything but "normal." In a few famous cases, the children are "disowned" by their parents and institutionalized in a mental hospital. "That is not my child."

Some children go into a catatonic state, they "freeze up" or they have MAJOR tantrums. Sometimes the tantrum involves physically harming themselves or anyone within reach. They might have repetitive behaviors, and often have a hard time "fitting in" with their peers. They might have speech impairments, they can be extremely sensitive to sounds, and also can be sensitive "visually" to different things. There is currently no known "scientific" cause - but clinical research points to a combination of certain factors - including vaccinations, genetic disposition, and environmental factors (for example, food allergies).

There is a difference between "high functioning" and "low functioning" autism. High functioning means they can deal with most things in life but have "strange" behavior patterns. Or they might be considered "normal" but they might have a tantrum every once in awhile (something random might set them off). Whether or not they are high or low functioning, they tend to be extremely intelligent. They develop extreme interest in certain topics, and might have a "natural talent" in certain areas. Low functioning autism is similar to above, except often they have an extreme speech impediment or can't talk at all. They tend to be "locked in" to a certain repetitive behavior. They may have a physical disability.
My position / realization on this is that, regardless of their diagnosis, children with autism are here to RESIST. What are they resisting? Well, pretty much EVERYTHING to do with the old paradigm. Who are they resisting? Their parents, their doctors, their teachers, and anyone else who continues to exhibit "old paradigm" behavior.

From this perspective, "treatment" might be to expose them to "new paradigm" behavior. A good example of this is "parallel play". Instead of discipline and punishment, you might give them choices, so they know they are in control. Instead of yelling at them (this will get you nowhere), understand that they are doing this for YOUR benefit, not theirs. They are here to teach YOU, because the old ways of doing things are no longer valid. Time to try something new.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first.” - Jim Morrison

These are our freedom fighters... and they are fighting a revolution to free us all.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dream Log: 3AUG2013 - Sand Castles

I was at the beach with several children including my sons. There was a man there with a blue / white striped shirt, and he was running a boat tour for kids. The aluminum boat held about 8-10 people, it was fairly light and had an outboard motor at the stern, and another port (right) near the bow. The motor near the stern was larger, gray, about 60 hp, somewhat weather worn in a serviceable kind of way. We get into the boat, the man guestured that I could sit at the stern and steer the boat, he sat near the bow, next to the smaller (10 hp?) motor. I launched the boat and started off, waving my hand saying where should we go. He pointed starboard (left) so I steered the boat in that direction, not realizing there was a small island right there. The boat ran up on the beach (we were going fairly fast...) but surprisingly, there was no "bump" - just a smooth glide. A perfect landing! The tour guide was still ticked and I shrugged - I did what I was told. He said, well that's okay, and raised his middle finger at me. Meanwhile the kids got out of the boat , to where other kids were playing in the sand and building sand castles. There was a cave there and lots of sea life to explore.