Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Presidential Ritual

One of the rituals instituted by the controllers is to take the newly-elected president into a room where one of our number sit. The president is normally accompanied by several bodyguards. In this meeting, the President gains a first-hand knowledge of us, and erases all doubt as to our existence. Then to demonstrate his precarious position, the controller will "think" and one of the agents will die. It is impressed upon the new president that this can be his fate, or it can be his family's. It is his choice... and it can be done from any distance, at any time.

Ironically, an enlightened president would not be subject to such a fate - but even if he was enlightened, the controller would still perform the rite to emphasize the existing hierarchy. To show who is in control. A person could be an agent and be enlightened, but this is rare because of the nature of this work. The controllers are banking on the idea that such a person would be like a "fish out of water". The supersoldier program was entirely in the wrong direction from our perspective, but to our benefit of course. And you can see how it is a "chicken and egg" scenario - to break free the president must be enlightened. But to be where he is, he must be a politician. In North America this is a difficult (if not impossible) combination, so we are "safe" for now. In other countries this is different, but it is still possible to threaten if needed. You (humanity) are still not sure of your abilities in most cases.

The controllers also bank on the idea that humans are not aware of their multi-dimensional nature. Although many are, they tend to dismiss their experiences as illusion or dream. If it didn't happen in the real world it is a figment of their imagination. You are in fact connected to each one of yourselves in other dimensions and times. Remember this. A coordinated effort between your many selves would be detrimental to us for many reasons.

Yes, it is similar to the idea that when you fight an opponent in Martial Arts, you honor them by fighting well. We fight very well. Can you honor us by fighting back? Can you overcome the controls put in place to prevent this? You can see how a social control mechanism can be a very powerful thing. Your desire to be placed in temporary separation is currently being maintained.

[note: this information is not given to give energy to an idea that may or may not exist. It is information that was received, and it is up to you how you wish to use it.]