Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Adama: The State of Our Union, December 2015

This is Adama from Telos and I wish to comment on the state of our Union.

As you near completion and the culmination of the merging of energies, we all go through many emotions guided by the heart. Among them are the prevailing concerns which are propagated among the digital information stream, aimed at placing a wedge between your heart and your progress. The shadow of doubt may become all-encompassing: who can you trust? Who is in it for themselves? Who am I talking to? Who is deceiving me?

The individuals known as the resistance movement, many of whom have a spectrum connection, provide clues as to the nature of the way forward. They provide an example of "parallel play", which is to say that an equal partnership can be embarked on that respects your personal sovereignty as an individual. Oneness is not a ruse, but a way of thinking in a similar way to how you peer through the Philosopher's Stone to gain a greater understanding of your surroundings.

Many of you already know in your hearts that only you can make the journey, and only you can make decisions about your progress. When you acknowledge your guides' existence, or not, you are simply stepping back to take in a greater view of your place in the universe. That this is "you" and that this is "others" are both true statements.

The individuals known as the "Illuminati" have assumed several cloaks in conducting their daily affairs. To decode their deceptions, the Philosopher's Stone again must be used, for their true purpose is a lesson in using this important tool. There are more than a few layers of deception, but as you look closer you will be able to peel away the layers as one peels away the petals of a flower. In the middle lies the seed of what will be a great civilization. Readiness is demonstrated once the petals of the flower have fallen. For example, the idea of the Illuminati is yet another petal on the flower of understanding.

Bringing forth joy in your daily life and challenging yourself to see both positive and negative aspects of things are an important part of your progress in this respect. If you see a message as having negative effects, challenge yourself to see the positive. If you have arrived at the conlusion that you have no concerns, challenge yourself further. "Look HARDER". Likewise, challenge yourself to see challenges. Don't settle for what you KNOW - be curious about what you DON'T know!

We too have an insatiable child-like curiosity to find out more and learn all that we can. Why is the sky blue, daddy? And we keep asking why. As an adult, one can be lulled into accepting authority, or going with the crowd. Likewise, if you continue to hear the same answer, it may be that you haven't learned the lesson you need to learn. If you truly feel that you have, it is safe to move on... you can always bookmark an idea for a later time.

The question of love is a good one, and it is true that there is a prevailing wedge existing on even such a basic emotion. Are humans intended to love only one thing? Exclusive love and nothing else? If this seems to you like a limiting concept, this may help you understand where the prevailing society has gone astray. From a religious perspective, God loves everything yet you are expected to love only God?

Can you love all of creation equally as if it were your own?

In partnership, love, and respect,


Note: the latest Star Wars movie demonstrates how "opposition" can serve as a teacher or "catalyst." 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dream Log 6AUG2015 - Gargoyle Fortress

In this dream I found myself on a tropical island on vacation. I'm not sure where, but there were vacation cabins, and a grassy area that smelled like grass growing near the beach (I'm not sure why it smells different!). There weren't a lot of trees, but I think there was a beach nearby. The vegetation was mostly ferns and bushes. The temperature was comfortable. 

I was walking along this grassy area with a friend (it could have been Nils) and we had a purpose to what we were doing, as if we were solving a problem, or I wanted to show him something really cool. We walked towards a patio table near one of the cabins, and sat down at it. I opened the laptop and showed what was on it to my friend.

What was on the laptop was an ascii-art pattern of lines that looked like a 2-D game from the early 1990s, and there was also a "3D" perspective to it. The ascii lines on the laptop were a dusty blue color on a black background, and they made up a very elaborate fortress. There was a large gargoyle in the middle of the fortress (where a "rose window" would be in a church), and smaller gargoyles off to the right and left. The style of the fortress was "gothic" with long / tall vertical lines. The fortress filled the screen of the laptop. The gargoyles did not look threatening... but they were imposing. It also reminded me of a children's plastic toy castle (since the gargoyles were a lot larger in proportion to what they'd normally be).

Here are some examples of what an ascii-art castle looks like:

Eastern State Penitentiary

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dream Log: 24 July 2015: Animal Party

This happened on Friday night. I was at a park with some friends. It seemed like it was in Vancouver, or a place like it, because the trees were mostly large evergreens, the park was a large public space, and we had a sense that we were in a large coastal city in the Pacific Northwest, but it could have been anywhere. It was night time, after the sun had set. The temperature was comfortable, so it may have been early fall - September or early October.

We were sitting on the grass in a rough circle. There were about 10 of us. We were putting on costumes for the evening event. We understood that this was a late-night public party in the park that was adult oriented, similar to "Burning Man." We understood that we were free to do whatever we wanted, and sex would be involved (this never happened in the dream, this was just our understanding). I was also reminded of the movie "Eyes Wide Shut." Every adult had to wear a costume of an animal. The costumes were more formal-looking and well-made. My costume seemed to fit very well and was very comfortable.

Next to me, a young man in his early-30s with short sandy-brown hair was putting on his costume. It was a gray dog. He adjusted the gray body suit, which fit well. Then he put on his mask, shrugged his hands and said "there we go." His mask reminded me of Snoopy, with long black ears. The mask had a funny smile and looked like it had been made in the 1930s - a vintage mask. He looked great as a gray dog.

The group wanted to get going, and I told the group to give me a minute because I was finishing the label for my costume. On a small white piece of paper in black ink I wrote "Crafted By", followed by my name, and drew a wavy border around it.

This was the end of the dream.

I understand that "sex" in this context is not "our" understanding of sex, but rather a reference to a gathering / merging of positive spirits. This is difficult to explain, but etheric spirit can't have sex - it's a joyous sharing of positive energy. When a community of spirit gets together like this it is a very happy occasion. It is also not complicated... Which our version of it usually is!

I also think this dream might refer to "The Event," for those following that storyline.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Presidential Ritual

One of the rituals instituted by the controllers is to take the newly-elected president into a room where one of our number sit. The president is normally accompanied by several bodyguards. In this meeting, the President gains a first-hand knowledge of us, and erases all doubt as to our existence. Then to demonstrate his precarious position, the controller will "think" and one of the agents will die. It is impressed upon the new president that this can be his fate, or it can be his family's. It is his choice... and it can be done from any distance, at any time.

Ironically, an enlightened president would not be subject to such a fate - but even if he was enlightened, the controller would still perform the rite to emphasize the existing hierarchy. To show who is in control. A person could be an agent and be enlightened, but this is rare because of the nature of this work. The controllers are banking on the idea that such a person would be like a "fish out of water". The supersoldier program was entirely in the wrong direction from our perspective, but to our benefit of course. And you can see how it is a "chicken and egg" scenario - to break free the president must be enlightened. But to be where he is, he must be a politician. In North America this is a difficult (if not impossible) combination, so we are "safe" for now. In other countries this is different, but it is still possible to threaten if needed. You (humanity) are still not sure of your abilities in most cases.

The controllers also bank on the idea that humans are not aware of their multi-dimensional nature. Although many are, they tend to dismiss their experiences as illusion or dream. If it didn't happen in the real world it is a figment of their imagination. You are in fact connected to each one of yourselves in other dimensions and times. Remember this. A coordinated effort between your many selves would be detrimental to us for many reasons.

Yes, it is similar to the idea that when you fight an opponent in Martial Arts, you honor them by fighting well. We fight very well. Can you honor us by fighting back? Can you overcome the controls put in place to prevent this? You can see how a social control mechanism can be a very powerful thing. Your desire to be placed in temporary separation is currently being maintained.

[note: this information is not given to give energy to an idea that may or may not exist. It is information that was received, and it is up to you how you wish to use it.]

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dream log: 8MAR2015 - Astral Meeting Place

A few days ago, a dream that was crystal-clear… I felt for sure I’d remember every detail. We were all meeting “over there” and some folks were a bit unsure of themselves. Others were comfortable meeting this way and we carried on our conversations as we’ve been doing for the past couple of years. Some thought it was a bit strange that it was just like real life. I explained that this was basically our essence and we carry it through our lifetimes with minor variations. I asked one person why we didn’t remember each other- usually – it’s one of those frustrating things about our reality. Leslee explained quite a bit and she decided to make a stand. We got into a friendly but animated discussion about this. We had an understanding that we were different parts of the machine… Some need to be near the bottom of the hill to give people a boost. Others might be at the top to help them up. And the main point was to show that the unknown is anything but frieghtening, as others have shown us before.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dream Log: 13JAN2015: Viking Womens' Journey

I found myself in a longhouse in the early morning hours. It may have been somewhere in Scandinavia/Norway/Sweden. I was there with my wife, and another family shared the longhouse with us. The lighting was dim, it might have been slightly "blue" for some reason (early morning light?). It was a medium-sized building, one part of the longhouse was for one family, the other end was for the other family, and there were "shared" parts of the longhouse as well in the middle section. We were fairly young (mid-20s?), and my wife was just preparing to leave the village with the other women and children. I couldn't see what I looked like, but she had sandy-brown hair that had recently been cut very short. I was pleasantly surprised by this since she looked great. (I should mention that I do not know what she looked like with her hair long, only that in the dream I was not used to seeing it short).

She was an attractive young woman, a bit shorter height for a woman in our area, a healthy slim weight (but not overly skinny), and dressed in earth-tone and white clothing, mostly light brown.  She wore some fabric and fur. It was apparently the custom that before the women left the men for the season, they would make themselves look sexy, so that the men wouldn't forget them. This was of course a form of minor torture for the men.

The wife of the other family was dressed up in a similar way. She had short black hair, heavier-set and taller and was very happy / bemused, but also seriously concentrating on the task at hand. She wore a red dress, in a way that one might call "Sunday best" here in the west.  She had a child somewhere in a part of the house I couldn't see. Her husband was tall and lanky, long brown hair with braids, clothing and fur cape. They were also in their mid to late 20s.

As we were packing things for her trip (there were not a lot of possessions), I was trying to think of reasons for my wife to stay, or ways to convince her to stay, but I couldn't think of any. I said to her - wow, you look great. Maybe you could stay here, hmm? But we both knew that this was impossible. She smiled at my comment and gave me a coy look, and carried on with the task at hand. She said that she would be back soon enough.

In the photo above, rather than shields along the ceiling, there were furs. Also the layout of the building was different - as I mentioned the two ends of the longhouse were used as separate "rooms" - there were no beds or tables along the wall in the middle of the building; this was a storage/ work area.

The words spoken seemed to be in English to me.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Umbro, 7jan2015

This is Umbro. Many of you occupied forms and lifetimes of the nations that you would call the First Nations. As you may be aware these societies were closer to Source than you are now. With less separation, and more connectedness. This experience was not separate enough to bring about the transition to the next age in a short amount of time, so it was deemed necessary by the collective consciousness to step separation up in a more complete way. You will notice that music from the ancient world was more complex than it is now, from a harmonic point of view, and this is one thing which was not completely hidden from view. In contrast, your music of today can resonate one or two of your energy centers, but pay close attention to where those are. Now imagine music that lights them all up at once. So much more than an auditory experience. So you begin to get a sense of what the technology in Atlantis was capable of, and this was but one of several advanced cities on the surface at the time. The picture painted by science is one of cultural evolution... Interpreting what they have at their disposal. You have a sense that perhaps this is upside down, as is the characterization of so - called "savages" as being anyone who doesn't comply with the customs of the prevailing society. But this so at odds with the surrounding environment, your planet once being seen as "mother" and residents having that close a relationship with her.

Rest assured, a mother does not forget her sons and daughters, even if they might have a hard time seeing her as no more than a lump of dumb rock. It is an indicator of the separation necessary for the times. On the return wave now, you'll start to see more indications of connectedness in strange and unexpected ways. Pay attention to your thought and make note of the times you think of separation and limitation. Then challenge yourself to find the opposite of those thoughts. If all is connected, then all solutions are relatively close at hand. Larger challenges will present themselves to you until you start using the corresponding ability that is being challenged by that problem. As a hint, your intuition plays a key role - the solution is the easy one right in front of you. But in separation, you need to present yourself with reasons to ignore that solution. Is it really character building to take the long way around? That may be, but sometimes it just takes longer. The end result is the same.

We are always here to help, but observe silence out of respect for the process of discovery and achievement. The current 3D world by now may seem as an absurd farce - and that's precisely what it is. Do not be afraid of money it too is a plaything that serves its purpose to entertain and educate. It is not the corrupting thing that it is made out to be - what you see here is the voodoo of lending power to an adverse idea. True freedom means something which does not include any form of thought control from someone else. Tempered with an understanding of your connectedness, you can and will accomplish great things.

We'll check in again from time to time, and there will be more opportunities for in- person visits on the ships, for those who desire a reminder of thier connection with all things.

Thank you.