Sunday, December 8, 2013

SaLuSa via Dreamwalker 8Dec2013: Snowflake-Nature

The question is who would want to eject us from 3d once we have gained understanding of our current position. It is something of a security system that exists, making us WANT to leave. The way of the Samurai suggests that you defeat your enemies by allowing them to defeat themselves. 

The alternatives seem bleak although we know we are limitless some progamming still has hold over us, for example the consciousness believes things need to happen at a certain pace so all those intermediary steps must happen in a certain order. So the trick is not to become 5d and manifest in 5d, but to become 3d and manifest 3d, in the same way you are used to manifesting in 5d. Accepting that all is light rather than matter is also key - we see only through the benefit of light reflecting from other sources. You have ascended to 5d through your awareness and now you are pulling 5d down to you, and down is only a relative frame of reference. Eventually you will know the benefit of imagination being realized in 3d. You are here to create a better 3d than the original creator was able to create.  Steps leading to your goal may not be immediately recognizable as being a part of that ultimate goal.

So you can see at times it is necessary to tune out non-resonant information that can lead down an alternate path to your desired goal, with the intent of providing variable experiences... The law of variation is something you all have to fight since it is harder to achieve similar paths given that an individual has already experienced it. To expect that you will follow a similar path as someone else, you are fighting your snowflake-nature. 

SaLuSa via Dreamwalker