Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dream log: 8MAR2015 - Astral Meeting Place

A few days ago, a dream that was crystal-clear… I felt for sure I’d remember every detail. We were all meeting “over there” and some folks were a bit unsure of themselves. Others were comfortable meeting this way and we carried on our conversations as we’ve been doing for the past couple of years. Some thought it was a bit strange that it was just like real life. I explained that this was basically our essence and we carry it through our lifetimes with minor variations. I asked one person why we didn’t remember each other- usually – it’s one of those frustrating things about our reality. Leslee explained quite a bit and she decided to make a stand. We got into a friendly but animated discussion about this. We had an understanding that we were different parts of the machine… Some need to be near the bottom of the hill to give people a boost. Others might be at the top to help them up. And the main point was to show that the unknown is anything but frieghtening, as others have shown us before.