Monday, May 30, 2011

The Forgetting Device

Mikos of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hello, Mikos, are you there?

I'm here Troy.

>Can we talk about my friends Robin, Laura, and Laurinda?

---Section removed at the request of the subject---

>They've told me a bit about the Reptillian Wars and their involvement with it. Can you tell me anything about that?

Their memories are slowly coming back about this, and this is great! I can't think of anything they need to focus on from that time. Our role is not so much to help others remember parts of their past, as it is to help them focus on areas they need to deal with. For the most part it is easy but they have to work through this process to move forward. We love to talk about past lives because they're so fascinating, but our primary objective is ascension for as many people as possible.

>How does dealing with these episodes in our past lives help us progress towards this goal?

It is different for everyone, and sometimes simply knowing someone will help raise your awareness. These specific memories are important because they are a way to teach empathy beyond your current existence; it's a trans-dimensional shift you're making in order to have these experiences. Periods of your past lives that are charged emotionally can be used as a focal point because they are easier to remember.

> A few of my friends were asking why they can't remember their dreams?

This is part of the device that makes people forget their past lives, and it effects people in different ways. Not being able to remember your dreams is a part of this. It is tied to some degree to blood type. You came across some information on this, negative is less susceptible to the device than positive, although there are other factors as well. You are not able to remember all your interactions in dream time, so the device is somewhat successful.

>Can this device be dismantled?

There needs to be an activation before this can happen; raising awareness is a big part of it. The brain has to be retrained/rerouted to accept this information and it is part of the 12 DNA strand modification that humans are experiencing right now. With regards to automatic drawing, that is one way to train your brain to remember some dreams, but you have to do it every day. You don't have to do a lot; 2 or 3 minutes of automatic drawing every day is good exercise if you're trying to remember your dreams. But you won't remember all your dreams because the device is still functioning. There is no way to shut it down completely without having a negative impact on life on the planet. Basically, it is the moon. It would fall into the planet if we shut it down completely because there are systems in place to keep it oriented a certain way. So our plan is to make it as irrelevant as possible, and this can be done through ascension.

>Can you tell me what ascension is, exactly?

It is the merging of 3-d and 5-d. We're simply going to share the same plane of existence, and humans will go through the same process we went through 12,000 years ago.

>Thank you Mikos, I guess that's all the questions I have for now.

Thank you Troy, have a good night.

Friday, May 27, 2011

galacticmessages dot com - Sassy

Adama of Telos
Channeled / Focused by Dreamwalker

>Adama, did you want to talk more about my friend Sassy?

I would love to Troy, you are all making such wonderful progress!

>Thank you Adama. What can you tell me about her?

She does not believe her own ability but like I said she is a healer of much power. You have learned something of Sangoma and it is this kind of power that she wields. It is ancient power, brutal and harsh, but it is this way because of what it is designed to counteract.

>Can white people be Sangoma?

Of course! The shell you hold now is just a shell - your spirit is not "white" or "brown". This is why racism is such a waste of energy; spirit is not an exclusive club - it is everywhere!

Please ask her to get in touch with the Sangoma you connected with. Gillian is a dear soul and is working for the light. She is a powerful friend and serves the Great Spirit every day to her full potential. 

>I am honored to know both of these women - they have different yet similar energy.

Indeed they do. It is not yin/yang in terms of opposites so much as different aspects of the same thing. Complementary forces. They are connected at a much deeper level but this is for them to discover.

Her connection with Penelope has opened the way for the next stage in her life. This is her soul purpose, and as she learns more she will find this path resonates with her in a very deep way.

>I think she may feel this is all happening fairly quickly - is there any advice I can give her, or stages she shoudl go through first?

No - she is ready. She should trust her intution and go with what feels right! And she should always expect miracles, they will happen every day.

>Okay, then Adama, I appreciate your advice.

Thank you, Troy! Go in peace.

Galacticmesssages dot com - Robin

>Selphia, are you there?

I am here, Troy. How are you? I see you've been busy.

>I'm doing fine thanks - it has been busy!

Well, I'm glad you're keeping up with your edutainment!

>haha it certainly is...

What can I do you for - what did you want to talk about?

>Well, I'd like to talk about my friend Robin. He is a valued member of our group, and he's flown the coop, so to speak.

I can see we're getting a little caught up in farming metaphors!

>Is there something you can tell me about him, or something that would help him?

As you know he needs to work through this phase, right now, and he needs time to work through it. He is not gone for good, but the time is necessary for him. Give him time and he will be back to his old self in no time.

>Are there any past life episodes you can share? He's really enjoyed your messages, and he was asking about this.

At this point I can't provide any information. This is the thing he needs to work through right now, and more would be too much. You've worked through some of these yourself and you know how emotionally challenging it can be at times.

>I do indeed.

I'm sorry I can't be more help at this point in time - it's just what he has to work through.

>I understand Selphia, I think he will appreciate your advice.

As you suggested, Adama has provided some advice as well relating to these things - the lessons are there for those who choose to listen! Robin is loved very much, and he should know that our love is unconditional. He is the kind of person who asks and demands much of himself without asking anything from others.

Goodnight Troy - it's wonderful to talk to you!

>Thank you Selphia, it is wonderful to talk to you too!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raven and The Box of Daylight (A Story)

"Black Bird" by Linda
Retold by Dreamwalker

It was many, many years ago, when I was still the White Raven of the North. My feathers were silver-white and glinted in the twilight when I soared over the trees. This was a time when I lived in the beginning time. There was no moon, no sun, no stars. Just the twilight, and the beings, and the planets. I was one of many beings who could change their appearance to anything with a simple thought; but I preferred the shape of a raven.

Yet all was not good because these other creatures were having a miserable time. They walked around on two legs and only had a bit of hair on their bodies. They were cold most of the time. They were bumping into each other because they couldn't see where they were going. They had to eat what they could from the muck because they couldn't even hunt, and they stayed close to home. I took pity on them as I looked down on them, surely these creatures could rise to greater things.

In my land there was an eagle chief who had a great longhouse. He was a greedy man who coveted fine things. His most prized possessions he kept in three boxes - one for the sun, one for the moon, and one for the stars. These were kept inside the longhouse but were heavily-guarded; no man but the chief was allowed to open the boxes.

So I thought to myself, hm, the sun can give these creatures light, so they can see to hunt during the day and warm themselves. The moon will reflect the sun's rays and let them see at night. The stars will help them navigate far from their village, so that they may broaden their horizons. Unfortunately no matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to get anywhere near these boxes!

Now the chief also happened to have a beautiful daughter, which presented a unique opportunity. She had no children of her own, and was of the age where she desired to have children. I removed my feather cloak and changed myself into a pine seed. I drifted down the river next to the chief's home, and as she was scooping up some water from the river, swallowed me as a seed.

And so she became pregnant with a child, and that child was me. As a baby I was naturally curious, and was always getting into things (as most babies do). One day I was left unattended, and managed to get into the box with stars in it! The box fell open and out popped the stars, decorating the skies with their magical glitter!

My grandfather the eagle chief was pretty angry about this, but could not stay angry at his grandson for long. I was soon a toddler and became even more curious. So one day I kept asking Grandpa Eagle if I could see the moon, I pestered and pestered him - just once grandpa, just once can I see the moon?

And eventually he gave in and showed me the moon, and when he did, I caught it, and threw it, and up it went into the sky!

The box containing the sun was more of a challenge; it was the one possession my grandfather would not let anyone near. I decided the only way to have the sun was to take action! One night I discovered the guards were sleeping, and took my chance! I opened the box and threw the sun up into the sky! As I was making my escape, my grandfather grabbed my cloak and threw it into the fire, to prevent me from escaping. Just in time, I grabbed my cloak from the fire - it was blackened but still serviceable - put it on, and transformed back into a raven. I soared out of the longhouse smoke hole, and made my escape!

But from that day on, I have always been black, because the fire on that day scorched my cloak. And from that day on, man had the sun in the sky during the day, the moon in the sky at night, and the stars to navigate by.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Matrix of Light

Adama of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Good evening Adama, how are you?

I'm fine thank you Troy, how are you?

>I'm doing well thanks. Did you want to talk about my friend Judy?

I'd love to talk about Judy, and I enjoy talking to her as well!

>What can you tell me about the pain she is experiencing?

Judy is in the next phase of manifestation - she has progressed quite well, and is now making real her own thoughts. These thoughts are translating to pain in her body because she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, so to speak. Pain in her leg and in her side are a direct reflection of this, so she needs to be careful how she "phrases" her thoughts.

You might think that this is positive thinking but this is not necessarily the case. You hit on it to some degree by analyzing your thoughts and breaking them down into their true meaning. For example "hope" you saw as something to be avoided because it takes energy from your intent.

Instead it is just as easy to express what you want and it will be. So this translates in other ways as well. For example someone who wants to be helpful soon feels that there is not enough help to go around. So the thought process that goes into this needs to be to not only look for the silver lining, but being creative in where that source of help can be found. There are millions on the planet wanting to "do the right thing", sometimes they just need to be asked in the right way for the right task. They may not all be able or willing to step up to the plate for the right task, but that's okay - it's just not their time to help and learn the lesson that comes with it. And even when they do help they may not be open to that hidden lesson, but it is there for those willing to see it.

It is why I thought your friend Michelle would like to help with this. She demonstrates that there is a helping hand there, and she and her friend Penelope, with intent combined, has a natural talent for connecting with distance healing. She mentioned having an affinity with the water element and this too lends itself to this process. A very strong combination. She will be able to connect to others who can lend themselves to this process in different ways.

In Judy's case, as I said, she is manifesting her frustrations with the world and translating this to physical reality. She is a highly developed soul. When she experiences an area of frustration or an area where she is lacking she needs to take direct action and ask of those who she knows would be capable of helping. And even those who she feels she owes much, she can ask and they will give. You see it is not about money. You are here to help others achieve their goal, and you would do anything within your ability to help them meet this goal. So it is with others. So my initial advice here is that no man or woman is an island - she needs to tap into her special network more and the pain will go away.

The tricky part is understanding how thoughts translate to physical reality. You see there is a network of light blanketing the planet and so too there is a network of human light blanketing the planet. These two networks of light provide feedback to each other and retain the thoughts of the individual. You know from your schooling that matter is made up of electrons and neutrons, but there is also a light element that connects everything to the source. And so, thoughts of light beings connect to matter in real ways, because the light is part of that physical thing. This is how clairvoyants can find missing objects. They're not really asking another being to find that object for them - they're tapping directly into this light network and locating that object based on its position within the network.

You are thinking about the movie "The Matrix" and that's exactly what it is. It is very real in the sense that it has mass, it is a collection of electrons and protons, but the light network is always there as well. To influence this light network you need to raise your frequency to that level and you will better be able to sense it all around you. You will better be able to feel the things within that network because they are all made up of that basic building block of light.

>Thank you Adama - I feel this is a clear picture of what we have been experiencing. I have seen many accounts of heightened awareness of elements of nature, for example.

Exactly! It will be to them as if the saturation on their TV has been tuned a little higher, except that it's real life. They may also begin to feel the presence of creatures around them - they'll know where the insect or bird is before they even see or hear the creature. Why? Because they are made of, and connect with, the same stuff as you are! Light!

>Can I ask you to give her some direct healing for her problems now? Can you tweak the network a little so the pain isn't as great, for example?

I can and I will for the short term but you must understand that the pain will return until she can segment her thoughts and look at what elements of those thoughts are manifesting to reality. She will then need to "rephrase" the thought another way, just as you did with "hope" vs. "want". For example "I hope you have a great time" and "I want you to have a great time" have very different feelings to them. In the first instance there is doubt that it will happen, whereas in the second instance there is certainty that it will happen. So as before (many years ago now) her words were in question, now her thoughts are in question.

What you learned through your process is that it's just a matter of changing the thought when you see it come up. Pretty soon it will become second nature to replace one thought with another, kind of like learning a new language, where you replace one word with another.

>Thank you Adama, I will relay this information to her. I feel she will be grateful for your help.

I wish I could make the pain go away but this is a very real part of the process for her. We love her very much, and you too, Troy. You are both having such an impact on Gaia's transition, and more and more souls are adding their light to the network every day! You are all "coming online" and it is wonderful to see!

>Thanks again from me as well, Adama, I am very grateful for our connection and your help.

I am grateful for all that you and Judy do - I will talk to you soon.

>Goodnight, Adama


The song "Hey Jude" was relayed to me the following morning.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sioux Woman

Adama and Selphia of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hello Adama, did you want to talk about my friend Steffie?

(A) I'd like to bring Selphia into this conversation as well.

>Good morning, Adama, Selphia, how are you?

(S) We are doing fine, Troy - always great to talk to you!

>Hi Selphia, great to talk to you too!

So you wanted to talk about Steffie?

(s) Yes, she was a Native American woman (sioux), she is waiting for her husband to return from a hunting accident. He was out hunting buffalo when he fell from his horse. This was a time when the buffalo were still like an ocean on the plains. There were many of them, and it was before guns were plentiful. So they employed the craft they used for hundreds of years.

>I see a man riding his horse next to the buffalo. He is wearing buckskin pants and a bone necklace. He has long hair, and 3 feathers in his hair, worn trailing as for peace. He feels great to be riding his horse alongside the buffalo, and feels grateful for their existence for all that they provide to his people.

>I see a woman with two children; one around the age of 5, the other around the age of 3. The 3-year old is wearing a small buckskin shirt, naked from the waist down. The 5-year old is playing with a stick. They are sitting next to a tipi in their small village. She is scraping the hide from a skin, to be made into clothing.

(A) The man you were looking at will die because his horse lost its footing (a gopher hole?). There were 3 buffaloes running behind him that he didn't see; he was not able to roll out of the way in time.

Unfortunately the hunt had to continue, so by the time his friends returned to find his body, it had already been torn up pretty badly by the other predators. So it was not recovered other than for a few of the trinkets he had on his body.

>I understand.

(S) This woman would not accept the truth that her husband had died, even when told to her by several of the men who witnessed this. She loved him so much that she willed history to give back what it had taken from her. And so, to her it was if he had simply left the village to spite her, which is just not the case!

(A) She can bring this version of herself to her, and tell this woman that she is no longer needed. Her husband has passed to the other side and he is there waiting for her to return to him.

(S) We love her dearly Troy - she too has some wonderful funky energy about her!

>Thank you, Selphia and Adama, I really appreciate this information.

(A) "All My Relations!" as they say. Thank you for this opportunity, Troy.

>All My Relations!


Background information

Ulali – Mother – Tribute to native american women

African Shaman, A Spirit Helper (Dream)

Protector - by Leslee Hare
I had a dream on Mount Washington (on Vancouver Island), when I was around 16 years old.

It was a short dream... but I recall seeing a black man radiating a lot of power. He had this tall white shield with black lines on it (2 lines on either side of the center of the shield, near the top and bottom, for a total of 8 lines about 4-6" long); the shield was a pointed oval shape, and about as tall as he was. He wore a loincloth and a belt, and leggings. On his belt were various powerful potions - I felt one potion in particular he had was very dangerous.

As I looked up, I looked into his wide eyes, and started to draw nearer to his eyes. As I did so, I became him and was looking out through his eyes. He said "SELF CHANGE".

I then looked down on the ground, and there was a white rabbit on the ground, dead, with blood on the snow, a gash running through its belly.



Change -


The middle white shield in this photo with the 8 lines is similar to the shield I saw. Is it possible to have vertical lines? My memory is leaning towards vertical lines, but this may not be a possible configuration.

Black leggings, possibly fur or feather, knee-height at the top, extending down to the ankles. No shoes.

The costume was similar to these, but I don't think he was wearing  armbands or much in the way of jewellery. This part is hard to remember. It also seemed a lot "neater" than what these guys are wearing - it was a finely-made costume.

Black feather headdress with medium-length feathers, and short curly  black hair. No facial hair or any paint as far as I can remember.

The shield was resting on the ground, and it was about 6 feet tall. He was holding it with his right hand, in front of himself facing me but off to the side, on his right side.

The loincloth was cut more like shorts but I don't remember what material  it was made of. There was so much stuff on his belt I couldn't really see clearly what he was wearing underneath. I think he may have had the white fur strips coming off of it (as in the photo above), similar to ermine skin (ermine is a white weasel of north america, used by first nations chiefs here in their costumes).

I think he was holding a rattle in his left hand, which he placed in his belt. I think he had just finished performing a ceremony.

I recall a couple of shrunken heads on his belt, as well. I felt these were helpers to him rather than enemies, but still pretty terrifying to look at, not only because of the way they looked, but because of the power they
radiated. Given willingly to continue their service after death. I was at first respectfully apprehensive, and understood that he was an ally/friend rather than an enemy (but the power radiating from him made me glad he wasn't an enemy...)

He was fairly dark-skinned (almost black) rather than light-skinned.

The potions he carried were in small leather pouches and vials tied with leather to his belt. I think the vials were made of clay with cork stoppers.

The white rabbit was freshly-killed, but I think it was found rather than killed by him or me. Maybe a sacrifice? It wasn't clear to me what this was for. The snow made sense because there was snow on Mount Washington at the time - it was during the winter; I was there overnight on a ski trip.
Mount Washington is considered a place of power on the West Coast of North America.

I had this dream when I was about 16.

White skin and an African Soul
Author unknown
Within my soul, within my mind,
There lies a place I cannot find.
Home of my heart. Land of my birth.
Smoke-coloured stone
and flame-coloured earth
Electric skies. Shivering heat.
Blood red clay beneath my feet.
At night when finally alone,
I close my eyes and I am home.
I kneel and touch the blood warm sand
And feel the pulse beneath my hand
Of an ancient life too old to name,
In an ancient land too wild to tame.
How can I show you what I feel?
How can I make this essence real?
I search for words in dumb frustration
To try and form some explanation,
But how can heart and soul be caught
In one-dimensional written thought?
If love and longing are a “fire”
And man “consumed” by his desire,
Then this love is no simple flame
That mortal thought can hold or tame.
As deep within the earth’s own core
The love of home burns evermore.
But what is home? I hear them say,
This never was yours anyway.
You have no birthright to this place,
Descendant from another race.
An immigrant? A pioneer?
You are no longer welcome here.
Whoever said that love made sense?
I “love” is an “imperfect” tense.
To love in vain has been man’s fate
From history to present date.
I have no grounds for dispensation,
I know I have no home or nation.
For just one moment in the night
I am complete, my soul takes flight.
For just one moment… Then it’s gone
And I am once again undone.
Never complete. Never whole.
White skin and an African soul.

Cross-reference: The above image was provided by Leslee Hare, who had a similar dream to mine.

Monday, May 23, 2011

St. Anne's Catholic School, Fort Albany, Ontario

Adama of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Adama, you wanted to chat about my friend Jim?

Hello Troy, yes I did. He is a strong spirit with a thirst for knowledge. In a past life he was a priest with the Christian faith, and he was involved in the residential schools in Canada in the 30's. He was not involved in perpetrating negative things, but he witnessed these things. When he tried to mention this to his superiors he was threatened with losing his job, so he kept quiet. He was kindly towards the children who were his students, and he felt that what he taught them would help them when they grew up.

Unfortunately the residential school system was a place of much fear for these children, and he felt guilty about this because it did not fit with his values of the Christian faith. It was his job, he was loyal to the system and he felt duty-bound to perform his job to the best of his ability. But there were parts of it that he did not enjoy by any means.

It is interesting that you made this connection for him when you did since his past experience gave him knowledge of another people, another way of life, and he secretly learned more about the culture he contributed to changing.

There was one episode of rape of a young girl that he discovered of a colleague that made him really angry and he carried this anger for a long time, into this current lifetime. He was angry at humanity.

>Can you tell me where this was?

Winnipeg / St. Anne's (in Ontario?)

>Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about this?

I think this is enough for now. We have given instruction on how he can deal with this - if he asks any of us directly we can provide additional assistance as well.

>Thank you Adama, I am grateful for our connection!

Thank you Troy, I enjoy talking to you!


Some background info on St. Anne's Catholic School in Fort Albany, Ontario, Canada.

National Residential School Survivor's Gallery

Fire Destroys the Former St. Anne's Indian Residential School
29 May 2002

Shingwauk News

The Afterlife (A Dream)

By Dreamwalker

I was standing in the desert at the foot of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt.  The entire building was gold. Behind the statues at the entrance to the temple, there was a gold stepped pyramid with other statues lining the steps.

I started to climb the steps, and as I did so I emerged into a dark universe filled with stars. I could see the Milky Way clearly arcing over the cloudless sky. There was a platform near the middle of the pyramid, with columns on either side of the platform. There were two thrones on the platform; the stairs continued up the pyramid between the thrones. On the platform was various religious artifacts (an ankh, a christian cross, a Star of David, and a few others I didn't recognize), and there stood Anubis and a small dog-like creature that was a cross between a hippopotamus and a monkey/dog crocodile, with medium-length wavy red beard. It acted kind of like a cross between a loyal dog and an excited monkey, but it was fairly hideous to look at. (Apparently this was Ammut, eater of souls). Ammut's face was broader and shorter than a crocodile, more like a hippo but with sharp teeth. As I recall the name sounded more like "Hammut" or "Hanuman."

Anubis looked pretty much like he did in most representations of him - he had a black dog's head with pointed ears, similar to a doberman; a black man's body, and white Egyptian clothing with gold trim. He looked on me kindly and said:

"Good to see you again! Back for more eh?" Anubis was friendly and warm towards me as if we were old friends.

He stood behind a scale and reached out and took several balls of light from my body and placed them on the scales in front of him. He produced a large white feather, much larger than an eagle feather, and placed it on the other side of the scale. Ammut looked up happily wagging its tail, and I patted it on its head, scratched it behind its short stubby ears. The skin was leathery but smooth and soft, like a baby's skin.

The scale balanced, and Anubis smiled and said "excellent!"

I asked him, "What does this mean, exactly?"

"It means you get to choose your destiny, my friend! Please continue up to the top of the pyramid."

I walked past my two friends, up the stairs that went between the two thrones. When I reached the top of the pyramid, I found myself transported to a small Egyptian village, in the center of which was an area with tables and chairs, and a large rectangular area with medium-sized driftwood tent poles and canvas walls. A lovely trellis covered the top of this area, and palm fronds filtered the sun. The temperature was warm but mild, a cool light breeze blew through the village.

As I neared the table a man named Michael (who was also wearing egyptian clothing) motioned for me to sit down. He pulled out several glass vials (similar in size and shape to a large test tube) from a canvas bag and handed them to me for inspection one by one. Inside each glass vial was a cloud with a picture of a life story inside it, playing out as in a movie.

"You might be interested in these" he said, handing me two. Inside one, I remember an African woman carrying a child. "A harder life but less of an overall challenge" he said. I don't remember what was in the other vial, but I remember chosing this one. I recall the pleasant salty smell of a beach in warm weather. "I thought you might like that one," he said, smiling.

"Is that your final choice?" he said. I indicated that it was.

"Very well, please sign here". There was a large vellum scroll on the table, and a feather pen next to it.

After I added a sign to the paper (I don't remember what it was), he said "Good choice my friend. I know you like a challenge. I will see you soon!" and the dream faded away, and I woke up, still remembering the lovely breeze and the love radiating from the beings I had met.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Under the Ice

Mikos of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>hello Mikos how are you?

>Did you want to tell me something about Babajij?

Hello Troy how are you doing?

>I’m doing fine thanks!

That’s good, I’m doing fine thank you. I would like to talk a bit about your friend Babajij.

> What can you tell me about him?

I would like to tell you a bit about his past, and a bit about his next steps.

>Is that you sitting in the library? [I can see him wearing light-gray robes with light blue trim and sitting in a gold-colored chair, almost a throne, with not much else around him - he is somewhat elevated/higher than my vantage point]

Yes I’m at the library of Pathologos.

>Are these “bad” or difficult things you want to tell me?

In a way I would say they are difficult. Babajij, as you have felt, is a very strong soul. He has had a difficult childhood but these experiences have been important to bring him along to where he is today. If he did not have these experiences you would not have known him in this lifetime. And it is important that you connect with him now because of what’s happening.

You were brothers in a past lifetime and one of you was killed standing on the ice.

>I vaguely remember that dream, but it was a long time ago. I remember looking up in the ice and not being able to find a hole for breath. I remember hitting the ice but it was too hard to break.

He tried for a long time to rescue you Troy and that event haunted him for the rest of his life.

>I understand, I would feel the same way. I feel a great deal of sadness about that event.

Well this is something you both need to let go of – remember how to do this… bring that past version of yourself to the surface, that young boy stranded in the ice, and tell him he is free to go; he is no longer needed. Babjij, when you read this, please do the same. Bring that past version of yourself, the boy searching on the ice, call him to you, and then tell him he is no longer needed, he is free to go. He has found his brother, and he can go home.

>Thank you Mikos. So much sadness…. You folks over in Telos are certainly giving us a bumpy ride!

You know these are necessary things to go through, Troy – and I wish I were there to comfort you through this difficult time. Understand that these things surface when you are ready to deal with them – no sooner, no later. We are helping you and your friends on the surface to deal with these because you are ready, and we send you healing energy to help clear the darkness so you may fully embrace the light. It is really quite simple – you have travelled far to be where you are today.

>I feel Babajij may feel the same way I do about this, and I thank you for your help. Is it possible to send healing energy in advance?

Of course it is Troy – just think about the time that he will receive this message, and then send that energy to that future time – he will receive that energy at that point in time. Use that white, gold and purple energy you like to send – it’s a great idea to combine them into a single flow/channel.

>Is this episode what you wanted to tell me about?

Yes it is – we will speak again in the future. It is enjoyable to talk to you Troy, even though we are sometimes having to deal with difficult events.

>I enjoy our discussions too, Mikos. I enjoy speaking with all of you. It is heartwarming!

As it is with us. Take care, Troy.

>Thank you Mikos, same to you!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse 2.0



This is DREAMWALKER with lightworker radio! Well we're here today at lightworker radio W-LITE to wish you all a fabulous good morning! The weather today will be sunny with a chance of raining cats and dogs... or possibly scorpions!  That's right, it's now apocalypse 2 point oh! Apparently God's marketing team is working overtime on this one - they want to make sure your apocalypse is fully upgraded and ready for new levels of terror!

Speaking of hell, we bring you this special report direct from the front lines of the war raging over the zombie apocalypse... Over to you, Mandy!

Thank you, Dreamwalker! We're here today with our fighting force, the boys in blue - except of course they're wearing green, ha ha - and with me today is two of our brave men from the the 666th Marine Corps, preparing for the upcoming battle.

Excuse me, sir - what's your name and what are you doing here?

Well, miss, my name is Private Gomer Pyle and this here is the Sarge.

That's SARGENT Sargent to you, Private!!!!!!

YES SARGENT, Sargent Sargent!

Private Pyle you have permission to show the nice lady our fine arsenal of zombie control weapons and techniques!

Yes Sargent, Sargent Sargent!

Well miss, what we have here is the latest military-grade crucifix. Each one costs the US taxpayer roughly half a million dollars. They're made of Titanium, so they will never break! And they have these here flashing lights on top! When you wave it in front of you like THIS, zombies are supposed to run away from you!


Sorry, Sarge other way around.... But sarge what if they're good Christian zombies?


Well, I just thought if they're the good kind, then they wouldn't be scared of me waving a crucifix in front of my face.


Yes Sargent, Sargent Sargent... Sargent!

(Mandy: ) Moving right along...

Oh right, Miss, well, right HERE we have some holy oil! And first you have to put it HERE, an' HERE, and....


Well goooolllly, Sarge, I figured I might as well get a tan while we're waiting...

STOP THAT RIGHT NOW PRIVATE - that is military-grade holy oil, only to be used for throwing at enemy zombies!

Yes Sargent, Sargent Sargent!

(Mandy: ) Is there anything else you'd like to show me?

No, Miss, I'm afraid that's about it. Except for this here chainsaw. It cost me $30 at walmart but I'm only licensed to use it to cut down trees...

(Mandy: ) No Nukes? No Shotguns? No TANKS?

Well, Miss the problem with those things is that Zombies are already dead... so you can't make them any more deader than they already are...

(Sargent Sargent ) Ma'am we requisitioned a few tanks but with the budget cutbacks and the 11 other wars going on, they couldn't afford to send any for this effort.

(Mandy ) Oh my God.

(Sargent Sargent ) Not any more, Ma'am!

(Mandy: ) Well, there you have it Dreamwalker. We're pretty much screwed here!

(DW: ) Thank you, Mandy - have a wonderful time at the front!

(Mandy) I love you too, Dreamwalker you son of a...

(DW: cutting Mandy off) Well that's all we have for you today on this special report, but tune in later to see how Mandy is making out!

( bing  bing  bing) Radio W-LITE!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Virtual Arena!

Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker
Selphia of Telos

>Hey Selphia, are you there?

I am here, Troy, what did you want to talk about?

>Can you tell me something about what's going on between "Laura" and "Laurinda"?

Ah yes, two warrior souls in mortal combat! Hand me the popcorn, my dear!

>You're not going to offer them some advice on how to deal with this?

Sorry, Troy there are no shortcuts. I can say that what you posted about the warrior nature is dead on - they are warriors and still live by the warrior code. They have a need to fight to prove their worth - to meet in the ring to show their battle scars. To show that they are worthy of each other's respect.

So perhaps what they need to do instead is to tell a story of their past lives in battle, so they can meet on the "virtual" battleground as equals rather than as opponents in another medium. They were both fearsome warriors, just as you remembered of yourself. And they both were skilled craftsmen (or women) at what they did, just as you were. Please feel free to send or post your dream again - maybe it will help them remember more of each other.

It is important that everyone needs to let go of the fear involved in sharing these experiences - it is necessary to share what you know and remember to wake others up! It will be something about the way you tell the story, the look in someone's eye (in the memory), or the way the sun glinted against steel, that will help them to remember.

>Thank you for your help, Selphia - I'm sure they will appreciate your advice.

This is a wonderful opportunity, Troy, thank you so much for asking!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Importance of Centering: Chaos Nodes and Void Points

Focused/ Channeled by Dreamwalker
Adama of Telos
May 16, 2011

>Hello Adama, did you want to chat?

Hello Troy yes I did. I wanted to talk about ego.

>What can you tell me about Ego?

Ego is like the control surfaces on an airplane. It maintains stability. An airplane has dynamic stability in that if you alter course, it will try to correct itself.

So, when you modify those control surfaces, the plane might descend, ascend, bank right, bank left. Turn right/turn left. If you let go of the controls while the plane is in stable flight, the aircraft flies itself.

So too is the scheme of the ego. It is "programmed" to maintain equilibrium. It controls bodily functions, but also controls your perception of reality. You can change direction with your ego, but your ego carries your reality with it. A good example of how this comes into play is when you go to a movie theater and watch a movie. You start to feel like one of the characters in the movie.

Another example is when you become nostalgic for something, and you not only remember what that time looked like, but also the sounds, smells, and feelings that went along with it. This is not just your memory - it is your ego trying to "stabilize" your reality.

You have been struggling with ego - you can now feel the separation between your higher self and ego self - your higher self wants to do one thing, and your ego constantly tries to "stabilize" reality and prevent that from happening.

When you feel this happening, all you need to do is center/ root yourself to maintain your connection to your higher self. This will switch off your ego so that it doesn't always try to correct itself.

The ego is in play all the time; it's like a compass always pointing north. You cannot completely switch it off unless you die since it needs to maintain certain parts of your reality in order to function.

This is in fact part of the genetic engineering that took place thousands of years ago - those responsible tapped into this automatic function and developed it to become hyper-active. If external forces attempt to change your reality, your ego kicks in and tries to compensate. And just as in an airplane, the further removed from your reality that external influence is, the stronger your ego will react to counterbalance that external force. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

PTSD is an example of how the ego has over-compensated from external influences. There is also a simple solution there in training soldiers to connect to their higher self, which would help them to "reset" their ego and its hyper-active stability/control mechanism. Connecting to their higher selves is not desirable from the military standpoint since this also makes them less controllable. And so it is preferred to discharge them from the military rather than offer a cure.

The same is true with any other event - external influences will have the effect of causing your hyper-active ego to overcompensate. This is why many messages coming from the Galactic Federation suggest "remain calm", because if you let events get to you, your ego will try to compensate, and then you become more malleable and controllable.

Maintaining centering and your connection to your higher self helps override your ego, and also helps you then take action rather than "locking up". It is essentially taking control of your ego rather than letting your ego control YOU.

Whether you are at a chaotic node or at a void point (the opposite of a chaotic node), maintaining centering and connecting with your higher self through love and gratitude will prevent this control from taking place.

>can you tell me something about chaotic node vs. void point?

It is exactly like a weather system where you have high and low pressure areas. Except the chaotic node vs. void point is more of a property of space time, caused by your planet's rotation through the universe. This rotation creates its own reality, and that reality has "high" and "low" pressure areas around the planet that have an impact on space/time. So a "chaotic node" is like a storm system, associated with "low" pressure, a "void point" is like a high pressure system with calm weather. This is as much a part of your planet as the weather; it's just another property of it. And this system on a map resembles weather systems as well.

This can be influenced to some degree with electro-magnetic devices, but your governments do not have the technology to change this on a planetary scale. This can only be done on a very small level, and the effects are still unpredictable. They have been experimenting with seeding these chaotic nodes and void points in a similar way to how you would seed a weather system; you might get a bit more rain, for example. In fact this does also have an impact on the weather to some degree because it has an electro-magnetic property to it. Rain and clouds also contain electrons, so a symptom of chaos/void points is also reflected in weather patterns. They are connected phenomenon rather than being separate constructs.

Your expression "when it rains it pours" has double meaning when applied to chaos, and is in fact evidence that your collective consciousness already understands that both of these things are closely connected.

>Is there anything we can do to prevent this manipulation at this point?

It's not happening on a big enough scale to be truly dangerous, although the advice I provided about ego will help you "weather the storm" of these chaos nodes and void points to some degree. When you feel it at its height, simply center and remain calm. You will start to feel the chaos drop away as you override your ego.

Centering can also be meditation, but as you know meditation is not required for centering.

Another way of looking at it is that centering is like opening an umbrella. The rain seems a lot easier to deal with when you have some kind of covering. Centering acts just like an umbrella - it provides clarity and reduces the effects of the chaos.

>Thank you Adama, this has been very helpful. I am grateful for your help and connection!

I'd like to say that this is a really easy but important practice right now. Practice this as much as you can because it will come in handy as you move through these chaos nodes and void points. You should try and get to the point where you can pop it open, just like an umbrella, and you will be protected. Connect to your higher self with gratitude and it becomes your umbrella.

Thank you, Troy, I always enjoy talking with you. With Love and Gratitude.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Roman Chariot Races - A Dream

This is a dream I had many years ago, back when I was in High School.

The dream started with trumpets blaring. It was a Roman coliseum. The size of the arena was a little less wide than a football stadium, but square, so it’s a pretty big space. There was a hollywood production of chariot races from the 60′s, if you saw this, it is pretty close to the real thing. (Here’s a link to that segment the big difference is that the coliseum in my dream was open in the middle, and they’re driving 4 horses rather than 2)

I remember that things were not announced in the coliseum as they are today; the audience knew what was happening by what the trumpets did. So there would be different tunes for different parts of the event. There was an entrance tune and an exit tune, for example, and the performers in the arena would be synchronized to these.

There were both willing and unwilling participants in the arena. Some were prisoners, others were performers. The Arena was an opportunity for slaves and prisoners to earn a better life for themselves.
In my case I was a voluntary performer, and performed in chariot races with a group of women (I was a woman in this incarnation, with light brown hair). Each chariot had 2 horses. At the start of it, we would have a routine where we showed off for the crowd. Something I did was to get the chariot going, and then jump onto the bindings that tied the 2 horses together. Then I would jump onto one of the horse’s backs, stand on the horse’s back, and then jump back into the chariot. Another would drive the chariot by balancing on top of the front part of the chariot. Yet another would get the chariot going, turn the horses, cleat the reins, then jump out of the chariot, then jump back in when the horses came back around.

There were 3 teams competing that day, and each team had 2 chariots (for a total of 6 chariots), so you had a team member competing as well. The outfit would coordinate in some way, and you always competed with that team member. I recall red as my team color. I remember two of the team members were good friends – a woman from the black team with black hair, and a woman from the blue team with light-brown hair.
After doing our various stunts, the races started. The trumpets sounded and we were off! The woman from the black team was very competitive – even when she was first place she would try to do anything she could to stay in first place. If she wasn’t in first place, she would do everything she could to knock over the other chariots. The woman from the blue team was more about winning the race and was amiable, but was loyal to the woman on the black team. We were all around 24-27 years old.

On this particular day, the woman in black decided she was going to pick on me. She focused all her wrath on my chariot – she’d knock my chariot, run her chariot in front of my horses, and just harass the hell out of me. A few times around the corners I remember my chariot spinning out on one wheel, but I was able to kick the platform next to the elevated wheel to get it level again. When she came close to me, she’d hit me every chance she got to try and distract me. She did these things a few times to the other competitors, but the majority of it was focused on me.

Near the end of the race, despite her harassment, I managed to pull out in front. And then on the 2nd to last lap she managed to drive her chariot on the inside corner, causing my chariot to ride on one wheel – and then she hit the bottom of my chariot with her hand, causing it to flip over! The race ended, and she won. The trumpets sounded that the race was over. The girl in black got off her chariot and strutted out in the arena with her arms held high in victory. And as she did so, she gave me this big smirk and a glare that said, I’m the winner and you’re the loser! I BEAT you!!! The girl in blue was supportive of the girl in black, and gave her a pat on the back. I had nothing against this girl, but was wondering why she could support such a ruthless person. And I was thinking to myself about the woman on the black team – Jeeze, you won – why do you have to rub it in?

I was pretty pissed – like “WTF????” I remember limping so I must have broken my leg.
The postscript is that a few weeks ago, Laurinda sent me a photo of her, and I immediately recognized her eyes as the eyes of the girl in the black uniform. I looked at her eyes in the photo, and the whole face of the girl in Roman times popped into view. Even parts of the face were the same, but the girl in the dream had more angular features – a sharper chin, for example.

Initially it triggered my memory of all the intense, searing anger I felt, and then I realized – wow! This is really wonderful – I had that dream all those years ago so I could remember my past life knowing Laurinda! And having this experience confirmed that this past life dream was real – it was not just another dream!
And knowing this is worth its weight in gold.

I consider Laurinda to be a good friend in this lifetime, and it is all “water under the bridge” since we had our experience in Roman times for the specific purpose of remembering who we were in THIS lifetime. She did this back then so that I could REMEMBER.

Thank you, Laurinda – it is real a blessing to know you (and glad you’re on my team now!)!

Background info on chariot races...

I didn’t know any of this, but wow! Maybe what I thought was black was actually green…

The Chariot Riders

The charioteers wore leather helmets, knee pads and shin pads. Their coloured tunics with sleeves were called “vestis quadrigaria”. Mosaics show us that this was covered by a sort of corset of leather bands. Even their hair had a particular curly styling. They held the reigns in their left hand and a whip in the right. A curved knife was fastened over their backs or at their waist so that they could cut themselves free in the event of a crash. The horses would also be handsomely decorated and even their manes combed and possibly threaded with pearls.

The charioteers’ tunics were coloured according to their team. There were four major teams called “factiones”: the greens (“Prasini” ), the reds (“Russata” ), the whites (“Alba” or “Albata” ) and the sky/sea blues (“Veneti” or “Veneta” ). Roman writers suggest that the colours were inspired by the colours of the four seasons of the year.

The prasini were the most popular team and there was particular animosity between their supporters and those of the veneti. Suetonius tells us that emperor Domitian added two further teams, the gold and purple, but these teams didn’t last longer than his reign.

Women as gladiators

Another well known class of gladiators not to wear helmets were women. There were indeed female gladiators, although they seem only to have been used in order to further add to the variety of the games, rather than as a mainstay comparable to the male gladiators. And it was hence, in this role as an additional facet to the games, that they fought without helmets, to add feminine beauty to the slaughter of the circus.

After the Flood - Selphia of Telos

Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker
12 May 2011

>Hi Selphia, are you there? Mikos said you wanted to chat.

>One of my colleagues wanted me to relay a message:

gunner gives the Agarthans much love, honor, respect and so much appreciation and if they ever want to stop in at the doghouse, my door is open.

>I also have a question from Kellia, who is experiencing financial difficulty at the moment

Hello Troy how are you?

>I'm fine thank you! How have you been? It seems it's been hard to get hold of you

It is hard managing those tectonic plates - this is a collective effort of many people here in Agartha

>What do you mean by "managing tectonic plates?"

We are all working hard to minimize the impact to the surface as much as possible. It is not completely preventable but we do have the ability to have some effect on the outcome. We love you all very much and we look forward to joining our brothers and sisters very soon, you know!

>We are really looking forward to meeting everyone there as well, Selphia! You're actually able to move tectonic plates with your mind?

Yes it isn't easy, and a single person cannot have much of an impact. But together we can move mountains if we so choose! We are one!

I need to say that it isn't easy, it's very much like a tug-of-war where there's a whole bunch of little guys against one big monster guy. It's kind of fun in a way but we know there are serious consequences to losing this important game!

>I feel that you and your Agarthan friends take this task very seriously; I am glad you can see the lighter side of it too!

With regards to your friend Kellia, she and her husband are trying hard to maintain thier lifestyle and they have very strong moral values. This can be actually getting in the way of their employment but they feel fear in relaxing these values. At times I feel it is more important to take smaller jobs and put food on the table and still keep those values shining bright. It is in fact a nature of your current existance that you be placed at odds with those values, to both learn a part of yourself, and to teach your client a bit about themselves (but do it nicely). Just by being there, without saying anything, your intent and your thoughts have a huge impact on that person. All I can say is, that in times of adversity, the spiritual warrior wades into the fray.

>Do you have any specific suggestions, directions, or leads she can follow?

I see a fast food chain in need of some marketing assistance. She will not need to move to obtain this job. I see a few minor contracts she can pick up right now by way of the web, but she may not be interested in these because they are fairly minor. She will have more work rolling in between the 21st and 25th. Her husband will have an opportunity on the 28th, although he will need to "hit the bricks" to get this. This will not be an optimal fit for him but it is something. Your friend John/Gunner and Kellia share the messenger trait - I think they can learn much from each other.

>Thank you Selphia, I think she will appreciate your help and advice!

>Laurinda was asking about her past lives with her friend "sped" also known as "Ian"

Before I get into that I would like to address your other comment. I appreciate Gunner's (John's [I also heard "Joseph"]) words and the work that he is doing for Mother Earth is very important. He is well aware of the angels and is also playing an important role as a messenger. He could very well have strong ties to Mercury!

About Laurinda and Ian, they were both at those chariot races you know, on the same team. His uniform had blue accent, if you remember. I think you should tell that dream - I really enjoyed watching it. He was a very loyal teammember and friend to Laurinda.

>Can you relay that to me again in dreamtime?

That's a little difficult, my apparatus doesn't really work that way. Once you are here you will be able to relive it.

I will tell you about another episode of their lives - it is about the great flood. They were stranded on the azores after the flood, as survivors, and tried to piece back together the grand civilization that was Atlantis but they knew it was hopeless. They did have a fairly happy lifetime together but it was mostly about survival. There was volcanoes, and fishing, and children. They started a new tribe there and tried to pass down as much knowledge as they could, but it was very fragmented. Their man/woman roles were reversed. There was this one incident where Laurinda (Chay?) tried to build a canoe but ended up burning a hole right through the log. I think she felt kind of silly but learned much about boat building that day.

It would be the same kind of thing if you were stranded on an island with plenty of resources. You'd still have to figure out how to harvest those resources, build some kind of accommodation, and just live on the island with reduced standard of living.

It was a fairly beautiful existence - they had beauty all around them yet most of their time was spent fretting over what they had lost. There were around 40 other colleagues with them; they lost a few to the process of survival.

 >There is a lot going around about the 21st of May - anything we should be concerned about?

I think Mikos relayed some information about the 15th and that is still a concern. The 21st is a date chosen by your followers of the Christian faith and unfortunately they will not realize they too have the ability to manifest their thoughts. However nothing troublesome will come of this; they simply don't know what they're doing yet. Some will in time find their way to you, and I know you are looking forward to helping them as well.

>I look forward to the challenge, Selphia!

Indeed - I especially enjoyed your "heathen beater" idea - get right on that! I had a good laugh out of that - it is one of your gifts to make others laugh! I also enjoyed the album you mentioned, although I'd like to point out that there's potential for falsely misleading others about the future. The future is only about your frame of mind and reference today, you know. If you fear something, it will be. If you love something, it will be as well! You were correct in saying what sounds bad usually turns out being good, because collectively you are all now supporting each other and encouraging positive intent. It is really great to see. You are a living experiment, so to speak, but you have all risen to the challenge admirably!

Your friend Babajij (name starts with K?) is on an important path and is a soul-kin. You both have much to learn from each other! It's actually kind of funny because of what you have to learn, but you will also have to learn that for yourself, my dear!

>I look forward to it, Selphia - I am so very grateful for all the help and support you have given.

I am happy to help, Troy - and we are so very proud of all of you!


Note: The "heathen beater" reference was from a reaction to a Christian prediction that May 21, 2011, was the end of the world:

Hey wait – I see a business opportunity right there.
True Pieces of the Holy Cross – ONLY $35 for a LIMITED TIME!!! GET YOURS NOW!!!
Thorny Crowns – $20 (with or without thorns)
Pope on a rope – $5 (makes a great gift!!!)
Holy Oil of Annointing – $12 per 5 oz. bottle (comes in Lavender, Sea Foam, and Secret Sense (TM) Vanilla!)
Heathen beaters – $22.95 (small) $595.99 (large)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Discussion with Mikos from Telos

Focused/Channeled by  Dreamwalker
May 11, 2011

>Hello, Mikos how are you?

I'm fine thanks Troy, how are you?

>I'm doing fine, but I'm seeing spots today. I suppose this is a part of the process?

Yes indeed.

>Is there anything I can do to make this less apparent? It tends to conflict with my vision.

At this time unfortunately no. It is correct that you can ask your guides to "tune it down" a little but you may not see much of a difference. This is light encoding waves that are being sent to you to attune, at a lower frequency, your progress with Mother Earth. "Attune" is also similar to "tune" as in an instrument. When you tune an instrument, you are hearing beats or waves that are slightly out of synch. You can then adjust the instrument to gradually raise or lower the frequency to get it "in tune". This is a description of the process you are experiencing.

>Is there something you wanted to talk about?

I am never far away.

>Laurinda was asking about her title "Igen" - can you tell me about this?

This is a frequency reference regarding her teacher status. It is something that connects her soul-name to her current role on earth. There are many ties such as this between dimensions, but they are difficult for some people to pick up on in 3d.

>So she is aligned to her soul-path, so to speak?

Exactly. Others might have a title that reflects an alignment with their soul-path that is contrary to what they are doing now, discovering their soul-title will help to tell them what path they should be on. This can help people who feel directionless to shift their field or profession, although it is not necessary to know this. Deep down they already know what they need to do, and typically try to pursue this path even if it's not what they are paid to do.

A question is will this help fill gaps in employment areas - my answer is absolutely. As people raise their awareness, they will pick up on what it was they were meant to do more readily, and they will gravitate towards that job. Increases in technology will help make even boring or tedious jobs really fun, and they will be fulfilled in whatever role they take on, and not have to worry about compensation, since the compensation is that job they want to do!

>Can you tell me anything about the near future, with regards to the economy? Is it necessary to invest in gold and silver, for example?

You can if you like, although most currencies throughout the world will soon be tied to the gold standard, which will level off their value and make currency much more egalitarian between nations. So one dollar in each country will still be worth one dollar; you will not gain or lose anything in this transition. Money hawks may think that they can gain by investing in this, but they are simply gaining a complexity to their life rather than satisfying their need for greed.

Abundance is just around the corner; you do not need to worry about starvation as this will be taken care of. It is a concern of ours that this could happen but we feel that everything will adequately even themselves out, and in fact for those who face starvation now, they will benefit from abundance in the very near future. Part of this is advancements in technology that will be gained without monetary investment; it will be available to all. I am seeing from you that there are those who are fueled by greed who will be confounded by this and want to prevent it. I can assure you that they will be confounded and this will be a very real part of their own spiritual progress. They need to understand that it is the hierarchy that is the thing that is to collapse, and they have much to lose regardless of what they do. Giving their money to charity now will at least give them a good feeling that they are helping others. As above, so below.

>Laurinda was asking about some of her past lives, can you tell me anything about this?

I think Selphia wanted to talk to you about this but she is currently engaged in other tasks.

>Okay, thank you Mikos I will try to connect with Selphia another time. I am grateful for our connection today.

Blessings, Troy - We Are One

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nikki Tesla of Agartha

Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker
May 3, 2011

>Hello, Mr. Tesla how are you?

I'm fine, thank you Troy. It is so nice to be talking with you!

>I'm surprised you are who Adama was referring to - is that really you?

Yes it is - it's me in the flesh!

>How is it that you are in Telos? I thought you had been poisoned, or something?

Well that was the story but it was a fairly thinly-veiled attempt to get me out of the public spotlight. You can look in my grave, but you won't find a body, I can guarantee you of that. I felt they kind of botched it a little - it seemed a little too obvious to me at the time, but the world had other things on their mind so it slipped easily under their radar, so to speak.

>I felt poisoning was a bit of an abrupt reward for all your years of service!

Yes, well right here where I am now is my reward, and it was a very generous reward at that! It is so beautiful here - you would love it!

>Can you tell me a bit more of how you got there?

How I arrived here in Agartha? Well I happened to be given a story by a good friend of mine about two Norwegian men who travelled to the north pole.

>I know about that story, I've read it myself.

Well I read through it, and thought it was a complete fantasy, and put it out of my mind. Maybe at best it was a copy of one of Mr. Verne's stories. Nonsense! But I have also learned through my research that you must expect the unexpected. So I kept an open mind. Years later, I was told by some men who came to my residence that it was time for me to go. They assured me I would be in no danger, and where I was going was beyond my wildest dreams. So I traveled by submarine to some caves, where I was then met by a tall man who spoke english with a german accent. He just said "come with me, Mr. Tesla - your new home awaits!"

And what a home it is - I tell you it is so beautiful here. Where I live is like a beautiful German countryside; kind of like the farmland I grew up in as a youth. I wish Sam Clements was here to see all this, and I guess he'll get his old ass down here eventually!

>So, where do you live in Agartha?

Well, I don't live here in Telos, but I'm here because it's easier for you to reach me from where you are, and still have access to what I need to do my other research. I won't get into that too much but I'll tell you it's wonderful to have access to everything I have here. It makes what I had at my old workshop seem so... inferior! Where I live is in a small town near Eden - Mancala(?) - which has a German flavor to it. You know the Nazi men who came here (and live here today) initially thought that they were in a land where the Aryan race had taken over everything! I think they may have been a little disappointed to realize that none of this actually matters here. But they got over themselves! When faced with an amazing bounty, it's hard to fight for something that you already have! I was a little concerned when I learned about this but my friends here assured me it wouldn't be a problem. And they were right!

>Would you like to talk about why we have been brought together?

Of course! Adama told me you were interested in a device that was really simple to build that could generate energy. Is that correct?

>Yes, I thought it would be an interesting way for people around the world to unite by being empowered to create something that would also help them live their daily lives.

I think that's a wonderful idea, and I did create a device similar to that. Adama tells me he felt you already saw some information relating to this.

>You can't see into my thoughts like he can?

Heavens no - this is something he can do because he's had a great deal more practice than I have. I've only been able to do this for a couple of years, to be perfectly honest. I suppose it was partly in preparation for our meeting, and I have to admit I've been stubborn that way!

>Well, Mr. Tesla what can you tell me about that device?

Please, Troy call me Nikki! It makes me feel younger than I am, and we've dispensed with formalities here in Agartha! Adama also related to me what he saw in your mind regarding the idea you had. The description he gave me is very similar to the device I connected to my little Arrow car. I had a hard time shoehorning into the car, but once I did it worked great!

What I suggest is that you try building what you have in mind, and bind some simple quartz crystals to the terminal points of each magnet with some copper wire. Wind the wire around both the magnet and the crystals, and make sure for each magnet you have a crystal. It shouldn't matter at this point about the purity of the crystal, and you will be able to see some effect even with the use of one crystal.

>Can you tell me about the wireless charging you had set up?

This is simply one of the properties of the device. At this stage of the game you needn't worry about this. Let's get the device built and we'll fine tune it after that.

>Why wasn't your device distributed to the general public at the time you created it?

I think it's fairly obvious that this device was not in the best interests of the corporations of the time - this in fact severely limited their ability to make money off of the public. I think this may have been one of the reasons I was brought here - I was becoming more and more of a danger to their hold over society. I really like your idea, by the way. It is finally about time people took it upon themselves to find a better way of living.

>I am concerned about the resource management issues and impact to mother earth - can you tell me if you think this is going to be a problem?

I don't think it will be; you may want to look at some shielding for your device but this material is easy to come by as well. In fact any quartz will do, and it's a relatively abundant material there on the surface. Any kind of magnet will do as well - it doesn't have to be super powerful.

>Thank you Nikki, I really appreciate your help with this!

No problem, Troy, the pleasure is mine! I am very happy to be helping you with this. I will be here when you need further assistance - but I'd like you to get started on this soon. Adama tells me you have some good people there who can help you with this, and as you know the biggest challenge is to get started!

>Nikki, I'm a big fan of yours - I am so grateful to have had this chance to speak with you.

Well, thank you for saying so - it is good to talk to you. If you would like we can meet at some point in the future, but I don't think that will be for a little while.

>I would like that! Thank you Nikki.

Thank you Troy. Good luck with your project!

[Note - the device I have in mind is similar to the device demonstrated by George Green, and fits the description of the device used by Telsa to power his Arrow. I'll try and put something together and see what happens!]

Project update: May 6, 2011

>Hi Nikki, how are you today?

I'm fine, Troy, it's nice to talk to you. What can I do for you?

>I was wondering if I could relay to you what we have so far, and get your feedback on our progress? I was also wondering if you could help clarify the wiring of this device?

Certainly - what do you have so far?

>We have two rings of magnets. On one ring, S polarity facing out. There is no gap between the magnets on the inner ring.

>outer ring, S polarity facing in. The outer ring has a gap between the magnets.

>1 crystal per magnet, as you suggested.

>I have not wired anything up yet - you said that we should attach the crystals to the terminal points of the magnets. Should I wrap the crystal and magnet with wire, and then attach the ends of the wire to the crystal, or is there something else I should do here?

That sounds like the description I provided.

>So it's a series connection between each crystal/magnet set, positive to negative?

yes you can do it that way.

> Can you tell me how I would control this device?

There is no need to control it - it will self-regulate.

>So if I wire it this way, I'll have two negative and two positive leads, is that correct? what do I do with these leads?

The inner one should be connected in a closed loop, since this will be rotating. The outer one can be used to harvest the energy. There are other ways of connecting this together, but the way we've discussed will give you the best results to start out with, to achieve your goal.

> Okay, thank you very much Nikki. Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about this device?

The basic concepts of this device can be expanded on, but let's get your device completed first and then we can move on to other ideas.

>sounds good, Nikki. I hope you have a great day!

Thank you Troy, I hope you have a wonderful day too!


This information was relayed to me on June 29, 2011

Nikola Tesla said:

“My form of concentration was unusual. During my moments of intense concentration, part of me could be here on earth and part of me could be on the inner planes – simultaneously. That is not the common phenomenon known as bilocation, by the way. It’s something else and requires a well-developed mind.

“I did not do this on the astral plane – I did this work in the realm of the mind. The plane of thoughts is much more refined and powerful than the astral plane. It’s free of the emotional, sentimental swill most people thrive on, but which must be transcended if you are going to develop clear thought.”

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lead-up Story to First Channeling

I have been focusing for the past few months on centering, and holding that centering in my head while I do other things. Multitasking!

My wife and I booked a trip to Mammoth Caves - I posted some of my experience in the Apr 22 thread (on, and on my blog here as well. I had heard that the caves were an entrance to Agartha, so I asked if anyone had any suggestions or things I should look out for.

Laurinda stepped up to the plate and connected me to Judy Cali, who is also a channel to Mikos and Adama. And she said that Adama would provide an attunement. I had no idea what that meant, but I went with it. Okay, NO PROBLEM! Whatever!

So the night we get to Mammoth Caves nothing happens but I slept pretty soundly after a 10-hour drive!

The following day I saw the gateway in the "Niagara" tour. It was a stalactite/stalagmite with a light on it, the formation radiating a huge amount of energy.

Then that night just as I was going to sleep I saw this massive white flash behind my eyes, kind of like a camera flash going off inside the room. No cars, no planes flying overhead, no electronic devices. I didn't FEEL anything, so again I was like "okay, white flash, whatever".

When I got back from our trip I asked Judy what that was all about. And just as I was sending my message to her, Adama said really clearly in my head "it is closer than you think!" and Judy wrote back to me and said "Adama says it is closer than you think!"

As I was sending her an email to send my gratitude and appreciation for her and their help, I heard Mikos say "the honor is all mine!" and Judy wrote back to say that Mikos said "the honor is all mine!"

So then I decided, hmm, let's see what happens if I just start asking questions. And I started just typing into windows notepad whatever came into my head.

So my first channel on my site is where the story picks up from there.

And following that, as I was driving home, I received a clear, persistent thought that Selphia really wanted to talk. I hadn't been introduced to her, but I felt that if I didn't DO something about that she was going to keep bugging me until I DID! :-)

Much kudos to Laurinda for "being there" to support me through this transition. She is such a loving soul and I could not have done it without her! Much kudos to Judy for her support too - she has been completely open and honest, and has been very encouraging. It's been easy, in a way, but also hard for me to wrap my head around and adjust to. I think I'm "getting it" now but this is all still very new to me!