Monday, May 2, 2011

Lead-up Story to First Channeling

I have been focusing for the past few months on centering, and holding that centering in my head while I do other things. Multitasking!

My wife and I booked a trip to Mammoth Caves - I posted some of my experience in the Apr 22 thread (on, and on my blog here as well. I had heard that the caves were an entrance to Agartha, so I asked if anyone had any suggestions or things I should look out for.

Laurinda stepped up to the plate and connected me to Judy Cali, who is also a channel to Mikos and Adama. And she said that Adama would provide an attunement. I had no idea what that meant, but I went with it. Okay, NO PROBLEM! Whatever!

So the night we get to Mammoth Caves nothing happens but I slept pretty soundly after a 10-hour drive!

The following day I saw the gateway in the "Niagara" tour. It was a stalactite/stalagmite with a light on it, the formation radiating a huge amount of energy.

Then that night just as I was going to sleep I saw this massive white flash behind my eyes, kind of like a camera flash going off inside the room. No cars, no planes flying overhead, no electronic devices. I didn't FEEL anything, so again I was like "okay, white flash, whatever".

When I got back from our trip I asked Judy what that was all about. And just as I was sending my message to her, Adama said really clearly in my head "it is closer than you think!" and Judy wrote back to me and said "Adama says it is closer than you think!"

As I was sending her an email to send my gratitude and appreciation for her and their help, I heard Mikos say "the honor is all mine!" and Judy wrote back to say that Mikos said "the honor is all mine!"

So then I decided, hmm, let's see what happens if I just start asking questions. And I started just typing into windows notepad whatever came into my head.

So my first channel on my site is where the story picks up from there.

And following that, as I was driving home, I received a clear, persistent thought that Selphia really wanted to talk. I hadn't been introduced to her, but I felt that if I didn't DO something about that she was going to keep bugging me until I DID! :-)

Much kudos to Laurinda for "being there" to support me through this transition. She is such a loving soul and I could not have done it without her! Much kudos to Judy for her support too - she has been completely open and honest, and has been very encouraging. It's been easy, in a way, but also hard for me to wrap my head around and adjust to. I think I'm "getting it" now but this is all still very new to me!

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  1. Hi, Troy,
    I'm really enjoying reading your posts, and am delighted to have found your site! I'm struck by the coincidence that you and I both started doing similar work at the April/May juncture, although my experience came in 2010, and it pretty much turned my world upside down. I have three blogs on Wordpress which are easy to find, and would love to connect with you to compare notes if you like. (you can find me pretty easily by googling :) My blog that's most similar to yours is quite new, so I don't have much material there yet, but am hoping to add more to it soon. Best wishes, and namaste, Leslee Hare