Monday, May 23, 2011

St. Anne's Catholic School, Fort Albany, Ontario

Adama of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Adama, you wanted to chat about my friend Jim?

Hello Troy, yes I did. He is a strong spirit with a thirst for knowledge. In a past life he was a priest with the Christian faith, and he was involved in the residential schools in Canada in the 30's. He was not involved in perpetrating negative things, but he witnessed these things. When he tried to mention this to his superiors he was threatened with losing his job, so he kept quiet. He was kindly towards the children who were his students, and he felt that what he taught them would help them when they grew up.

Unfortunately the residential school system was a place of much fear for these children, and he felt guilty about this because it did not fit with his values of the Christian faith. It was his job, he was loyal to the system and he felt duty-bound to perform his job to the best of his ability. But there were parts of it that he did not enjoy by any means.

It is interesting that you made this connection for him when you did since his past experience gave him knowledge of another people, another way of life, and he secretly learned more about the culture he contributed to changing.

There was one episode of rape of a young girl that he discovered of a colleague that made him really angry and he carried this anger for a long time, into this current lifetime. He was angry at humanity.

>Can you tell me where this was?

Winnipeg / St. Anne's (in Ontario?)

>Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about this?

I think this is enough for now. We have given instruction on how he can deal with this - if he asks any of us directly we can provide additional assistance as well.

>Thank you Adama, I am grateful for our connection!

Thank you Troy, I enjoy talking to you!


Some background info on St. Anne's Catholic School in Fort Albany, Ontario, Canada.

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