Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Matrix of Light

Adama of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Good evening Adama, how are you?

I'm fine thank you Troy, how are you?

>I'm doing well thanks. Did you want to talk about my friend Judy?

I'd love to talk about Judy, and I enjoy talking to her as well!

>What can you tell me about the pain she is experiencing?

Judy is in the next phase of manifestation - she has progressed quite well, and is now making real her own thoughts. These thoughts are translating to pain in her body because she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, so to speak. Pain in her leg and in her side are a direct reflection of this, so she needs to be careful how she "phrases" her thoughts.

You might think that this is positive thinking but this is not necessarily the case. You hit on it to some degree by analyzing your thoughts and breaking them down into their true meaning. For example "hope" you saw as something to be avoided because it takes energy from your intent.

Instead it is just as easy to express what you want and it will be. So this translates in other ways as well. For example someone who wants to be helpful soon feels that there is not enough help to go around. So the thought process that goes into this needs to be to not only look for the silver lining, but being creative in where that source of help can be found. There are millions on the planet wanting to "do the right thing", sometimes they just need to be asked in the right way for the right task. They may not all be able or willing to step up to the plate for the right task, but that's okay - it's just not their time to help and learn the lesson that comes with it. And even when they do help they may not be open to that hidden lesson, but it is there for those willing to see it.

It is why I thought your friend Michelle would like to help with this. She demonstrates that there is a helping hand there, and she and her friend Penelope, with intent combined, has a natural talent for connecting with distance healing. She mentioned having an affinity with the water element and this too lends itself to this process. A very strong combination. She will be able to connect to others who can lend themselves to this process in different ways.

In Judy's case, as I said, she is manifesting her frustrations with the world and translating this to physical reality. She is a highly developed soul. When she experiences an area of frustration or an area where she is lacking she needs to take direct action and ask of those who she knows would be capable of helping. And even those who she feels she owes much, she can ask and they will give. You see it is not about money. You are here to help others achieve their goal, and you would do anything within your ability to help them meet this goal. So it is with others. So my initial advice here is that no man or woman is an island - she needs to tap into her special network more and the pain will go away.

The tricky part is understanding how thoughts translate to physical reality. You see there is a network of light blanketing the planet and so too there is a network of human light blanketing the planet. These two networks of light provide feedback to each other and retain the thoughts of the individual. You know from your schooling that matter is made up of electrons and neutrons, but there is also a light element that connects everything to the source. And so, thoughts of light beings connect to matter in real ways, because the light is part of that physical thing. This is how clairvoyants can find missing objects. They're not really asking another being to find that object for them - they're tapping directly into this light network and locating that object based on its position within the network.

You are thinking about the movie "The Matrix" and that's exactly what it is. It is very real in the sense that it has mass, it is a collection of electrons and protons, but the light network is always there as well. To influence this light network you need to raise your frequency to that level and you will better be able to sense it all around you. You will better be able to feel the things within that network because they are all made up of that basic building block of light.

>Thank you Adama - I feel this is a clear picture of what we have been experiencing. I have seen many accounts of heightened awareness of elements of nature, for example.

Exactly! It will be to them as if the saturation on their TV has been tuned a little higher, except that it's real life. They may also begin to feel the presence of creatures around them - they'll know where the insect or bird is before they even see or hear the creature. Why? Because they are made of, and connect with, the same stuff as you are! Light!

>Can I ask you to give her some direct healing for her problems now? Can you tweak the network a little so the pain isn't as great, for example?

I can and I will for the short term but you must understand that the pain will return until she can segment her thoughts and look at what elements of those thoughts are manifesting to reality. She will then need to "rephrase" the thought another way, just as you did with "hope" vs. "want". For example "I hope you have a great time" and "I want you to have a great time" have very different feelings to them. In the first instance there is doubt that it will happen, whereas in the second instance there is certainty that it will happen. So as before (many years ago now) her words were in question, now her thoughts are in question.

What you learned through your process is that it's just a matter of changing the thought when you see it come up. Pretty soon it will become second nature to replace one thought with another, kind of like learning a new language, where you replace one word with another.

>Thank you Adama, I will relay this information to her. I feel she will be grateful for your help.

I wish I could make the pain go away but this is a very real part of the process for her. We love her very much, and you too, Troy. You are both having such an impact on Gaia's transition, and more and more souls are adding their light to the network every day! You are all "coming online" and it is wonderful to see!

>Thanks again from me as well, Adama, I am very grateful for our connection and your help.

I am grateful for all that you and Judy do - I will talk to you soon.

>Goodnight, Adama


The song "Hey Jude" was relayed to me the following morning.

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  1. This one resonates so much, too... I've also been given the distinctions between hoping, wishing, wanting & yearning... So many fine lines of distinction, encouraging us to really watch our thought and words :D