Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sioux Woman

Adama and Selphia of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hello Adama, did you want to talk about my friend Steffie?

(A) I'd like to bring Selphia into this conversation as well.

>Good morning, Adama, Selphia, how are you?

(S) We are doing fine, Troy - always great to talk to you!

>Hi Selphia, great to talk to you too!

So you wanted to talk about Steffie?

(s) Yes, she was a Native American woman (sioux), she is waiting for her husband to return from a hunting accident. He was out hunting buffalo when he fell from his horse. This was a time when the buffalo were still like an ocean on the plains. There were many of them, and it was before guns were plentiful. So they employed the craft they used for hundreds of years.

>I see a man riding his horse next to the buffalo. He is wearing buckskin pants and a bone necklace. He has long hair, and 3 feathers in his hair, worn trailing as for peace. He feels great to be riding his horse alongside the buffalo, and feels grateful for their existence for all that they provide to his people.

>I see a woman with two children; one around the age of 5, the other around the age of 3. The 3-year old is wearing a small buckskin shirt, naked from the waist down. The 5-year old is playing with a stick. They are sitting next to a tipi in their small village. She is scraping the hide from a skin, to be made into clothing.

(A) The man you were looking at will die because his horse lost its footing (a gopher hole?). There were 3 buffaloes running behind him that he didn't see; he was not able to roll out of the way in time.

Unfortunately the hunt had to continue, so by the time his friends returned to find his body, it had already been torn up pretty badly by the other predators. So it was not recovered other than for a few of the trinkets he had on his body.

>I understand.

(S) This woman would not accept the truth that her husband had died, even when told to her by several of the men who witnessed this. She loved him so much that she willed history to give back what it had taken from her. And so, to her it was if he had simply left the village to spite her, which is just not the case!

(A) She can bring this version of herself to her, and tell this woman that she is no longer needed. Her husband has passed to the other side and he is there waiting for her to return to him.

(S) We love her dearly Troy - she too has some wonderful funky energy about her!

>Thank you, Selphia and Adama, I really appreciate this information.

(A) "All My Relations!" as they say. Thank you for this opportunity, Troy.

>All My Relations!


Background information

Ulali – Mother – Tribute to native american women

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