Sunday, May 22, 2011

Under the Ice

Mikos of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>hello Mikos how are you?

>Did you want to tell me something about Babajij?

Hello Troy how are you doing?

>I’m doing fine thanks!

That’s good, I’m doing fine thank you. I would like to talk a bit about your friend Babajij.

> What can you tell me about him?

I would like to tell you a bit about his past, and a bit about his next steps.

>Is that you sitting in the library? [I can see him wearing light-gray robes with light blue trim and sitting in a gold-colored chair, almost a throne, with not much else around him - he is somewhat elevated/higher than my vantage point]

Yes I’m at the library of Pathologos.

>Are these “bad” or difficult things you want to tell me?

In a way I would say they are difficult. Babajij, as you have felt, is a very strong soul. He has had a difficult childhood but these experiences have been important to bring him along to where he is today. If he did not have these experiences you would not have known him in this lifetime. And it is important that you connect with him now because of what’s happening.

You were brothers in a past lifetime and one of you was killed standing on the ice.

>I vaguely remember that dream, but it was a long time ago. I remember looking up in the ice and not being able to find a hole for breath. I remember hitting the ice but it was too hard to break.

He tried for a long time to rescue you Troy and that event haunted him for the rest of his life.

>I understand, I would feel the same way. I feel a great deal of sadness about that event.

Well this is something you both need to let go of – remember how to do this… bring that past version of yourself to the surface, that young boy stranded in the ice, and tell him he is free to go; he is no longer needed. Babjij, when you read this, please do the same. Bring that past version of yourself, the boy searching on the ice, call him to you, and then tell him he is no longer needed, he is free to go. He has found his brother, and he can go home.

>Thank you Mikos. So much sadness…. You folks over in Telos are certainly giving us a bumpy ride!

You know these are necessary things to go through, Troy – and I wish I were there to comfort you through this difficult time. Understand that these things surface when you are ready to deal with them – no sooner, no later. We are helping you and your friends on the surface to deal with these because you are ready, and we send you healing energy to help clear the darkness so you may fully embrace the light. It is really quite simple – you have travelled far to be where you are today.

>I feel Babajij may feel the same way I do about this, and I thank you for your help. Is it possible to send healing energy in advance?

Of course it is Troy – just think about the time that he will receive this message, and then send that energy to that future time – he will receive that energy at that point in time. Use that white, gold and purple energy you like to send – it’s a great idea to combine them into a single flow/channel.

>Is this episode what you wanted to tell me about?

Yes it is – we will speak again in the future. It is enjoyable to talk to you Troy, even though we are sometimes having to deal with difficult events.

>I enjoy our discussions too, Mikos. I enjoy speaking with all of you. It is heartwarming!

As it is with us. Take care, Troy.

>Thank you Mikos, same to you!

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