Friday, September 27, 2013

An Understanding of Planetary Physical Energy

We have an energy field around the planet that is created by us. The best way to explain this is that something that belongs to someone (for example their cell phone or their car) takes on a very noticeable energy of that person. So if you borrow that item, you may find that your mood will change to "align" with the person's energy that "owns" that device (this applies to a lesser extent to gifts and things you buy at the store). You may find yourself saying things that you wouldn't normally say (for example). The planetary grid works in the same way.

The planet is something that is aligned to the energy of humanity, and so it takes on that collective energy. This is another reason that we have not had much in the way of "physical" contact from other galactic civilizations. If they were to come here, as a galactic civilization, they (individually) would be subject to the energies of our planet. I think it's safe to assume that this kind of energy may not be in alignment with theirs.  They are more sensitive to energy because they are a galactic civilization. To be brought out of alignment to them is a more "bad" thing to them than it would be to us... since what they can do with their minds can be "more deadly".
For short periods of time they can endure the exposure through mental blocking but this is difficult to maintain for long periods because their focus would be on this process. It would be like driving and talking on your cell phone.

A few obvious workarounds to this problem are telepathic communication and the use of "drones". Astral projection is also possible. Also this kind of physical energetic attachment is only valid in a single dimension - it does not affect other dimensional representations of the same object or entity. For example the Agarthans are not subject to this energy field connection. There are other kinds of energetic attachments which do occur cross-dimensionally but those are not physical energetic connections.

This is where it becomes difficult to convey meaning because I don't have the words to explain the "flavor" of different energies. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Telepathic Message from the Galactic Federation 26SEP2013

The primary reason for our minimal contact, or at least our apparent holding back of this "mass landings" event, is primarily because humanity tends to shudder in fear at pretty much the drop of a hat. Not everyone, of course... but consider the event 9/11. Even though this happened to a relatively small percentage of the population, many were concerned (had the real thought) that it would happen to them next. Others went to the conclusion that an invasion would take place. Other humans would take over the country... even though there are few other humans on the planet with as many resources as those in the US. So the negative intent... jumping to conclusions... is what we are concerned about. This has less consequences for an abstract event such as 9/11 as it does for a collection of Galactic souls. There are those at this very moment who would take up arms against us, simply on the idea that those who are "other" are here to "take over". The possibility of voluntary assistance, for these people, would be fairly low on their list of considerations. Understand that this is not a judgment on our part based on assumptions, but rather based on empirical evidence gathered over many years.
With each new challenge we see there are more individuals who are taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. This, in a nutshell, is what we are waiting for.

We are telepathically gauging the outcomes and monitoring the collective consciousness of humanity. This is not to say that we are snooping on your thoughts - but rather, you as a collective broadcast your intent throughout the solar system. You are not a "quiet" population by any means. And we can sense both the collective and the individual thoughts, particularly of those who you might consider "loose cannons" - because there is minimal conscious connection between ego/self and spirit/self. For those of you who  have succeeded in "quieting your mind", that is noted as well, and you begin to notice that you can hear what we hear. And, for that matter, you may be able to hear us.

There are others on your planet in the animal kingdom who are also very telepathic and we understand that their treatment is to some degree out of your control due to unconscious living. There is indeed a connection between unconscious living and the prison system - it is just easier not to think about it, and you are conditioned to think in this way. Again this is not a judgment - it is something that we very much wish to help with when the time is right, and when conditions are right that our assistance will be welcomed.

To address concerns that the Galactic Federation might be a primarily "military" operation... each member volunteers their assistance as an opportunity to be a part of a collective of beings with similar goals and interests. Individuals within humanity will have the opportunity to join us in our tasks if they wish to do so. Within that collective your individuality and diversity is celebrated, because diversity is a key part of the "divine plan" and a key to evolution. Hierarchy only exists in so much as it facilitates communication and it makes sense in a particular situation to do so. But this again is part of your collective process in accepting who you are, and your own process of growth. Does our every action conceal a hidden agenda, or are we your brothers and sisters, wanting to help our loved ones in whatever way we can? Only you can decide. Look within your heart, and you will know the truth.

You are fine... and know that we love you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Buddha serves self to serve others
Bodhi serves others to serve self
It is time to let go
And Be One

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dream Log: 21SEP2013: Freedom Party

This happened on one of the Gulf Islands in the Pacific Northwest. It was a comfortable summer day, the sun was shining. A number of young people were gathering at a property for a campout / concert party, with blankets and sleeping bags on a field. It was an exercise in freedom, similar in feeling to the Burning Man festival, but on a smaller scale. I recall the group playing folk music, it was a jam session so anyone could join in if they wanted to.

In the evening there was a wine and cheese party at the main house. Women were dressed in formal evening dresses - men in suits. Wine, champagne, plates of appetizers. Air of amicable friendship. There were stone stairs and walkway leading back down to the field between patios on either side of the walkway. The patios were terraced. There was a pond on either side of the walkway at the "middle" level of the terraced patios. I recall standing near the ponds, and seeing cattails and lily pads. It was a fine summer evening, I was talking to someone. A refined woman in a long black dress.

The next day was the same as the day before. I was with my sons - the women seemed more scantily-clad than the day before. It was a bit uncomfortable because some of the couples were "hooking up" (kissing) but my sons were also there. I thought it was a bit rude of them to do this in front of children, but they didn't seem to care.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SaLuSa (15SEP2013): The Milk is Right in Front of You

This is a conversation I had over the weekend with SaLuSa, which was made up of telepathic ideas rather than a conversation of words.  So there are meanings conveyed through telepathic thought that are not easy to write using the English language.

SaLuSa confirmed that there is a difference between "passive" and "active" channeling. The messages provided by Quinsey (and now MADAD) are "passive" one-way communication (although both of them do 2-way communications as well). The "passive" serves the purpose of being a "light beacon", but are also intended to be controversial, to encourage others to find their own path and try it themselves. Seek their own answers. I asked if there is a possibility that people could just get discouraged and give up and go home (so to speak). SaLuSa suggested that yes that's fine, these folks are not ready for the "next step" in their understanding. It is important that their path include these stages or levels, and it is possible that in the "law of variation" that all iterations of a possible path may be explored by different people. Diversity of experience is important. It is also beneficial to participate in some form of group meditations or activities / collective consciousness because this creates a higher-level consciousness that can be beneficial to one's abilities. This is the "level" that these abilities take place / transact.

It is also possible to "go it alone". I asked if it is possible to improve one's abilities in an environment that denies these abilities  - the answer is that it is more difficult but not impossible, and sometimes people will discover these abilities without realizing it. It already exists but they deny that it exists, so it does not exist, even when it exists in plain sight. There are many varied "abilities" that we have naturally from birth - but these usually occur as strengths and weaknesses.

So too the telepathy experiment that my friend Tauno provided was accurate, but as soon as it happened I forgot that it happened because of my focus on the question at hand (the question was, think of someone that we both know).  In fact the name of the person arrived instantaneously in both your minds. This is an example of how it is sometimes difficult to be "completely honest" with yourself because your "personal focus" or "personal filter" can override the connection. This is similar to looking for milk in the fridge. The Milk is right in front of you, but you can't see it, because you're looking for the milk.
There was also encouragement that I was feeling that I could do more to help with people's eventual awakening - it is more important to have someone else be there to greet them on the other side of the river. Way-showing (providing / being an example for others) is the boat that takes them there - but they still need to build their own boat and paddle it themselves (this to me sounds more harsh than it was intended - we are never alone in our journey).

(as an aside I feel SaLuSa prefers to be referenced in a "gender-neutral" way. This is difficult in English since we only have "he" "she" and "it". There is another term that they use that we don't have, so I tried to get around this by just using the name instead of the pronoun)

Dream Log: 17SEP2013: The Inside-Out House

I found myself standing on a ladder, apparently in the process of repairing the gutter of my home. It was a house built in the 1920's, an Edwardian style typical of homes on the Pacific Northwest, with a comfortable property and mature vegetation. Some friends of mine were also there, visiting, whom I knew from 15 years ago - middle-aged Baha'i's. One was Elena, the person who taught me Reiki; another was my good friend and mentor James Norquay, who introduced me to the pipe ceremony. Perhaps this is an indication that both of them have "passed to the next world" now, but it felt really nice to have them both close by; it was nice to visit with them. In the middle-distance I was vaguely aware of a three-story apartment building two blocks away, painted light blue and white, which I could see out of the corner of my eye from my vantage point on the ladder.

It was dusk. The street lamps were on, but it was still light enough to see. It felt like a warm early-fall evening.

The home next door to my left was just a wood frame with pink insulation covering every exterior surface. The house was in no way properly finished; it almost seemed inside-out. The wood framing was weather-worn oak, as though the house had always been that way. It was the kind of house a "hoarder" would live in, and I had a sense that someone marginally lived there, with old junk in every room, and no power to light the rooms.

What had caught my attention was a large german shepard standing on the roof of this house, entertaining himself by ferociously trying to "kill" one of the flats of the pink insulation. He was tossing it back and forth in his jaws as dogs will do, growling in a ferocious way (the scale of this image will tell you how big the dog was...). For some reason this didn't seem to bother me.

My son Dylan was standing at the foot of another ladder, and I noticed there was also a large black shape with its back to us, which seemed to be a bear (all I recall seeing is a large black something that was vaguely bear-shaped). I said to my son, you'd better come up here, there's a bear down there. I wasn't at all scared or alarmed by this. So he climbed up the ladder and smiled at me. We were safe near our home.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dream Log: 12SEP2013 - The Exorcism of Martha Stewart

I was in a living room and a woman with long, light brown hair was laying on the couch. We were preparing for a group meditation session: she was acting as "host" to a number of people, whose minds were meeting in her mind. She was being the "mental meeting room," and these people were all familiar to me.

In addition to their minds/ energies, I sensed that there was a possession of a dark spirit in the woman on the couch. It was an energy I was familiar with - a co-worker at work by the name of Martha (as far as I know, her name is not Martha Stewart...).

I sensed that we needed to be rid of this spirit - it needed to be "exorcised".

"I hereby decl.." I was cut off as my throat and jaw tightened. I had difficulty speaking. This is my reaction to fear.

I discovered that I was able to move my lips still, so I tried again, fighting the strangulation.

"MARTHA STEWART, By the Power Vested in Me... You will remove yourself from this place... NOW!!!!!"

The scene shifted and I found myself waking up in my bed, vocally saying "NOW!!!!"

A minute later, the alarm clock radio turned on. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Éolin: Energy, Fragmentation, and Channeled Messages

(Éolin, pronounced ay-oh-lin)
-My comments are marked by ">", Éolin by ")"

>Hello Éolin, how are you?

)I'm fine Troy how are you?

>Doing well, I guess... what did you want to talk about?

)Nothing in particular. You are picking up on my "focus".

>Why are you focusing?

)I am paying attention to the / your unique energy signature because it is in harmonic synchronicity with my own, to such a degree that my focus was warranted.

>Where are you "from"?


>Can you describe what you are experiencing at the moment?


>Will the world end on October 1?

)That's a funny question - it ends and begins at every moment. As you know, all possibilities exist at every moment, so if you wish it to end, it will end, and if you wish it to begin, it will begin. Of course we mostly wish the world to "continue", so it "continues".

>I am interested to know, why are there energies such as yourself who simply "focus" without any other input? I know you're there... but there's no other communication.

)You leave your channel open so we are free to piggyback on your "signal"

>I would prefer to be asked... is there a way to close my channel?

)Understand that no harm can come to you in this process. You can ask your guides to help you in this respect - you are tasking a part of yourself to managing your channel. This may appear to be giving away some of your power but that is not the case since it is yourself that you are giving your power to.

>I see another template here... am I correct in thinking that God discovered he was terrible at multitasking, and so that is why there are so many different energies in the universe?

)It is all an expression of God, but yes it is an identical process. As you divide your energies for other tasks, so too did God divide his energies for other tasks. That energy takes on an identity of its own. And so the cycle continues.

>I suppose it would be silly to ask if God even exists anymore?

)Not at all. It is certainly an infinitely fragmented concept, but as you see your consciousness continues in spite of fragmentation. They are two separate yet connected energies.

>Do people go crazy because of fragmentation?

)People go crazy because of their ego. It has a hard time dealing with energy fragmentation because ego is part of the body/mind complex - a complex that deals well with limitation. When the spirit is included, there is nothing to "deal" with, since spirit includes and is a part of all energy.

>Okay, could you teach me how to "close" my channel consciously?

)this is not a function of "mind" but a function of "spirit", so you would pass the information from mind/body to spirit - it is simple.

>Thank you Éolin, I appreciate your advice.

)Do not be concerned that all has been said before. These messages are part of YOUR path, not someone else's. Although you may feel that it has all been done before, your timeline and your path is indeed unique. Also, the harmonic frequencies of the messages change as you grow, and as you know this is a part of the underlying energy of the message. You are also correct in feeling that there has been some confusion over channeled messages generally. The message is tuned to the unique signature of the person receiving the message. Although the message may be shared with others, it may not be tuned to their specific frequency. This is not to say that they are "bad" or "lower", just that the frequency is different.

>I understand - so this is the reason that it is beneficial for everyone who is interested in channeled messages to try it themselves?

)There are different ways of connecting to others that may better resonate with them, but consuming channeled messages is a different process than receiving them. It's like watching TV versus having a conversation on the phone. Passive versus active... even if the communication seems one-way, there is still an exchange of energy (in the second case).

>That's very interesting - I appreciate the explanation. Thanks Éolin.

)Thank you Troy