Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dream Log: 12SEP2013 - The Exorcism of Martha Stewart

I was in a living room and a woman with long, light brown hair was laying on the couch. We were preparing for a group meditation session: she was acting as "host" to a number of people, whose minds were meeting in her mind. She was being the "mental meeting room," and these people were all familiar to me.

In addition to their minds/ energies, I sensed that there was a possession of a dark spirit in the woman on the couch. It was an energy I was familiar with - a co-worker at work by the name of Martha (as far as I know, her name is not Martha Stewart...).

I sensed that we needed to be rid of this spirit - it needed to be "exorcised".

"I hereby decl.." I was cut off as my throat and jaw tightened. I had difficulty speaking. This is my reaction to fear.

I discovered that I was able to move my lips still, so I tried again, fighting the strangulation.

"MARTHA STEWART, By the Power Vested in Me... You will remove yourself from this place... NOW!!!!!"

The scene shifted and I found myself waking up in my bed, vocally saying "NOW!!!!"

A minute later, the alarm clock radio turned on. 

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