Friday, September 6, 2013

Éolin: Energy, Fragmentation, and Channeled Messages

(Éolin, pronounced ay-oh-lin)
-My comments are marked by ">", Éolin by ")"

>Hello Éolin, how are you?

)I'm fine Troy how are you?

>Doing well, I guess... what did you want to talk about?

)Nothing in particular. You are picking up on my "focus".

>Why are you focusing?

)I am paying attention to the / your unique energy signature because it is in harmonic synchronicity with my own, to such a degree that my focus was warranted.

>Where are you "from"?


>Can you describe what you are experiencing at the moment?


>Will the world end on October 1?

)That's a funny question - it ends and begins at every moment. As you know, all possibilities exist at every moment, so if you wish it to end, it will end, and if you wish it to begin, it will begin. Of course we mostly wish the world to "continue", so it "continues".

>I am interested to know, why are there energies such as yourself who simply "focus" without any other input? I know you're there... but there's no other communication.

)You leave your channel open so we are free to piggyback on your "signal"

>I would prefer to be asked... is there a way to close my channel?

)Understand that no harm can come to you in this process. You can ask your guides to help you in this respect - you are tasking a part of yourself to managing your channel. This may appear to be giving away some of your power but that is not the case since it is yourself that you are giving your power to.

>I see another template here... am I correct in thinking that God discovered he was terrible at multitasking, and so that is why there are so many different energies in the universe?

)It is all an expression of God, but yes it is an identical process. As you divide your energies for other tasks, so too did God divide his energies for other tasks. That energy takes on an identity of its own. And so the cycle continues.

>I suppose it would be silly to ask if God even exists anymore?

)Not at all. It is certainly an infinitely fragmented concept, but as you see your consciousness continues in spite of fragmentation. They are two separate yet connected energies.

>Do people go crazy because of fragmentation?

)People go crazy because of their ego. It has a hard time dealing with energy fragmentation because ego is part of the body/mind complex - a complex that deals well with limitation. When the spirit is included, there is nothing to "deal" with, since spirit includes and is a part of all energy.

>Okay, could you teach me how to "close" my channel consciously?

)this is not a function of "mind" but a function of "spirit", so you would pass the information from mind/body to spirit - it is simple.

>Thank you Éolin, I appreciate your advice.

)Do not be concerned that all has been said before. These messages are part of YOUR path, not someone else's. Although you may feel that it has all been done before, your timeline and your path is indeed unique. Also, the harmonic frequencies of the messages change as you grow, and as you know this is a part of the underlying energy of the message. You are also correct in feeling that there has been some confusion over channeled messages generally. The message is tuned to the unique signature of the person receiving the message. Although the message may be shared with others, it may not be tuned to their specific frequency. This is not to say that they are "bad" or "lower", just that the frequency is different.

>I understand - so this is the reason that it is beneficial for everyone who is interested in channeled messages to try it themselves?

)There are different ways of connecting to others that may better resonate with them, but consuming channeled messages is a different process than receiving them. It's like watching TV versus having a conversation on the phone. Passive versus active... even if the communication seems one-way, there is still an exchange of energy (in the second case).

>That's very interesting - I appreciate the explanation. Thanks Éolin.

)Thank you Troy

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