Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jesus of Montreal and Joan of Arc

(Channeled on Tuesday, June 28)
Selphia of Telos
Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

>Good morning, Selphia, did you wish to chat?

I did Troy, how are you this morning?

>I’m feeling great – it’s a beautiful day today!

You are wise to pull the energy around you Troy, it wears you well!

>Thank you Selphia! Is there something you wish to talk about?

I’d like you to post that clip you found on your blog, and I’d like you to add Rome back to the message relating to Admiral. I think you have already gotten the message through Wesley/Rawanderer regarding editing posts. This is a minor thing, but accuracy can be important for those to whom the message is intended.

>I understand, Selphia. Is there something else you wanted to talk about?

—removed at subject’s request—

I know your heart is heavy but there is light at the end of the tunnel, my friend.

>I know, Selphia – you have my complete appreciation and trust. I have to say though. Lately my thoughts have been swinging over to Joan of Arc. As I recall she was burned at the stake for following her guidance!
Well Troy you need to understand that she had a direct connection with God. There are not many on your planet, or in the universe, who can truly understand these messages. God has one’s [meaning his/her] own language, you see. In fact your species on Earth has something of a unique ability in this respect. On other planets you may never see one such as her. And understand that she experienced no pain in her final hours. This in fact was an ascension point for her – she found herself physically in another plane of existence, and lives today.

>Thank you for your guidance, Selphia, I’ll do as you ask.

Thank you Troy, have a great day!

Crucifixion – Jesus of Montreal
Note: this clip is similar to a vision I received on Sunday, June 26, 2011.

Original message regarding Admiral

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer to the Great Spirit

Great Spirit,

I ask for your blessing, protection and guidance as we fulfill our sacred path. We are grateful to you for your gifts and abundance, for your wisdom and for your mercy.

Today is the day for change.

My people will no longer be poor, or be sick, or go hungry, or die. My people will no longer fight or be fought.

My people will accept the light in their hearts, and will become as a massive aura around the planet. My people will become one with you, the Creator of all things, and they will rejoice in their heart at this knowledge. They will remember, and they will receive your blessing and abundance.

Watch over the man who calls himself Admiral2012, protect him and show him love and mercy. WE as a people owe him much, as we move towards ascension.

Grandmother Maquabeak White Spirit Bear Dorothy Francis, you who watch over the north, I did not meet you in this lifetime but I look forward to meeting you soon. Protect us with your wisdom as we move forward.

Grandfather Wolf, you who watch over the east, teach us to look within ourselves. Help us along our path so that our trials may be short and painless.

Grandfather Buffalo, James Rupert Tibachimu Norquay, I am grateful for your guidance in this lifetime, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. You outlived the whole cluckin’ flock of them, my friend!

Grandfather Raven, watcher of the West, you are my I AM self. Fly with me to the void so that we may create this new world together. Help guide me in these times, that we may create paradise here on Earth.

Grandmother Earth, from whom we have come and to whom we shall return, bless us with your abundance and grace, for soon you be alight with the fires of 7 million souls.

All My Relations

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aten - Pyramid Connection

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

>Aten, I hear you...

Hello Troy it is Aten.

You have much to do. Please do not stop.

>Can you please stop the headache? Is it related to the fact that you were trying to contact me?

It was, it will subside. I wanted to congratulate you on your progress. We have noticed strong light coming from your group, in different ways you light up the planet like a Christmas tree. You all have your own skills and of course strengths and weaknesses but these are altogether greater than the sum of parts.

Given the time things are right on schedule.

You have pyramids in your history, as you have surmised. In the future you will join your Telosian/Agarthan family for a time.

It is good the path you are on. Please stand strong.

There is a need to fast track at this time, your head may spin and wobble but it is necessary. A greater effect has been achieved, and the many bamboo together held fast.

Do not be concerned with this being too soon. We are always here, always watching.

Give people light and they will shine.

Thank you.

Do not fear sharing this message.

Saturday, June 25, 2011 friends - extended questions

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker
Adama and Selphia of Telos


Hello, Troy, how are you dear?

>I am fine Selphia. Weathering the storm, so to speak.

Indeed! The chaos/void is where you have the greatest opportunity to create a new path, or to simply create. This is hard to do because chaos can be such a distraction! But you've done it before - just feel the new path and you'll find yourself on it in no time.

>Okay, there is a new member of our group who has a question... she goes by "love reborn". She is concerned about her new group dynamic, I think she means with another group.

She has known all of these people before; she is new to them in this lifetime but not in others. And everyone has an opportunity to be the catalyst for change. This is quite an honor as it is the same as being someone who steers a ship. Not "leader" necessarily but someone who effects change. And when that happens, when the rudder is turned, then everyone else on the ship has to do something to get the ship moving the other way. Sails, ropes, cleats, and so on. It's a coordinated effort. So she should approach her role with love and efficiency and she can expect a positive outcome.

>Thank you Selphia. Can I talk to Adama?

Sure, Troy... have a great evening!


>Adama, I had another question from Jacob

Go ahead, Troy.

>Did you get his questions?

I did. I understand he is anxious, as are many others. He is certainly not alone in this concern. "Be the change you want to see in others" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" are key phrases he may have heard before. And in fact first contact has already happened, and it will happen many more times. What is "soon" in this context? It is a very personal thing, and does not apply to the masses as is often assumed.

Disclosure is somewhat meaningless within the context of first contact. The planetary vibration, the revolution of spirit, is what we're concerned with. Everything else from our perspective is a distraction. Disclosure is being coordinated by the Galactic Federation of Light but it really is contingent on personal development. You are all different yet equal, and of course your experiences will all be quite different. It would be like me telling you that your favorite color is green. It may be true, but that's hardly an assumption I would make about everyone.

With regards to his father, as I mentioned before I am not able to answer these questions for Jacob.

>Thank you, Adama, I appreciate your help.

Goodnight, Troy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Laurinda, Gunner, Jacob -

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker
Adama of Telos

>Hello, Adama, are you there?

I am here, Troy.

>Selphia said I should talk to you about Laurinda's next steps. Do you have any advice for her moving forward?

>I'm here when you want to chat.

We have been busy these last few days. Sometimes, no news is good news. I can tell you that this will be a good use of her abilities, however her work with children is also important. She adds her light to their lives at an early stage in life, and this will germinate with them and grow into a light-filled flower.

>Well, she's thinking about following shamanic healing; it's a course being offered to her, I think. Would this be a good course for her to take?

This is one way for her to learn new skills and she already has well developed healing skills. It is not something to be take lightly as she is aware, and time is short. If she feels this will help her increase her understanding of the world around her, then certainly it is a good option for her to choose. I will be there with her to guide and protect her along this path.

She should try and remember that with these experiences they are designed to bring out fear, and for those willing to take this challenge, conquering fear is its own reward. However it is also dealing with much negativity in those she would be working on, and so she becomes a conduit for that negativity, just as you become a conduit through which a message can flow.

You benefit from the love and light that we pass to you through our messages, and you can feel that this is a valid connection because of this. It is something of a "key" that helps prevent unwanted intruders.

In the case of shamanic practice, negativity is what she would be working with, and she would be working with other-dimensional beings to transmute these energies.

This is the full-blown shamanic training; what she would learn is the "light" version of this. It would mostly be working with energy in a way similar to what she does now with Reiki, but with elements of shamanic practice mixed in. For this reason I feel she may be dissatisified with the training she receives. I encourage her to take this training, but she should understand that the "real thing" for what it is takes many years of training; it is not something that can be learned over several months. The problem that she should raise with her instructor is opening to unknown or unwanted negative energy. Even with adequate personal protection, without a spirit guide to help it can be dangerous to take on the energies. Whether it is part of the instruction or not, she will be in fact journeying to another dimension.

Considering the time we have left, this "light" training will still be beneficial to her, and later she will have access to other opportunities that will be even more beneficial.

I would also encourage her to continue to work with children on some level if she can, and if she feels it is still a part of her path. Ultimately it is her choice.

>Thank you Adama, I'm sure she will appreciate this guidance.

Thank you, Troy - you are loved. Remember that fear and doubt are similar things.

I'd like to talk to you about your friend Jacob and Gunner as well.

I can't talk of his father's experience, this was a lesson for his father, and is for his father to understand when the time is right.

He is young and eager, but he is running on the assumption that he is expected to grow up. Time as a child is prescious, he should savor the years that he has as a teen, live as a teen, and make mistakes as a teen. This is a time when he learns many valuable lessons over and above what his schooling will teach him, if he opens up his heart to accept these lessons, and he keeps his eyes open to see. For example, the natural world around him sends him all kinds of cues and signals, if he would simply stop and listen. As you know, the first nation's people of North America followed this principle, and their animal brothers taught them much. If he is interested in this path, there is a deck of cards your friend Laurinda uses which will teach him more about these cues. He can purchase a set and will benefit from this lesson. But he should understand that this is one of many lessons that can be learned for those open and patient to learn.

As to your friend Gunner, I can think of a crystal cave that he would enjoy very much. It is underwater, and he will be able to visit it with a close dolphin friend.

He is a light energy worker with a strong connection and serves as a conduit for this energy just as you serve as a conduit for these messages. He may feel jealous or inferior but there is simply no need for this, he is on equal footing with his brothers and sisters. I agree with your saying that love breeds love and fear breeds fear. We here in Agartha appreciate and feel his efforts every day, and I encourage him to share his gift with others as a teacher and mentor. By doing this he will feel more fulfilled, and will be passing on his skill to others.

He should also know that there are more skills for him to develop if he chooses to do so; he is certainly not bound to a single thing. Creativity will guide him; he can think about how to use his connection to energy in other ways, or he may branch out to other skills if he so desires. It is time for him to grow beyond prescribed practices.

>This is wonderful advice, Adama - thank you for your guidance and love

Thank you again, Troy. We'll send your group some energy to help uplift them from the downslope of the wave they're currently experiencing!

>Good night, Adama!

Good night, Troy, I look forward to our next conversation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jacob - a Zulu past

Channeled / Focused by Dreamwalker
Sephia of Telos

>Good evening, is there anyone there to chat?

Hello Troy, how are you?

>Hi Selphia, it's great to talk to you!

Thank you Troy it's great to talk to you too!

>So I have a few questions tonight. Laurinda was asking what her next steps should be; she is drawn to the healing arts, and is looking for direction.

Your other question?

>My friend Jacob asked three questions. One was about the character he saw on his roof, the other was about a past reincarnation, and an event when he spoke with his family about his mission.

The character he saw on his roof was a construct, a robot. It did not mean him any harm. It was monitoring a situation. He was able to see it because he is young, and he has/keeps an open mind.

Regarding his mission, this is his path and he knows what this is. His family loves him very much, and is supportive but, similar to your family, is dismissive of it because of lower vibrations. He does not need to concern himself with trying to "save" them. They have their own path, and they will make their own discoveries in due time. What he can do is lead by example. Turn the other cheek, be a source of light for others to follow. Calm his inner voice, connect to the light, and he will see that it is catching, and they won't know why. It's just because he's there.

With regards to past lives, you have met some resistance to this, and this is completely natural. It simply shows a misunderstanding of what is being asked, you see it is human energy so only humans can clear it. I feel you have a good handle on the process and now have a full understanding of why this is so important. The spiritual energy that requires cleansing takes many forms, and some will step up and embrace this challenge as the true light warriors that they are.

Understand that some do not understand what a strong connection we have. Deep meditation is required for some but not others. It is really just personal preference; those who use this method have a need to quiet their minds. Your process of centering prior to the connection does the same thing. It is not that one process is better than another, it's just personal preference.

So with regards to Jacob's past lives, there is one that will be significant to him that relates to the spiders. In Africa, during the boer war. He was a warrior of the Zulu nation, and some men set fire to his home, with his sleeping son still in it. He was quite furious and flew into a blind rage. He killed several men from the opposing side, even though they had muskets he took them completely by surprise. In the end a bayonette took his life, but he fought fiercely. He was a good storyteller, and the children of his village looked up to him for these stories. He used his connection to the spider stories well.

Regarding dear Laurinda, please connect with Adama another time.

>Thank you, Selphia, I will. Good night.

Good night, Troy, pleasant dreams.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Homeless

The Altar of the Violet Flame

Last night I  went through the process of laying my weapon and shield on the altar of the violet flame. I crossed the Hall of Fire to where the Portal to Oneness lay. I entered the portal. The first time I ran through this process, my heart blocked me from progressing further. The second time I ran through this process, I entered the portal. As the violet flame surrounded me, wings started to materialize. My wings became Raven's cloak of darkness; it had a 9 to 10 foot wingspan and looked just like a raven. It surrounded me just like a cloak with a hood - the hood looked like a raven's head. The cloak was black like the universe.

I now feel very protected. I AM Raven.

I realized this morning that the "clearing old energies" ARE these past life experiences, whether or not they are our own. A lightworker can selflessly take these experiences and clear them by calling that past version of themselves, forgiving him or her, and telling him/her that they are no longer needed. A question came up regarding why so many people have the same past life memories - it is not because they were that person, it is because they are being told that this experience needs to be dealt with, and they are being chosen to deal with it.


Message to the Solstice by the Elohim channeled thru Grace Elohim June the 19th 2011.

Entering 0-point - The return of the Bewinged Ones.

Beloved Co-creators of life, beloved sisters and brothers realize, that you are now being given an opportunity of transitioning into the space of 0 point thru the magnificent portal and doorway of this powerful Solstice. This message is an invitation to do so and an offer for a sacred initiation by which you can purify yourself to do this transition with ease and grace. Because it is not a matter of whether you are able to, but whether you are willing to let go of all vibrational patterning, which is not in alignment with love and unity consciousness. To enter this space of 0 point energy, you will have to adjust your vibratory rate to match the frequency of unity consciousness and free yourself from all 3D vibrational patterns. This powerful interdimensional doorway will allow you to connect with and integrate within your system, within your dna, upgrades of the hologram for the New Earth and template of your Galactic Angelic self in the proportion, that you are able and ready to integrate at this point of time. Entering this field is similar to passing thru a needle´s eye signifying, that you need to be empty and naked and free from all 3D luggage and attachments to the past. It also means, that you need to be solidly grounded in this present eternal now in your entirety without letting aspects of you disconnect and escape into the illusion of future in search of something better than your present reality. Being empty means letting go of all individual attachment to personal gain and fully trust and merge with divine will. And so you may enter the sacred space of the vesica pisces, God´s all seeing eye, which is your true home, which is the space of which you were created and the space of which all creation takes place. It is the space of infinite possibility - an infinite void of pure creative life force, of pure all-encompassing love, which is your true essence. And as you have entered this space you will experience how much easier it is for you to stay centered in love and create with joy and ease almost instantaniously. But please behold that if something is not in alignment and honoring the Greater Whole, there is no way, that it will manifest in this space. Hence if some of your intended manifestations do not seem to work out, it does not mean, that you are not capable of creating, but is solely an evidence, that it is not in alignment with the plan of the Greater Whole. Understand that whatever serves the Greater Whole will always serve you as an individual and part of All-that-Is, but the other way round... what ever serves you does not always serve the Greater Whole. So it is crucial that you start to recondition yourself in your thinking, that you start to think and act as the Greater Whole and not from the limited perspective of an illusionary separate I. So we ask you to start creating according to divine will to assist in manifesting and anchoring Heaven on Earth, the New Earth matrix... hence shifting your focus from the limited self to the great I Am. Before acting and taking important decisions attune to the will of the great I Am and surrender completely in trust, that whatever is asked of you, will honor you in every possible way and that you will be given the means to execute it. During but also after the birth and complete anchoring of the New Earth you will indeed be challenged to embrace and act in your full divine potential and some of you will be urged to do things, that are beyond what you perceive as possible. Be adventurous and corageous in childlike joy and you will find, that you are capable of doing things far beyond your wildest imagination.
Beloved co-creators we ask you to connect with the highest vibration of love, which is expressed thru divine joy and divine ecstacy, we ask you to be living embodiments and expressions of God´s infinite joy. Because this is the fuel by which you are able to create, this is the fuel by which God has created the universe and by which the universe sustains and maintains itself. Our plea to you is to connect with this inner source of joy vibrating in the core of who you are deep within your heart in the infinite space of 0-point. Please understand that the New Earth and the space of 0-point energy is not a place outside of self, not a plane or place you can physically travel to, but a matrix or rather a vibration already existing within the energetical core of your heart, that you can connect with. The lightcodes of this Solstice will be serving as a calibrator and upgrade of the New Earth crystaline grids and matrix, which is also dormant within previously unused parts of your dna. All you need to do to enter this interdimensional portal is to come naked and barefoot and empty handed.... it means laying down all weapons of the past, that you carried living in the matrix of fear. And it is also paramount and necessary, that you commit yourself to let go of the shield around your heart, which served as the energetical matrix, that held you in fear. What we offer to you now is to hand over your shield and your weapons to us your older sisters and brothers and to surrender to unconditional love as fearless ones in service of the Greater Whole. We stretch out our hands now beloved ones to receive them and to bring them before the sacred altar of the all-consuming violet flame to be transmuted once and for all. (Note: If you feel ready now with divine intent please visualize and decree in the name of your I Am Presence, that you are ready to surrender your shield and weapons of the past. The Elohim will receive them and bring them to the altar of the violet flame, if it feels right to you visualize them being consumed by the violet flame.... take the time needed until you feel completed before continue reading - the Elohim will connect with all who reads this energetically to assist you). continued..... From now on beloveds love shall be your only protection. We ask you now to walk barefoot on the sacred fires as fearless ones and enter the eye of the needle hands in hands with us in commitment to higher will. (Note: Take time to allow for this purifying ritual to take place, if it feels right to you, you may visualize yourself walking on the sacred purifying fire and entering 0-point and as you have entered see how your glorious wings of love unfurls and take form with ease and grace.... take as long as you need until you feel completed before continue reading).

If you felt resistance within your heart and not able to surrender your weapons and let go of your shield of fear at this time, there will be other possibilities, but also note that the requirements for entering will nevertheless remain the same. No one shall be left behind, but know in your heart that the energy of this Solstice is an unprecedented opportunity and invitation to enter the 0-point zone of Heaven-on-Earth, which is equal to ascending to the higher dimensional planes of existence from the 5th dimension and upwards. Now that you are cleansed by the sacred fire all it takes is to shift your focus from fear to love and adjust your frequency by the means of divine intent. In this space you will be feeling, as if you live in a different world to your previous one and indeed you will and some of you already do to some extent... because you will be entering a parallel reality of a higher vibratory rate, but you will however be able to go back and forth at will - and you will most probably do so for a length of time out of habit of the old, but not for long, as you will be much too busy creating and playing in the New Earth energy of Heaven-on-Earth. However due to cosmic law you will not be able to drop in frequency again and be pulled back to your old reality, as you are vibrating on a higher vibratory rate. And you will no longer be resonating with or responding to the paradigm of fear pulsating from the unified field or morphogenetic field. Being in the space of 0 point energy it does not have any serious impact on you any longer. But you will still be able to observe this old world as a parallel reality and to interact with the many still vibrating on the frequency of fear, still living in victimhood. The predominant state of being in your new reality now experienced from your multifaceted self will be one of joy, of ecstacy and grace... you will feel carried in a childlike curiousity, explore and be driven to start new projects in co-creation with others to respond to your commitment to serve divine will and assist your sisters and brothers in their transition. This space is very much a place of co-creation, of sharing and expansion of joy on all levels of existence. In this space you will regain your angelic wings and reclaim your angelic inheritance and walk the New Earth as the angelic beings of love, that you truly are. This is the long awaited return of the bewinged ones. In this void of infinite love there will be no space for playing small, no place for being fearfull. This is the space where we reside and execute the divine plan for the evolution of earth and all of existence. This is your true home beloved elohim sisters and brothers. We rejoice and welcome you home.


Feel welcome to share this transmission in its original form with credits and link to my website.

Happy transition - with gratitude and love, Grace Elohim

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spaceship Ride with Three Friends

By Dreamwalker

This happened when I was around 8 years old. It was summer, and the window was open in my room about 4 inches. I noticed this large shadow in the dark above me drawing closer, it was a dark oval shape. It slowly became a silver disc. And as I looked at it I felt as though it wanted to come through the window, and I thought, hm, that's a pretty big aircraft, how is it going to fit through there? And as it got closer, it got smaller. Well, that solves that problem! And it became small enough to fit through the open window!

Then I felt as though I was to join whomever was in the disc. Okay, no problem except I'm really big, and you're now really small!

Apparently that wasn't a problem, as the next instant I was inside the spaceship, and I was the same size as everyone else (whatever size that was!).

I found myself standing near the back of the disc; in front of me were 3 white chairs in a white room. The chairs were rounded and the bases of them gracefully became part of the floor. The interior walls were also white and rounded; there was nothing at the front of the craft, but I had the sense that they could see out of the entire area somehow. Two of the chairs were occupied by human boys who appeared to be my age, a third was standing next to me. I remember the boy standing next to me had brown hair and blue eyes. They had an air of excitement and expectation about them, as if they were sure I would remember who they were.

In fact I had no idea who they were, and they looked a little disappointed when they realized this. They indicated through thought that they were around 300 years old, even though they appeared to be my age. Then the boy standing next to me motioned to the back of the disc, and showed me a panel in the back wall of the disc.

Here there was a vertical panel standing perpendicular to the wall, with a something like a LED panel about 16" tall by 10" wide. In the panel were touch-sensitive floating circles. The object was to keep the circles more-or-less balanced; you move a circle, and you had to move the other circles into the same distance from each other so it all balanced out. The entire thing was a pleasing aqua-green color.

And that was all I could remember of this visit, but woke up in my bed the next morning.


At the time (1979?) there was no such thing as touch-sensitive LED panels. The closest to this panel I've ever seen was a demonstration of fluid dynamics at the Vancouver Science center, with these opposing magnets floating in liquid. You could move the magnets with a magnet on top of them - they were even the same aqua-green color but were horizontal rather than vertical. I can't say I had ever seen the inside of a spaceship before, but what I saw in the dream was later confirmed by a plastic model put out by Testors (1:48 scale Area S4 model kit),  based on a Pleidian beamship, that I found in a hobby shop years later.

Sunday, June 19, 2011 friends

Rakasha (Reptilian male) and Selphia (of Telos)
Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

>Good Evening, Selphia, Adama, Mikos, Rakasha, I'm here if you'd like to chat.

Hello Troy how are you?

>I'm fine, thanks - how are you? Is that Rakasha?

It is. There is something I'd like to talk to you about before you connect to your friends in Agartha - this will not take long, sir.

>It is wonderful to connect with you again, Rakasha. What's on your mind?

It is uplifting to connect with you too, and I appreciate your willingness to stand for those who do not have a voice. You are quite correct that love breeds more love and fear breeds more fear. There are many events through history that could have benefited from this simple reminder. It is this same thing that will lend you service as we move closer to disclosure. I look forward to meeting you in Telos.

It is also uplifting that you are starting to connect telepathically with others in your group. Initially it will be as a distant call, currently you will have a hard time connecting through the mechanisms in place. Look at it as a professional runner who trains on the beach; although they don't compete on the beach, running here is good training because it is more of a challenge; the sand offers more resistance.

>Is there anything else you wanted to discuss at this time?

Not at this time.

>Thank you for your wisdom, Rakasha

Thank you for your attention, sir. Give my best to Adama.

>Adama, Selphia, Mikos - are you there?

We are all here Troy although we are being kept busy. How are you, my dear?

>Hi Selphia - busy can be a good thing!

In this case it is a very good thing as we continue towards our goal. We are all really excited about our progress! I can tell you my heart aches for the day when your group can come here and travel all across the planet to connect with others to do your work.

>I'm not sure I quite understand - how will we be supported in this work?

You will be supported, that's all I can say at this time. When your basic needs are met you will be free to do what you want to do to contribute to the progress of society. And that is a great thing indeed when you realize that you are a small and important part of the whole.

>Can you give me some information about John, Azzey, or Conscious?

Your friend Laura was asking as well - she understands that working with energy has many facets to it. You've been able to connect with her because she is working with energy in interesting a creative ways. One is not dependent on the other, for her you might think of this as a "side effect" of the other work that she's doing.

She asked about the reptilian wars. Did you know that another role earth is playing is to show other parts of the universe the process that you're going through to serve as an example to them? Much of your media portrays elements of the many conflicts that have happened in the universe. There are other civilizations who have made this journey but only from a civilization standpoint, so there is still an opening for finger-pointing. Oh, well they did because of this, and the others didn't because of this. Well this is nonsense. So now we have an entire cluster of civilizations that will make this transition; this collective transition is what will serve as a catalyst to others. It removes the argument of inequality.

So at this point in time I'm not going to dwell on the reptilian wars, but instead focus on more recent lifetimes.

Laura was a mongolian warrior who followed Ghengis Khan. (s)He was a fierce warrior that used fear in a very real way. In some cases this involved letting children go so they could tell the next village of the horror they had seen, only to relive the horror again several weeks later.

This was neither good nor bad - it was a way of effective battle management. (S)he later took one of the wives of Ghengis as his own.

Azzeylay may remember her past life as a head matron of the Sultan's harem. She had many friendships and took good care of the girls who crossed her threshold. She has been ashamed of this past life but she really shouldn't be - she was there to serve and it was an honor to serve the king. Strong girl power here, sometimes pronounced grrrrrl, Haha. Being ashamed of this is nothing more than recent programming combating the memory of this time; she can use the method of forgiving her past self to overcome this. She was a very dear and loving soul and would be pleased to see this version of herself.

>Where was this?

In India, shah Jahangar.

One of John's, interestingly enough, was on the soldier side of wounded knee. He's been carrying the guilt with him and he needs to release this. It's a hard blow to be given the order to kill an enemy who is obviously outgunned. Previous to that he fought in some skirmishes and felt justified initially in his membership among the ranks of the soldiers who participated. But when it came time to be given the orders, as he pulled the trigger he had a moment of realization from the other side of the bullet - he saw through his opponents eyes. This was a profound moment for him as he realized the two sides of the coin. He would not forgive himself for what he did. Now he needs to forgive that past version of himself. If he meditates on this he may see this event play itself out before him. It will be as if he was there because he was there.

Your friend Reefer had a back-to-back reincarnation as both an African slave and as a slaver. This was another case of seeing both sides of the same coin. In the first case, he died in Haiti before going any further; in the second case he lived a longer life but ran up against a few fearsome storms. Previously he was also a student of Zen buddhism, in Japan (or India?), he reached enlightenment, and then his soul continued on with its lessons in other incarnations. Just because you reach enlightenment in a lifetime does not mean that the cycle ends! It simply means that you've learned that particular lesson in that lifetime that you set out to learn (and who is to say that there aren't more lessons following that!)

We mentioned previously that many of you are where you are now to bring light to the parts of the world that you are in. As you did many times previously, even if you felt as though you were simply existing, this light persisted with you to give others that moment of seeing two sides of an issue. This can be a powerful thing passed down through generations.

>Can you tell me about conscious?

She is also hiding knowledge of her abilities but this is also because they are still developing to some degree. In one part she can acknowledge these and accept them, and disregard the ego telling her otherwise. She is seeking something within her reading that she already has.

From a past-life point of view she was a woman during celtic times in Scotland (I am hearing 1500 to 2000 years ago) who was a loving mother. She was a breadmaker in the village and was very good at her craft. She learned something of the healing arts through her craft as well; it is really just chemistry and herbs when it gets right down to it. This was beyond the understanding of the times and her skills were revered by those around her.

>Thank you Selphia, I appreciate your help and your connection.

It is wonderful to talk to you Troy. By the way - the friends in the saucer you met wanted to pass along the message "soon".  They thought you'd get a kick out of this, and give you an understanding that they too are following along with interest and excitement.

>A message in a message... in one word? Wow! Can you tell me how I know them?

For now I can tell you they've been following for many thousands of years. They actually bent the rules a little when they weren't really supposed to, but we understand they were anxious to have you awaken. They were good friends of yours.

>I'm really looking forward to becoming re-acquainted with them, Selphia - and with you!

Thank you Troy I'm happy to hear that - good night, dearest (dear one?)

>Goodnight, Selphia

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Egyptian past lives - GM friends

Hello Troy how are you?

>Hi Selphia - we have some questions for you tonight. A few of my friends would like some insight into past lives.

Excellent - the group you have connected with is such a nice group of warm souls. I enjoy their energy! It feels like we have quite a list tonight! You know, I think there will be quite a few historians out of a job when people really start to remember who they are! But of course they will continue to enjoy having museums to visit to have real connections to their experiences. They'll be able to remember how they dressed, and they'll be able to contribute more fully to the discussion of how things are represented. For example, was egypt always a desert? Of course not! It was a lush river valley with large forests. There were beutiful flowers and meadows, farms, and villages.

Well your friend Clint comes to mind first - I've been sending you this information. He was involved in Wounded Knee; his son was with him in that event. They stood their ground well but they were outgunned. They were very proud and fulfilled their roles. They were first nations in that battle. He felt a deep amount of regret that his son followed him but he was also proud to die with his son by his side.

Your friend SunRaymond, as you might have guessed, was a sun-worshipping priest, following Akenaton. He finally found the humor in what was going on and broke off service to his king. He simply left and spent the rest of his life in poverty, as a wandering sage, when he was in fact fairly close to the King and could have had a fairly comfortable life. But he saw the folly in what was happening; the king was obviously sick (deranged), and the priests were trained to encourage sustainability, which was counter to what the king was building.

Rawanderer is hiding something of is abilities, but he does feel a strong connection to Ra. He was one of the engineers who were involved in building the two original pyramids. In addition to having technology that could lift large stones, they also had technology to cut the stone fairly easily. It molded the stone at a molecular level, but it did not change the properties of the stone. He was an Atlantean engineer. He also had a hand in building and maintaining the structures in Atlantis; of course an engineer back then was a far more creative process than it was mathematical, although he had high skill in both.

>Thank you, Selphia, we'll carry on tomorrow, if that's okay with you.

Of course, Troy - have a pleasant evening!


I wanted to say something about past lives... but I feel that these ARE real since I have had several confirmations from other sources. For example, Rawanderer confirmed that he had been given a message about being an engineer in Atlantis, and he had heard this before I posted this post (for some reason I was in fact compelled to wait to post this particular message). These are coincidences that I cannot deny. For past lives that do not resonate, perhaps they serve another purpose.

The key is not the past life itself but your reaction and other's reactions to this past life. Being a king of Egypt may sound pretty important, but it is in reality no more or less of a job than working at McDonalds or Walmart. It has its own responsibilities and pitfalls.

So how did you react to this? Were you jealous? Did you believe it to be true? Did you feel sympathy for SunRaymond that he had to make difficult decisions as a king? Did you feel that one such as SunRaymond was not worthy of such a lofty position?

I feel this is the role, as several of the folks on have already said, that these experiences play in the "clearing" process. If you feel compelled just to focus on the "now" then perhaps you are already past the need to clear. And that's great! But you may also be trying to avoid these feelings, avoiding the need to deal.

These also have multiple sides to them. Pick it up like you would a jewel, look at it from different sides. Let the light pass through the facets of the jewel in different ways. These are all different facets of the same thing, and there are different truths to be found for those willing to look.

I have to admit, Selphia threw me for a loop with a later reading for "Conscious" (which she says was inaccurate), until I realized it was an opportunity to share information about the process. It was less about Conscious and more about me.

And with SunRaymond, I initially felt disbelief (this is what ego does), followed by acceptance after I saw those photos of him and his spiritual sons. I then felt Joy knowing one of the reasons behind why they have been reunited. And so close to father's day too!

So all I'm saying is that I encourage everyone to look inside with as much of a critical eye as you would others. Do not be afraid of this process - love yourself as you would love others!

All My Relations

Photos of SunRaymond and his spiritual sons (used with permission, from Facebook)

At the Atlantis Lab

Selphia from Telos
Focused/channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hi Selphia, are you there? I was wondering if you'd like to chat about Laurinda's past life in Atlantis?

Hi Troy, how are you? It is good to hear from you!

>I'm doing fine, thanks. A little down perhaps but it will pass.

Cheer up, Troy, you are loved! We have been making preparation for a big event. I can't tell you what it is, but it is related to a disclosure event. Following that there will be some relief for those in the lower eschelons of society, those currently having to live from day to day without knowing where their sustanance will come from.

>I've been waiting for that for a very long time. I know there are children currently having to live off of what they can scrounge in garbage dumps, or those who simply go hungry. I know they can be taken care of with only a minor shift in how things work.

Well it will be more than a minor shift, and they will be taken care of!

>I can feel a great deal of enthusiasm coming from you - you're anticipating how these children will react to this, aren't you?

I will tell you, Troy, it will be like the greatest birthday they could ever imagine!

>Can you tell me when this will happen? I'd really like to see it happen in the next month or so. Would that be possible?

As I said, I can't say what it is that will happen at this point, but you will know.

I would also like to address a concern Kellia has - she is making progress, but she needs to keep her spirits up. When she makes her connection she can make the choice to stay where she is and do the work she needs to do, she can move to another location and continue her work there, or she can come here if she wishes. I feel she may make the choice to continue her work; she is currently working against her higher self at the moment because of the reality around her. She is such a dear soul and really cares about humanity. The last thing she would do is abandon it!

Onto Laurinda's question - she was asking about the Atlantis Lab. She's still thinking to some degree in terms of physical incarnations. Was she a reptillian scientist in Atlantis? Yes, and a very good one. The project she was working on was part of the human hybrid program that introduced reptillian genes into the human genepool. This was a contract developed by the Galatic Federation of the time to develop a showcase planet for universal diversity. Your planet's diversity is part of why it was created in the first place. The genetic code allowed an avatar-like interface for those individuals who wished to come here. There were several prototypes developed and she managed to find the right combination that would accept Reptillian DNA. This was introduced relatively recently into the human DNA pool, around 14,000 years ago (there was some confusion as to time - it could have been 40,000 years; 14,000 seems more "accurate").

(I am hearing the word "Rebel")

>Was she one of the Annunaki?

No. The Annunaki were "invaders" to the planet and were primarily interested in the earth's mineral resources.  They initially interfaced with the program to accomplish this. Going back further, she was part of the group who served on the council to create the planet in the first place. She was involved in establishing the planet's diversity. You can't of course have every species from every system represented on a single planet.

>Thank you Selphia, I think she'll like to hear this information.

Thank you, Troy, good night.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rakasha and Adama - Super Soldiers

Channeled/ focused by Dreamwalker
Rakasha of (earth's caves) and Adama of Tayos

>Rakasha, I am here if you'd like to talk

I am here, Troy, how are you, sir?

>I'm fine, thank you Rakasha - how are you doing?

I am doing well, here, and I am currently underneath Japan. There are tunnels that belong to our kind here, and we were effected to some degree by the large quake here as well. We have had to do some rebuilding but it's nothing we can't handle.

>Did anyone lose their lives?

It was a minor problem to us and we are sparsely populated here. I wanted to express my sincere and heartfelt concern for those lives on the surface that were impacted in some way by the tsunami, quakes and meltdown there. It does not do to dwell on this event as you risk carrying more fear and sorrow with you, when your need is to be forward-looking. For example, is nuclear power a good choice for power generation? What can be used that will be more in tune to Gaia? There are a few technologies that can be used that have been suppressed from the public benefit because of corporate greed, as you know. As more of your leaders start to make the connection they will "see the light" and start working to release these technologies into the public domain. It makes sense in the here and now because of the jobs it will create. And employment right now is the number one concern of many on the surface.

>Can you tell me what you use for energy?

Our technology is similar to what the Agarthans use.

>My friend had someone contact her regarding the dark - particularly in relation to a disinformation campaign. Can you tell me something about this?

I'm sorry, Troy, I can't. Perhaps you can talk to Adama. I think he is handling some liaison.

>Thank you Rakasha, I'll do that.

>Adama, are you there?

I am here, Troy.

>My friend  had someone contact her regarding a disinformation campaign. Can you tell me something about this?

I can Troy. She should not fear this as she will come to no harm in relation to this. It is connected to project blue beam - I sent you an image of a round spaceship lit up with white lights around its outer perimeter, and a side view as well. I can tell you that this is a fabrication and is not one of our ships, nor any ship that belongs to the Galactic Federation.

I do not think this particular event will come to fruition because there is enough discerning individuals to see through this kind of event on the surface now that even if it is attempted, the effects will be combated by lightworkers on the surface.

(I feel love/pride coming from Adama)

>What can you tell me of this man? Is he in any danger?

He may want to be careful about the personal information he posts on the web, since this kind of information once there is never deleted (even if you think it's deleted). However he will come to no harm. He recently felt the connection to his higher self and does not mean any harm to your friend . He can be considered to be a friend.

He has some information you may be interested in.

His superiors are crazy. Unfortunately they have not felt their connection to higher self and proceed as if it were 1970. Well they will have quite a shock in store very soon! They actually have a few irons in the fire at the moment currently under development. One relates to HAARP but they've already discovered that these tools are now useless, yet they are still trying to modify it to the point where it will once again be successful. This of course will fail - when they modify their tools, we modify ours. From our point of view it is quite simple, and to some degree they are playing with forces they do not understand. Seriously, when everything is connected to energy in different ways, their tools are still a physical expression so for much of what it does we can disrupt it at the source.

>Is there another project in the works that you can tell me about?

This is a military contract, but it's just at the beginning paperwork stages. This is more of a practical program that has more to do with canals and bridges. I don't think this is a "bad" thing but it's hard to tell at this stage.

>I keep hearing "supersoldier" - how is that related?

>Is he a supersoldier?


>Are supersoldiers somehow involved in these programs?

Yes. Understand that they are not in their right minds if they perform any of these activities. 9/11 was one such event where they were used. They can be switched on and off as needed; they can live and work in the "real world" without realizing they can be called into service at a moment's notice. They will have no immediate memory of the tasks they perform, although their memories do start to "leak" after some time. There has been attempts to prevent these leaks but these attempts are not successful. Unfortunately the average person dismisses their dreams a fiction, so they assume what they see being played out before them is their imagination, or related to something they saw on the news. They don't realize it's them doing these things.

(I get a sense that Adama does not like the supersoldier program)

>Thank you Adama. I appreciate this information, and have a deep amount of love and respect for all beings trying to help us in this time of need.

You are most welcome, Troy it is an honor to serve. Goodnight.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raising Levels of Awareness - Peter Pan

Mikos of Telos
Channeled / focused by Dreamwalker

>Selphia, Adama, Mikos, I'm here if you want to chat.

Good evening, Troy, this is Mikos.

>There is this feeling of great love always emanating from you, Adama, and Selphia, but I also pick up a very deep sadness from you. Can you tell me a bit about this?

It is nothing. We have for thousands of years been maintaing the records of the game. We see that this game has been twisted into something it wasn't meant for, and we see that there is a regrettable suffering that has taken place because of this. There were not enough protections in place to prevent this, but then the protections would have compromised the original goal of the game. We would like to see this come to an end as much as you would, but humanity must first break free of the game by raising their awareness. And awareness in this case is not knowledge, it is connecting with their higher self in some way. The bar is not high, but this is a requirement to break free. It is also a requirement for coming here, by the way, which your friend Kellia should realize. Think Peter Pan - raise your mindset to that of a child; think of something that makes you really happy and you will fly to Agartha. Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. Adults think that they have raised their levels beyond that of a child, when in fact they have lowered them to accommodate life on the planet.

>Can you give her specific guidance as to what she needs to focus on?

As I said it is not knowledge, knowledge is not what she and others need to focus on.

>Thank you Mikos.

>Laurinda was asking about her gifts or abilities she has so far, and what the intended purpose of those gifts are?

I encourage you all to seek other abilities. Do not rest on your laurels, dear ones, you have opportunities to expand your experience in many directions! Just because you feel you are not good at something doesn't mean you can't practice. Practice makes perfect, after all.

In Laurinda's case, her abilities simply blossomed as a branch from a tree. And she can grow more branches from the stem, and more flowers from the bud. She is not limited in any way to what she has now.

It is interesting that much of humanity is expecting something worse than what you have now - some calamity or event that will make life worse. If you expect it to happen, any event that resembles this will happen. The fact of the matter is that you are in the calamity now. There is much suffering all around you, and you and your group feel the darkess more and more as you raise your awareness. This is natural. It is a good sign; it is what we feel of surface dwellers here, and why we typically try to stay away from the surface. We feel the same darkness you do.

Slowly more and more will join your ranks. In addition to the pain and darkness you will feel the strength of your group as it grows. You can draw on this group strenth to add to your own energy. Think of how the efforts of a group are always superior to that of the individual. This is a part of that strength.

>Can you give me any information about past lives, particularly those before Earth habitation?

That goes back many, many, years. You are not quite ready for this information yet, except that I can tell you that at some point you were a diplomat. You are correct in your thinking that you are from the Orion cluster - it feels like home to you because this is where you are from. And before that, you were from another system. Your reptillian existance is one of many.

>Thank you Mikos, I appreciate our conversation and the time we have to chat. Much love to all of you there, and I'm sorry you have to suffer the darkness that is here on the surface.

You know Troy that we are motivated to see those on the surface raise awareness as this helps us and the planet, for she feels this darkness just as we do.

>Thanks Mikos, I'll remember that.

Goodnight, Troy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Explanation - 3d vs 5d

Selphia of Tayos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Are you there Selphia?

I am here Troy, how are you doing?

>I'm okay, I guess. I'm sorry I dropped connection with Adama earlier, I am grateful for the information he provided to me, but it was a bit of a shock as well.

Please do not fear the future or the implications of it Troy - we love you very much and will make sure no harm comes to you! Trust in your feelings, use the Force! You see the reality you feel and see is just as real as our reality, so don't think that it is less than any other dimension. As you know we can travel freely/physically between dimensions, but vibrations are key to overcoming the barriers that exist.

>I'm still curious as to how a submarine full of Nazis were able to travel there.

Well in fact they had raised their vibrations because they believed they were doing God's work. And they were. You see unlike the Bible there is no judgement in this process - good and evil is really just perceptual.

>So I could go around doing really bad things, and as long as I believed I was doing god's work I could overcome those barriers?

Well you see that's the problem. There are those in your society who do not see right from wrong; their conscience is technically removed. Some are incarcerated to protect society from them. Other raise to high levels of politics and corporations because they do not have empathy. These are what are often referred to as "dark" individuals.

Those men in the U-boat believed they were doing the right thing for their country, and in their lives some killed others but they did not carry the guilt with them because they felt this was in self-defense, or the responsibility for their actions lied with their superior officer. The key to these men is that at some point during their journey there was a leap of faith that they all made using collective consciousness, and this allowed them to journey to where they are today.

The rules here are different from there - everything is provided to them so there is no need to fight for something they already have. Something similar in American history happened when clemency was given to the men of the opposing side. They were treated well, and at the end of the war they decided to stay in the country of opposition because it was a better life than what they left behind.

>Can you tell me why this is a game?

Well it's not anymore but that's how it started. Those that created it left, leaving the simulation running, so to speak. This construct has since been used by others for their purposes, and it's not really a computer game in the sense of being digital, this more has to do with how the soul is handled in your area of the universe. I'm sorry if Adama didn't explain this very well, he tried to explain it in terms you'd understand but maybe it was a little extreme. It's just that your souls, your higher selves, are not as free as they could be. Everything is still very real; when you and I meet again, we'll be able to embrace, feel water, and walk on the sand. A "dimension" is really just another physical reality; that's all it is. The transition is in no way like death - you do not die, you will still feel pain, you will still bleed. It is exactly like walking through a door into another room. No weird things happening, no flashing lights, no weird sounds. Unless of course you want to make them yourself!

You have asked yourself in the past, where is the fear, where is the love? This applies to this scenario as any other - you do not fear walking into another room, you do not fear walking up stairs (unless of course you have reason to believe they will break!), you do not fear everyday life. What we are here is just everyday life, but with a few less rules.

>So I'm a little confused about the higher self - is this a 5th-dimensional thing?

Yes it is but it is also a 3rd dimensional thing. You can interact with it in your dimension so it exists in your dimension.

>And how about the 5th dimension - does it exist there as well?

When you are here, it exists here. It's just energy, that's all it is.

>So I'm still confused - is the higher self energy that has sentience?

If you'd like to think of it as "magical" energy, that's probably the closest we can come to it. You think of energy in terms of doing work, as in physics, but there are other kinds of energy, similar to how there are many different kinds of gems and minerals. These all have different properties, some conduct electricity, some are transparent, and so forth. The same is true with the soul energy - it is a special kind of energy that exists in the universe. It has special properties that make it unique. This truth has been hidden from you because the physical sciences are physical in nature - they reinforce the lower 3-d constructions. "Ether" energy is another kind of energy that Nikki Telsa has tapped into that is an interesting contrast to mechanical energy. Both are energy, but they are different forms of it.

>I see, so the "crystal" references I hear about energy are more describing the nature of this energy, rather than saying that it is literally made up out of crystals.


>Well Selphia - thank you for having the patience to explain this to me.  A walk on the beach would do me some good. Care to join me?

I am pleased you asked Troy but you know this can't happen right now.

>I know, but it would be nice for me to have some more confirmation in this 3-d world. To meet with one of your kind, physically, even if only for a few minutes. To see a spaceship, for example.

Ask, if it is within reason we can provide.

>Who should I ask? You?

If you like.

>Well, can I see a spaceship some time in the next 5 days?

You will see a spaceship some time in the next 5 days.


Really. You're so funny, Troy - but I understand your need for the truth. You've had lots of evidence that what you're experiencing is real, and I know that it is just your nature to find more ways to find the truth.

>Hey Selphia, I kind of lost track of time and need to go... but thank you so much for this discussion; it's really helped me quite a bit.

We love you and your friends very much Troy, please do not lose sight of the process of holding things up to the light to see them for what they really are!

>I won't Selphia, good night.

An Avatar in the Matrix

Focused by Dreamwalker
Adama of Telos

>Hi Adama, you wanted to chat about 3-d? Babajij was asking about his physical body; he smokes, and he's concerned about his health once the "shift" happens. Does he need to be in perfect health?

There was a movie that was created recently called "Avatar" which is part of the truth of what Earth is. It is indeed a perfect simulation, a video-game, if you will. It was created as a venue of entertainment for other beings. Your physical form is but a shell, but in some ways your reality is more real than the reality you originally came from. It's a perfect world from a simulation point of view. Like the Avatar movie your physical form will take on characteristics of the "real you" - this is why you noticed a physical resemblance between your friend Laurinda today and the "Laurinda" (I believe her name was "Cassie" then) back in the chariot races.

And so what's going on now is that your technology and point of reference, your consciousness, is "catching up" to where you left off thousands of years ago - the simulation is almost complete from that perspective.

The difficulty is that your "soul" is trapped in the simulation so it limits your free will in this respect. Your friends made a pact to wake each other up; this is how you escape the simulation.

From a physical perspective, you can retain the body you have now since this is in all respects the real you. Others may want another form completely, or they may decide to play the game again. Your current form can be healed or upgraded as you wish; eventually you may want a new form too. Most choose a balance that gives them a physical form that allows them to live and thrive without too much effort to maintain it. For example if you create a lot of muscle mass then you have to maintain it. And frankly spending hours in a gym is boring!

The 3-d world is very real, and you can of course cause yourself harm in this reality, in this dimension. Escape is not necessarily through death, although you can escape to the 4-d holding dimension to return to the 3rd dimension when another form is ready.

This reality is why it's the perfect simulation - as I said in some ways it is more "real" from a perception point of view because there are stricter rules that govern it.

>So how do you know that this is not the reality, and you're not the simulation?

Well there's the other problem - some, if not many entities, have trouble with this. It's one of the pitfalls of creating a perfect simulation. And it is really up to your point of reference. But I can tell you that your dimension, as perfect as it is, is in fact a simulation that other beings use for entertainment purposes.

>So our souls are being used to maintain the simulation for them?

Exactly - you have to have "free agents" within the simulation to make it interesting, don't you? NPCs are a similar concept. So what ascension is, is essentially you'll be trading places with the gamers, for those who want to assume the roles of the NPCs.

>I think some people will be really angry that they have been used in that way.

Well you know that I am bound to tell you the truth. This is the truth. They/you agreed to play the role of the NPCs, for better or for worse. The concept of Karma - that you are reincarnated based on your life choices - is not really accurate. You can reincarnate as anything you wish. If you decide to spend a life as a salamander, that's fine. But you're still an NPC within this world.

You see the reason for this agreement is that the soul is one thing that cannot be simulated. It has its own personality and makes its own choices. Only god can create the soul. But what that soul does and what form it takes on is really a free will choice, and it always has been thus. But a device was devised to trap the soul in one location on earth. Ghosts are one of the flaws of the simulation. It's replaying something that already happened. The akashic records are the "log files" of the simulation.

>How far does this simulation go?

The simulation is infinite. Please center Troy we're losing our connection.

>I guess I'll have to go for now Adama, although I would really like to carry on this discussion at another time.

That's fine, Troy, I'll talk to you later.



After I had chilled out a bit I realized... wait a minute, this information is actually very useful to know.

It's a game that can be played.

Just like World of Warcraft, there are both players and non-players.

The majority of us are non-players, but can make the transition to "players".

How do we play the game?

The key to this, I believe, is chaos -> Love -> Light.

1. We can envision our goal.

Whatever the outcome you want to achieve, think about that outcome in as much detail as you can. If you want money, think about what the money looks like - will it be $20 bills? Where is the money? In your pocket, in your wallet, etc.

2. We can artificially create a chaos node.

This is done any number of ways; you could have a fever, you could have an argument; you could read a script. You could pretend you have tourette's syndrome and start insulting people... you can tell someone a really funny joke, maybe.

3. We can create love. This involves having someone tell you "I love you", or somehow expressing love towards you. This too can be artificial, and they don't have to mean it - they just have to tell you; this has to be an external source, I think.

4. Light is created (as in, the goal we expressed in #1)

The light in the end result #4 can take on many forms, including heightened awareness, the manifestation of an event, and possibly even physical things (i.e. money).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reptillian-Hybrids - Selphia

Selphia of Telos
Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker

>Selphia, are you there to chat?

I am indeed, Troy. Lovely to hear from you! As you can see we have been busy, mostly with balancing. I heard your call earlier this week but wasn't able to respond.

>Laurinda wanted me to ask about Reptillian DNA - can you give me some insight into this - into my own background, perhaps?

I think you have a fairly good grasp of the idea that there were many different sources for the current human genetic stock. Reptillian DNA was one of them. I can't tell you much about your physical background without a blood sample, unfortunately. But this is just a shell, so it is irrelevant to the spirit inside. Focusing on these things can be divisive.

>I understand. Why would some of us incarnate into Reptillian-hybrid forms?

To some degree right now it is a "means to an end". You have been thinking how mixed-race members of society are key to bridging gaps between two societies, for example you studied about mixed white/Indians during the 1800s [in India] and how they contributed to culture diffusion. This diffusion led to the collapse of the British in India. The Reptillian-human hybrid serves the same role.

>I'm not sure I understand. How?

Well it is 2 different cultures, with one as the empire and the other as the colony. The conquest is about to end, and the Reptillian-human hybrid will serve as a catalyst to bring this about. It is in fact exactly the same - these beings have a strong love of both races, they are conflicted internally with this so they have no choice but to rise to the occasion. Or they may have strong hatred for both. Either way these are strong emotions, and their desire to feel love and be loved by both societies is a direct manifestation of the future.

It is so wonderful you have connected with Rakasha - he is a good man; I don't see him often but I think Adama has dealings with him on occasion. He stops by here occasionally, when he has a few moments to spare.

>So how do we identify dark reptillian masters from light ones?

The same as you would for humans. You know, but you also know from their actions and their words. Ask yourself, where is the fear, and where is the love? If you feel fear, it is time to start asking questions! Look within, and ask why you fear. When you feel fear, you are being manipulated!

>I'm a little confused by reptillian masters and humans of the dark cabal who are hybrids. Is there such a thing? Do reptillian masters know they are reptillian?

I would not believe everything you see on the internet - I think there may be some manipulation going on there as well, to once again instill fear. Reptillian masters, like the rest of their kind, prefer darker places so you won't typically see them out in the open.  They are controlling things from behind the scenes. But it is not really necessary to focus on this - it is not our main goal. Once that goal is accomplished, they are powerless. Humans have been allowing these things to happen for centuries, and just as they allowed it by they own hand they will now put a stop to it by their own hand.

>I think I understand; it actually seems like a fairly simple manipulation now that you put it that way.

Just remember that with video you can wrap anything around anything. Your Lord of the Rings movie with Gollum was a GREAT example of this.

>You saw that movie?

You bet I did, one of my favorite groups of movies. How could an Agarthan possibly miss a movie about Middle Earth!?!

>That trilogy was one of my favorites too. Well I need to go to sleep now, but I always enjoy talking to you, Selphia!

As I with you, dear Troy. Goodnight, god bless.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Relationships - Rakasha

Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker
Rakasha (somewhere in earth's caves)

>Did you want to tell me something Rakasha? Someone was asking about the process of remembering. What is it like when you can remember past lives? Are you able to do this?

I am, Troy, it is good to connect with you! It is quite different from human life in this regard. We remember who we are in past lives, and we are fully conscious beings when we are born. So in truth it is simply a matter of picking up where we left off when we are reborn. It is not quite as easy as that, mind you - skills need to be re-learned as the brain grows inside the infant's body. Once the brain is fully formed we remember everything.

>How does your brain hold all that information?

Ah well it is not our brain that holds this information, you see - it is the akashic records that hold it. We have a stronger connection to it, so we can access information about ourselves in a much more efficient manner. This is why it takes some time to develop our consciousness when we are younger - we do have to go through a remembering process.

>A number of our group were wondering what kind of an impact this has on relationships?

Well, that is a good question! Relationships are kept separate from reproduction. When you remember who you are you are better able to connect with old friends, and you are less willing to make enemies because they'll remember you! But of course although we do have disagreements "enemies" from a human standpoint is a thing of the distant past. We use empathy to see both sides of an argument, and this helps us come to agreement on the best path to take. If there is no obvious path, sometimes a disagreement is settled democratically with a vote but this is very rare.

>How about love? Are there conflicts between two loved individuals?

Of course not! We are free to love whomever we want. We do mate for life but this is a strong partnership between two individuals. We can express our love and we feel love for each other, and can experience love with others. In this respect the Agarthans are the same because both of our civilizations have evolved. Oneness plays a part in this, but we are also free to make strong connections between special beings; we can strike up friendships with old friends or create new friendships through various assignments we undertake. We have stronger connections with some than others; similar interests and strengths and weaknesses play a part in this. For example you might create a friendship with someone who can teach you about the properties of minerals.

>Perhaps among my friends we're concerned about the process of remembering because there are more restrictions on relationships because of marriage.

Marriage is an "old ways" institution that will disappear in time because of those restrictions. If you love someone it shouldn't matter if you're married or not - your love is unconditional to any institution. I know that your women especially love to get married, but what I'm saying is that as you raise your awareness you will find marriage too confining.

>What do you think will happen to marriages when us humans remember more?

Well, another excellent question, sir! I hate to say it but it is a part of the chaos. Some can certainly continue the relationship but it is similar to how other institutions such as banks and politics cannot continue in their current form. It won't make any sense to do this. I'm not saying it won't continue, I just feel that it will need to change.

>I understand, I think. You are saying that people won't get jealous as easily because they understand about life paths and the need to express love.

That is part of it, Troy. More of it I think will play itself out as you discover more about each other and yourselves.

>Thank you Rakasha, I think that's all I have for now. Good night, Rakasha.

I appreciate this chance to talk, good night, Troy



Reptillians look different but are otherwise the same as us, with a few more mental capabilities, better strength, and longer life. And they mostly prefer to live underground (except for the few who live among us).

I saw one driving behind me in a BMW a few weeks ago. Very odd experience, to say the least!

To be clear, we are really talking about 3 different things.

There are the Reptillians like Rakasha who are physically different from us, and live in the present day. They developed to their present form at least a million years ago, evolving from the dinosaurs. During that time their civilization developed mental abilities and star travel.

There is also reptillian genetic code, which exists in some humans (this information is available through the Hopi as well as the Sumerians). Humans are “created” beings rather than “evolved” beings. Our genetic code is made up from many different species across the galaxy. So in some ways we’re a much stranger creature than they are!

And there is reptillian past lives, which are where the higher self carries those experiences and accesses them through the Akashic records. For example Laurinda has memories of her R warrior self, as do a few others on the site. This isn’t to say they are necessarily a reptillian being, just that they had a past life as one. They may also have R genetic code, but that’s a somewhat different but related thing.

For those of us scared of snakes, this is likely a past life memory of a conflict either with or as a reptillian being.


This poem was written by Robert Burns. When Scottish settlers arrived in Canada, it is said they brought with them 2 things: the Holy Bible and a book of Robert Burns Poems. On the surface they refer to nature, but they have much more profound meaning. There is a key to ancient knowledge in this poem; reptile = river = agriculture.

Robert Burns was the author of Auld Lang Syne, which is sung every New Years Eve by millions of people across the planet.

The Banks Of The Devon
Type: Song
Tune: Bhanarach dhonn a’ chruidh.

How pleasant the banks of the clear winding Devon,
With green spreading bushes and flow’rs blooming fair!
But the boniest flow’r on the banks of the Devon
Was once a sweet bud on the braes of the Ayr.
Mild be the sun on this sweet blushing flower,
In the gay rosy morn, as it bathes in the dew;
And gentle the fall of the soft vernal shower,
That steals on the evening each leaf to renew!

O spare the dear blossom, ye orient breezes,
With chill hoary wing as ye usher the dawn;
And far be thou distant, thou reptile that seizes
The verdure and pride of the garden or lawn!
Let Bourbon exult in his gay gilded lilies,
And England triumphant display her proud rose:
A fairer than either adorns the green valleys,
Where Devon, sweet Devon, meandering flows.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rakasha - Dispelling a Myth

Rakasha the Reptillian
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Are you there, Rakasha?

I am here, Troy.

>Can you tell me where you are?

I am inside the earth's crust, in one of the many cave systems around the planet.

>Can you describe what you look like?

I am as you would say, a reptillian male, about 6'2" high by your measurements. Skin is light olive in color. (I also see beige-colored eyes)

>Why did you wish to contact me?

I tried to talk to you before but you were not open to communication with other beings at that point in time. I am very happy that you have managed to progress past that. You have been talking to your friends about your Reptillian brothers and sisters on the planet earth; I wanted to set the record straight about a few misconceptions about who we are.

For the most part we are friendly but territorial. You can consider us your allies. We do in fact walk among you using thought to change what you see, but as your awareness has increased, you have been able to get glimpses at something else, from those of us who walk amongst you. There are far fewer than humans, but there are a few in every city.

This faction of us have used a portion of their abilities to give themselves positions of power on the surface just has humans have done. They do not wish you harm but they do wish to protect their position and lifestyle. This is exactly the same as humans in the same position.

So it is not that they are enemies of humans or reptillian beings, they are enemies of Gaia because of their extravagant lifestyles, our brethren are similar to leeches in that they are using human greed and the darkness to their advantage. This can no longer continue since they harm Gaia, and as an extension this will eventually lead to the demise of everyone on the planet.

Some humans in positions of power can use their power for their own benefit, even if they're just vaguely aware of this power. It is why humans must raise their consciousness now, so they can band together and oppose the dark with light and love.

>I have to be honest - I was expecting more malice from a reptillian, since humans are supposedly latecomers to planet earth.

Well your presence here at the moment is a mixed blessing, but no more so than our reptillian brothers perpetuating greed and waste. We are peaceful and mean you no harm. We are with you in your fight against these things, and we will all unite with Gaia in harmony to protect her from further abuse.

Our relationship with these reptillians is the same as humans have with those taking advantage of the system; if you were to see them in the street, you would not fight them; you may even have your picture taken next to them. But this doesn't change the fact that they are persisting a system that is designed to fail.

>What is your role within your society?

I am an organizer. I manage resources and work opportunities. I am one of many who do this. our lifestyle is closer to our Agarthan allies, but of course many of us prefer our traditional habitation over surface life. We are traditionalists, you might say. We occasionally collaborate on projects with the Agarthans but we are more territorial; those living on the surface also use this to their advantage to promote their lifestyle.

>Can you tell me anything about Reptillian history on the planet?

Well that of course is a very big topic, just like asking about human history! You already know that the current humans were bred for a specific purpose; some things were made dormant so that you were less of a threat. The reptillian race evolved on this planet and developed star travel many, many years before humans were even a concept.  We populated other systems, sometimes by force. In most cases planets could host us and another humanoid race because most prefer the surface. We adapted to the caves and this served as an advantage for us. We travel, we dig in, and are forgotten. In some cases we ran into other reptillian-like races who were also territorial, and of course conflict develops.

We can talk about this another time, if you like.

>Do you have any children?

I do, I have a son who has reached adulthood and two younger daughters. They would be considered teenagers by your standards, but the ages don't quite match up because we live to be around 200 years. The development time between live birth to adult is somewhat longer. Mental abilities also develop over this time; currently adults have more mental capacity than humans but following your current transition this will change - mentally you will have the advantage. We realize this and do not fear this turn of events because our allies are committed to your progress. Progress is ultimately your choice, but failure to progress will eventually lead to the destruction of planet earth.

>Thank you Rakasha, I appreciate our connection.

Thank you Troy - I am glad I had the opportunity to show you that we are more alike than different; humans have different physiology but we are all one on planet earth.