Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Max 2/16/2017


Hi Max...


Ha funny

M>You've been quiet for awhile...

Yes - I understand silence was necessary during the storm... but it wasn't silent of course.

M> Never... just for those who are listening a certain way. We're not here for their entertainment. For those who want this, can go elsewhere.

So... Atlantis?

M> Maximilian Aureolis Neodymius at your service.


M> Neodymium :-D

Yes I know you have a magnetic personality, Max... :-)
So was that your story then?

M> In a way, yes. Neo.

M> You see there is much more to that story, but there are many parts that are true. The center of the earth is a time loop of sorts, impenetrable to the Empire.

So you are safe?

M> I am not there...

But you were?

M> Yes. Those who live there now experience a different level of connection with each other in a similar way to the minor telepathic communications you are now experiencing. But understand this is just the start... what they experience is both an individual and connected experience.

And they can go back and forth from this at will?

M> Yes they can. But it's a hard state for them to leave for a long time, mostly because they feel incomplete in a way that is somewhat difficult to describe to you in your own "separate" state. It is somewhat like losing a limb, since they can move as one. If you listen closely you will feel this at times. A low-level thing but it's there.

There are some questions I have I just don't know who to ask... or how to ask them.

M> Understand that as you raise your "light level" you will continue to become more in opposition with the frequencies of those around you. You know this.

So the opposition is something of a response rather than a reaction to something I've done?

M> Yes - you may feel that everything is your fault. Well in a way much of it is... ha - but within the circumstances sometimes help is perceived as a threat.

Humans are weird.

M> Well said.

So what are these codes Valiant is going on about?

M> You should ask the bigger question first, I think.

Okay.. who is Valiant Thor.

M> You've met him.

Sort of... in a dream once.

M> So who was he?

A weapons collector? A weapons specialist?

M> And...

Well the thing is who is Valiant Thor from the 1950s?

M> A traveller.

A time traveller?

M> A traveller. Who likes to travel.

So I sense that these two are somehow one in the same...

M> Things are more connected than you realize.

M> Look in the book.


Albert Had a Theory

since you and I turned into Us
I can't say why - or how- or when
but I know our Now as also Then

how many times have we felt this need?
the Present is but a memory we're moving through
at a different rate of speed
the beautiful simplicity
of Einstein's Relativity is finally clear
for... Yesterday will soon return
and Tomorrow has already been here

now we shall never need to draw... a final earthbound breath
because there is no Life, until you love
and then there is no death.

--Linda Goodman, Gooberz

M> so you see?

I see... and I guess more will be revealed in due time.

M> All in "good" time. It may seem like there is very little of it, but that is from your perspective. The important things reveal themselves to those who can see them. The less important things may be a bit more lazy. And the least important things... well they wear an orange wig and try to take over the planet. :-D

Don't remind me...

M> Let's do this again sometime... don't be a stranger.

Okay Max sounds like a plan. Thanks for talking to me.