Sunday, April 29, 2012

Public School, Incorporated (A Dream)

I was at a thrift store shopping for school t-shirts with my two sons. We were looking for blue Cougars t-shirts, and I found two that fit them.

We went to the local high school, and they were showing a film that was a corporate-backed film on child safety. After the film I went to the school office, and the board of directors for the school was standing behind the partition. I was yelling at them for "selling out" and they were all huddled together and terrified of me. They were old men and women wearing gray and black suits. I said to them "show a bit of humor, for God's sake!" That was the end of the dream.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creating Tauntaun and Wampa (A Dream)

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Next dream from Tuesday night 4/24/12 - after saying the password "center spiral wings void" I saw the crystal OcaTaWa in my dream.

Then I was wearing a safari outfit, and going out on an expedition.

The expedition was a strange one. It was sort of like a video game where you create a habitat, and locate animals within the habitat. I was looking at a high, green hill, overlooking a river valley. There was a mountain behind it, and a trail winding down to the valley below. Snow on the mountaintop. I was looking at it from the top down, like in a simulation video game. There were 6 creatures there, similar to tauntauns from star wars, standing on the hill. And I remember holding in my game-hands (which were like huge god-hands) a yeti creature. I could feel the warmth of its body as I held it. I was thinking to myself, these tauntons are the dumbest creatures in the galaxy! Look, I can put this yeti right down in the middle of them, and they'll be decimated.  They won't even notice he's there!

That was the end of the dream.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turning OcaTaWa (Dream)

I was studying at my parent's place, I was younger (grade 12). I was studying for geology, and was studying with a friend (a guy) with black hair, somewhat curly, medium-length hair.
I showed him the crystal OcaTaWa, and pointed out the cave structure inside it. I mentioned how the cave looked like a real cave.
As I turned it counter-clockwise a quarter-turn in my hand, the crystal became a miniature civilization, we could see the village buildings, they were still small but the formations in the crystal looked more like buildings.
Then I turned the crystal 1/4 turn counter-clockwise again, and the city came more into focus...
Then I turned the crystal 1/4 turn counter-clockwise again, and we could see a civilization, complete with skyscrapers and dome-shaped skylights at the tops of the buildings. The overall color of the civilization was a gray color, like it was on the moon.
Then I opened up a picture encyclopedia book (similar to what my son has, the book of knowledge), and the book contained a pictorial description of many different galactic civilizations. I opened the book up to the page that showed the particular civilization that OcaTaWa was showing us (it was the same view we saw from OcaTaWa), and the book said that the inhabitants were an insectoid population with wings, they looked similar to the "Genosians" in Star Wars. They were an enlightened and friendly people, not to be feared.
It was getting late so my friend decided to sleep on the couch.
That was the end of the dream.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unity Consciousness (Definition)

"Unity Consciousness" means:

It is not that we are different people having similar experiences.

It is that we are the same person having different experiences.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aeterna: the Easter and DNA Templates

Aeterna... Aeterna...

This is a unique opportunity for those of you who are participating in this event to provide blessings and healings for those who may need these at this time. You are also taking advantage of the energies surrounding the Easter of the christ-consciousness, the chaos event that lead to ascension. A point seen as an end which was also a beginning. Does this template sound familiar? Perhaps a template for the transition now.

There is a great deal of energy associated with this event, and in this year you can take full advantage of these energies. We (the galactic light ships) can be used to harvest this energy and focus it on specific individuals and affect humanity as a whole. We are attuning our specific elements and crystals towards this purpose as we speak. Adamantine particles from the sun combine with these elements to tune your DNA and take fuller advantage of what your scientist have incorrectly termed "junk", it is simply that they do not see the pattern/template that governs this DNA, without these encoding mechanisms it appears as junk but this is far from the case. So too an encrypted message will be unintelligible to all but those to whom the message is intended.

When the pattern is discovered it will be found that the double-helix DNA is accompanied by other patterns. More strands, there are templates out there that resemble what it is that you seek. And so the implication of this is that your double DNA pattern has in fact been structured in a different way from what you have been taught all along.

As you know these holidays are symbolic in other ways. For example an easter egg might also be interpreted as the russian nesting doll, or the template of inner earth. As you have discovered this can also be used as a symbol for discovering elements of the unknown. A genesis of discovery, if you will. So the symbol of the start of life is also a symbol for the start of discovery of elements of the unknown. You may visualize this symbol to invoke the energies involved in the process of self-discovery and the inner world of the many dimensions of existence.

Thank you, we will see you tonight, if you wish. Aeterna


Update 4/9/2012 - I asked Aeterna what the DNA template might be. The answer I received was "CENTER, SPIRAL, WINGS." The visual I received was "Caduceus", as well as the word "Asklepios."

What this ties into, is the Galactic Light Ship keywords for each of three ships. The GLS Algiz has the keyword "CENTER." The GLS Blaze has the keyword "SPIRAL." The Aeterna's keyword is "WINGS." These keywords can be used to access the ships, either through astral travel, telepathy, or dreams.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Khali Durga (Dream)

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I am Khali Durga.

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

My body is pretty much as the statues depict. Full, small, round breasts, lithe figure. Thin waist. Only two arms, and two legs. Sorry to disappoint!

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

I was not a deity of death and war, this is an incorrect portrayal of me and my spirit. My spirit was for / to celebrate the wisdom in creation. The wisdom of intelligent energy. Divine logos with a mind, if you like. Pensive thought in the creational universe.

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

This is my rhythm for creation. It is what I speak when I create, it is my mantra.

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

This is accompanied by creational mudra, hand-gestures, each gesture/ symbol/sign represents an act of creation.

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

I put my hands here, then like this, then here. Somewhere, something is created. It matters not what.

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

So I remember going into villages and accompanying them silently with my mantra with their music, when they played this rhythm I would turn my mudra into a dance and there would be wonderful loving syncronicity with the music, with me, with my mantra...

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

And as they hit a "bang" or a "boom", a climax, so too my mudra would snap into place...

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

I looked over the campfire and I saw humanity for what it was, experiencing the full range of creation as I could never experience it...

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

I was always in the shadows, always in the past, the present, and the future...

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

And so I gave up creating, incarnate to human form. Whoever I was then, I am not now.

Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.
Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah. Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah-dah Cha-dah.

My Clock

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Dream Log 31MAR2012 - The Frozen Altar (A Dream)

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I was standing in front of my fridge, a modern thing, black, freezer door on the left, with an ice & water dispenser in the freezer door. Cool food on the right.

The freezer door was open. At the top of the freezer, I was working on a stainless-steel spice rack I had re-purposed to be something like an ancestor altar, with pictures of all of us at spirittrainchronicles. Along the top I remember Leslee, Babajij, John. In the slot where the spice would go, I could place offerings of food or drink. Rice and fruit in one slot, I had just placed a fruit cocktail in Leslee’s spot (margarita?). In the top right was my own gravatar photo, the Raven. There was a small sampler bottle of beer in this slot.

i felt that perhaps the slots somehow translated to our location in healing pods on a Galactic Light Ship (not sure which one).