Saturday, September 24, 2011

Heaviness, and Information as a Planet - Selphia
channeled/focused by dreamwalker
Selphia of Telos

>Selphia, you wanted to chat?

I did Troy. You are feeling heavy and this is the feeling of progression that has often been talked about in other areas. Do not fear this as this is a good thing, but it will make life more difficult for you as you feel as though you are going through life with weights tied to your ankles. A bit of exercise will help with this feeling, but it will not completely dissipate as you are out of synch with your surroundings. For you to experience this at this time is beneficial to others because they have yet to experience this feeling. It is not that you more negative than your surroundings but that your surroundings are more dense than you. It will soon catch up, but it is a much slower process for a planet than it is for a human being. Try and keep your spirits elevated. Tell jokes, even if they're bad jokes. Think of things that make you happy or grateful. Sometimes you need to force yourself to find the silver lining in the cloud.

>Selphia, I understand the process you describe... but wouldn't it be easier to simply let go and move with the pace of the planet?

That is really hard to do, and this is happening inasmuch as it can. Impossible to completely achieve this however, and I believe you could find yourself getting stuck as in a bog and not able to get out. For what you are suggesting requires a very fine level of control over one's complete surroundings. It would very likely drive you insane if you were to try to fine-tune it like that. You would need to be "plugged in" 24 hours a day, and at this point you do need a bit of sleep so gains that you would make in this area would be lost. Your guides have in fact been doing this to some degree to even out your surroundings as much as possible without losing ground on what you have achieved so far. Trust them to do their job, expect that occasionally you'll feel some heaviness but it is nothing to be concerned about. Go with the flow and you'll find things evening out.

>Thank you Selphia, I appreciate the advice. How are things going from your perspective?

Really excellent Troy - you've picked up on the fact that the quality of information being released in small amounts, in various areas, are increasing gradually. It is becoming less about shares and more about journalism. And there are some fairly obvious holes in that information that are becoming apparent that others will start to take notice of as well. It is like how scientists can determine where a planet is even if they can't see the planet - its mass will have an effect on other planets around it. So too information operates in the same way. The mass of a lie will affect the things around it. Cloaked stories have other ways of making themselves known, often by the absence of the information that people really take notice. For this reason, not reporting something important is a larger mistake than reporting it.

>That is an interesting way of looking at information.

We enjoy seeing the gradual progression in many areas, and we are monitoring the information coming from the surface. This is observational in nature at this time. This covers more than just news - the arts play an important role in the dissemination of information.

>I appreciate this insight, Selphia, I enjoy our connection.

Thank you, Troy, and keep your chin up, great things are happening around the world, and we're all here to witness it first hand!

>Goodnight, Selphia.

Goodnight Troy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Volatility and Guides - Adama
Adama of Telos
Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

There is nothing you need at this time that isn't provided in some way. Do not be angered by the liberation of your markets, for there will come a time when this will be celebrated. We will catch the problem as it falls and quickly those who can will do something about it. There will be no breakdown in process, supply or materials as these still need to move from point A to point B. Do not fear those who would take all for themselves as they are now being given opportunities to serve others and they see that this is needed so they will, with very few exceptions, act in everyone's best interest.

We are with you at this time, guiding with invisible hands. You are quite correct that we are there beside you helping and guiding. You can feel my hand on your shoulder, in some cases you may not be needed for specific tasks whereas others still need to serve in certain ways. Do not feel bad for not participating as we all have specific roles to play. Your spirit also guides you in a more direct way, and you walk hand in hand with spirit every day whether you know it or not. You are in fact quite active in other areas where in your primary focus now you almost appear, or may seem to feel, to be standing still. You are serving much the same way as we are and we make a good team.

There is a celebration of love and life coming very soon. You may not feel it but we will be celebrating with you. You are the center of attention in the whole unverse at this time, we are waiting expectantly. As you come online, so to speak, so will other systems. You may be feeling the density now as you raise your energy level and this is exactly why it is done gradually. It is what we feel when we are there physically so we must wait awhile longer for our reunion. But as your restlessness grows know that we are with you, and we are here to help the human race, our desire is to join you at your side when you are ready.

>Adama, can you tell me if there's anything that can be done about the "heavy" feeling I'm currently experiencing?

As I mentioned earlier, don't forget to ask for assistance, either from an archetype or from your Self. Some things that you do at this time, which is correct in raising energy levels, will have the apparent "negative" side effect of giving a heavy feeling. This is a shearing of energy patterns, similar to tuning a guitar and a string is slightly out of tune, which causes discomfort. It is the same thing; I have mentioned this earlier but it is good to remember this principle. Do not forget that your guides can provide ongoing assistance as well, as you have been working with them from there and they appreciate this, but there is more that you can be doing with them at this time if you desire.

>Can you give some examples of things I could work with them on?

There are many examples, use your imagination as the best education is one where you discover concepts and ideas for yourself. You can also ask them to show you things as you have done in the past; they enjoy teaching. For example they can help restore your memory when you are ready.

Addressing the concept of archetypes you are partly correct but these energy signatures do indeed exist. It is not a figment of someone's imagination as some would lead you to believe. As you know and have experienced many times before, the light body is the true form of spirit. This can connect to other forms easily because they are of the same form. Telepathy is harder for some because it is connecting cross-form, but well worth trying for the thrill of the "coincidences" that arise as a result.

Thank you Troy for your being.

>Thank you Adama, Namaste.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I AM THAT I AM - thoughts on a phrase

When I ponder "I am that I am" I was thinking about this and it is a fairly complex statement, that is used from other channels (particularly if not exclusively with St. Germaine). At a basic level what it starts out is intent, something like "I am the best football player in the United States" (lots of examples of guys who invoked this and now making many millions of dollars a year). But "I am that I am" is something like the concept of recursion in programming terms. It is embedding intent in another intent. I think it also describes the holographic principle in a way. Everything included around us is included within us, I think therefore I am therefore I am. The template of us is included in the template of us, which is a template of everything. You take any piece of that and you can create the template for anything else, which also includes the template of everything within it.
I've been appreciating the creator (all of us) as being like a lazy programmer; there is a template for everything and it is used for different things. For example, waves of time, waves of sound, waves of light. Same template, different forms. Snowflakes - same template, different forms. Drama, history, human interaction, etc., all has an underlying template with different "skins" on top. Archetypes in psychology, used to analyse your psyche, also translates to interactions you have in real life, also translates to the beings we channel.
Quite a profound idea, it is interesting that programmers have picked this up in their own work so they're basically doing the same thing the creator did in creating the building blocks that make up the universe. Another template! The universe is indeed the ultimate "killer app".

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enjoy Life - Aten

Aten focused by Dreamwalker


Do not be afraid of coming events. There is bounty just around the corner as well as many blessings from your collective family.

>Who is speaking this evening?

This is Aten. You are building your energy and this is good.

>Should I be doing anything in preparation for what is coming?

Nothing is coming that you can't deal with. You're going to have fun. You're going to enjoy life with your family and there will be less nonsense around you than there is now, particularly in the media. You will notice a subtle shift but it will be there. More of a celebration of life and less a celebration of death as it is now.

>I think I would enjoy that change, Aten.

Well I would enjoy that too because this is mostly rubbish, these media activities are purposeless self-feeding and aggrandizement of those who produce it. They will see that it will be more pleasurable to themselves to celebrate life and making money based on activities that do not support this will be less appealing.

>Can you tell me how this shift will come about?

Unity consciousness. It is a small difference at this point. This will grow to where people in your society will enjoy life because others enjoy life. It is in their best interest and spirit to do this, not a cooercive event.

>Can you tell me about 2014?

As I said do not fear this time. You will be taken care of and your communication with your spirit tells you that you have much time left on this planet in your current form and it is so. The details of this event are not predetermined. There will be awe in the majesty of creation as it is revealed.

>I can say Aten that I am already in awe of creation, as many of us here are.

More than that!

>Thank you Aten, that is all the questions I have for now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aeterna the Galaxy
channeled/focused by dreamwalker
Aeterna the Galaxy

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat.

[I see a swirling galaxy in space. It is spinning anti-clockwise from my viewpoint. There are several arms radiating from a large core similar in concept to a sunburst pattern or octopus]

>what is this place you're showing me?

Another galaxy. We are the consciousness of this galaxy. We are Aeterna.

>Are you the galaxy I am talking to?

This is correct.

>Is there something you wanted to share with me at this time?

We are ascending in a similar fashion to you at this time. But as you are a physical entity we are a galaxy. But from the standpoint of oneness it is the same. You are a cosmos represented in physical form. We are a galaxy of physical form. There are individual entities within us.

>An entire galaxy can have consciousness?

This is correct. As your body has cells that do work to maintain the whole, our body has suns and planets and organisms that maintain our whole and contribute to our whole.

>What is the name of this galaxy, in my language?

We have been as yet undiscovered by your species.

>Can you tell me how far away you are from my present location?

93 light years. In your measurements. But you will very soon find that these measurements are somewhat irrelevent although they can still be useful as a point of reference.

>Do you mean "soon" in human terms or "soon" in galactic terms?

Either measurement would suffice, although some of your kind already use devices that exhibit these properties of travel. You will enjoy it once it becomes available to you as it greatly expands the possibilities of your experience.

>I feel already that the possibilities have been expanded exponentially by our contact today.

We feel fortunate to connect with you as well. You are reaching far beyond the limits of what your devices permit, and this is good because it shows the true limitation of these devices. Can you imagine a device that can facilitate instantaneous communication over 93 light years of space time?

>I feel what you are saying is that a device would be somewhat more inefficient.

Correct. It is how galaxies communicate between each other and enjoy the microcosm that makes up their experience. We share these experiences between ourselves and maintain our distances from one another using collective consciousness principles similar to your fish or birds. Occasionally there are collisions when we are not paying attention but these are rare occurances.

>Is a black hole detrimental to your existance?

On the contrary it is the extension of our consciousness to another level.

It is uplifting to us to connect with one such as you. Thank you for your attention.

>The honor is mine! Thank you Aeterna.


Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn't exist (July 19, 2012)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gaming as Life or Simulation?

I am here for anyone who wishes to chat.

(Mikos) I am here, Troy. I wanted to respond to your friend's question regarding video games.

>We haven't spoken in a while, Mikos, it's nice to chat.

(Mikos) It is interesting that she is involved in these games as it is very similar to the simulations we have here in Pathologos. Is there a similarity to life, to reality, being played out in the game? There is some degree of influence over humans, this is an astute observation. But this would skew the understanding that there is 100% control over every human just as every avatar in the game is controlled in some way. This is not true. It is only through freewill choice that humans allow themselves to be controlled in any way; and this can either be an indirect or a direct control depending on its nature. The Vikings referred to this as Ragnarok but it is not that gods are fighting toe-to-toe between themselves. It is a fight for human spirit.

The dark side is only able to get away with it as long as humans give into those controlling elements that allow control; for example, fear, greed, lust, etc. And it is not to say that you're not allowed to feel these things - of course you are, it's what makes you human at this time. But you yourself started to feel the effects of those games on your psyche, on your control. Simply put, it taps into your survival instincts and tells your subconscious: "Flee!" "Fight!" "Struggle!" when your environment has none of these requirements. It is simply awareness that you need to break free of these things; you can still experience them and it is important to experience them to understand them. But you now know that it is happening so you can do something about it. And so whatever controlling elements there may be you have now defeated.

You should understand that the control will still be there in some way but you will be able to do something about it. So what can you do? The most important thing is to connect to spirit and feel the NOW that you are in. You will be able to easily remove rage from your situation. You can ask for healing, or reduce the greed, or anger, or whatever it is that you are feeling at that time. Step away from the situation if you must, communicate what you're doing to those involved and they will understand. This will in turn show them to do the same in another situation. And so you BE what it is that you want from others.

And of course feel free to play those games; they're fun to play and encourage teamwork and group consciousness. They can be a training place for higher abilities in many different ways, whether or not you're aware of this is beside the point of the benefit they bring to the players.

>I get a heavy feeling from some games that I've played - is this an instructional process or is there control going on here?

(Mikos) This is instructional rather than control. Try holding your centering and connecting to spirit while you play the game, and whatever "dark" effects you may be feeling will subside. You see especially games involving killing (for example World of Warcraft) you can see that your ego is kicking in and believes you are actually killing. So you have to override this by centering. You don't incur karma from this act but subconsciously there is fear that you do. I can assure you this is not the case. It is a simulation. It is interesting to note that the game you play is a Jedi game, learning to use the Force. It is correct to think that the game starts "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away" rings true. It demonstrates those who use their power to protect and defend and those who choose to use that power for their own purposes. In your own cycle there are more controls in place to avoid this scenario, although you are also correct in thinking that this same thing is playing out, and has played out, for some time on your planet.

>Thank you Mikos, I appreciate your insight.

(Mikos) Thank you Troy have a wonderful day!