Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aeterna the Galaxy
channeled/focused by dreamwalker
Aeterna the Galaxy

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat.

[I see a swirling galaxy in space. It is spinning anti-clockwise from my viewpoint. There are several arms radiating from a large core similar in concept to a sunburst pattern or octopus]

>what is this place you're showing me?

Another galaxy. We are the consciousness of this galaxy. We are Aeterna.

>Are you the galaxy I am talking to?

This is correct.

>Is there something you wanted to share with me at this time?

We are ascending in a similar fashion to you at this time. But as you are a physical entity we are a galaxy. But from the standpoint of oneness it is the same. You are a cosmos represented in physical form. We are a galaxy of physical form. There are individual entities within us.

>An entire galaxy can have consciousness?

This is correct. As your body has cells that do work to maintain the whole, our body has suns and planets and organisms that maintain our whole and contribute to our whole.

>What is the name of this galaxy, in my language?

We have been as yet undiscovered by your species.

>Can you tell me how far away you are from my present location?

93 light years. In your measurements. But you will very soon find that these measurements are somewhat irrelevent although they can still be useful as a point of reference.

>Do you mean "soon" in human terms or "soon" in galactic terms?

Either measurement would suffice, although some of your kind already use devices that exhibit these properties of travel. You will enjoy it once it becomes available to you as it greatly expands the possibilities of your experience.

>I feel already that the possibilities have been expanded exponentially by our contact today.

We feel fortunate to connect with you as well. You are reaching far beyond the limits of what your devices permit, and this is good because it shows the true limitation of these devices. Can you imagine a device that can facilitate instantaneous communication over 93 light years of space time?

>I feel what you are saying is that a device would be somewhat more inefficient.

Correct. It is how galaxies communicate between each other and enjoy the microcosm that makes up their experience. We share these experiences between ourselves and maintain our distances from one another using collective consciousness principles similar to your fish or birds. Occasionally there are collisions when we are not paying attention but these are rare occurances.

>Is a black hole detrimental to your existance?

On the contrary it is the extension of our consciousness to another level.

It is uplifting to us to connect with one such as you. Thank you for your attention.

>The honor is mine! Thank you Aeterna.


Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn't exist (July 19, 2012)


  1. that's amazing! I've been spontaneously communicating with our galaxy and have thought that i might be going crazy. Thank you for sharing. This isn't all in my head.

  2. Anonymous, I would love to hear what our own galaxy has to say! I encourage you to create your own blog, and record these conversations if possible. You may look at it as simply role-playing, or as giving a voice to those who wouldn't normally have a voice. Or perhaps, it serves to give us a glimpse of the "bigger picture". It is interesting to think that our galaxy would choose to be your guide - I recognize this as a very personal thing.

    I found my own connection to "Aeterna" to be very intimate - this vast galaxy felt to me more like a small child (or perhaps a collection of children), and I had the unique opportunity to hold her hand, for a time.

    Good luck with whatever direction you choose... and I'm glad I could help with your perspective! NAMASTE :-)