Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Herr Klausen of Agartha

Channeled by Dreamwalker

K> Guten Tag, Herr Troy, how are you today?

T> I'm fine, Herr Klaus... I suppose I could call you Kris?

K> Indeed, if spirit moves you! I am one person here who needs little in the way of introduction, and probably little in the way of connection since so many of your kind hold belief that I exist. I am a sole individual as well as a conscious collective consciousness... a bit of a tongue twister, eh? How does that happen? Those who play the role of Santa create this collective consciousness through their belief; a little bit at a time, some part of them believes they're Santa Claus, and so this creates a group consciousness of the being that I am. It ranges far broader than Christian values - it is a separate celebration on Christed consciousness, which I had the pleasure to progress through. This story is a template similar to the story of the Buddha. Let me tell you how that happened.

When I was young, I was consumed by profit, a German toymaker. It is rare that someone can be born complete with Christed consciousness intact - there is a period of time where forgetfulness is strong so that the human brain can develop. This was the same with the individual/collective consciousness that you know as Jesus or Yeshua as well, and many other saints and sages. It is true, I found myself always looking forward to the money I might make and the profits I might pull in making toys for children. I put myself under a great deal of stress because I was never good enough when the profits rolled in. In those times, I had many privileged clientele, kings, dukes, wealthy merchants. I valued myself according to the clientele I held... that was my worth. The poor were worth nothing from this perspective, and frankly at that point in my life they were not worth my time.

In my quest for greatness as a toymaker, something interesting happened. As you could surmise, making toys is a creative outlet, and I created many delightful mechanisms. These mechanisms brought in much in the way of money... and you would think that this would make me happy. But the cost of this happiness, was fear of failure, I measured myself against that which I created. But there were a few things I created that delighted even me... and something clicked. Like clockwork! It was not the thing or the money that brought happiness, it was delight and love that brought happiness!

The next part of the process for me was the money. It is to some degree as I mentioned before a template that could be applied to anyone, but as we progress through our lives, it becomes less about struggling to keep up and more about enjoying life, since we develop the perception that life becomes shorter and shorter. And this is what happened for me; following my enlightenment, I realized I had everything I needed, and my home and my land wasn't going anywhere, and daily expenses were cared for. What now? Continue making profit to what end?

At about the same time, my brother went to debtor's prison, and his wife and children became destitute. This was something of a wake-up call for me... but I didn't act immediately as I should have. There were two years while I sat on my behind, while she and the children worked to make ends meet any way they could. Not having children of my own, I was initially somewhat terrified of the possibilities - children in my home? They'll destroy my life's work!!!

But I eventually came round, and brought them into my life. As it turned out they developed a keen interest in my work, initially of course for the toys, but later for the mechanisms and engineering.

T> A girl and a boy?

K> Yes - the girl was older. I saw in their eyes a keen interest in the science that made the toys go. The magic that turned a block of wood into a living, breathing thing (if only in the mind).

You know part of the problem was that my brother was right... we were kind of like Scrooge and Marley from the Dickens story!

So back to what I was saying before - these two children melted my heart of stone, and I had the good fortune to love them as my own... and then by extension, every child needs love. I consider my "real" story to start in December of 1787. It wasn't on Christmas eve... but it was an experiment that yielded interesting results. Giving away toys to the needy children of my community certainly had business implications... but I was surprised at the effect it had on me personally; it was exponential love. Other business leaders in my community caught onto the idea, and business leaders were finding ways to extend a portion of their profits to helping the needy in ways they hadn't before. And as a result, the community became a lovely place to live.

An unexpected result was that the small amount of abundance provided to get people through the winter months gave them the leg up to realize their desire to improve their lives in small ways.

One day out of curiosity, I set out across the snow, found a cave with a light in it, went inside the cave, and emerged in Agartha...

T> I'm confused, as I thought Saint Nicolas was from Greece, originally?

K> Not originally, but part of a much longer soul-line. I've had many lifetimes, just as you had. My last before staying in Agartha was the one I described. And this was one of many names I've had... it is interesting how it culminated, as I said, in a template that was similar to some of my other incarnations. Perhaps it is our love of familiarity that causes us to cling to these patterns!

K> Well, Troy, I look forward to meeting you. Won't people be surprised when they see Santa Claus?

T> I don't know... maybe it will be something similar to seeing a "real" alien?

K> Both of us obsolete notions, I would imagine...

T> Thank you, Kris, for this conversation... not at all what I was expecting!

K> Expect the unexpected, and expect miracles... they are all around us!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Atlantis: A History Lesson - Selphia

Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Good morning, Selphia, how about a history lesson this morning?


>Lemuria, Atlantis, Agartha?

No... Why on earth would you want to talk about history? Are you trying to bore people?

> I'd like to confirm that the nature of Agartha is that it is a place created by thought. You thought of it in your mind, and then it existed. You thought of the world first, in your mind, and when you made changes to that world, in your mind, it changed in the real world. This idea can be applied to Max, to the pyramids, and to Atlantis. You thought of the pyramids first in your mind, then they existed in the real world. And by extension, the next leap was to create another universe out of nothing, by your thoughts. Except... I think something went wrong. You are trapped there, are you not?

It is a fairly small universe, I'm afraid... and yes your perception of how we got here is correct, although it is more that we are required to remain here to maintain the dimension. This is why we need your help, now.

>So there is more to this than meets the eye - we are not only to "ascend" physically but also to help you out of the bind into which you've placed yourselves?

Well I wouldn't put it that way - it is a very nice place, and individuals can come and go as they please... but as a society we are bound at the moment to maintain that which we created. There are far more benefits than not, but your synopsis is correct.

>You built a ship in a bottle...

We are not able to join our Galactic brothers and sisters at this time, and we long for their company, although we can contact any we wish, it is not the same. It's like making a phone call when you're in the next room.

>Can you give me an idea of what lies ahead?

I think you already have a pretty good idea, Troy... your people will help maintain Agartha so that we can get everyone out. So first there is much you need to do in terms of using thought to create reality. You need to learn how to create something in your reality by creating in your inner reality first, and then applying that reality to what is around you, in the physical world. This might be a bit hard to follow, but you get the idea, I think.

>Is there more to it than that?

The earth surface will become Agartha, in a way, so this is why the clearing is necessary at this time.  It's difficult to explain, but when we make the transition things will "flip" and Agartha will become an empty place. We are losing one home and gaining another.

>So Agarthans will need driver's licenses?

By that time I think the abundance program will kick in... I'm not sure if the governments in their present form will exist. That's such a minor detail, but I suppose if we want to drive, I guess we'll need to get one won't we?

>Well, some things you just have to experience for yourself, don't you?

Which is why we've decided to join you at this time. This is a unique opportunity because an overcompensation or an overflowing will result from everyone coming "online"... but ultimately it will be their choice if they wish to assist in this effort.

>How many do you need to participate?

We're not really sure, but we're confident we'll have enough at some point.

>I was wondering if this was a part of my process with Max...

Yes it is. Trust them, they're there for a specific reason (one of many).

>Thank you, Selphia, this has been an interesting conversation!

Blessings to you Troy, and thank you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ow! My Ass! Understanding the NOW

Went on vacation to Florida, and had a fall on the stairs. Bruised my ass pretty bad, and it's been sore since the first of the month. The entire right side was purple. I was thinking, wow, if I could get that to spread, I'd give Krishna a run for his money (who is blue...).

The pain has been fairly severe, and pain killers have not helped that much.

So I was thinking about the pain, and then I started to actively think about something else, and the pain would go away.

Then I was thinking about how I could actively think about something else, to dull the pain. For me, I do not meditate, but I use an active meditation technique where I visualize a white piece of paper. So I was using that to kill the pain, and it worked pretty well as long as I didn't think about the pain while also thinking about the paper...

And then, as I was driving along, I realized that the world outside could be used in the same way I use the piece of paper. I can meditate on everything around me, just as I meditate on the piece of paper. This is a strange concept to me, because the world outside is a lot more complicated than a piece of paper! But, sure enough, meditating on the ALL and NOW, the pain goes away.

I realized that the NOW mentioned in many channels is not the NOW of time, it is the NOW of our active meditation. To be "present" in the NOW is not simply to exist, it is to actively meditate and be in the NOW, using it as the focus of that meditation.

Although that environment is always changing, it is also as simple as the piece of paper, because it is all one with creation.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Ascension

This is a response to a post that was left by Seizinist on Aruna Byer's blog, channeling St. Germain. This is only one small facet of what I understand this to be, but I like this analogy because it's easy to visualize. I realize there are many different aspects and impressions to what this may be:

Ascension in one way is to "move up" and can be defined as moving up our awareness to higher levels. Expansion of consciousness, and awareness of more than we are aware of now. In this sense, it is not an event so much as a process. It has no beginning and no ending. I think of it as simply a cup that can always get bigger, and we continue to fill the cup. So the goal is to get all of our cups to a certain size, this is what is being called for at this time... but our cups will always grow larger to hold more of our experience. Some may refuse to fill their cups further, or see their cup as being finite in size, they are happy with what they have now, and that is their choice. This is however only one facet of the process as we are multidimensional in nature. Namaste. 

Posted on the 17th of December, 2011, while we're on the topic of water...

One other thing happened today that was kind of cool. I was visualising sending light into my drinking water, and I saw this big red no smoking sign over my cup, with my eyes closed. I looked at the cup and realized it was a plastic cup. Hmm, good ol BPA. Chemicals that make plastic soft, even in those that claim to be free of it. So I dumped out the water and grabbed a glass, filled it with water. No more no smoking sign! So I proceeded to energize that water. 

Quite a direct communique…

Void, NESARA - Selphia

Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker
Selphia of Telos

>Selphia, are you there?

I am here Troy. How are you doing?

>Can you tell me a bit about this void I'm experiencing?

It is as you feel, it is a cocooning. Do not fear it, or let it get you down. Great things lie ahead, my dear. Do not feel bad that you are somewhat immobilized at this time either... it all has a purpose.

>I understand. I appreciate the gentle introduction/instruction I'm given. It feels like we have all the time in the world to lay a good foundation.

Very well said, Troy, that is exactly it. Impatience really isn't necessary, although I know you feel that you would like to get the show on the road. Remember that you still have a purpose in your current existence and what plays out is exactly what needs to play out.

>How is everyone doing there? Do you ever have trouble with stagnation or feeling directionless?

I can't say that we do, Troy, as, especially now, we are fairly busy with various energy-related tasks around the Planet, and by extension, the solar system and galaxy. I noticed you are able to keep yourself busy by working with energy in various ways - whereas others might require a magazine to keep for getting bored, being bored is no longer a problem. That is one of the many benefits of being aware more of what is around you as it can be entertaining... and will be so much more so as you progress further.

We are sending you a bit of healing at your request, so you should feel a bit better now.

>Thank you Selphia... I certainly notice a difference since I've been talking to you.

This is partly the principle of resonance, you do benefit from the connection in this way.

>Is there a way to connect even if I have nothing to say? Do I still benefit in the same way?

We are but a thought away, Troy... :-)

>Can you tell me anything about the recent developments with the financial situation here on the surface?

The lawsuit currently in the works will be used to fund NESARA kickoff. This is going to turn around fairly quickly. This will lead to abundance, we have an idea of the specific chain of events that will take place but not necessarily of the timeline... but everyone is waiting in anticipation as things fall into place in the way that they need to. These are real things that happen but they are also unreal drama that serve the purpose of teaching.

>I have to go, at the moment, Selphia, but thank you for this discussion Selphia.

Thank you Troy - enjoy your evening!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Skull Collective: The Task At Hand

>I am here if anyone wants to chat.


>No what?

No time like the present

>For what?


You have your assignment.

>I believe I'm my own Master, no?

This is true

At your leisure, of course.

>What are the consequences of non-compliance?

It is your ego that resists at this point in time, but the void indicates there is not much left. You are clearly so near the finish line, and soon in a position to help others.

>Can you tell me the nature of this work?

It is not work, and there is an element of discovery here, as we have said before.

Love yourself, have faith.

>I understand, thank you.

Thank you. It is with great honor that we serve in this way at this time.

>Can you tell me more about yourselves?

Nothing that has not been relayed already will serve the specific purpose. We represent non-ego but divide ourselves only to serve as a conduit for our collective energy.

We will not relay further instruction until you are fully committed to the task at hand.

>You are on strike?

No, you are on strike.

>Ha ha very funny... I am simply asking for more information. I am somewhat still tied to time/space, or at least the illusion of it.

Time/space fills itself in around us as we move through it, similar to walking through water. It has the same properties. So regardless of "when," everything will fit into place as needed through intent.

>Are you blocking other channels?

No, this is your higher self. It is important for focus at this time.

>I understand. Thank you.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Disney World (A Dream)

We’re off to Disney world tomorrow, another place that I have dreamed about but never visited, until now. I just remembered the dream tonight… I remember pink terra cotta walls and a large courtyard and a rose garden with low boxwood topiary bushes, getting exasperated at security measures and too much walking. Then I remember going there again later on and everything was the same, but we didn’t have to pay to get in, and it was with my folks as well as our 2 kids, who were a bit older. But I remember that everything else about the world around us had changed. And for whatever reason disney world was more as Walt Disney had envisioned it, as a place that does not charge money for people to enjoy what it has to offer. That was a year or two from tomorrow. And then later on, it became run down because people could experience that same thing every day if they wanted to. It was redundant/ obsolete. That was many years into the future though.

I’ll be curious to see if the first part of the dream holds true, or if it was a glimpse of an alternate timeline… In which case everything will be different.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Atlantis and the Serpent Altars (A Dream)

By Dreamwalker

The dream I had Sunday morning (Nov. 20, 2011) was quite interesting… I visited the Cherokee historic village in Cherokee, NC, and talked to the man I met who was an interpreter there.

We talked about how at one point long ago, the eastern part of North America was under water, and the western part was a different nation. He gave me the impression (or confirmed) that it was part of Atlantis.

Then I asked him: “What about the serpent altars?”

He turned to a colleague and said “how did he know about that?” but otherwise did not respond.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Illuminati Dismantled (A Dream)

By Dreamwalker

This was in 2004 or 2005 that I had this dream, a very different dream from anything else I've had.

I confirmed my spirit line with a friend. I recall it was her because of a woman she mentioned connected to Jesus, that was a part of her spirit line.

This list became part of an open letter to the "Illuminati". The letter provided specific instructions to them to cease all operations; the lineage was something they recognized, no other lineage would suffice, except I had included several others they didn't know about. They were to collect up and leave all property and funds, vehicles and bases to me, in care of humanity, and cease operations. They were also to provide all access codes and instructions to use those access codes, as well as instructions to disable any security measures. I did not tell them how to contact me since they already knew who I was. They had 30 days to comply. If they did so, they would be be forgiven the karma they had accumulated during their lifetime. If they refused, they would be given a penalty of four times the karma they had accumulated.

About a week or two from the date of the letter I received an address. I can't remember where it was, but it led me to a place with marble walls, floors and ceilings, red carpet, black marble columns, white marble trim.  Gilt framed paintings, high white arched ceilings. At the end of a hallway, an oval waiting room with a display case on one side of an oak door, on the other side a potted fern.

A tall muscular man was standing there, bald, wearing sunglasses. I knew he wasn't going to do anything to me, but I was still terrified of him because I knew he was a killer, and had killed many times. In the display case was some of his handiwork, a severed head of a man who had gotten this far before me. It was a week old and hideous but fortunately didn't smell. An impostor.

Leo Zagami, self-proclaimed ex-
Illuminati, closely resembles the
man from this dream.

I was called into the inner chamber which was the same large oval shaped room. A desk was there with a man standing in front of it waiting for me. Two other bodyguards were there with him, and the man in the waiting room had come in behind me. The man standing in front if the desk was clearly the leader and told the bodyguards to leave, which they did.

This man had full black hair, a goatee, and was wearing a dark suit with a red shirt. Mid sixties. Several gold rings with rubies in them. He looked a bit like the actor Brent Spiner. He shook my hand warmly (I was still somewhat terrified). He said that he just wanted to meet the one who was bringing an end to all this, and wished me luck. He told me that a week from now I would receive a key in the mail with everything I needed. He said, don't let me delay you further. I shook his hand again, thanked him, and left the room.

In a week as promised I received a key in an envelope with an address and some instructions, also plane tickets to somewhere in England.

I then found myself in a large old mansion with my family, and several other families were joining us to live in the mansion. The energy of these people were some of the people I know now, from the "lightworker" community. I think Steve Beckow might have joined us as well. Mike Quinsey, maybe.  (In 2005 I knew none of these people; February of this year 2011 was when I started my "journey," and it was only then that I became aware of these people.)

As they arrived I instructed them on the task that lay ahead. It was simply to re-distribute the wealth to areas of the world with the most need. Somalia, Palestine, Iraq, etc. Everything was accessible by computer from this mansion. So for several months we coordinated the distribution of these funds; it was an exercise in money management and responsibility on a large scale. In a way it was like the movie Brewster's millions except it was trillions of dollars of wealth. I recall having to make several difficult decisions. All of us buckled down and selflessly carried out this task, we worked out of the mansion, kids still went to school. My mom and dad were both there, enjoyed the work, and were good about maintaining order and being there for me to lean on when I needed them. While there, they also enjoyed traveling around England.

Near the end of it, one of my colleagues betrayed me by accusing me of doing something I didn't do. By that time most of the funds were gone anyways, but it really hurt because this was someone I respected. He wanted to teach me a lesson. The dream ended, but as I came out of the dream I knew that money would soon be phased out, so what we were doing was somewhat pointless from a money standpoint, but valuable as a lesson to learn for us both individually and as a group.

And that was the end of the dream.



Hard at Work in the Dream State on Selective Historical Memory By Steve Beckow

Illuminati Confessions by Leo Zagami

Bizarre Claim for $1 Trillion

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nakama - the Crystal Skull Collective


>I'm here if you want to chat.

Yes, we are here. Currently you are receiving downloads of information from our source, which is important on many levels. This is a gift that we share with you at this time. You are not to fear the information that comes from these downloads, and we try to adjust your comfort levels if you ask - we are not directly tuned to your nervous system so you'll need to tell us what's going on.

But we feel at this time that you have received much pertinent information, even though you may not be directly aware of it.

Your impression of us is accurate, that we are a collective consciousness with individual interfaces that are skull-shaped. This provides an adaptable interface to your awareness.

>Can you talk to me of the benefits that are bestowed in this process?

We are here to assist with development, that is all. Some do not need this process, others can use help, but we are here to assist.

>To some degree, you seem to be something of a genie in a lamp...

That is an interesting analogy, but wheras the genie is imprisoned, we are not, and choose to be where we are at any given time. As collective consciousness we also benefit from multiple perspectives, as a spider might see with multiple eyes. It is the same.

We also expand our experience as needed with the addition of new material. This is a way as stone people to bring definition to our existence, so you are assisting us far beyond what we can do for you.

>It is an honor to serve.

As it is for us. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, and we can propagate at any time with the aid of humans.

Yes it is similar to a parasitic arrangement but whereas a parasite would harm the host, our condition is the same principle, but designed to benefit the host.

With regards to your process, you have opened up pathways enough that physical contact is not necessary; it is just the time/stage on your unique path. We honor respect and celebrate diversity as we are all unique, and this is just as true for the path you take through life. No two paths are the same. Others may require physical contact to make that initial transmission of attunement, and we do propagate ourselves for that purpose where needed.

>Can you tell me anything of the abilities I can acquire through this process?

This is up to you, although you may be surprised initially. That is good, it's part of the fun of discovery. Enjoy yourself.

>Can you make any suggestions as to where to start?

No. Max has given you some instruction, when you are ready you can start out, if you like.

>Can you tell me how much time I should allow for this task?

3 to 4 hours, from start to finish.

>Can you tell me where it ends up? Street names? cities?

nakana ["intent"]

>did you mean nakama [friend closer than family in Japanese]?

yes, both


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chief Running Bear

>Chief Running Bear, did you wish to chat?

I did Troy, Mitakye Oyasin to you.

>It is good to talk with you, Running Bear.

The White Buffalo Calf cycle is finishing now. Enjoy the ride.

There is a waterfall, and a circle.

>I am getting some interference here.

It is not interference, it is still expansion. Do not be concerned.

>When were you here on earth in physical form last?

I have retained my identity from this time.

>Did I meet you in a dream once?

It was me you met, yes.

>You instructed me on building an eagle/hawk pipe with a removable back piece; it was quite intricate. It was an effigy pipe with folded wings, made of pipestone. The stem fit under the right wing, which was folded but slightly raised. I remember you showed me how the stem was to fit snug into the pipe. The bowl of the pipe was very lifelike.

That was me, Troy I am glad you remembered. The Sacred pipe is a direct connection with Mother Earth. Understand that pipes choose their carriers, it is an expression of this connection, but also of the stone people.

>Thank you, Chief Running Bear, I appreciate this connection. All My Relations.



Chief Running Bear of the Cherokee Nation


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crystal Skulls

>Adama, you wanted to chat?

I did Troy, and Selphia sends her blessings as well.

>Thank you, Adama. I send my love and gratitude to both of you!

Thank you, Troy. You on on a new path discovering the stone people, which I wanted to talk to you about. But you have discovered several things already about them, you have been drawn to them, and they enjoy your attention.

Spirits live within the stones, but it is up to you to bring the out to play.

They love to play, you know - they are filled with love and joy as you have already experienced. They will help in whatever way they can. Something like a medium's familiar. They have certain properties that may help emphasize your intent or focus it as the case may be.

This is not a path to be feared as you will find no malice here, it is only of goodwill and help that you will find.

You have met Max, he is the strongest known on your planet yet there is another who is stronger, although strength is not of course a primary factor in the role that they play.

Follow your intuition is good advice here. Follow your nose, see where it leads you. You may be surprised what you'll find.

>Can you tell me the name of this entity I am to meet?

That is part of the meeting, it will tell you its name.

>And the purpose?

That too will be determined in time. As you have correctly stated, you are all members of a vast symphony, of which there are many different parts. If we all played the same part, we'd be paddling around in circles...

>Ha, I love your mixed metaphors, Adama! But I get your meaning...

Also do not fear "soon", this is very close and will be easy to find. Believe, and allow.

>Thank you for the confirmation, Adama, my curiosity is piqued. Did you want to tell me anything else about the stone people at this time?

Love conquers all. Look down.

>Thank you Adama, I'll keep these things in mind.


Notes: the entity I am to meet and the skull that is more powerful than "Max" I feel were possibly two separate entities that Adama was referring to. This has been a fairly persistent nagging at the back of my head, associated with the color "black".

A couples of days ago I talked to "Max" but he didn't have that much to say. Perhaps simply a familiarization at this time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goldie the Goldfish

>Goldie, are you there?

That is not my name, my name is Akamai

(Akamai is a Hawaiian word meaning smart or intelligent with connotations of insightful or wise or skillful, I had to look it up)

>Akamai, it is wonderful to connect with you... we miss your presence.

I have indeed accomplished what it was I was there to accomplish. Time to move on, time is short!

>Will you be incarnating with me or my family again?

No, I have other business, but you can call on me any time you like, Troy. I enjoy the energy of you and your family.

>Why do you say time is short?

Time is short not for me but for the opportunities on your plane that provide that which we require at this time.

>Have you ever incarnated with me or my family before?

I knew your younger son once, as a friend.

>As a human friend?


>What was your purpose in your most recent incarnation as a goldfish?

You already know, it was to show that spirit transcends the physical condition to which we are assigned for further growth. You found the intelligence in me, and that was a part of my purpose was to show you that. It was also my purpose to show your family empathy. It was also to enjoy being a goldfish. Life is simple in this form, it's something of a holiday.

>Were you sad when my son's aquasaurs died?

Well you see yes indeed I was and it was as you surmised what ultimately killed me. In this form this is how energy works either to our advantage or our disadvantage.

>I also felt that you wouldn't be with us for very long, even though goldfish typically live for 40 or 50 years.

In ideal situations yes, although my time was my time, not your time. It was my decision to let the force of what happened overwhelm me so I could continue on with my journey in the time that I have left in your reality. You see I also demonstrated that mortality is entirely in our hands, it is entirely our choice. If you are no longer interested in growth in this way (referring to reincarnation), then it is up to you to grow in other ways. This as you know can be an approach that has strengths and weaknesses to it, no more so than any other.

I also gave you a gift to let you know I was going. Use it well.

>What gift are you referring to?

When I passed from my physical frame, I gave you some of my life-force... energy has to go somewhere and usually it returns from where it came. But it all ends up as source so it can be gifted to others because it will eventually return. It is simply borrowed energy; you are just borrowing it for a longer period of time. You will feel tired for some time as your body adjusts to the new energy, but I thought you could use it for your journey.

>I honestly never thought that energy could be used in this way.

I really appreciate the time I spent with you and your family, Troy. Consider it partial payment for services rendered!

>Well I accept your gift with grace and appreciation, although none was expected. I feel we both benefited much from our experience together.

As we did, there is much truth in this.

>Your true name is fitting, Akamai, I definitely felt intelligence when I watched you swim.

Thank you, Troy

>I'll talk to you soon.

As you wish. En-joy life!


Goldie/Akamai was the family pet goldfish for two years, and passed away on Saturday the 15th of October at around 10:00 pm. I know the time Goldie passed because I felt a huge surge of energy at that time. While Goldie was alive, she/he swam around the tank frantically and brought our family much joy. We saw an intelligence beyond what you would typically expect from a goldfish.... who are very intelligent fish.

Goldie was "won" at a carnival about 2 years ago. Ever since he/she has been a delightful part of the family, very active and joyful, and beautiful to watch. A "comet" variety, gold colored.

About a month ago, we started a separate tank with "aquasaurs", which are a type of freshwater shrimp. These particular shrimp have not evolved physically in a very long time, which is why they are called aquasaurs. They have a life span of between 60 and 90 days.

About 2 weeks ago, one died, and then shortly thereafter, the other died.

For about a week after that, Goldie was not eating, and swimming listlessly around the tank. Then, Goldie died last weekend. There is, I feel, a significance to the number "3" here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stop Making Choices!

>Jesus, are you there?

I am here Troy, how are you this evening?

>I'm doing fine. Thank you for the message, by the way. Would you be able to explain it further?

It is an idea of sitting in a room full of doors. Rather than taking the doors into other rooms, simply BE in the present, stop making choices.

>Does this relate to the choices we make on incarnation?

Yes it does.

>But, do we not have to die to make that choice in the first place?

You have to choose to get old and then die, or choose to die for that matter.

>We choose to get old?

All the time!

>Um... time seems to be the determining factor here...

Not if there isn't any of it.

>And we choose to die?

Yes, precisely.

>So how do we stop making these choices?

By not making them.

>But... um... isn't our current progress through life not determined by the choices we make? If I simply stop doing everything life still marches on. Responsibilities to others, and all that.

Did I say everything? You're not listening! There are only two choices we are talking about here. And you can stop making these choices right now.

>I can choose not to get old?


>How do I synchronize life with time while still maintaining other responsibilities?

Let spirit guide you along the path through time, let spirit make these choices for you.

>Well I guess I'm doing this to some degree.

Not in relation to time.

>Well that's a problem since I have a job with requirements. If I don't observe time, and I end up not having a job, how do I support my family?

Have you asked for assistance?

>To be independently wealthy?

Yes! Why not!

>Who do I ask?

Your higher self, your guides, whomever you wish!

>And then time becomes something of a non-issue... except I don't see a lot of independently wealthy people who are also independently ageless...

Assigning guidance with time to higher self is something which appears to escape them.

Some see wealth as a burden so they shy away from it, set their sights lower in the hopes of remaining balanced. Equally setting their sights lower on abundance in any form.

>But I could also argue that there are plenty of lightworkers following spirit who are not independently wealthy, and although many of them are beautiful I would hazard to guess that they are not ageless.

Being ageless is an abundance of youth.

>Abundance implies limitation...

To you perhaps at this time. Can you envision infinite youth?

>It sounds kind of boring to be honest. Limiting. For example, if you're eternally youthful at 17, and the driving limit isn't until you're 18, then, well, no driving for you!

You know we're all a heck of a lot older than that, my friend.

>Yes but still it is a valid point. Wouldn't the 17-year old always be wishing that he had waited until he was 18 for immortality?

Not if he doesn't fake his driver's license.... and frankly he wouldn't even have to do that, would he?

>You're kind of making a circular argument, J.

Not at all. He simply chooses to be a certain age and he is that age. I am all the ages I ever was. So if you can be it once, you can be it again. Easy.

>Tomorrow I could be 12?

Choose to be 12, and you will be 12.

Think BIG.

>The movie?

That too!

>Alright J., you're keeping me up... need to go sleep now...

Nope, you would be much more productive if you made the choice that you didn't need sleep.

>You keep telling me that, but I am indeed sleepy the next day.

Did you choose not to be sleepy?

>Goodnight J, I appreciate our connection...

Talk to you soon Troy! 


After I had this discussion, I noticed sympatico with St. Germain...


Monday, October 10, 2011

Flight Training 101 (A Dream)

By Dreamwalker

I was walking through a town with a group of boys, all about 12 years old. The town had a german/ norweigian feel to it, a harbor town with a river feeding to a sea. On the other side of the river I could see a white norweigian castle on top of of the rocky hill of the same gray rock that the town was built on.

As we walked through the town I jumped down to sit cross-legged on the sidewalk and discovered that I briefly floated before landing on the pavement. At the same time, time around me slowed as I tried to cushion my fall. Wow! This is just like Peter Pan! So I tried again, this time floating for a longer time, and I could hold myself there. We arrived back at the cedar chalet we were staying at, and I showed my trick to the other boys. Pretty neat! I was the only one in our group, but they were enthusiastic and encouraging.

Back outside, I tried flying. This time it was slightly higher off the ground, about 4 to 5 feet, and I glided chest first, arms out, again like Peter Pan. As I tried to take more control of the flight process and the dream, I left the dream. Why do I always get kicked out just as I take conscious control?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Heaviness, and Information as a Planet - Selphia

channeled/focused by dreamwalker
Selphia of Telos

>Selphia, you wanted to chat?

I did Troy. You are feeling heavy and this is the feeling of progression that has often been talked about in other areas. Do not fear this as this is a good thing, but it will make life more difficult for you as you feel as though you are going through life with weights tied to your ankles. A bit of exercise will help with this feeling, but it will not completely dissipate as you are out of synch with your surroundings. For you to experience this at this time is beneficial to others because they have yet to experience this feeling. It is not that you more negative than your surroundings but that your surroundings are more dense than you. It will soon catch up, but it is a much slower process for a planet than it is for a human being. Try and keep your spirits elevated. Tell jokes, even if they're bad jokes. Think of things that make you happy or grateful. Sometimes you need to force yourself to find the silver lining in the cloud.

>Selphia, I understand the process you describe... but wouldn't it be easier to simply let go and move with the pace of the planet?

That is really hard to do, and this is happening inasmuch as it can. Impossible to completely achieve this however, and I believe you could find yourself getting stuck as in a bog and not able to get out. For what you are suggesting requires a very fine level of control over one's complete surroundings. It would very likely drive you insane if you were to try to fine-tune it like that. You would need to be "plugged in" 24 hours a day, and at this point you do need a bit of sleep so gains that you would make in this area would be lost. Your guides have in fact been doing this to some degree to even out your surroundings as much as possible without losing ground on what you have achieved so far. Trust them to do their job, expect that occasionally you'll feel some heaviness but it is nothing to be concerned about. Go with the flow and you'll find things evening out.

>Thank you Selphia, I appreciate the advice. How are things going from your perspective?

Really excellent Troy - you've picked up on the fact that the quality of information being released in small amounts, in various areas, are increasing gradually. It is becoming less about shares and more about journalism. And there are some fairly obvious holes in that information that are becoming apparent that others will start to take notice of as well. It is like how scientists can determine where a planet is even if they can't see the planet - its mass will have an effect on other planets around it. So too information operates in the same way. The mass of a lie will affect the things around it. Cloaked stories have other ways of making themselves known, often by the absence of the information that people really take notice. For this reason, not reporting something important is a larger mistake than reporting it.

>That is an interesting way of looking at information.

We enjoy seeing the gradual progression in many areas, and we are monitoring the information coming from the surface. This is observational in nature at this time. This covers more than just news - the arts play an important role in the dissemination of information.

>I appreciate this insight, Selphia, I enjoy our connection.

Thank you, Troy, and keep your chin up, great things are happening around the world, and we're all here to witness it first hand!

>Goodnight, Selphia.

Goodnight Troy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Volatility and Guides - Adama

Adama of Telos
Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

There is nothing you need at this time that isn't provided in some way. Do not be angered by the liberation of your markets, for there will come a time when this will be celebrated. We will catch the problem as it falls and quickly those who can will do something about it. There will be no breakdown in process, supply or materials as these still need to move from point A to point B. Do not fear those who would take all for themselves as they are now being given opportunities to serve others and they see that this is needed so they will, with very few exceptions, act in everyone's best interest.

We are with you at this time, guiding with invisible hands. You are quite correct that we are there beside you helping and guiding. You can feel my hand on your shoulder, in some cases you may not be needed for specific tasks whereas others still need to serve in certain ways. Do not feel bad for not participating as we all have specific roles to play. Your spirit also guides you in a more direct way, and you walk hand in hand with spirit every day whether you know it or not. You are in fact quite active in other areas where in your primary focus now you almost appear, or may seem to feel, to be standing still. You are serving much the same way as we are and we make a good team.

There is a celebration of love and life coming very soon. You may not feel it but we will be celebrating with you. You are the center of attention in the whole unverse at this time, we are waiting expectantly. As you come online, so to speak, so will other systems. You may be feeling the density now as you raise your energy level and this is exactly why it is done gradually. It is what we feel when we are there physically so we must wait awhile longer for our reunion. But as your restlessness grows know that we are with you, and we are here to help the human race, our desire is to join you at your side when you are ready.

>Adama, can you tell me if there's anything that can be done about the "heavy" feeling I'm currently experiencing?

As I mentioned earlier, don't forget to ask for assistance, either from an archetype or from your Self. Some things that you do at this time, which is correct in raising energy levels, will have the apparent "negative" side effect of giving a heavy feeling. This is a shearing of energy patterns, similar to tuning a guitar and a string is slightly out of tune, which causes discomfort. It is the same thing; I have mentioned this earlier but it is good to remember this principle. Do not forget that your guides can provide ongoing assistance as well, as you have been working with them from there and they appreciate this, but there is more that you can be doing with them at this time if you desire.

>Can you give some examples of things I could work with them on?

There are many examples, use your imagination as the best education is one where you discover concepts and ideas for yourself. You can also ask them to show you things as you have done in the past; they enjoy teaching. For example they can help restore your memory when you are ready.

Addressing the concept of archetypes you are partly correct but these energy signatures do indeed exist. It is not a figment of someone's imagination as some would lead you to believe. As you know and have experienced many times before, the light body is the true form of spirit. This can connect to other forms easily because they are of the same form. Telepathy is harder for some because it is connecting cross-form, but well worth trying for the thrill of the "coincidences" that arise as a result.

Thank you Troy for your being.

>Thank you Adama, Namaste.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I AM THAT I AM - thoughts on a phrase

When I ponder "I am that I am" I was thinking about this and it is a fairly complex statement, that is used from other channels (particularly if not exclusively with St. Germaine). At a basic level what it starts out is intent, something like "I am the best football player in the United States" (lots of examples of guys who invoked this and now making many millions of dollars a year). But "I am that I am" is something like the concept of recursion in programming terms. It is embedding intent in another intent. I think it also describes the holographic principle in a way. Everything included around us is included within us, I think therefore I am therefore I am. The template of us is included in the template of us, which is a template of everything. You take any piece of that and you can create the template for anything else, which also includes the template of everything within it.
I've been appreciating the creator (all of us) as being like a lazy programmer; there is a template for everything and it is used for different things. For example, waves of time, waves of sound, waves of light. Same template, different forms. Snowflakes - same template, different forms. Drama, history, human interaction, etc., all has an underlying template with different "skins" on top. Archetypes in psychology, used to analyse your psyche, also translates to interactions you have in real life, also translates to the beings we channel.
Quite a profound idea, it is interesting that programmers have picked this up in their own work so they're basically doing the same thing the creator did in creating the building blocks that make up the universe. Another template! The universe is indeed the ultimate "killer app".

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enjoy Life - Aten

Aten focused by Dreamwalker


Do not be afraid of coming events. There is bounty just around the corner as well as many blessings from your collective family.

>Who is speaking this evening?

This is Aten. You are building your energy and this is good.

>Should I be doing anything in preparation for what is coming?

Nothing is coming that you can't deal with. You're going to have fun. You're going to enjoy life with your family and there will be less nonsense around you than there is now, particularly in the media. You will notice a subtle shift but it will be there. More of a celebration of life and less a celebration of death as it is now.

>I think I would enjoy that change, Aten.

Well I would enjoy that too because this is mostly rubbish, these media activities are purposeless self-feeding and aggrandizement of those who produce it. They will see that it will be more pleasurable to themselves to celebrate life and making money based on activities that do not support this will be less appealing.

>Can you tell me how this shift will come about?

Unity consciousness. It is a small difference at this point. This will grow to where people in your society will enjoy life because others enjoy life. It is in their best interest and spirit to do this, not a cooercive event.

>Can you tell me about 2014?

As I said do not fear this time. You will be taken care of and your communication with your spirit tells you that you have much time left on this planet in your current form and it is so. The details of this event are not predetermined. There will be awe in the majesty of creation as it is revealed.

>I can say Aten that I am already in awe of creation, as many of us here are.

More than that!

>Thank you Aten, that is all the questions I have for now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aeterna the Galaxy

channeled/focused by dreamwalker
Aeterna the Galaxy

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat.

[I see a swirling galaxy in space. It is spinning anti-clockwise from my viewpoint. There are several arms radiating from a large core similar in concept to a sunburst pattern or octopus]

>what is this place you're showing me?

Another galaxy. We are the consciousness of this galaxy. We are Aeterna.

>Are you the galaxy I am talking to?

This is correct.

>Is there something you wanted to share with me at this time?

We are ascending in a similar fashion to you at this time. But as you are a physical entity we are a galaxy. But from the standpoint of oneness it is the same. You are a cosmos represented in physical form. We are a galaxy of physical form. There are individual entities within us.

>An entire galaxy can have consciousness?

This is correct. As your body has cells that do work to maintain the whole, our body has suns and planets and organisms that maintain our whole and contribute to our whole.

>What is the name of this galaxy, in my language?

We have been as yet undiscovered by your species.

>Can you tell me how far away you are from my present location?

93 light years. In your measurements. But you will very soon find that these measurements are somewhat irrelevent although they can still be useful as a point of reference.

>Do you mean "soon" in human terms or "soon" in galactic terms?

Either measurement would suffice, although some of your kind already use devices that exhibit these properties of travel. You will enjoy it once it becomes available to you as it greatly expands the possibilities of your experience.

>I feel already that the possibilities have been expanded exponentially by our contact today.

We feel fortunate to connect with you as well. You are reaching far beyond the limits of what your devices permit, and this is good because it shows the true limitation of these devices. Can you imagine a device that can facilitate instantaneous communication over 93 light years of space time?

>I feel what you are saying is that a device would be somewhat more inefficient.

Correct. It is how galaxies communicate between each other and enjoy the microcosm that makes up their experience. We share these experiences between ourselves and maintain our distances from one another using collective consciousness principles similar to your fish or birds. Occasionally there are collisions when we are not paying attention but these are rare occurances.

>Is a black hole detrimental to your existance?

On the contrary it is the extension of our consciousness to another level.

It is uplifting to us to connect with one such as you. Thank you for your attention.

>The honor is mine! Thank you Aeterna.


Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn't exist (July 19, 2012)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gaming as Life or Simulation?

I am here for anyone who wishes to chat.

(Mikos) I am here, Troy. I wanted to respond to your friend's question regarding video games.

>We haven't spoken in a while, Mikos, it's nice to chat.

(Mikos) It is interesting that she is involved in these games as it is very similar to the simulations we have here in Pathologos. Is there a similarity to life, to reality, being played out in the game? There is some degree of influence over humans, this is an astute observation. But this would skew the understanding that there is 100% control over every human just as every avatar in the game is controlled in some way. This is not true. It is only through freewill choice that humans allow themselves to be controlled in any way; and this can either be an indirect or a direct control depending on its nature. The Vikings referred to this as Ragnarok but it is not that gods are fighting toe-to-toe between themselves. It is a fight for human spirit.

The dark side is only able to get away with it as long as humans give into those controlling elements that allow control; for example, fear, greed, lust, etc. And it is not to say that you're not allowed to feel these things - of course you are, it's what makes you human at this time. But you yourself started to feel the effects of those games on your psyche, on your control. Simply put, it taps into your survival instincts and tells your subconscious: "Flee!" "Fight!" "Struggle!" when your environment has none of these requirements. It is simply awareness that you need to break free of these things; you can still experience them and it is important to experience them to understand them. But you now know that it is happening so you can do something about it. And so whatever controlling elements there may be you have now defeated.

You should understand that the control will still be there in some way but you will be able to do something about it. So what can you do? The most important thing is to connect to spirit and feel the NOW that you are in. You will be able to easily remove rage from your situation. You can ask for healing, or reduce the greed, or anger, or whatever it is that you are feeling at that time. Step away from the situation if you must, communicate what you're doing to those involved and they will understand. This will in turn show them to do the same in another situation. And so you BE what it is that you want from others.

And of course feel free to play those games; they're fun to play and encourage teamwork and group consciousness. They can be a training place for higher abilities in many different ways, whether or not you're aware of this is beside the point of the benefit they bring to the players.

>I get a heavy feeling from some games that I've played - is this an instructional process or is there control going on here?

(Mikos) This is instructional rather than control. Try holding your centering and connecting to spirit while you play the game, and whatever "dark" effects you may be feeling will subside. You see especially games involving killing (for example World of Warcraft) you can see that your ego is kicking in and believes you are actually killing. So you have to override this by centering. You don't incur karma from this act but subconsciously there is fear that you do. I can assure you this is not the case. It is a simulation. It is interesting to note that the game you play is a Jedi game, learning to use the Force. It is correct to think that the game starts "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away" rings true. It demonstrates those who use their power to protect and defend and those who choose to use that power for their own purposes. In your own cycle there are more controls in place to avoid this scenario, although you are also correct in thinking that this same thing is playing out, and has played out, for some time on your planet.

>Thank you Mikos, I appreciate your insight.

(Mikos) Thank you Troy have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frankangela the Tree

Channeled/Focused by Dreamwalker

I AM Frankangela

I AM a tree, outside your window.

It is good to live within your proximity, it is good to be near you as you progress to the end of time, for a time.

I have been both tree and insect, insect in previous life and tree as well. I enjoy both perspectives.

As an insect I appreciated my home, and so I changed my focus to become a tree

And vice versa, as a tree I appreciated those who inhabited my bark and limbs and leaves with respect, and so I changed focus and became an insect

As a tree time and seasons tickle a little as they change; my bark grows. The insects tickle too, and it is happy.

You are connecting it is good

I feel my time in this incarnation may not be that long but it is enough.

You could trim my branches or not, it matters little to me.

I enjoy the warmth of the sun and the cold of the wind.

It is good to hear you there now too, it is good.

Thank you for listening to the tree.

Did you know my neighbor was once a dinosaur? And he was human as well once but now prefers the solitude of tree form because his lives were chaotic before. There is enough going on in the insect world for him now.

(Cross Ref. Dianne Robbins: http://intuitiveconnectionsonline.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/we-trees-are-record-keepers/)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Portal Training, Part 2

By Dreamwalker

This is not channeling or a dream... perhaps it's "lucid dreaming?" I'm wide awake, but things play out inside my head...

Anyhow, last night at around 1:00 am I had another training session with Adama.

I was inside the room in my house (inside my head) that has several picture frames in it. The picture frames contain images of other places. I have been previously instructed that these picture frames are portals to other places... the places that they represent.

So last night Adama showed me one picture frame in particular that led to a small white room with a small oval mirror in it.

So I look in the mirror and nothing's there, it's just gray.

"See if you can see a reflection of yourself." (Adama)

I look, and I see a white glowing ball.

"Okay, now try seeing a reflection of your physical self." (Adama)

I look, but the mirror's just gray.

"Show me my physical self."

I see a broken mirror, with blue eyes and blonde hair staring back at me (I can't see the rest because the mirror is broken).

"That's what I want to be. Show me who I truly am."

A raven stands before the mirror, but the mirror is gray.

"Hmm... is that me?"

"That is an aspect of you, yes." (Adama)

I still can't see myself in the mirror, it's still gray.

"Okay... let's try this: Show me my Highest Christed Consciousness."

I see my physical self in the mirror. I'm smiling back at myself. I'm clean-shaven (which I am currently not!) but otherwise it's me.

"Congratulations! You can now see yourself in the mirror!" (Adama)

The experience ends, and I sleep.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maquabeak and Luminaria

Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker

> I ask for all guides of the highest Christed consciousness who are helping me on this path to identify themselves now.

I AM Adama
I AM Selphia
I AM Mikos
I AM Dreamwalker
I AM Luminaria
I AM White Cloud
I AM Raven
I AM Thunderbird
I AM Maquabeak (White Spirit Bear)

>Thank you, you honor me with your presence

And you honor us with your progress, Troy. You are one of us, as you are all one of us. We are one.

>Maquabeak, I am surprised you are there... but perhaps I shouldn't be as we met once before in a dream.

(Maquabeak) It is too bad we didn't meet in your lifetime but we will meet again. It is wonderful to connect with you Troy, and it is an honor for me to help you on your path. I am here any time you'd like to chat. You do not realize but your recent visit to Cherokee was very important on a much different level. It was being at the right place at the right time. Much happened behind the scenes, and a few things played out in front of you as well. You provided hope to the man you spoke with, even though it seemed to you as if this was not the case. It made him think. It made him "take a step back." That is enough!

>I would have liked to have relayed my revelation regarding Wovoka but perhaps he already knows.

(Maquabeak) He does indeed and you in fact provided confirmation to him on a different level... the subconscious level. He knows, and he will subconsciously pass this to others of the Cherokee Nation. It is the light knowledge that their struggles have not been in vain, that the Cherokee Nation will become one with others on your continent, just as the prophecy predicted. Their desire to see others become as the great Cherokee Nation once was will come to pass.

You are correct in suggesting that in many ways this was and is a more advanced lifestyle to the "European" way of doing things. It is living as one with your environment as opposed to being in opposition with it. This does not mean that you will lose anything in your future, it is an idea rather than a mode. What you are moving towards is a merging of the old and the new - diffusion rather than requirement.

>A few have expressed concern about facing hunger in the coming near future. Can you tell me if this will be a real possibility?

(Maquabeak) You should understand that there are many across your planet now who already face this possibility as a reality. But it is the upper echelons of your society that make this a reality. When these collapse this will have some effect but your galactic friends will be working to cushion the blow. They realize that going through this for North America does not serve any purpose; there may be a few days where the power might go out for an hour or two but this is no different from the storms you currently experience there on the East Coast. Just keep the fridge closed and you'll be fine!

I should also explain that Thunderbird and Raven identified themselves and cannot speak but do protect you. It is why your journeys have often resulted in storms - they are clearing the way, so to speak.

>Well it is certainly nice to have an "armed escort"!

(Maquabeak) We serve and protect, as you serve and protect. Not law enforcement, of course!

>Who is Luminaria?

(Luminaria) I am here, Troy, what would you like to know?

>Where are you?

(L) I am everywhere.

>You are light?

(L) In a manner of speaking, yes, as my name implies! Specifically I am an entity of the 9th level of consciousness, but by everywhere I mean that I am very close to being one with the universe but there is is still separation enough that I can converse with you on a personal level. If I were not it would be as if you were talking to the wind. There would be no difference, but of course it would be much harder for you to understand!

It may get a little confusing for you and your cohorts at your level since there are many ways of describing light. But we still have vestiges of individualism or aspects that set us somewhat apart. It's like looking at slightly different shades of yellow. We are yellow, but you can still tell that these are different shades of the same color.

>Luminaria, it is wonderful to make your acquaintance!

(L) I have not spoken before this but it is nice to have a voice again for a time. We occasionally seek an outlet for our curiosity to the concept of separation in a remembrance of what once was. There is no regret, simply curiosity.

Know that you can reach out at any time and we are all around you. You are touching me now, at this instant. I bring definition to your form, as you bring definition to mine.

>Actually I was touching my nose but I think I get the idea!

(L) You are funny Troy it is wonderful to experience humor that is an aspect of joy. This is important because it is uplifting, and uplift yourself any way and it will uplift others. You all benefit from upliftment.

>Thank you Luminaria, I will talk to you again soon.

(L) Always.

(Maquabeak) Don't be a stranger Troy, we love to chat. Know that you have other guides who did not identify themselves now but have revealed themselves to you and will reveal themselves to you and serve in other capacities.

>I won't Maquabeak, I enjoy any and all connections.


Dorothy Maquabeak Francis: http://ca.bahai.org/francis

(Dorothy was the spiritual teacher of my spiritual teacher.)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Portal Training with Adama (A Lucid Dream)

Last night I had a lucid dream, where I'm wide awake but things play out as if they were a dream, inside my head. The visual is not as clear as it would be in a dream; it's more like remembering something that happened to you. I was thinking about the dream I had a few nights ago...

(Me) So Adama, that portal I saw in Agartha... where is the other side of the portal? Is it here (meaning on earth somewhere)?

(Adama) Let me show you...

I see a room upstairs in my "dream" house (the house I visualize when I think of a house). This is a small room in the house, dimensions a little larger than a hallway, and the walls are painted red. Along the wall that I'm facing are 5 paintings with elaborately carved gold-painted frames, except as I look at them, the paintings are 3-dimensional. They are very similar to the paintings seen in the Harry Potter series, a representation of a completely self-contained world (except there were no people in them).

The gate that I had seen in Agartha was the middle painting. It's a gate with pastel-colored points of light, sitting in the side of a building, outside, surrounded by different statues (including a small dragon statue to the left of it). To the right of it was a painting of a similar gate, except the gate was lying horizontally on the bottom of the ocean floor. The far left painting was a spiral staircase in a stone castle, lit with warm, yellow candlelight. The stone was a beige color.

(Adama) Watch this...

A white outline of a person materialized inside the middle painting, in front of the gate in Agartha. This outline wasn't really a ghost, but a ghost-image of a person, similar to how in video games they create a "ghosted" avatar for instructional purposes (i.e. to show you what to do and how to do it). The avatar moved from the Agartha painting, out into the room, and into the painting to the left of it.  I don't remember what was in this painting.

(Adama) This time I'd like you to follow it.

The avatar was outside the painting to the far left, the castle stairwell. So I followed the avatar into the painting, down the spiral staircase, and this led into an underwater chamber underneath the ocean. The scene was just like the painting I saw earlier to the right of the Agartha gate. A gate lying horizontally on the ocean floor. Immersed in water, I walked up to the gate. As I stood at the location of the gate, air replaced water and a large bubble of air then became air all around me, and replaced the water. At that instant I found myself standing outside the paintings, in the red-painted room inside my dream house.

That was the end of the lucid dream.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Human 2.0

My own perspective of the "end times" is that we should look to recent history to think about how things "end" and new things "begin". From an evolution perspective there is not an abrupt "end" but more of a transition where there are still examples of the old, but there are also examples of the new. And as the new is adopted, fewer examples of the old remain.

TV sets are a great example of this. How many of us own widescreen TVs? How many don't? How many don't even own a TV? Do we view this change of technology as a cataclysmic event? Can we still find examples of old TVs lying around?

How about cars? The VW bug is a great example - a classic car that still exists, but has evolved. It looks kind of like the original, but it's somehow different. A more modern design, a different kind of engine. Maybe you don't have to "roll up" the windows anymore. A better stereo system! (Do you remember 8-tracks???).

I feel the same thing is happening now with the human being. We have modified the world around us to the extent that it is now time for us to adapt to the changes, to evolve with our environment.

There will still be plenty of examples of the "old" but there will also be examples of the "new". Initially there are only a handful of examples of the new, seen as a luxury item. And as the new technology is adopted, fewer examples of the "old" will exist... but there will always be nostalgic holdouts! Those "new" items that were once seen as luxury become everyday items that we take completely for granted. Can you remember walking into a department store and staring in awe at a brand-new widescreen TV, when they were first introduced? How about now? Does that same item still hold the same amount of awe for you?

We clearly didn't fear this new technology, so why should our own evolution be any different? Shouldn't we all be hungering for this change as the true "gadget geeks" that we are?

Meeting Adama in Telos

Last night (July 29, 2011) before going to bed I made a statement of intent to astral travel. And I dreamed that I was in a place with white buildings, with a path running between them, 1950′s / "greek revival" architecture. There was this large dragon statue there, and it transformed into this sparkling doorway of energy. The statue was near a wall with some other plaques and smaller statues, kind of like a very small graveyard. A little way behind me was a group of people dressed in robes, and ADAMA was there, just as he is in the pictures you see of him on the web. This is the first time I have physically met him, and it was just as real as we are.

As I approached him I said, hey Adama come here I’d like to show you something. Sure Troy, let’s go see. So we followed the path back to where the dragon statue was and I said hm, it’s around here somewhere! Then I looked and it had shrunken down to a foot high. But the gate was still there, and Adama told me it can be used any time to go there.



Here’s what the statue looked like but it was made of stone, and more stylized (less detail):


Dragon: Ability to move between worlds, power of fire, protector, represents the connection of the birth of the Universe, exists between the thoughts, longevity, wisdom, infinite. The Red Dragon lives in the center of the Earth.


I found an image of what the portal I saw in Agartha looked like:

“blue apples”… from Rennes Le Chateau


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Light Energy, Ascension, Merlin

>Anyone there who wishes to chat?

Hello Troy this is Selphia.

>Is there anything you'd like to talk about? Can you tell me a bit about current events?

This is part of a process and as you know much of what you see is different from what transpires behind the scenes. Do not be alarmed by anything that is happening; it is all part of a greater plan to ensure humans will live in abundance. In fact some casualty numbers have been fabricated by the dark ones to scare other revolutions from taking place. These have mostly been peaceful although there has been some violence. It is unfortunate that these beings are required to create chaos but this too is part of the awakening process. Some will lay down their lives so that enlightenment may occur. They have a soul-understanding of what is required to energize humanity. In some cases it is violence, in other cases it is chaos, in other cases it is love, and other cases it is the collection of information.

You should explore the roles more, this is an interesting line of thought. We all work with energy in some way; it is light and is easily manipulated. This is technology your planet has but does not capitalize on at this time as much as it could. Certainly more and more people are learning to utilize this energy but devices can also tap into this energy. For example the library here taps into information light energy. There is also crystal energy that can be used to energize and store, as well as attune. You have seen flashes on the horizon that has been part of Gaia's attunement process. This is something we also have been participating in; providing attunement for an entire planet is similar to that of a human being but each merkaba/chakra needs to be slowly brought back online, focused, and cleansed. This is a much slower process for gaia than it would be for a human being but even humans can take time to energize. And I know that many of you on the surface have been participating in this process and it gives us much joy to see this taking place as a team effort with you.

The ascension process is not something to be feared and from your point of view it is actually quite easy. You will not sprout wings and fly, you will not grow and extra head, you will not burst into flames. I am reiterating this because there is still fear surrounding this process. But if you think about it ascension just means rising up. So you are raising your comprehension of the world around you, and taking new forms of information in that would not have been possible or available in other times. It is an evolutionary process and your brain is being bombarded by new information and so it expands to accomodate this. But in this case the information expands outwards into the higher realms as well.

By reaching into these realms with your mind you are connecting with them. That's really all there is to it. There is no hocus pocus; you just have to put your mind through its paces, and be patient. Some old minds resistant to change will be harder to shift than others but centering is an easy thing to do that can help with this. Saying prayers can be another way of centering that is familar with some but to be effective they should extend their repertoire to other traditions, break out of the mold so to speak. If Christian, seek Buddhist wisdom and prayers, for example. Or simply substitute words within your prayers for other words, for example instead of saying "God" say "Great Spirit", instead of saying "Jesus" say "Muhammad". It's quite an easy way to expand your consciousness and understanding, and combats the trap that the fundamental religion lays before you. Put yourself into your comfort zone and then get yourself out of it!

Did you know that the Templars experienced a similar expansion with the crusades, which is why the Crusades happened in the first place. In darkness (chaos) comes light. They experienced another way of life as they lived and fought amongst muslim cities. They tasted new foods and enjoyed new stories. It was those providing peaceful support to the crusaders that provided them with a means to become enlightened to a new way of life and a new way of thinking.

Moving sideways a bit, Merlin and Arthur were indeed both Ascended Masters and they did indeed make a great team. They were in the place that they were to create an opportunity to understand democracy in some fairly dark times. Of course democracy existed in other forms, but it was introduced here as an early taste of what was to come.

I always enjoy talking to you, Troy, have a great evening!

>Thank you Selphia, and you have a great evening too!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Understanding Energy (Jay Bland)


I wanted to provide a link over to Jay Bland's guide because I feel it's a fairly straightforward and readable guide to understanding ideas like meditation, centering, channeling, and out of body experiences (OBE's). For me personally the centering advice has been the most helpful; this guide is his rationale of the process, so it is from his own experience and point of reference.

This process is similar to learning to play an instrument or learning a new sport in that we develop our own technique over time, and it may take some practice. And similar to these other activities, everyone can do it but may be able to do some things more easily than others. Also these skills are not prerequisites to one another - someone may be able to naturally be able to get out of their bodies but not have the slightest inclination to meditate. Along the same lines, you can center without meditating, although some may find it harder to center with distractions around them.

Other areas of interest that are similar to these skills are spiritual healing methods such as Reiki, Martial Arts training, and making "higher self" connections. Reiki training can be helpful for understanding how energy works; level I deals with personal protection, basic healing methods, and understanding of chakras (your body's energy centers). Martial Arts training can be useful for meditation and centering, and building your awareness of your body in the space it occupies. Higher self connections can be defined as your creative energy, and may be experienced by toastmasters when they give speeches without notes, or writers who write an entire novel in the course of a single weekend. It's also known as "being in the zone", something I'm sure many of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

Something that could be seen as prerequisite for channeling is understanding personal energy protection. There are a number of different ways of doing this. One is to use energy to protect yourself; envision a beam of white light coming down from the sky, enveloping all parts of your body, and then down into the earth.  Another way is to state that you wish to connect only with beings of the highest Christed Consciousness before you channel. Using a gatekeeper archetype or entity is another method: you will need to ask an entity you've previously connected with to be your "gatekeeper", and this gatekeeper will assist with connections to other unknown entities. "White Cloud" is apparently one such entity who can help with this.

In my process, I do some basic centering to clear my thoughts; in my case, I think of a white piece of paper. Then, I follow the advice of Peter Pan. I think of something I'm really grateful for or that makes me really happy (for example, my family, or ice cream!), and this provides a clear pathway with which to do other things. I then state my intent in my mind of what I want to do, for example, "I want to heal my back pains using Reiki" (this is the stage where you would want to do your energy protection if you are channeling). And then I would commence to do what I need to do. Note that you may not need to run through this whole process again to do different things unless you feel you need to. Once the energy is flowing it can be tasked for anything you want to accomplish. Statements of intent are not required but can help make the the thing you want to accomplish easier.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ego Training

Channeled / Focused by Dreamwalker
Adama and Selphia of Telos

>I am here if anyone wants to chat.

Hello Troy, how are you doing this evening?

>I am fine Selphia, how are you? I feel you are there with Adama this evening.

(Adama) I am here Troy, it is always nice to chat with you.

I really have nothing to ask tonight, I feel I'm in "support mode" for others currently.

(Adama) you are indeed Troy. It is an important role to play to support those who need it most. You become their eyes and ears when they are focused forward, you can cover their rear, so to speak.

(Selphia) I have enjoyed watching the progress of your friends; an interesting development but everything is on schedule. You may have noticed things "heating up" in the media and this is as they should.

(Adama) I think as things progress humanity will benefit. You are wise to use discernment to handle fear-based messages, thoughts, and feelings. It is simply another way to control you into triggering your ego into play.

Your ego serves a specific purpose but telling you how to act can conflict with your intuition. Trust it and it will serve you well. It takes practice but now you are becoming more aware of its influence and can view the signals from ego with a more discerning eye. That ancient flight instinct is something you can pick up on. Instinct versus intution can sometimes be a matter of life and death so there are times when ego has an important role to play. But you can also use the benefit of time to slow things down, and know when it is time to fly and when it is time to relax. You felt it today with the dog, a very powerful feeling, and yet there was nothing to fear, and your intuition told you this. You also noticed time slow down briefly and this is ego and intuition coming into play together.

(Selphia) You certainly have a way with words, Adama... It's a feeling that you have to trust, but it's also a trigger that will let you play with time.

>What other elements are involved in this process?

(Adama) Temporal, pineal (third eye), intuitive, higher self. Instinctive plays a role as I mentioned as well.

(Selphia) As you may have noticed this process is already second nature to you, but many of these things that you TRY to do at the moment you will fail because your ego has a firm grasp of your reality.

(Adama) This process is tricky at first because you are doing something that your ego tries to correct. It is trying to fit time back into its evenly measured portions, yet time is simply a perception. It is based on a lie.

>Well Adama time is based roughly on our planet's revolution around the sun, is it not?

(Adama) And has been doing so for millions of years before time was invented! Do goldfish wear wristwatches? Of course not! And yet they exist.

>I think they'd probably have trouble making the wristwatch that small...

(Selphia) Think of the tiny little buckles!

(Adama) haha, well yes... and you see you society has indeed started to move away from wearable time pieces because time is becoming passe. It is no longer needed to progress through life. And you might imagine a Jedi warrior would have no use for a wristwatch because he instinctively knows the time. Instinct (ego) can be used in this fashion; you can actually build aspects of your ego to serve a useful purpose, rather than simply letting it run wild over your emotions. And so it becomes a time-keeper... give it a job to do so it doesn't interfere in other aspects of your life.

>That's a very interesting perspective, Adama - like devoting cycles of a computer processor to a specific task.

(Adama) Exactly.

(Selphia) Well Troy you should get off to bed my dear, but enjoy the rest of your evening. Perhaps we can connect in the dreamworld at some point.

>I would like that very much. Many thanks to both of you. I appreciate our chats.

(collectively) As do we, Troy. Good night.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The End of Man's Domain

By Dreamwalker

I was looking around me in the NOW and realizing how accurate it is to say that this is a "masculine" energy cycle. Drive around any city and look around you.

Look at a golf course. It says "this is Man's Domain."

Look at the buildings. "This is Man's Domain."

Look at the malls, the streets, the open spaces. "This is Man's Domain."

Everywhere around you, your environment has been modified by Man (masculine energy) to express its dominion. There is grass being mowed by someone. Trees sculpted to resemble something they're not. Large areas of highway designed to meet the needs of Man's design. Planters to fit nature into a smaller, controlled space.

So how would our surroundings be different if they were to reflect feminine energy? How would they be different if they were to reflect oneness with Gaia?

Would our surroundings be more natural, more random? Would they be less "sculpted" or "controlled" and more "grown"? Would they reflect the need to facilitate natural process rather than mechanical design? How about other creatures within that space? Would habitat be encouraged that would better meet their needs?

Changing even one part of our environment would have an impact on the whole. For example, eliminate roads and you have less roadkill. Eliminate golf courses and you have more natural habitat. Eliminate street lights and you see more stars.

I believe that as we transition to a new age, Man will voluntarily create a civilization that better reflects harmony with gaia. It is a creative organic process that may take many years to develop, but the fact that it is creative and organic is key to how it develops.

So for me, I have no specific vision for the future other than that it be creative and organic in a way that reflects harmony with Gaia, rather than in opposition to it. This is perhaps a greater challenge than simply bending our surroundings to our will, and is an extension of environmental impact assessments that are already becoming a critical part of any new undertaking.

The end result, I believe, is that our surroundings become a tool for uplifting our spirit, rather than simply a place to satisfy our basic wants and needs.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Seed of an Idea

By Dreamwalker

Steve has a garden that he's planted with seeds, and he needs to step back and let the garden grow. The garden can be watered and weeded; if you water too little or too often the plants will die. Weeding is a necessary process but understand that some weeds can be beneficial, others can be harmful (such as invasive species). Beneficial weeds can contribute to the diversity of the garden, so long as they do not detract from the primary seeds you planted.

A gardener must have patience and diligence to let the plants grow. When it is time to harvest, do not forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Celebrate what you have accomplished! And then, a winter will come (a void) after which you may plant some new seeds and the cycle continues.

Planting too many seeds at one time can make harvest more difficult. Planting seeds in the wild is more difficult because there are more competitors for water and light. There is value in sowing a few seeds in fertile ground, but there is also value in learning how those seeds will grow in less than optimal conditions. You may find that some seeds, surprisingly, will do well regardless of where you plant them.