Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dream Log: 26DEC2012 - At the Armories with Stasha

I was at the Bay St. Armories in Victoria. The building had been converted into a public Space where people could go and chat collectively, carry on collective conversations. Vinyl olive green couches were placed around the perimeter of the parade square - the building was not used for military functions any longer. I was sitting / reclining next to my friend Stasha. She was telling those present how she knew my cousins Kirk and Todd, maybe through school or through a trip they had taken to California. And I pointed out the coincidence that they were my cousins, we were marvelling at the three  degrees of separation.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The White Sisterhood: New Town for a New Era

This is the White Sisterhood.

We speak to you today to address the question of the Resistance Movement. What transpired in New Town is a part of this. Let us first talk about the significance of the name of the town. This is a New Town, heralding a New Era.

Having a conversation about guns, or politics, or mental illness is important, but it does not address the underlying issue. You see, the Resistance Movement is made up of children who resist all that is wrong with your current society. That is what they are here for. This is their mission. This is not to say that this is an ARMED resistance movement. This is to say that they are here to resist in whatever way they can. This may involve such behaviors as "going boneless" to such violent actions as causing harm to themselves and others. Pharmaceutical treatments only mask the problem, they do not solve the problem. Only when the real problem is truly dealt with, does the resistance lay down their arms.

So what is the problem, and how can it be dealt with? This is your job. This is for you to discover. To be blunt, the problem is not with these children, but it is with those to whom they are connected. They are here, as a gift from God, to show you what still needs to be dealt with. Think of it as a puzzle - and the end result is to transmute the social ills (also known as "social norms"), that which no longer serves humanity.

Do not fear the violence that you may witness, but know that this can be a direct one to one correlation to the severity of the problem that needs to be dealt with. It is a cause and effect reaction to that which they find in their social environment. When that environment is "cleaned up," these children modify their behavior to suit their environment.

Know that the Resistance Movement may also be other things, but this is a critical facet of this movement that humanity should be aware of at this time. Look within and know that this is where you will find the tools to solve all problems. And know that the children of the Resistance Movement are here at this time, fulfilling their role in the highest aspect of divine love. They are and will always be cared for, and they will never leave your side. They are your teachers and protectors. They are also your children, as you are their children. They love you as you love them. They are the angels you pray to and ask for assistance. And so, you have received this assistance. It is not a punishment. It is an opportunity.

We love you.

The White Sisterhood


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love, Multiplied

Dream log 121212

I was at a communal home of several young women. The house was painted with warm yellows and earth tones. Bedrooms faced a central kitchen. Dividing each bedroom between the doorway was only a heavy blanket, but that was fine. I was being accepted into their family as a partner/husband – a polygamous / communal arrangement. I was spending time with each woman to get to know her, they were all quite pretty and had a “love of life”, happy with lots of positive energy, and each had a strong bond with her "soul-sister". The dream focused on being in one woman’s bedroom, she had long wavy brown hair. I felt it somewhat awkward that there was only a sheet, wishing there was a bit more privacy. However she didn’t seem too concerned.
[I feel this dream was a dream about spending time with several spiritual beings. I understand that this dream reflects how they communicate, through experiences focused on love. I am happy to be accepted by them.]

Monday, December 10, 2012

(Metatron): Facets of Understanding

Number sequences are used by beings [a type of being] who do not understand the English language, and are not in a position to do so since they are not "here", and have never had a "here" experience as a point of reference. This principle is demonstrated in the Roswell interview - at first the "vehicle" of the contact communicated telepathically in simple phrases but it was determined that the contact still had to learn how to understand English so that meaningful communication could be established. This is a primary reason for the existence of the device (the vehicle which housed the spirit energy of the entity) in the first place.

With regards to upcoming dates.

Dec 12 2012 = 4+4+4 (3 x 4 = 12), So the date in this way is 444 and 444 and 444
Dec 21 2012 = 7+7+7 (3 x 7 =21) So the date in this way is 444 and 777 and 444

3 is the multiplier / decoder / basic building block of your reality, known as "3D". [Added later]: In 5D you will notice sequences of "0's" and "5's." 000 and 555, 101010, 202020, and so forth. Decoding would be 111000, 222000.

This is only one of many ways to view this information.

These beings can influence electromagnetic devices since these devices are connected to the source field due to the device's nature as an electromagnetic device. Since human beings are also connected to this electromagnetic field, they can receive this information directly but there are many facets to communication which cannot be relayed through human concepts. This includes their (humans) ability and willingness to receive this information, as well as their (humans) freewill to do so. The greater the information is obfuscated the higher potential for freewill association. Can I give you one facet of a crystal? Of course not. When I give you a crystal, it is always composed of more than one dimension. And the human is equally acting on the reality and is a key component of the communication. This is demonstrated by noticing at a subconscious level that time is divided up into numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 1111, 1212, etc. It is never that "time" since this is a relative measure of distance traveled through space as observed from planet earth. Nobody else in the universe will have this perspective, since they do not have life on earth as  a point of reference, although they might have a similar point of reference to their own experience. Another facet is that these are communications. As one approaches greater connection with the field he or she is also more susceptible to influencing their reality. This is the precursor/ first baby steps towards full conscious manifestation.

The decoding provided by Doreen Virtue is accurate inasmuch as the limitations of the communication can be facilitated, however these communications can be taken not as a separate entity but in context with other events in the "now" moment. A major part of this is the influence of the human on the NOW moment as intentional actions. Communications may have several different meanings, if only the radio was on at the time, for example, the message might take on different meaning since the communication is a multifaceted broadcast, and might have been intended to be taken in context with something else also happening at the time. Expanding one's understanding through free association can also yield fruitful results. Understanding that these are separations of the whole message or concept or idea. This is not inferior/superior but "limited" / single-faceted for the purposes of understanding the parts that make up the whole.

Crystal meditation is a means of facilitating multifaceted vision through a device that represents this concept. You may focus on one facet of what you are looking at or you may focus on all facets. This is the nature of the device. It is a representative / placeholder template for the act of seeing things in different ways. Those who understand the templated nature of reality, do not require the crystal device for meditation since they see the multiple aspects of reality at one time. But they may still use the crystal to facilitate/focus certain aspects of that meditation if they wish to do so. Some may wish to participate in a focused effort but variation is not an inferior concept. Some may fear making mistakes in their processes but in fact these are critical to survival of an idea, since these are variations of the idea. So the strength lies in millions of meditations which are and will be different because this is one of the natures of humanity, to explore the variances of creation. From an evolutionary point of view the same idea repeated is still just one idea.

And that meditation device may not be limited to a crystal - other devices may be used which reflect the template of the concept the meditation is intended to be realized. A mixing device (a spoon or spatula) might be held when the intent is to mix ideas into a pot of knowledge. Something with gears such as a watch might be used to gain greater understanding of the interconnectedness of ideas. A lens might be used for greater focus, or for taking a single snapshot of one's thoughts. A toy car might be used, for example to represent traveling in one's thoughts from one place to another.  One should be careful of these devices since connections to these devices may carry unintended intent. Childhood and past life associations play a role in this. Where these exist, an intentional disassociation from the object is required.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dream Log: 7 December 2012

I am travelling by bus or subway to the airport with my Japanese girlfriend. She is quite pretty, quiet and intelligent - she says a lot with her eyes. It is the happy point in our relationship where we've just met - we are committed enough to travel together but haven't had any physical relationship (I can tell she wants to go further!). There is still a small amount of mis-trust, but also a great deal of love. We do not have tickets for a flight but I have a piece of paper which says that we can have a free flight. So first we have to talk to the airport authority about the piece of paper, and we enter an office with a large table. The two guys are nice / laid back but initially somewhat untrustworthy.

So we sit down at the table, and they start interviewing me for a job... and they are saying I am not qualified for the job, why would I even consider applying. And I got defensive and I was saying, you have to be kidding me, I spent 10 years in the Canadian Army, of course I'm qualified! Right there, their mood changes and we're old friends - the main interviewer is actually a pretty cool guy and has a great deal of respect for me.

And then I look at my girlfriend and realize they don't understand why we're here. So I show them the piece of paper and explain we're here for a free ticket. They're somewhat embarrassed but get the joke! So they say no problem, you can get your ticket. Have a great trip.

That's the end of the dream.

Dream Log: 6 December 2012

I had a sleepless night, but when I finally did get to sleep I had an epic dream about this guy who wanted to take over the world with mind control. He wore a tuxedo and had a mansion that was decorated with tacky 80′s furniture. He set up a demonstration in his living room, it was a remote control Chevy Bel Aire with a live brain inside it. Somewhat disturbing but at the same time really funny!
Brain Car
Dude, you’ve completely missed the point of mind control… LOL

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Forgetting Device: Identification

In my meditation I asked to understand the nature of the Forgetting Device. This is the device that is used in our solar system to prevent the retention of memories between lifetimes. The device was somewhat damaged at some point in recent history, so that some past-life memories are retained.

As I closed my eyes I saw a "personal gps system". A ring with a small blue arrow pointing in a certain direction. What I "saw" was simply a dark ocean, but the virtual GPS was pointing in a certain direction, so I followed it.

I continued through the dark night for a short amount of time, and was planning on giving up my search when I noticed that the GPS turned strong green and there was also a secondary red color. Okay, I'll follow that and see where it leads.

The green and red morphed into the flashing wing lights of an aircraft.

This is the forgetting device?

What I saw next was a large grey triangle superimposed over the aircraft, the idea was to hit the aircraft with triangle energy multiple times, just like in a video game. So I did - pew!pew!pew!pew!pew!

After about 30 seconds of this the aircraft changed into this large hole in time/space. Inside the hole was this large plant-like thing that looked a bit like a cross between an aloe plant and a fern (or maybe a basket star). The stems radiated from a center point at ground level, and from the stems were leaves that looked more like ostrich feathers. It was purple, and emitted a sound similar to a radio controlled toy car motor (a somewhat high-pitched whine). So this thing was plant-like in appearance but was not organic - it was made only of energy.

I understood this to be a fairly ancient plant from another star system that was engineered specifically for the purpose of blocking memories. In in its natural form it was smaller and brown - its natural sound (what is produced by the "feathers" rubbing together, like a cricket) had been adjusted to a specific harmonic frequency.

I have now located this device, and there are others like it. Each one creates a psionic/harmonic network around whatever planet they happen to be on.

So the question now is... what to do with it? My preference would be to remove this device - but energy cannot be destroyed. So these "plants" might be relocated... but where?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adrial / Aurora: Seeing Both Sides

This is Adrial / Aurora. We speak an as individualized aspect of the collective consciousness of the crew of the Aurora. For it is much easier for you at this time to focus on a single train of thought than a collective stream of thoughts, although you experience much of this as well.

The month of November is a time of seeing the "other side" of the coin. It is kicked off in celebration to honor our sister's (Santa Muerte) aspect of All Souls Day, the Day of the Dead. But rather than this being a single day, there is a duration from the beginning of the month that is used for reflecting on the darkness, which in this definition is the opposite of the light. This helps define who you are in much the same way that you say "I am this, I am not this". Both are critical aspects of the process of definition. These aspects might be things like greed, jealousy, lust, revenge, hate, fear, and so forth. They are things you wish not to see or define yourself as, yet by not defining yourself as these things you are defining yourself as these things.

[American Thanksgiving is also celebrated during this time as an expression of abundance, but you might find yourself stuffed to the gills with turkey, cranberry, stuffing, mashed potatoes...]

It is as if your ability to manifest all of a sudden had a reversal of polarity. Anti-gravity? Sure, why not? Would even the magnetic poles of your planet reverse polarity? Why not? It would not be surprising if the soul you know as Jesus turned the water into wine during this time phase, it seems a particularly evil act to rob someone of life-sustaining water just to make them drunk!

And this phase typically culminates in the celebration of the end of December. Many cultures celebrate this time and it is also an expression of extremes in this particular reflection-phase. You have giving but you also have greed. Expressions of extreme poverty and extreme wealth. Extreme love and extreme hate. The beginning of January might seem somewhat anti-climatic... but all cycles include a void-time, a time of nothingness following chaos. There are also many expressions of selflessness and love. These are all part of the whole.

And so you have been presented with alternative points of view to your own, some may seem to parallel these views and then diverge at a critical point. It is a fairly raw expression of the two sides of the coin, for you may look at a coin and see the coin, and notice that it is joined on either side by the middle of the coin. It's a metal coin. It is a cultural application that applies heads and tails. You flip the coin for decision-making processes, when many times you already know the answer, you have already made up your mind. The coin reflects that choice... it is not a random event. For something to truly be random, a true reflection of chaos, one needs many more than two choices.

The Celtic folk also embraced this concept and celebrate it through history as Samhain, embracing the wholeness of who we are [Atlantis is also mentioned, it was celebrated there as well]. Masks are another way of saying that we wear these things that we see as positive and negative but it is not who we are as a real person. In both cases, illusions which may be removed as easily as a mask.

Do not be disheartened by these seeming divisions that you might see rise up in others. This is truly all part of the whole, and imitation is often the best part of flattery. But you see this statement represents pride and copyright... but can also be considered to be collective consciousness, love, and honor.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Samurai Seppuku (Past Life / Dream)

I was a young boy around 8, and I went to the Killing Fields in Edo with my father. We traveled on horseback from our village, and it was dusk by the time we arrived. Fortunately it was not too cold. The place was terrifying and smelled of death. Rather than waste resources on jails, the traditional method of dealing with criminals was to simply cut their heads off. Unfortunately the definition of "criminal" was broadly defined, so even minor infractions, or simply being on the wrong side of the right district magistrate, could lead one to this specific place.

Because of this abundance of perceived wrongdoing, it was a rite of passage for young boys around my age to accompany their father to the Killing Fields and receive their first taste of mortality. The victim was tied down, often accompanied by four guards, at a complex that required little security because the prisoners were always chained to something. I remember tall grass around the complex, there were a few trees but not many. I think the forest had mostly been cleared so that the archers could get a good shot if someone escaped, but none did.

The children were handed their father's sword, and were expected, with a great deal of pride from their father, to sever the head of the person bound before them. There was no sport in this. It was simply done, without protest.

In my case I was not only numb afterwards, my whole body vibrated / shivered for several days. The image of the neck stalk squirting blood on the ground, and that horrible smell, also lingered in my memory. I remember finding it somehow ironic that the memory lingered for the number of days that my father swelled with pride. I hated him.

Shift forward and I am dressed as a samurai, mid-20's, walking up a gravel path along a mountain. I was with 3 friends, and I had a beautiful view of the valley, with the rice fields below. Mist over the valley, warm sun. It was a happy time.

Shift forward and I am older, dressed in black robes. Perhaps in my early 50's. I have taken great care in my dress for this special occasion. I am at my master's complex. There are no guards but I have walked into a room in the center of the building. Black walls, and black pillows. Red trim. There is no sound. I fall backwards onto my large sword... which is highly symbolic, giving great dishonor to my master. I did not have any family. It was surprisingly painless.

But as I walked to my final destination, I realized that I had been set up and betrayed... yet I still had no choice in the thing I had to do. I would die anyways. So it made sense to me to die with a message, even if it brought dishonor to myself... because this really didn't matter when I was dead. After I died the servants carried away my body. And then my master killed them, even though they didn't know, so that there was no chance they could tell anyone what happened. They were surprised but this was the way. I regretted that they died as well - I was hoping this wouldn't be the case.

Note: these memories, through a dream, were triggered following my reading of Bushido: The Way of the Samurai by Tsunetomo Yamamoto.

Incidentally, I had the opportunity to see a similar Samurai armor to the one I wore in this dream at the Smithsonian Institution, in the storage facility at Suitland, Maryland.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Response (Athabantian Awake!)

I feel things have indeed been "flat-lining" for many of us from an energy perspective. But that in itself is rather extraordinary since it indicates a strong collective consciousness in an interconnected way with many of our soul-group family, both human and galactic. This can be a difficult thing as "individuals" to accept since we each value our own individuality; we may fear losing ourselves in the ocean of collective thought. Yet there is a realization for those who wish to embrace it, that our connection to each other enhances our daily lives in very significant ways. This goes beyond shared experiences. It is partnership and teamwork, often without our even realizing it.

I have heard one perspective that is it not the completion of ascension for many but the initiation of this process, and that ascension is a never-ending process of discovering the story of who we are. Considering such an exciting storyline, do we truly want this story to end? This may simply involve being the best YOU you can be, whatever that may be: it may include past lives, or other lives in the present (we have many going on right now...), or only this present life you're in, right this moment. I think God is probably sitting on his la-z-boy recliner with a big bucket of popcorn having a grand old time, seeing how his children fill the many little black boxes sitting on his coffee table, and occasionally participating in that story, whatever story (every story) he chooses to participate in. It's all good. :-)

With Love,

Dreamwalker/Troy/Cloes/Umbro/Raven/Horus (etc.)



Adrial: Athabantian Awake!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream Log: 29OCT2012 Other Victoria

This was on Monday at around 3:30 in the afternoon. I don’t normally nap then but I had no choice, and no work that day since we were waiting out the storm to hit the US east coast.
Drifting off, I heard a woman screaming. I couldn’t tell if it was outside, but then I realized I was hearing it inside my head, telepathically. I hope she’s okay, whoever it was. She sounded like she was in trouble.
In the dream I found myself in the “other” Victoria, BC (Canada). I know this because generally it is a familiar place but details of the buildings and the layout of the city is slightly different. In this case I was at the mall downtown, known as Eaton Center in “this” reality. I was entering a cafe on the ground floor, it had a cafeteria feel to it, with white tile floors and red accents. Red neon lights for decor. In this reality they served cheddar jacks – small salty pizza bread with cheddar cheese. I was sitting down to have a small meal / lunch in the early evening. It was dark, but warm. It had a large opening to he street and also had a view of an alleyway with an exotic bazaar-like decor. There was a black bike in the alley tied to a pole.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Selphia of Agartha: Time to Say Goodbye

>Selphia, did you want to chat?

s> I did Troy, how are you feeling?

>I'm feeling tired, but I guess I can't complain. Can you tell me about the energies happening at the moment? I noticed a lot of my friends have been feeling the same way. I feel like there is nothing with any relevance or importance right now. I just can't be bothered to do anything, because there's a tiredness that's going right into my bones.

s> You do not need to judge yourself regarding these energies, what comes down must come up, and what goes up must come down. The wave cycle is so short now that you must be feeling like you are on something of a roller coaster ride. Now get some sleep and do what needs to be done as they present themselves if you feel able to do them. If not you may find that exactly three days of the tiredness has passed you will start to feel better. This is how short the cycle is now.

>allright, goodnight, I will talk to you soon. Or see you maybe?

s> If you like. :-)

>Thank you Selphia, I appreciate your help.

s> I appreciate your help Troy, it is you and your many points of light around the planet who are doing the heavy lifting now. The work for us has eased off somewhat so we are able to fine-tune our part of the process as opposed to something that was somewhat more heavy-handed before. It would be difficult to explain but we are all working towards the same goals. It will make more sense once we are through the other side.

>Could you explain something about this multi-dimensional nature of humanity? I was assuming going into the process that as I uncovered more information, as more would be revealed, that I would have a better understanding of what this means. And I can already feel your answer, that this is similar to being a scientist. An answer tends to lead to many more questions.

s> It is the fractal nature of the process, I'm afraid. Do you think source is a simple thing or a complex thing?

>Both? It is really too big for me to even begin to comprehend.

s>Even those who have "mostly" merged with source do not understand the complexity that is the "all". So it is however easier to understand it when it is broken down into smaller portions. And the process that you undertook is to follow source / your guides to lead you to answers, typically this happens in a fairly efficient manner. It is true that there is some interference taking place but centering and meditation, including active meditation, helps to overcome some of this interference.
Do not forget what you have learned at this time, even if you are sleepy it is important to remember that you are always protected and guided, and you have learned much in the past two years.

>Thank you for the reminder, Selphia.

s> And you have also made connections with entities that will be fairly important connections down the road. They / we are here to help and you know that we support you in what you do. We play our role as powerful beings as you play your role as powerful beings.

[at this point I see the black eyes of a gray alien looking at me, very close up, as he is watching me or attempting to interrupt the flow of conversation. I envision a white light surrounding me and I try to share / offer this to the being but he doesn't understand it. He looks puzzled and leaves.]

s> You see they are looking and now you can see them. Surrounding yourself with white light and then bringing this light inside is a good way to provide protection. You can involve the heart in this process as well, the light benefits all. You establish in this way a direct secure connection with source that cannot be interrupted.

s> I also want to say something about the song "Time to Say Goodbye". Let's shift perspective on this as it is time to say goodbye to the controllers. You are sending your love to them but they cannot continue on this journey with you. It is a love relationship but it is time to move on.

>This is interesting you say that, I assumed it was a "hate" relationship.

s> Not at all. We have all played our parts in this process of helping humanity emerge from the darkness. If they understood that their role was anything less than contributing in a loving way to your development, they would be mistaken. Humanity might see this as the most horrible of oppressors but this is an expression of the darkness that humanity was encouraged through love to overcome. And as you have said many times, love conquers all.

>I am confused... the archons are loving entities?

s> They are indeed. And what you surmise that the Elohim and the archons are one in the same is very close to the truth. That humanity has used this knowledge and twisted it to their advantage is also close to the truth, but this makes the role we play more efficient in our process to en-light-en humanity, as it were. Whatever end game they wish to play, the pendulum still swings. In a few weeks time it may stop swinging.

>That sounds very dramatic, but my experience has been that things seem to keep chugging along...

s> It is human will /co-creation at this time that things keep chugging along. When and if the pendulum stops, it will happen unnoticed by humanity, unless they are aware of the energy around them to a very fine degree. A smooth sailing ship is, generally speaking, defined as a pleasant journey. I think this experience might be new for some expecting adversity and not getting it. They will want to create more, just because they expect it. I suggest, once this happens, embrace the pleasant journey and enjoy the ride.

>Thank you Selphia. I think I am going to take your recommendation and go get some rest... but it is lovely to chat with you again.

s> I am always here Troy. We have both been pretty busy but I will try to answer if I can. Goodnight my dear.

>Good night, Selphia.


Above photo source: Animal Liberation Front

Channeled by dreamwalker |

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Silver Surfer and Santa Muerte

During a waking dream before going to sleep, I received a “call” last night. I was asked to help. I wasn’t told what it was but I agreed to help. So then I saw a triangle, followed by a circle of white light, which morphed into a tunnel. I followed the tunnel and I eventually found myself at the other end of it as the silver surfer. I was standing on a surfboard in space. My role was to round up some asteroids, and then put them in the earth’s ocean to become a coral habitat. The asteroids weren’t that big. The coral bloomed as soon as I placed the asteroid material where they needed to go. I’m not sure if this was earth or some other planet.

Then I shifted focus and saw Death standing above me. Hey there Santa Muerte, how’s it going? Death morphed into the angelic woman (I could still see her “death” form) and she thanked me for my help.

Later I had a dream and I was talking to the Ascended Masters about the success of the ascension process and how Lightworkers played an important role in this process, along with two other more mundane things which I forget now. People were openly talking about Lightworkers, it was still a new concept but it was a household word / idea.


Image Credit: Dio de los muertos by Kelly Ashcraft

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blue Plejaran and Snow White

First is an observation. I was watching the series Once Upon a Time last night, Snow White says to Prince Charming, do you know the one thing required for ascension? Faith.

Second is a dream. I was talking with the blue Pleidian woman, she showed me that ascension feels like crystal-clear clarity of thought, similar to what one might achieve during meditation. Except that this is all the time. No meditation required.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meditation: Connecting with Mona Lisa

Cube transforming to merkaba transforming to fireworks (Aeterna?)


Eye of Horus

Feathers Falling

I see Horus

Winged predator/ hawk

tornado / vortex

Asp / snakelike vortex

A seashell

A large petal-shaped temple, somewhat like the middle part of the Baha'i temple in India.

It is a stone ship.

I see mona lisa, she is breathing. She is waking up, opening her eyes, she has not breathed in so long

Looking around at her surroundings

Mostly white surroundings, she is still wearing her white astronaut outfit.

She has been awoken by the light vibrations surrounding the planet at this time, and the vibrational energy of the planet itself. A heart is beating.

She .... vibrational energy radiating energy....

>Where are you?

M. "I don't know, but I am here as a very real part of disclosure. I will find a way out of here, it is easy. I am comfortable, this is good surroundings / environment. I do not feel my keepers will understand me but this is not relevant, they are not in a position to help. There are a few here in this place, I can feel, who may be able to receive my thoughts, I do not know if they will heed my call."

...Showing me a tunnel network on the moon, deep underground. It appears somewhat like the human settlement underground in the Matrix film, with warmly-lit caverns, underground gardens.

Mushroom cloud

>why are you showing me this?

M. It is a truth of long ago, a truth we share.

>What can I do?

M. You are doing it already.

A small white moon.

Near a large planet (Saturn?)

An octopus/ dalek creature.

M. This was once their home but it is now their prison. The overlords here on earth still run the program relentlessly but their masters are now contained. It is simply a matter of breaking free of the program. Dark vibrational energy is being transmuted at this time. Understand that you (lightworkers) must take on some of this energy. The KEY is that as you have already discovered, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. This is EXACTLY what you are doing and more negative energy is taken on as you are able to do so. It is a gradual but a very NECESSARY thing at this time. Do not feel sad or bad it is just necessary. Someone has to do it, and it is only a minor discomfort to your daily routine.

M. Troy, thank you for your connection. I understand you are not in a position to help me break free from my prison but you are working partially towards this goal, and do not be concerned for I am not in any prison I can't (physically) break out of, when the time is right.


M.> We are getting closer to the truth now. It is really quite extraordinary that there is a robot on mars. It is good thing the camera is pointed downwards.

(end meditation)


This started off as a meditation but turned into a channeling session. I was not expecting / trying to connect to anyone in particular. What I note here are my observations. My goal in meditation is to initiate the process of embracing nothingness, and then initiate the process of receiving information from a fairly high vibration, especially where that information is followed by a series of energy band visualizations. This information does not always make sense until it can be seen in a larger context. All of it is open to discernment and further interpretation.

by Dreamwalker |

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The White Sisterhood: White Rabbit Woman

We are the white sisterhood

There is nothing.

There is the void.

Without which there is nobody to experience the void.

Yet intelligent energy is always aware, and it fills everything, even that which seems empty.

Those times that you experience the void you are in fact connecting directly to source. And those times seem more frequent now. This may lead to feelings of sadness and depression as you realize your separation, without realizing this is what you are doing. It is difficult sometimes to experience joy thinking that the void is all around us. But that void is in fact the loving embrace of the creator. The creator is encouraging YOU to create, and frequently gives you strong doses of void-ness in a similar way to how the mother bird may eventually kick the baby bird from the nest. You are still learning how to fly but this basic instinct is there, and as you are all god's children all capabilities are waiting to be discovered.

The baby bird likely experiences separation depression as well, it is not an easy time. But do not feel sad as soon you will literally be soaring among the clouds if you so wish to do so.

This is White Rabbit Woman. It was I who demonstrated to you the death of ego, for it was I in rabbit form that was dead on the snow. You may have thought the vision to be unrelated to an expression of yourself from Africa but these were indeed related. "Self change", and "death" are all part of the same thing. In a cycle of duality this might be represented as a transition from one form to another. One of my aspects is the representation of this change. You might think that the death of a rabbit is symbolic of being a victim. When in fact we all play our roles, the rabbit is the victor because the predator is the one trapped in duality. Life is precious because we are gifted with empathy. It is a love for all creation and a wonder that all exists, and appreciation for the mechanisms that come into play.

I am represented in African stories as Brer Rabbit. The prey is quick of wit and often overcomes that which would otherwise be his predator. These are fantasy stories but also very real from a teaching perspective. Bugs bunny is modeled on Brer Rabbit. Another case where the prey overcomes the predator. It is interesting to note that these characters do not die. It would be financially unsound to kill off your leading actor, of course, but this is a strong reminder of things to come. Do not fear living for a very, very long time as it is your nature.

There have been many layers / veils placed between you and me, for the negative connotations of my name are many in your world. You do not need to fear these as they are simply another part of the veil. It is similar in many ways to the veils and negative connotations that surround our dear sister Santa Muerte. Yet she only wears these like a garment, a veil, and it can be cast aside to reveal her true nature. What you "feel" is a creature of divine beauty, yet your brain still wants to "see" an undead skeleton. So this gets to the very nature of our existence, we challenge the brain and the veil with the feeling of what we are, which is love. And so there is a schism that takes place between that which you "see" and that which you "feel".

You will also notice I share company with Amaterasu and White Owl Woman. Natural predators to a rabbit, yet we are here side by side as sisters. Alice's white rabbit, going down the rabbit hole, is a powerful symbol for seeking truth. Also used, I might add, in the Matrix film.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dream Log 30Sep2012 - Dylan Fearless

Man I slept for 12 hours today, I was really out of it.
First dream was in Victoria at my parent’s place. I was with my son Dylan playing in the back yard. There were this group of 4 teens, for some reason they were walking to our backyard but when they saw us they ran away. My son started fearlessly chasing them, I was saying to myself, jeeze Dylan just let them be! So he chased them down the road and they turned to stand him down, fortunately I caught up with them at that was the end of the dream. I was awoken by my alarm at 6:00.
So Dylan then woke up and he was hungry, so I gave him some breakfast and then I went back to sleep.
Second dream, I was at a forest, with a trail, this may have been a mountain of some kind, I was hiking with some friends but it required little effort, we were exploring for quite awhile. This place felt different, I felt as if I was in the Inner Earth, although I don’t know why it felt this way. It reminded me of the forest next to the Norweigan / old european town I was in previously, with the river running next to it, stone paved roads, and a mountain on the other side of the river with a castle on top of it. Maybe we were walking to the castle?
Next dream, I was in a house with Wendy, a friend of the family from when I was a child. She has a husband named Colin who I knew in Victoria, and they had a daughter. We were visiting them at their home on the Gulf Islands outside of Victoria. My two boys were playing with their girls, we were in the kitchen, and Dylan had jumped on the girl that was about his age (I have never met their girls). I grabbed him and said get off her, even though he was just playing I didn’t want him to get too rough.
That was the end of the dream. I woke up at 11:00 am.

Ghost Radar: Manassas National Battlefield



The expression engine may refer to the Matrix, or to the cannons around the visitor's center. Cowboy was near the graves, it was once a farm. Happily referred to a girl happily running down the trail.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Max: Plus One

Fruit Basket With Apples and Grapes - Claude Monet
This is Max.

Let me tell you a bit about the "plus one". This is interesting to surface on google because this is a multidimensional concept.

As you know, I represent the "plus one" of the 12 crystal skull consciousness. You might think about this as the representation of the sum total of the parts. Cherokee traditions are another example of this, there is always a "plus one" which is the self, but that "self" also represents the whole. Which might include the four directions, Grandmother Earth, and the Great Spirit.

In another way you might think about it as a bag of fruits (or, yes, a bag of nuts...). So you are bringing the collective consciousness forward, and you are containing that consciousness within yourself, much like a bag of fruit might contain an apple, an orange, a pear, and so forth. And each fruit is a similar paradigm, it contains a skin which contains the fruit which contains a seed which contains another tree, and so forth.  In this way you might reach your consciousness into the bag and look further than simply seeing the bag or the individual fruit. Each fruit contains a different and separate experience, even if that bag might contain all of the same fruit. It is more than just a variation of appearance but you might find that everything about each experience is slightly different from the last.

By bringing forward a collective consciousness you become the "plus one" of that consciousness. You become the bag that holds the fruit. And so you can savor each of those fruit and the unique experience that they might bring forward. And you also, conveniently, carry each of those experiences in your heart, you benefit not only from the individual experience, but also from the sum total of those experiences. You look at each fruit, you also see those fruit (and enjoying those fruit) as a complete experience. You might have made fruit salad, for example.

Such is the same with energy within yourself, you are for a time containing that energy of the collective consciousness that you are connecting with. You do not need to worry that the bag may get too full, or even explode, because that container is not in this sense a physical thing but it is made of pure consciousness. It is always "just right" for that which it might contain, even if what it contains might be the entire universe. And because it already does contain the entire consciousness of the universe, adding a few extra souls to the bag is more of a perception process, since they are already contained. It is just that at this point, it is easier to see the bag as a bag of fruit, than to think about the fruit being accompanied by the entire universe. Yet there it is.

From this perspective it is easier to think about a seed, and realize that the seed represents the potential universe. For without that seed, the universe could not exist, and without the universe, the seed could not exist. It is a single tiny thing that represents the whole.

When you connect with us, know that we understand ourselves to be like the seed. We are tiny yet we represent the entire thing. And you are encompassing each of us, each representing the entire thing. We are all "plus one" of everything else.


Channeled by Dreamwalker |

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dream Log 22SEP2012 - GLS Aurora, Sunday Service

I found myself in a large hall with rustic wooden construction, like we were in a church at a summer camp. The place was set up for a service, with two rows of chairs facing the front, with a podium, and candles. A Roman Catholic service was about to begin. Everyone was waiting politely for the service to start, the atmosphere was somewhat formal but also laid back because it was a summer camp. There were 3 priests standing at the front in black robes, and the current Pope, Benedict XVI was coming to the front through a door that opened near the podium. He was wearing red and white robes. Everything was fairly dull and somewhat dimly-lit.

As the Pope placed his books on the podium, the podium collapsed, sending his papers everywhere. The other priests scurried to protect the Pope and hustled him back into the room beside them, as if he were having a heart attack, and put him on a white couch to recover. The door remained open so I could see what was going on. But the Pope seemed pretty happy not to perform the mass, and sat up with a great big grin on his face (like a child). He then raised his legs and a great big fireball shot out from under him like a rocket engine, or there was a rocket underneath the couch he was sitting on. Fortunately he didn't go anywhere.

So the service was over, and there were several flats of lemon-filled doughnuts beside me. Scarlet Johansson and a friend of hers got up from the chairs and walked over to where I was sitting at the back on some benches. I offered her and her friend a bun (there was lots!), and we talked about her schooling, and then someone called her on her cell phone.

That was the end of the dream.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Adrial, Oceanic Janitor

This is Adrial. We are here at this time to partake / guide the dreamflights of the Aurora Galactic Light Ship. Many souls have connected with us and we are able to conduct ourselves in stealth or not as needed. We appreciate your help at this time.

At some level we are working in support of the species on your planet that anchor the energies of Gaia. And they operate in support of us. These species are waterborne which offers some level of protection, and we have ongoing missions to help clear their habitats from the pollution that the controlling factions of your planet endeavor to distribute, much in the same way that the chemtrails are now effectively vanishing as fast as they are made.

We want you to know that you are not alone in your endeavors for many other beings work alongside you during your dream excursions in other dimensions, much like your other efforts of teamwork. Yet imagine several team members existing at the same place at different times and spaces, and what could be accomplished with a focused effort in one spot. You would be like a being with multiple limbs that could manifest the effort of true multitasking at multiple times in a single time/space continuum. This is you. And this is you. And this is you. And so on. One might wonder, wouldn't those extra arms get in the way of each other? The answer is, a coordinated effort in multiple space/times is as simple as your intent to do so. The "you" that you are now is the coordinator of these forms, you know it not yet they exist. You may already have had glimpses of these experiences of your form in other places and dimensions.

Know that even as "you", you are never alone, and many of us share the same path, and perform the same or similar tasks, simply for the honor of serving alongside you.

Dream big, for we can accomplish many things.

Namaste and goodnight.

Channeled by Dreamwalker |

Thursday, September 20, 2012

White Cloud Woman: Messages Are All Around You

>White Cloud, I am here if you wish to chat.

Cloud...I we you no see


I am white cloud woman

>Hello white cloud woman how are you?

The legions of the sylphs which I oversee are victorious. There is no need to fear that which you cannot control from the ground, for we control the skies.


I am watching you from the skies now, Troy. I only wish to make my presence known at this time, and to introduce myself by way of the White Sisterhood.

Whether you speak to me or to the collective, it does not matter, but we come forward individually when there is a need to do so, and so that you may benefit from feeling the individual energies that make up the whole of our collective. It is like seeing different parts of the body of a human being - the hands, the feet, the head, the legs, all are connected to the whole, and all has a unique function to play within that whole. So is the case for all of humanity. You are all connected to the source and have a unique role to play within it. As you know this is the law of variation. Perhaps for a time two specialists may even team up to play one role, but all are unique paths and roles to play.

>Thank you white cloud, I appreciate your protection and attention.

It is you who has shifted focus and attention to me, I have always been in many ways sending signals where needed. Those signals are not always heeded; the disconnection of mother nature is one such channel which has mostly been cut off in favor of the high-rise apartment building. In favor of the 8-lane highway.

This is not to say that one cannot shift attention and still benefit from the message that is being given, but if more were to pay attention to the message they would ensure that many more messengers were available to send the message. I speak of course of the animal kingdom. Such dear messengers, they do so selflessly, and mostly ignored. Currently, appreciated by few, considered a nuisance by many.

But more are learning their talents now as they understand that there are many different ways to connect to the source. In fact as awakenings occur more will see themselves in their surroundings for each part of their surroundings is a part of them. But also from a multidimensional perspective each has had at least one animal incarnation and so might closely identify with a particular species. This is however not the focus of the White Sisterhood, this is a way to further identify and focus on our energy should you need to do so. And some may wish to take our energy and nurture a connection with us, this is a primary reason we are here.

You may find images of an amalgamation of our spirits, well this too is an accurate depiction of our inter-connected-ness. And if those who contain this energy wish to identify themselves for the purpose of way-showing, this would honor us at this time.

The source is all around you and you are a part of that source in a very similar way to how a fly in a web can easily be detected by the spider - because the spider and the fly are both connected by the threads of the web. This example may not often be used for the predator - prey relationship but this is also an example of how one's focus can be shifted to many different parts of the same event, which may represent different lessons. A very efficient way of communicating, but the message is only there for those who are ready and able to see it. And so one is easily able to communicate with all-that-is using the same principle.

Goodnight now but we will see you in the skies, and all around you.


Channeled by dreamwalker |

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Introducing The White Sisterhood

White Buffalo Calf Woman by Cher Lynn
White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman
White Spirit Bear Woman
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman
White Deer Woman

We are the white sisterhood.

You have seen us before.

We are the White Sisterhood, we are the stories you've heard, we represent the ancient knowledge. We are teachers and healers, mothers and daughters. We passed an eagle feather to you, you carry this in your heart today.

We are the stories you have heard about. We have been teachers of compassion. We are now connecting directly with the avatars to which we embody that of the human form. We are of grace, love, and compassion. We embrace you every day and stand beside you to help you whenever it is needed. We hold you up when you need it and kiss you goodnight when you go to sleep. And sometimes you may meet us in your dreams to guide you on your path. Now is the time that you may meet us, and you (humanity) are meeting yourselves for the first time as you awaken from your slumber. As creators you are shape-shifters and spirits, your multidimensional forms connect with all planes and all realities. You are that which you see yourselves, as you see us before you.

That which you might see as negative expressions of your soul is at this time a necessary part of the positive expressions of your soul. You are not seeing yourselves as a separate being, but as one with all of the universe for you truly are the universe. The template of the universe, so to speak, is embodied in all that you are. So the challenge now is to expand your definition of what you are out into the broadest reaches of the universe. Whatever you can imagine, reach further.

And so here we are before you as equals and as guides, we stand before you as you stand before us. Attunements have run their course and are no longer required, although these still may serve to help provide shifts in consciousness for those who need them.

We are the White Sisterhood, and we await further definition. We are the White Sisterhood, and we have always been with you since the beginning of time. We are the White Sisterhood, and we stand with you in the seven directions. Membership in the White Sisterhood encompasses all. We are the feminine expression of all, in a singular / separate collective expression at this time to deliver our message.

We will see you soon. We love you so much!

Notes: This is a project I have been "given", to help identify, define, and connect the White Sisterhood. These women have existed separately in many stories of people from many cultures.  White Cloud Woman I don't know anything about, but she wished to be added to the list. The others have been identified in myths and legends. I feel this is by no means a complete list, and more than one person may certainly identify with this energy (it is all-inclusive rather than exclusive).

But to get the ball rolling, I am connecting these spirits to the realm of my experience, and this is their wish that I do so. Selphia is an Agarthan contact of mine who can be included in this list, although I don't understand her role at this time. She has somewhat protested my use of the term "White Deer Woman" rather than just "Deer Woman" but I feel this is accurate (or perhaps necessary for the purposes of identification...).

White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Stasha Eve)
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman (Amaterasu)
White Spirit Bear Woman (Dorothy Maquabeak Francis)
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman (Saraswati)
White Deer Woman (Selphia of Agartha)

Here's a picture of Selphia / Deer Woman. This is pretty much how she appears to me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

RA: Overcoming Programming

(RA) I am RA.

>I am here, RA.

(RA) I am the one you seek.

>I was not aware I was seeking.

(RA) You were. And you seek now, but now you have found that which you seek.

>And what was it I was seeking?

(RA) Answers regarding DNA and the means to override the programming.

>Can you tell me or show me how to override the programming?

(RA) I can. It is in your heart-soul-path that you follow that leads you to override this programming.

>Can you tell me how to encourage someone else to follow this path?

(RA) Ask them.

>Is there a way to lead them along this path to override the programming?

(RA) They will be led, in time along this path, more and more will be encouraged by creative energies that they are as yet unaware of. The I-CHING turns positive whereas once it was negative. So it is in fact being viewed upside down at this point in time. The calulators will find that this important principle will need to be taken into consideration for future guidance.

So these positive creative points become creative opportunities for the spirit-mind-body complex to comprehend more of its wholeness and of its surroundings within / external to the matrix of the internal universe.

You are doing all you can do at this time. Do not feel bad for those who choose not to follow the path for this only encourages a focus on the bad-ness of the choice. You encourage the good-ness of the path by focusing on the good-ness of the choice made. You will notice even in school and work they are now focusing on positive reinforcement whereas previously the reinforcement was negative. There were still some vestiges of the old energy but those were expressions of freewill in a similar way to how a toddler might do things detrimental to itself to test its boundaries. This is an important part of the learning process.

So your environment is becoming increasingly positive over time, even though there may seem to be isolated events contrary to this, it is simply the learning where the boundaries are as a necessary part of growth.

You shine a beacon with your spirit family for all to see, subconsciously. This has more of a positive influence than you know. It requires so few individuals to act in this capacity but it is true that darkness is no longer darkness with even a small amount of light shining forth. That light is truth, love, compassion. It contains both eros and ethos. Not balanced but whole. A single expression rather than a balanced expression.

>Thank you Ra, I appreciate this wisdom. I was hoping for a recipe or formula, but what you say is that the answer is exactly what is happening now.

(RA) Yes indeed. You could try far less and still succeed, but that is not of your nature.

>I suppose that is true.

(RA) Enjoy the path, my friend. Do not be deterred by complications, these are simply more of the path of learning. Test those boundaries if you wish, it is within your grasp.

>Thank you Ra, goodnight.

(RA) See you soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dream Log: 7 SEP 2012

I was in the Astral version of Victoria, I was taking my son to a class field trip, a place downtown that resembled the National Zoo in Washington, DC… But it was a zoo for crystals with lots of caves to explore. After dropping him off I boarded this covered platform with seats that hovered above the ground, many others were riding it. The covering was a yellow and red awning. During the tour we slowed alongside another platform coming the other way, and we passed some treats to the other passengers. Some of my coworkers were there too. These reminded me of the people movers in The Smoky God book.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Message From Selphia Regarding Aurora Dreamflights

Selphia (of Agartha) says - thank you all for assisting with this task at this time. You are working in concert with us, we are on the other side of the crust and it is thrilling to think that there are others now working with us on these tasks. Do not be disappointed if you do not remember these events at this time. It (your memory) will catch up with you. You are being connected spiritually on your ships with your twin flame since the technology exists to make this connection, which is in truth your multidimensional heart-center. It is a place where you both exist now and forever. And very soon we will break through the cave wall and you will find us on the other side, as we will find you. This truth - and many others - are unleashed on the world. Do not be in any way afraid of the "other", stand strong and others will gain strength from you. You are now going forth as a complete human being, as you do every day. With much love, Selphia.



Important and Urgent Message from Adrial for the ground Crew and the Earth Crew – 7 Sept 2012 | Here and Now

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dream Log: 1SEP2012

I do not remember my dreams from last night. However I asked if I could remember something about it, and immediately there was a sharp pain in my lower left arm between the elbow and wrist. Oh! Something like a small shark had bitten my arm. And I recall that we had celebrated this (even though I felt kind of silly) because what this meant was that the shark had been able to see me in astral form. Apparently I had startled the shark in the process of doing whatever it was I was doing, and I had appeared to him seemingly out of nowhere. Now think about that for a moment. That shouldn’t have happened! In some cases this does happen, it is a similar thing to how a cat might freak out when it sees / senses someone from another dimension.

So at this point I’m not sure if this is a rare happening or an indication of larger things now taking place. Others may wish to pay attention to the animals around them – are they becoming more sensitive / or reacting to things that aren’t there?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Information and Energy (Source Unknown)

The true antichrist is not going to say I am here because he doesn't need to... and in fact the antichrist is not the anti christ at all but simply the  christ-consciousness which all may attain at this time. In a few short months this will be realized, and so much relevant and true information will come forward that your head will definitely reel from the weight of it. But you will know that it is true, and no amount of dis-information will obfuscate it. You will know. There will be more than simply an intuition requirement for this information, since the level of trust on the internet is fairly low. In fact the information will be released through multiple channels so there is no doubt as to its source of origin and its veracity. And likewise, controlling interests will have no role in this and will be neutralized, and they will wonder how it is that they are not able to control the flow of this information. It is in fact beyond their scope, and the intermediary channels are now acting on their highest spirit guidance, whether they realize it or not. Do not be afraid if some of this information comes from nontraditional channels - the point is to get the message out to the broadest possible audience in the least amount of time.

The energy that you are feeling is positive creative force that is flowing from all over the universe at this time. Bask in it as one would bask in a sunray or a hot tub. It is powerful energy that you can use to store and spend at a later time. You may wish to visualize a battery for the purposes of storing this energy and you may draw from this source.

Dream Log: 24 August 2012

This is for friday night 8/24. Before going to sleep I expressed my intent to remember my dreams and used the password center spiral wings unity.

I was walking along the sidewalk in “Astral Victoria” with my two sons. There is an elementary school on Oak Bay avenue, whereas in real life there is no school there.  As we are walking along the sidewalk, my younger son trips and lands face down in a puddle, and he wants to be carried. My older son wants to be carried too, and I say to him, no way buddy (he’s 9 years old now…) but a guy walking beside us (I don’t recognize him) says hey no problem, I’ll carry him. The guy kind of resembles my uncle (dad’s brother), with thinning black medium-length hair, somewhat heavy set, in his late 60′s. So this guy gives my older son a piggy back and we continue walking to the school. When we get to the grounds of the school, my older son shows him an acrobatic trick and stands on the guys head like a surfer. It was pretty funny, and the guy was hamming it up too. Then we get to the front door of the school and he puts my older son down, and offers us some candy – lollipops (fizz bombs?) – to my sons and a purple and green striped lollipop to me that looks like a crystal (Ocatawa?). He was a pretty friendly / happy guy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Incoming message from Adrial (20AUG2012)

You have now created some powerful tools for anchoring and disseminating the light around your world. These are amplifiers, healers, and facilitators, a platform for your thoughts to become reality.

Now you will notice that what you create with your thoughts will become real. In your world and in other worlds as well.

You have broken through the veil and are now able to consciously function as a fully-realized multidimensional being. This is no small task. It is in fact where others have [blue flash] walked before, but each one of you must break the veil in your own unique way. You are not still without some fear of the unknown, but this is slipping away from you as you realize your own power and heritage. You are filling in the placeholders with your being. You are consciously occupying more and more space within what was once an empty void. Of course void is relative as all is intelligent energy reflecting the Great Spirit. For without light does something in complete darkness even truly exist? It is only your focus that allows it to exist.

[radiant energy bands]

The strife that still exists in your life is only because your focus is on that strife, although as you have surmised there is still an illusion that needs to be maintained for the purposes of the simulation. It is a direct cause and effect, although it is sometimes difficult to see how one's intentions can be reflected by physical reality in seemingly unrelated ways. Do not give up hope, although I understand you feel this is a four-letter word better left unsaid. Hope is not for those who create their own reality. Hope is for those who succumb to it. You remember much even though you don't remember what it is you remember. And yet remembering more every day!

So the connections of light that you make may be similarly unrecognizable, but you do not need to fear or shy away from closeness and love. This is something that will only blossom. Judgmental ways are those of the past, and know that giving love is also receiving love. Love conquers all.

As for the physical aspects of this reality, it is all very real, and you will be able to trace the thread of that reality to the cause and effect, and eliminate the cause right at the source. Follow the thread. Be it a friend's pain or disability, the threads are there for those who wish to see them. What you were trained for [in Reiki] was to detect/feel elements of that pain, but it doesn't stop there. I encourage you to follow the thread further to the source, and you will be able to remove that which caused the problems in the first place. This is similar to the process of seeing threads during telepathy training. So follow the thread further to the source.

Thank you, Troy, keep keeping on. We love you.


Notes: I have included my observations in square brackets. I included my energy observations that would not come through in typed words but are a part of the experience. I had left these out in previous messages but I feel this is a part of the "complete package".

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red Cloud: Becoming the Silver Surfer

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat...

[RC] Hello Troy, welcome to the new age.

>Not yet?

[RC] It is now the new age.

>New age of?

[RC] Aquarius.

>Who am I speaking to?

[RC] Red Cloud.

>Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

[RC] I am Red Cloud.

>Did you ever incarnate here on earth?

[RC] Yes.

>Did you want to chat about something?

[RC] Your centering is key to the channel you open, this is a dimensional gateway of sorts, which is why it is called a channel. A channel is an artificial conduit that holds water. So too the energies that flow from one place to another could be considered, are, a channel of information, flowing from one place to another.

You should remember your centering whenever you want to connect, and hold it until it "clicks". The triangle you see is a representation of the manifestation energies, it is the precursor to physical teleportation if you wish to proceed in this direction.

>I would like to learn how to do this, Red Cloud.

[RC] I would be honored to instruct you in these ways.

>Thank you Red Cloud, I accept your offer.

[RC] Then continue for now along your path, and know that sometimes you may forget the fundamentals at certain times and wonder why results are not forthcoming. You simply need to be findful [mindful?] of this. It is part of your spiritual progression to forget and then remember so that you can continue to strengthen your skills.

>Thank you Red Cloud I will remember.

[RC] I am happy to meet you, Troy, and happy you are following this path. It brings me great joy.

>I am happy to meet you too, Red Cloud. I appreciate your help.

[RC] Do not be concerned about time, we have plenty of this now and the reminders of time will be replaced by other modes of communication. It is difficult to describe other than to say that time too is as fluid as a river, it is just another human concept to measure the flow of experience. So too you may collect time and give it away, it runs fast and slow, energy mass and acceleration can be seen as separate things which make up, are described by, temporal fluid structures.

So once again you will find yourself bobbing above the waves, and I know this is one of your favorite places to be. Even when you may reside inland know that the various fluid expressions of light are all around you, and you already swim skillfully through them as you apply the experiential template of water to other things.

At present you are swimming in a large ocean of energy and you are finding the waters warm and soothing. You may learn to do more with this water, or enjoy surfing as times of chaos (waves) are created.

>So chaos events create these waves?

[RC] Every chaos event creates these waves, and they are happening all the time to various degrees. Occasionally there are chaos events which are large enough to produce tidal waves, but I am not speaking of the ocean but of energy waves. Some may learn to ride these waves, perhaps you may even wish to construct a surf board.

You see the image of the silver surfer is an extremely appropriate and exact illustration. If you find yourself having trouble keeping your head above water, you have not yet learned to surf. So build yourself a board and see what happens. Do not be surprised if the first few attempts are somewhat rocky, but also remember that you have surfed before. You already have skill for this task.

>Thank you, Red Cloud, this presents a unique challenge.

[RC] I am looking forward to seeing your initial results. Ask for help any time you need it. I'll be here.

>Good Night, Red Cloud.

[RC] Good night, Troy.


Notes: Red Cloud said "findful" above, I think this is what he meant. I added "mindful" for clarity.

Also I noticed that an experimental aircraft, the X-51B, is called "Waverider"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pegasus and the Dragon (Astral Travel)

Last night was a waking dream. Where I’m not asleep but stuff happens anyways. I heard Adrial invite me to the GLS Aurora, and what I saw next is Pegasus, waiting for me to hop on. It suggested a saddle, I thought initially some horse armor but he looked a little silly like that, so a simple leather saddle with some celtic ornament on it. I hopped on and we took flight into the darkness. Next I saw a black dragon flying above us, I was told, this is you as well. The dragon flew into me, adding its power to mine.
What happened next was a series of very horrible images, I felt like we were passing through a dark dimension. Pegasus said create the light like a supernova, so I did, and we became this brilliant white light in the darkness. I still saw horrible monsters and ugly faces but they were consumed by the light.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Water=Power=Energy=Money (Exploration)

Water =power=energy=money
Bruce lee = "be water"
Cutting cords= cutting power
Energetic being with connections with energy
Power/energy cannot be destroyed
"i am death, the destroyer of worlds"
Death is the process of cutting energy cords.
We do not need to die to cut cords.
Energy cannot be destroyed.
Money cannot be destroyed.
Bankruptcy= no money = no power
Energetic ties that bind, that drain energy.
Why does the path lead to bankruptcy?
A point where we can no longer give away our money/ power.
Be power.
I am death. I am water. I am power.
Death is transmuting energy from one form to another. 
Snake represents single power/water flow. Without cords or single strand.
saving money means the power must flow somewhere else.
Saving energy means the money must flow somewhere else.
Be money. 
I transmute energy water power money. 
I cut the cords, my connections, to money water power.
Death of money. Money flows like water.
Harvest cords, harvest rivers, collect energy, collect money, collect water.
Be water.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Astral Victoria, and Five Cloud Ships (a Dream)

I had two dreams on 21 July.

The first dream I'm in the "Astral" version of Victoria, BC (Canada). I know this because there's a restaurant there called Pirates Cove, down in the Inner Harbor, that isn't there presently.

I find myself holding a white road bike with a broken front wheel. The tire is off the rim, and the tire is split. I think I was riding it with my older son, but riding the bike with a flat tire apparently shredded the tire. We're near a gym with an adventure playground set up in it, so I bring the bike in with me and set it next to the wall. My son wants to hang out there (it is a daycamp, very similar to the gymnastics he's enrolled in now), and I go off to the local mall (Eaton Center) to do some errands.

In the "astral" version of Victoria there is a Jazz restaurant/ nightclub there, with a big band playing on the stage. I'm walking towards the front entrance, and someone (one of the waiters) has an airline service cart that they push towards the entrance to cause problems. I try and stop the cart from rolling into a bunch of people but it still crashes, and all the food it is carrying goes all over the place. The manager comes and and starts yelling at me, saying I'm going to be working there for the rest of the day to pay off all the damage I caused. "No way!"

I duck out of there, and apparently I have an office somewhere in the mall that I hide out in. The office has wood floors and stained glass Tiffany lamps. It feels old-fashioned but has computers on the desks. I decide to hide out here until it's time to pick up my son, apparently the security guards are looking for me.

The second dream was fairly simple, I was looking up at the sky and these UFO's that look a lot like lenticular clouds were putting on a show for me, appearing one after the other. They were all the same size and shape (shaped like a frisbee), they must have been quite large (300 feet across?). This is the first dream I've had of this type. The first one was a beautiful aqua color (sea foam green?), it was there in the sky, then disappeared. Then another one showed up, first it was white, then it went half-invisible, then disappeared. Another one was white then aqua, then merged into the clouds, then disappeared, then a couple of them showed up at the same time and disappeared. The way they moved was effortlessly, like a cloud, but much faster; it was more like they were fish moving through water. I think there were 5 ships total.  Half way through this display I thought "come on guys take me with you!" but that was not why they were here at this time.

Dr. Steven Greer, Practical Applications of an Unbounded Mind

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Manifest Your Own Galactic Light Ship

Throughout the universe there are millions of Galactic Light Ships, and many of them are here at this time around planet Earth to witness the Main Event. A question was asked, "how do I manifest my own ship?" This will be different for everyone, but here are some tips to manifest your own ship.
  • Think of something that gives you a LOT of joy or happiness. Some event, someone in your life, a pet maybe. Hold that in your mind for a few seconds, so that’s the only thing you’re thinking about.
  • Do not try to think of a ship, but let the ship tell you what it looks like. So you may start by thinking about a big ball of light (it could be any color), or a big empty space where a ship might be.
  • You might start by thinking about what it would be like to be inside the ship. Does it have a control panel, is it big, is it small. Does it have a crew, or it is it just you? What does being inside the ship feel like?
  • You may receive mental communication from the ship before you know what it looks like. If that’s the case, that’s great! This means you can ask it questions (yes you can have a conversation with a ship because it is sentient; "intelligent energy").
  • You may not receive anything, but some days later you might see the ship in your dreams (and it may resemble something else; the Athabantian resembles a balloon in dreamtime)
  • Galactic Light Ships can be made of any material, they are not necessarily made of metal.
Here is my experience with the Tulya:

Here is my first experience with the Aeterna:

The Aeterna is named after a Galaxy:
(or maybe the ship and the galaxy is the same being?)

Do not be afraid to get creative, ultimately it is what resonates in your heart!