Friday, April 29, 2011

Adama and Mikos - earthquakes

Focused/channelled by Dreamwalker

>Adama, Mikos, how are you today?

We're fine thanks, it's a beautiful day!

>Is there something you wanted to talk about?

We wanted to talk to you about the upcoming earthquakes - some people have expressed concern about this, but the situation is at least partially controlled by us here in Telos/Agartha.

>So are you saying that the earthquakes will be less than they would be otherwise?

In fact the dark ones are trying to make the problems worse to continue their campaign of fear across the world. We have gotten to the point where it doesn't matter how much money they pour into their projects, their efforts are mitigated.

They are still trying - they feel any effort at this point is not wasted effort.

>Can you give me specific dates for when these things will happen?

It doesn't really matter now because the quakes won't be that bad. 5.9 to 6.0 is fairly large but definitely survivable. You may have some minor infrastructure damage but we don't expect any deaths as a direct result of these events.

May 15-26
June 15-26

California or Ohio is correct; effects may be felt in Oregon as well.

>I was kind of wondering about the number 3 because it seems to be a kind of persistent number in a number of major events.

Well similar to how you create a loaf of bread using a number of ingredients, the number 3 was used as one of the ingredients in your reality. This is really why it's referred to as 3-d/third dimension. Many people think this refers to the fact that your world is "3-d" with x,y,z axis but that's a somewhat limited viewpoint because you also have time, dreams, and other dimensions that come into play. You picked up on the fact that this number tends to resonate in many different ways, such as disasters (there were 6 buildings in the recent Fukushima meltdown). You can also use this as a perspective; don't look at something 1 way, but look at it in 3 different ways. This approach will help you better understand your frame of reference from an objective viewpoint.

>Can you tell me what that energy source I saw in Mammoth caves was? It was really strong! I was really surprised that nobody else could see it.

That was in fact a portal to one of our cities but you would not have been able to get here from there because we control all entrances, and that is a fairly "public" entrance. As part of our directive of non-interference, allowing you entrance at this point would go against that, since others would become aware of this fact.

>Would that be such a bad thing?

This is a technology beyond their current understanding, so it falls into the non-interference category. In terms of their awareness you know this is going on right now, and it is moving quite quickly - we are very pleased about this fact.

>I'll have to pick up later guys - thanks!

No problem, Troy, we'll chat later.

>Adama, could you tell me what it was you did with the white light? Judy said it was an attunement, and I later figured out it was an attunement for channeling. Can this be done for anyone?

You are quite correct, it was an attunement but not specifically for channelling. You were ready for the next step, and so that's what you received. Ask and ye shall receive, as the saying goes. The light that you saw was a way of transmitting energy that is then used to activate the inactive parts of your DNA. This is the same energy that you saw in the Yuwipi ceremonies and it can be used for many things. It can be done for anyone when they are ready, and they too have to ask. It is our way.

>Adama, I am very grateful for this blessing and I will try to live up to the responsibility you have given me!

Troy you do not need to live up to anything, you are able to exceed your wildest dreams each and every day! I would like to talk more about that another time - but we have much to discuss.

>Would you be able to help me build a free energy device that anyone could put together themselves? To me this kind of feels like an interesting way to remove some of people's burden so they could shift their focus to other things.

I could myself, but let me find someone for you who has an interest in this area. It will take me a few days, but I have an idea of who could help.

>Okay, that sounds great. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about?

If you don't have any other questions for now, I think we are satisfied with this session.

>Thank you Adama, and Mikos, for all your help and blessings!

Thank you Troy - Peace and blessings to you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selphia from Telos - Calais and a Reptillian friend

Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hello Selphia, I am here if you'd like to chat. It sounded like you wanted to continue our discussion about Laurinda.

Sure, Troy, I'd like that!

>So you suggested we bring up the chariot races and that brought up a memory/dream for me that I was there too. We had a fairly good discussion about that, and it brought up several other past experiences too.

It was all about girl power then - you were a sexy and powerful female group who competed and put on a show but everyone who watched you loved your act! There were no winners and losers even though I know you felt frustrated by your losses sometimes!

>I'm getting a thunderstorm here so I'll have to save often in case my power dies...

Okay, no problem, Troy.

>Are you avoiding talking further about this at this point?

Well, in our plan we're trying to focus right now on higher energies to raise the awareness of your people, so dwelling on the "dark" is not below us but tends to serve a different purpose. She also has such strong memories of her past, I'd just as soon help someone out who needs it.

> Okay, well how about recent past? Can you talk about any bright moments?

Well yes there's lots of bright moments. Her spirit leans towards female, so several of her lives were female. One of those was in Calais, around 1450. She was a devoted nun and treated many sick people. Before that she had a child, and the child died. Her husband died shortly after that (at sea, as a merchant) so she turned to the convent.

>I see Calais was part of England at that time.

Yes it was. Her husband was actually running a boat to London, but it sank in a storm.

>Do you know the name of the ship?


>What that her name or the ship's name?

The ship's name.

>Calais isn't that far from London - how could it have sunk?

Well he had to pick up supplies in Morocco, and on his way to London he ran into a big storm.

>Ok, can we talk about something else?

Sure what would you like to talk about?

>Laurinda said we were strongly connected, can you talk about that?

I would love to - I remember you well, Troy. As I said we are like family. We have had several lifetimes together a long time ago and you actually tried to hold onto that thread a few times, just so we could be together longer.

>so what happened?

Well, unfortunately you passed away before we made our transition to where we are now, and you ended up on the surface and I ended up here. Unfortunately there's a barrier preventing reincarnation between places - this is why people don't remember their recent lives in Agartha.

>So Laurinda's reptillian experience would have been a very long time ago?

Yes, she's been in a similar state to you, but did come to earth in reptile form. She carried that thread for some time, but reincarnated as a human after realizing the stuff she was doing with genetics was really wrong.

>Can you tell me about that?

They were trying to overcome some of the problems that were built into the human thought processes. This involved killing a lot of babies.

>Okay, looks like I have to sign off now, but thankyou for the chat.

I think Mikos would like to speak with you again at some point, when you are ready.

>Thank you, I would like that.

Okay, Troy, I hope you have a pleasant evening. Good night, my friend.

>Good night, Selphia.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Selphia from Telos - 26 Apr 2011

Channeled by Dreamwalker

>hi Selphia how are you? You are coming in loud and clear my dear.

Hi Troy I just wanted to welcome you and congratulate you on your progress. I'm so happy for you! I have been waiting a long time to see you get to this stage. You and I are related, kind of like cousins, in a way, and you have "family" all over the galaxy who would love to spend some time with you and get to know you!

>You were coming in loud and clear a while ago - you were certainly being persistent! Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Well, I work with Mikos here at the Pathologos library. I really enjoy my work in helping others find certain enlightenments that they are looking for. Some just come with an open mind, others with a specific project in mind, but it is always an enjoyable experience for them!

>What else do you like to do besides working at the library?

I really enjoy some of the media coming from the surface. Some people here find it quaint but I enjoy it. It's neat to watch the creative process that people go through without being aware. Do they get it, or don't they? Can they see that painting they created in a different light, or not?

>That sounds kind of like your work, in a way.

Yes exactly! Call it field research! I like that the human creative process can lead to something larger, and in turn give others that same experience, even WITHOUT knowing how the higher self works and even if it exists.

>I recently saw that with an album (a series of songs) from Linkin Park, called 1000 suns. Have you heard it?

No I haven't but I'll definitely look it up!

>There's a guy here we refer to as Admirals who feels a strong attraction to Telos. Can you tell me more about him?

It would be better if he discover these things in his own way, but he was in fact a fairly important diplomat/politician at one point. He was a fair leader and like most had to make some difficult decisions. He felt that he didn't do a good enough job - that he was always letting his people down. But in fact he was a better leader than most! And like most he had to deal with some pretty treacherous allies with self-interest in mind. He started off as a young leader, around the age of 13. Even then he was expected to make decisions as a fully-accomplished member of society, and this led to his perceptions later in life.

>Can you tell me where that was?

Egypt [and Rome]. He was also a lieutenant in France in the late 1700's. (I'm hearing a name similar to "Courbay/Courbet", which contains the word "heart")

>Thank you Selphia, I'm sure he will appreciate hearing your account! Can you tell me about Laurinda?

Ask her about the chariots! She was really good at them. She made her transition from dark to light fairly recently as you know, and she still has some residual artifacts/effects from those times.  We can chat more about this later, if you like - it feels like you're a little distracted tonight.

>Yes I am, I'm sorry. It is a thrill to be talking with you, and thank you for your persistence!

Troy, thank you for receiving my call. It was a real pleasure to talk to you. We all have a great deal of love for those of you on the surface, and we're looking forward to our reunion party!

>I feel the same way for you guys there, Selphia - I too am looking forward to meeting you! Goodnight Selphia!

Goodnight, sleep tight!

My notes on this session:

My strong memories and dreams go back as far as the Templars. Selphia tells me I knew her, too, but I just remember very very small parts of that. It's more of a feeling than anything. Like, she mentioned me trying to reincarnate to be with her longer. I sort of remember that, in a very far off way. Like I was her husband first, and then her son. We were very happy in both lifetimes, and she was really beautiful. And I kind of remember the "tragedy" of us parting ways. We both understood it was somehow necessary. She and I must have been very close!

I can see that in the near future these past relationships are going to make things somewhat more complicated! ;-)

I added "and Rome" to Selphia's message regarding "Admiral"  at her request on June 29, 2011.

First Channel - Mikos from Telos

Channeled by Dreamwalker 

>Hi Mikos, how are you?

Fine thanks

>What do I need to do to get to where this is fluent?

You’re doing it now.

>Can you tell me a bit about where you live?

Telos is similar to Eden; it’s another city in the hollow earth that houses roughly 1.2 million souls. When we lived in Lemuria we learned how to create from thought, and this is what Telos is – it is a city that is a physical creation from thought. We can build things with our hands but our current surroundings have met our needs. It is similar accommodations to what you would know, so whether we build this with our hands or with our minds makes no difference. The end result is the same.

>Can you tell me about Pathologos? Is this a real place or an imaginary place?

Pathologos is the library at which I work. It’s an interface to the akashic records that specifically deals with transcendent dreams – those that lead to an awakening of some kind, or an enlightenment. It is a real “brick and mortar” place that provides access to these dreams, for those who come here. They can access the akashic records themselves but it is easier/makes more sense for them to have this information segmented in a specific way, in a physical place. It is a form of educational entertainment, but we hold great value in the process of learning that leads to an “aha!” moment.  You are correct in thinking that your Sprit Helper Dreams are a part of this, and you could certainly tap into other dreams as well. But our focus is on the past experiences of others that lead to enlightenment so we may learn from these experiences directly ourselves.

>Are there privacy issues with these dreams?

Nobody really wants to block these dreams as it is an honor for them to contribute to the enlightenment of the whole. And the dream can be played out as in real life, in the safety of the dream.  It is very much like a 3-d movie except you are completely immersed in it. The other benefit is that for those who have trouble remembering their dream, they can come here and relive it if they wish. Some dreams they of course do not wish to re-live, but sometimes it helps to catch the finer details of a dream you’ve already had.

>Well Mikos I really appreciate you and Adama helping me through this process and it is joy to be speaking with you directly. I am looking forward to the day when we can physically meet and shake hands, but I understand that is some ways off.

Similar to what we said before, it is closer than you think, and the time between now and then will seem like a very small amount of time indeed once we meet face to face! It has been an honor for us to follow your path – you are a quick study my friend. We are happy you met Judy [Cali] as well – she is a dear soul and is very good at what she does.  In the near future you will have an opportunity to meet her as well.

>I have to sign off now but perhaps we could chat more later.

Thank you, Troy, I would really like that.

In Peace

A Memory of Medieval Times

I remember a really bad storm, thunder, lightning, rain, and a big battle. A really big battle. The ground was completely red with blood, and I remember one low area in the ground that had created a small, shallow, red lake. That’s how much blood there was. I remember thinking, well the rain sucks, but at least it’s keeping the armor clean (which still had a lot of blood and mud on it).

There was heavy armor, and greatswords, and pikes. Several horses, owned by men who mistakenly thought they had an advantage by riding a horse into battle. And from that battle at the end there was roughly 16 survivors, myself included, out of 3 to 4 thousand men. Included in that number were a handful of the best warriors from the opposing force. And I recall making a comment similar to “we have to stop meeting like this”. We actually let those guys walk free because they had shown valor in battle. I recall feeling regret for the horses because it wasn’t really their fault they were dead. Oddly, the height of the storm, with large amounts of thunder and lightning, was also the height of the battle. The thunder especially was really loud. Some of the soldiers of the opposing force even got hit by lightning.

I recall my favorite weapon, which was a round mace (similar in shape and size to a cannonball) with a curved blade on one side of it. The profile of this thing kind of looked like a bird of some sort, with a curved beak (kind of like a flamingo). When you hit someone’s armor in the right spot with the blunt part of the mace, the armor would bend upwards revealing the leather bindings underneath. You could then use the blade to cut the bindings. I had it down to where the time between the first hit and the cutting of the leather was about 7-10 seconds. As the blade cut through the bindings, it also usually left a big bloody gash as well. And then once my opponent’s armor was off, he was pretty much already dead. It had a braided leather lanyard at the end of the handle to keep me from dropping it. Very handy piece of equipment.

I can’t seem to find an example, but here’s some weapons with a similar principle:

I also recall this being a major turning point for me, realizing that it was all just a waste of time, it was a pointless endeavor. I was there for the purpose of causing mass destruction, and I realized that there would always be more of it. I would live to fight again, and cause more death, or I would die, and then in another lifetime continue the same treadmill pattern. POINTLESS. STUPID. BLOODY. WAR.

Mammoth Caves

Well guys I’m back from Mammoth Caves. I had a few interesting experiences I thought I’d share.
-It’s a 10 hour drive from where I live near DC to Glasgow, KY. As I mentioned previously, the spirits have a price for their gifts, and the price is usually a test of some nature. Youngest son decided to empty the contents of his stomach onto the back seat of my car as my wife took over driving, so we had a bit of a test to work through.

When I took over driving (after cleaning up my son and the car) later on I noticed my right hand was kind of tingling like when I do reiki, but I wasn’t doing reiki. I was told by an acquaintance medium that Mikos was accompanying me on this journey, so I guess that was him. He is a librarian of Pathologos, apparently.
I could also sense a raven spirit overhead during the entire drive to mammoth caves. This doesn’t usually happen, but there he was. I have to tell you I felt really protected!

-first day at mammoth caves we took a tour in an area of the park where you need to take a bus to get to it. The guide takes you to this small cement hut with a door in it that leads underground. This tour was the “niagara” tour because some of the formations look like a waterfall.

In one particular area, I noticed a stalactite/stalagmite formation with a light shining on it that was radiating this huge amount of energy. It was just like looking at the hood of your car in the hot sun – I couldn’t actually look at it directly. I’m not sure what this was, but there was a LOT of spiritual energy around it, just like an aura.
That night as I was drifting off to sleep, there was a huge bright flash behind my eyes, similar to what I’ve seen with lights in the Yuwipi ceremony. These are very similar to chinese firecrackers but without the noise – it’s just a bright light. I didn’t feel anything, but this was not an electronic device and our hotel window was not facing the road or parking lot. I was told to expect an attunement from Adamos; I think this is what it was since I’m no longer feeling the 3-rd eye confusion I was feeling before the trip (and thank goodness for that!)
The next day we toured the main cave area which is a self-guided tour. This area didn’t have any anomalies that I could see or feel, but it is just a huge cave and very impressive. We saw these little brown bats clinging to the ceiling about a foot from our head so we could see them up close and personal! These are very neat little creatures! They were sleeping so they didn’t even care we were there. I could have actually picked one up it was so close but I know that would be a bad idea!

That afternoon we decided to drive back home. When we stopped for dinner the forecast was for a thunderstorm, and yes it really got into biblical proportions once my wife took over driving from me; massive amounts of rain, thunder, lighting, and this thick fog with very low visibility. She had all the luck on this trip…
Anyhow as soon as we could I took over driving from her. I had to laugh because we tuned into NPR, and they were playing bluegrass tunes to the theme “Angels watch over you”, which included themes like getting in touch with your soul, and a song about a place where there is no rain or thunder (HAHA angels, VERY FUNNY). There was also a spoken thing that went “if I could write a song” and went through several religious and spiritual themes, including a phrase about Jesus, then segued into “if I could write a song I would talk about souls on other planets”. All this while I was dealing with the storm and the fog.

At this point I was chuckling away, and my wife was like, “what?”

“Never mind, dear…”

Well there you have it – I wasn’t actually expecting any of this, and everything happened just as it was supposed to happen, and just as I’m reporting it. I’m not making any of this up – it’s just what I experienced.

More Background info on

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Response to a Question

Anonymous said...

    I Have one question that hasn't been explained to me properly and i was wondering if you can answer it.

    1.Who are the dark ones.
    2.Why do they want to cause so much negativity?
    3.Why don't they want to ascend like me or anyone else, I see it as an awesome growth and awakening to a higher dimension to learn and understand existence. why would anyone not want that.

    Ty :)

1. In my process of understanding dark vs. light, I have come to realize that we all are alternately Dark Ones and Lightworkers. "They" exist because "We" exist. This is neither good nor bad - it just is. It is simply two sides of the same coin.

The Illuminati could be considered "of the Dark" but serve the specific purpose of Illuminating the Dark. They exist to wake us up. I believe this to be true because Spirit Helper dreams work the same way. For example, 9/11 was created to create chaos for this reason. The goal is to push us to our limits so we will wake up.

2. We create negativity because it is our nature. "We are only human." And our task now is to ascend this "human nature." The numbers of "Dark Ones" are dropping because we are waking up. It is worth stressing again that this is neither good nor bad, it just is. We have just as much capacity for Dark as we do for Light.

3. "They" are resistant to change because "We" are resistant to change. From a Western perspective, we like our bacon cheeseburgers, we like our sports teams, we like our Ford pickup trucks, we like our political parties. The same is true of any country on the planet, just with different themes. But the "Dark" ways are killing us and Gaia.

The keys to a brighter future are love, light, and gratitude. Be the change you want to see in others.