Friday, March 24, 2017

Dream log 12 march 2017 - Virtual Hug

Dream log 12march – I was at a complex that was like a summer camp or retreat, with a large central meeting building and smaller cabins in a wooded area. The trees were evergreens. I was with a large group of people; we were going for a day hike. The central building was rustic looking with weathered cedar shingles. Next to this building was an elevated wooden walkway that led to a path into the mountains – it went a fairly long way. It was part of a trail that used to be a railway line, and this was a railway trestle that had been converted for use by hikers.

Near the middle of this bridge we passed a kiosk, with some young people managing the stand. They had box lunches, some with people’s first names written in different color felt markers. I’m not sure if the box lunches were for sale. We stopped near the kiosk to admire the view from the bridge. I crouched down for a moment and there was a woman standing behind me. She had an aura of comfort around her and I felt like I had been hugged without actually being hugged. As the group dispersed to progress further, I smiled at her as if to acknowledge the “virtual hug.” She had a knowing look that was both friendly and distant – a secret / kindness shared between strangers.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The stars must hold the answer…
There must be a higher power with advanced
Technology to save the world…it’s the easiest
Possible solution…Because despite the fact
That freedom exists…here and there…
The fact remains…peace is not enough
For everyone…There will always be those
That thirst for power…
And there will be no justice in this world
As long as paychecks are involved.
The only truth that will ever hold true
Is that everyone is entitled to life, liberty
And the pursuit of happiness…
Regardless of gender, race, age, religion or
Sexual orientation…
But the universal laws of justice must also
Apply here…That these liberties are absolute
As long as they respect essential laws that
All life deserves…That you pursue these
Liberties without harming life.
Maybe the only path to accomplish this
Monumental virtuous goal is that we
Learn to accept…to disagree…to respect
Others boundaries…and never allow
Religious perceptions to limit or force laws…
Maybe the only true way to achieve
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Is to simply say…to each their own,
Find your own answers…
Learn to disagree peacefully…
Give everyone safe distance…
And above all protect this world and
Its nature that we live with and on
So that there is a future for all living things
With the hope that one miraculous day
Will come that everyone can simply say
I found my peace, I hope you found yours…
And that ultimately we can all find peace
Together without hurting anyone.
 -Bill Griffith (Valiant),  Knock Knock…the Watchers…Millenium…