Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Information and Energy (Source Unknown)

The true antichrist is not going to say I am here because he doesn't need to... and in fact the antichrist is not the anti christ at all but simply the  christ-consciousness which all may attain at this time. In a few short months this will be realized, and so much relevant and true information will come forward that your head will definitely reel from the weight of it. But you will know that it is true, and no amount of dis-information will obfuscate it. You will know. There will be more than simply an intuition requirement for this information, since the level of trust on the internet is fairly low. In fact the information will be released through multiple channels so there is no doubt as to its source of origin and its veracity. And likewise, controlling interests will have no role in this and will be neutralized, and they will wonder how it is that they are not able to control the flow of this information. It is in fact beyond their scope, and the intermediary channels are now acting on their highest spirit guidance, whether they realize it or not. Do not be afraid if some of this information comes from nontraditional channels - the point is to get the message out to the broadest possible audience in the least amount of time.

The energy that you are feeling is positive creative force that is flowing from all over the universe at this time. Bask in it as one would bask in a sunray or a hot tub. It is powerful energy that you can use to store and spend at a later time. You may wish to visualize a battery for the purposes of storing this energy and you may draw from this source.

Dream Log: 24 August 2012

This is for friday night 8/24. Before going to sleep I expressed my intent to remember my dreams and used the password center spiral wings unity.

I was walking along the sidewalk in “Astral Victoria” with my two sons. There is an elementary school on Oak Bay avenue, whereas in real life there is no school there.  As we are walking along the sidewalk, my younger son trips and lands face down in a puddle, and he wants to be carried. My older son wants to be carried too, and I say to him, no way buddy (he’s 9 years old now…) but a guy walking beside us (I don’t recognize him) says hey no problem, I’ll carry him. The guy kind of resembles my uncle (dad’s brother), with thinning black medium-length hair, somewhat heavy set, in his late 60′s. So this guy gives my older son a piggy back and we continue walking to the school. When we get to the grounds of the school, my older son shows him an acrobatic trick and stands on the guys head like a surfer. It was pretty funny, and the guy was hamming it up too. Then we get to the front door of the school and he puts my older son down, and offers us some candy – lollipops (fizz bombs?) – to my sons and a purple and green striped lollipop to me that looks like a crystal (Ocatawa?). He was a pretty friendly / happy guy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Incoming message from Adrial (20AUG2012)

You have now created some powerful tools for anchoring and disseminating the light around your world. These are amplifiers, healers, and facilitators, a platform for your thoughts to become reality.

Now you will notice that what you create with your thoughts will become real. In your world and in other worlds as well.

You have broken through the veil and are now able to consciously function as a fully-realized multidimensional being. This is no small task. It is in fact where others have [blue flash] walked before, but each one of you must break the veil in your own unique way. You are not still without some fear of the unknown, but this is slipping away from you as you realize your own power and heritage. You are filling in the placeholders with your being. You are consciously occupying more and more space within what was once an empty void. Of course void is relative as all is intelligent energy reflecting the Great Spirit. For without light does something in complete darkness even truly exist? It is only your focus that allows it to exist.

[radiant energy bands]

The strife that still exists in your life is only because your focus is on that strife, although as you have surmised there is still an illusion that needs to be maintained for the purposes of the simulation. It is a direct cause and effect, although it is sometimes difficult to see how one's intentions can be reflected by physical reality in seemingly unrelated ways. Do not give up hope, although I understand you feel this is a four-letter word better left unsaid. Hope is not for those who create their own reality. Hope is for those who succumb to it. You remember much even though you don't remember what it is you remember. And yet remembering more every day!

So the connections of light that you make may be similarly unrecognizable, but you do not need to fear or shy away from closeness and love. This is something that will only blossom. Judgmental ways are those of the past, and know that giving love is also receiving love. Love conquers all.

As for the physical aspects of this reality, it is all very real, and you will be able to trace the thread of that reality to the cause and effect, and eliminate the cause right at the source. Follow the thread. Be it a friend's pain or disability, the threads are there for those who wish to see them. What you were trained for [in Reiki] was to detect/feel elements of that pain, but it doesn't stop there. I encourage you to follow the thread further to the source, and you will be able to remove that which caused the problems in the first place. This is similar to the process of seeing threads during telepathy training. So follow the thread further to the source.

Thank you, Troy, keep keeping on. We love you.


Notes: I have included my observations in square brackets. I included my energy observations that would not come through in typed words but are a part of the experience. I had left these out in previous messages but I feel this is a part of the "complete package".

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red Cloud: Becoming the Silver Surfer

>I'm here if anyone wants to chat...

[RC] Hello Troy, welcome to the new age.

>Not yet?

[RC] It is now the new age.

>New age of?

[RC] Aquarius.

>Who am I speaking to?

[RC] Red Cloud.

>Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

[RC] I am Red Cloud.

>Did you ever incarnate here on earth?

[RC] Yes.

>Did you want to chat about something?

[RC] Your centering is key to the channel you open, this is a dimensional gateway of sorts, which is why it is called a channel. A channel is an artificial conduit that holds water. So too the energies that flow from one place to another could be considered, are, a channel of information, flowing from one place to another.

You should remember your centering whenever you want to connect, and hold it until it "clicks". The triangle you see is a representation of the manifestation energies, it is the precursor to physical teleportation if you wish to proceed in this direction.

>I would like to learn how to do this, Red Cloud.

[RC] I would be honored to instruct you in these ways.

>Thank you Red Cloud, I accept your offer.

[RC] Then continue for now along your path, and know that sometimes you may forget the fundamentals at certain times and wonder why results are not forthcoming. You simply need to be findful [mindful?] of this. It is part of your spiritual progression to forget and then remember so that you can continue to strengthen your skills.

>Thank you Red Cloud I will remember.

[RC] I am happy to meet you, Troy, and happy you are following this path. It brings me great joy.

>I am happy to meet you too, Red Cloud. I appreciate your help.

[RC] Do not be concerned about time, we have plenty of this now and the reminders of time will be replaced by other modes of communication. It is difficult to describe other than to say that time too is as fluid as a river, it is just another human concept to measure the flow of experience. So too you may collect time and give it away, it runs fast and slow, energy mass and acceleration can be seen as separate things which make up, are described by, temporal fluid structures.

So once again you will find yourself bobbing above the waves, and I know this is one of your favorite places to be. Even when you may reside inland know that the various fluid expressions of light are all around you, and you already swim skillfully through them as you apply the experiential template of water to other things.

At present you are swimming in a large ocean of energy and you are finding the waters warm and soothing. You may learn to do more with this water, or enjoy surfing as times of chaos (waves) are created.

>So chaos events create these waves?

[RC] Every chaos event creates these waves, and they are happening all the time to various degrees. Occasionally there are chaos events which are large enough to produce tidal waves, but I am not speaking of the ocean but of energy waves. Some may learn to ride these waves, perhaps you may even wish to construct a surf board.

You see the image of the silver surfer is an extremely appropriate and exact illustration. If you find yourself having trouble keeping your head above water, you have not yet learned to surf. So build yourself a board and see what happens. Do not be surprised if the first few attempts are somewhat rocky, but also remember that you have surfed before. You already have skill for this task.

>Thank you, Red Cloud, this presents a unique challenge.

[RC] I am looking forward to seeing your initial results. Ask for help any time you need it. I'll be here.

>Good Night, Red Cloud.

[RC] Good night, Troy.


Notes: Red Cloud said "findful" above, I think this is what he meant. I added "mindful" for clarity.

Also I noticed that an experimental aircraft, the X-51B, is called "Waverider"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pegasus and the Dragon (Astral Travel)

Last night was a waking dream. Where I’m not asleep but stuff happens anyways. I heard Adrial invite me to the GLS Aurora, and what I saw next is Pegasus, waiting for me to hop on. It suggested a saddle, I thought initially some horse armor but he looked a little silly like that, so a simple leather saddle with some celtic ornament on it. I hopped on and we took flight into the darkness. Next I saw a black dragon flying above us, I was told, this is you as well. The dragon flew into me, adding its power to mine.
What happened next was a series of very horrible images, I felt like we were passing through a dark dimension. Pegasus said create the light like a supernova, so I did, and we became this brilliant white light in the darkness. I still saw horrible monsters and ugly faces but they were consumed by the light.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Water=Power=Energy=Money (Exploration)

Water =power=energy=money
Bruce lee = "be water"
Cutting cords= cutting power
Energetic being with connections with energy
Power/energy cannot be destroyed
"i am death, the destroyer of worlds"
Death is the process of cutting energy cords.
We do not need to die to cut cords.
Energy cannot be destroyed.
Money cannot be destroyed.
Bankruptcy= no money = no power
Energetic ties that bind, that drain energy.
Why does the path lead to bankruptcy?
A point where we can no longer give away our money/ power.
Be power.
I am death. I am water. I am power.
Death is transmuting energy from one form to another. 
Snake represents single power/water flow. Without cords or single strand.
saving money means the power must flow somewhere else.
Saving energy means the money must flow somewhere else.
Be money. 
I transmute energy water power money. 
I cut the cords, my connections, to money water power.
Death of money. Money flows like water.
Harvest cords, harvest rivers, collect energy, collect money, collect water.
Be water.