Saturday, July 18, 2020

Listen to Your Heart

This is... it doesn't matter. Look into your heart, try to feel my energy, and you will know who I am. This is unique for all of us.

Changes are happening rapidly now, and particularly in the United States, some who were looking forward to the appearance of the so-called "anti christ", and the impending apocalypse, will know this. What they don't understand is that the apocalypse that they think they see is the opposite of what is happening. Apocalypse means a change in thoughts, and change in heart... not the destruction of a society.

Without giving away too much, I want to tell you that the changes you see around you are the collective choice that the world is making now. It may seem that all hope is lost... fear, greed, and other base directives are what seem to shape society. It may seem that what holds you down now is a rigid system that cannot be changed. Well let me tell you that this anti-christ is simply the opposite of what some may refer to as "christ-consciousness", which is nothing more than what all of us in the universe already have every day. It's not something to be earned or taken away. It's within you all now. The catalyst for that change is lowering the curtains - parting the veil, if you will - on what has held you back for so long.

Understand that it was your will to create such a place - a place of adventure and intrigue. A place of possibilities that can't be experienced elsewhere. Understand that those you see as evil are indeed simply playing the role that they were given, and the path to fear and hate because of them only leads to a spiral of further fear and hate. You are an energetic expression, and you keep this with you for all eternity. When you return to your energetic self, these aren't things you bring with you, and these need not be things you carry with you now. The universe is love - that's all there is. Without your human form, your senses are no longer restricted by human senses. Your percepations are no longer clouded by human perceptions. The need to survive - and the fear that goes with it - is no longer there.

Soon, you will be able to realize more of your potential, as more and more will understand the lives they have been living is not something they want to return to. Everyone WANTS to be more... and they shall... but not in the ways of the past, that place one above another. It's a realization of empty successes, when true success lifts the spirit.

This is all I have to say for now... follow your heart, and know that you are loved. You are as precious now as you were when you were born. Remember that.

Your friend.

Thursday, May 2, 2019


if you could see yourself from above
as a shining point of light
all around may seem like darkness
but together we make it bright

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Magicians: Dream Log for Saturday 22 April 2017

I was living in a world where magic practitioners lived alongside those who didn’t practice magic, similar to the world of Harry Potter, or the series “The Magicians.” Magicians sometimes dressed differently but otherwise lived normal lives. Their power also came with additional responsibility, and practiced their craft conservatively, or in a beneficial way to humanity.

We had a general understanding that there was a small group of negative magicians who had authority over this world. They also did not practice their craft openly, but used their influence to benefit themselves and their friends, at the detriment to the majority of people on the planet.

I was sitting at a sunken-garden cafe in a town with old Victorian brick and civic leftovers from the industrial age: wrought-iron gates and lampposts, alley ways and hanging planters. Sitting with me at the table were several other magicians who were discussing an opportunity to end the negative authority’s rule once and for all. The event would be soon, and it would lift the curse that made life for many so unbearable. We were all hopeful and encouraged that such a thing would happen, but understood there were risks involved in carrying it out. It was not a sure thing… but we assumed everyone at the table was on board for the task.

At the end of the meeting, I talked to a mentor/friend sitting beside me. He had a document he wanted me to deliver to a friend of mine, T_____ (Trevor?). He said that it was very important my friend get this document. I told him that I would deliver it the following day, and returned home to a modern-looking apartment.

The following morning I half-awoke to find someone in my apartment in the process of retrieving the document I was charged to deliver. I recognized him as being one of the magicians sitting at the table. I had the understanding that he had used time travel to retrieve the document in some way. I also realized I was paralyzed so I could do nothing… and as I struggled to wake up, opening my eyes, my surroundings changed to my own home in the present day… and I was slowly waking up HERE…

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dream log 12 march 2017 - Virtual Hug

Dream log 12march – I was at a complex that was like a summer camp or retreat, with a large central meeting building and smaller cabins in a wooded area. The trees were evergreens. I was with a large group of people; we were going for a day hike. The central building was rustic looking with weathered cedar shingles. Next to this building was an elevated wooden walkway that led to a path into the mountains – it went a fairly long way. It was part of a trail that used to be a railway line, and this was a railway trestle that had been converted for use by hikers.

Near the middle of this bridge we passed a kiosk, with some young people managing the stand. They had box lunches, some with people’s first names written in different color felt markers. I’m not sure if the box lunches were for sale. We stopped near the kiosk to admire the view from the bridge. I crouched down for a moment and there was a woman standing behind me. She had an aura of comfort around her and I felt like I had been hugged without actually being hugged. As the group dispersed to progress further, I smiled at her as if to acknowledge the “virtual hug.” She had a knowing look that was both friendly and distant – a secret / kindness shared between strangers.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The stars must hold the answer…
There must be a higher power with advanced
Technology to save the world…it’s the easiest
Possible solution…Because despite the fact
That freedom exists…here and there…
The fact remains…peace is not enough
For everyone…There will always be those
That thirst for power…
And there will be no justice in this world
As long as paychecks are involved.
The only truth that will ever hold true
Is that everyone is entitled to life, liberty
And the pursuit of happiness…
Regardless of gender, race, age, religion or
Sexual orientation…
But the universal laws of justice must also
Apply here…That these liberties are absolute
As long as they respect essential laws that
All life deserves…That you pursue these
Liberties without harming life.
Maybe the only path to accomplish this
Monumental virtuous goal is that we
Learn to accept…to disagree…to respect
Others boundaries…and never allow
Religious perceptions to limit or force laws…
Maybe the only true way to achieve
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Is to simply say…to each their own,
Find your own answers…
Learn to disagree peacefully…
Give everyone safe distance…
And above all protect this world and
Its nature that we live with and on
So that there is a future for all living things
With the hope that one miraculous day
Will come that everyone can simply say
I found my peace, I hope you found yours…
And that ultimately we can all find peace
Together without hurting anyone.
 -Bill Griffith (Valiant),  Knock Knock…the Watchers…Millenium…

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Max 2/16/2017


Hi Max...


Ha funny

M>You've been quiet for awhile...

Yes - I understand silence was necessary during the storm... but it wasn't silent of course.

M> Never... just for those who are listening a certain way. We're not here for their entertainment. For those who want this, can go elsewhere.

So... Atlantis?

M> Maximilian Aureolis Neodymius at your service.


M> Neodymium :-D

Yes I know you have a magnetic personality, Max... :-)
So was that your story then?

M> In a way, yes. Neo.

M> You see there is much more to that story, but there are many parts that are true. The center of the earth is a time loop of sorts, impenetrable to the Empire.

So you are safe?

M> I am not there...

But you were?

M> Yes. Those who live there now experience a different level of connection with each other in a similar way to the minor telepathic communications you are now experiencing. But understand this is just the start... what they experience is both an individual and connected experience.

And they can go back and forth from this at will?

M> Yes they can. But it's a hard state for them to leave for a long time, mostly because they feel incomplete in a way that is somewhat difficult to describe to you in your own "separate" state. It is somewhat like losing a limb, since they can move as one. If you listen closely you will feel this at times. A low-level thing but it's there.

There are some questions I have I just don't know who to ask... or how to ask them.

M> Understand that as you raise your "light level" you will continue to become more in opposition with the frequencies of those around you. You know this.

So the opposition is something of a response rather than a reaction to something I've done?

M> Yes - you may feel that everything is your fault. Well in a way much of it is... ha - but within the circumstances sometimes help is perceived as a threat.

Humans are weird.

M> Well said.

So what are these codes Valiant is going on about?

M> You should ask the bigger question first, I think.

Okay.. who is Valiant Thor.

M> You've met him.

Sort of... in a dream once.

M> So who was he?

A weapons collector? A weapons specialist?

M> And...

Well the thing is who is Valiant Thor from the 1950s?

M> A traveller.

A time traveller?

M> A traveller. Who likes to travel.

So I sense that these two are somehow one in the same...

M> Things are more connected than you realize.

M> Look in the book.


Albert Had a Theory

since you and I turned into Us
I can't say why - or how- or when
but I know our Now as also Then

how many times have we felt this need?
the Present is but a memory we're moving through
at a different rate of speed
the beautiful simplicity
of Einstein's Relativity is finally clear
for... Yesterday will soon return
and Tomorrow has already been here

now we shall never need to draw... a final earthbound breath
because there is no Life, until you love
and then there is no death.

--Linda Goodman, Gooberz

M> so you see?

I see... and I guess more will be revealed in due time.

M> All in "good" time. It may seem like there is very little of it, but that is from your perspective. The important things reveal themselves to those who can see them. The less important things may be a bit more lazy. And the least important things... well they wear an orange wig and try to take over the planet. :-D

Don't remind me...

M> Let's do this again sometime... don't be a stranger.

Okay Max sounds like a plan. Thanks for talking to me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dream Log 27JUL2016 Gandhi at McDonalds

I was walking outside McDonalds and somehow knew that Gandhi had been showing up there every Sunday morning for breakfast for a long time. McDonalds isn't normally high on my list of places to visit. I had meant to visit him there but kept putting it off. Since I was there now and had some time on my hands, I went inside.

The inside still looked like McDonalds, but had a warm family atmosphere, and there were several families there having breakfast. Gandhi was sitting at a large table where several tables had been pushed together to accommodate more people. He was dressed in his white robes and seemed quite short. He was enjoying his breakfast and talking to the family there, and it seemed to me that he was acting more like a wise 10-year old boy.... and about the same size as one... same kind of "twitchy" energy. The color inside the restaurant seemed to have been turned up a notch.... colors were still real, but more vivid. Gandhi seemed to have a "golden" energy about him.

I noticed that my son's preschool teacher was also there, sitting at a table nearby, and I was delighted to see her because she was such an amazing teacher and person. I spent time talking to her and catching up, and although I was aware Gandhi was there, it didn't seem to be that important. He was just an old kid hanging out with his family.  I wonder what kind of "Happy Meal" he got?