Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Magicians: Dream Log for Saturday 22 April 2017

I was living in a world where magic practitioners lived alongside those who didn’t practice magic, similar to the world of Harry Potter, or the series “The Magicians.” Magicians sometimes dressed differently but otherwise lived normal lives. Their power also came with additional responsibility, and practiced their craft conservatively, or in a beneficial way to humanity.

We had a general understanding that there was a small group of negative magicians who had authority over this world. They also did not practice their craft openly, but used their influence to benefit themselves and their friends, at the detriment to the majority of people on the planet.

I was sitting at a sunken-garden cafe in a town with old Victorian brick and civic leftovers from the industrial age: wrought-iron gates and lampposts, alley ways and hanging planters. Sitting with me at the table were several other magicians who were discussing an opportunity to end the negative authority’s rule once and for all. The event would be soon, and it would lift the curse that made life for many so unbearable. We were all hopeful and encouraged that such a thing would happen, but understood there were risks involved in carrying it out. It was not a sure thing… but we assumed everyone at the table was on board for the task.

At the end of the meeting, I talked to a mentor/friend sitting beside me. He had a document he wanted me to deliver to a friend of mine, T_____ (Trevor?). He said that it was very important my friend get this document. I told him that I would deliver it the following day, and returned home to a modern-looking apartment.

The following morning I half-awoke to find someone in my apartment in the process of retrieving the document I was charged to deliver. I recognized him as being one of the magicians sitting at the table. I had the understanding that he had used time travel to retrieve the document in some way. I also realized I was paralyzed so I could do nothing… and as I struggled to wake up, opening my eyes, my surroundings changed to my own home in the present day… and I was slowly waking up HERE…

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