Monday, July 22, 2013

Dream Log: 21JUL2013

I was at the office with my coworkers, and I had loaned the "new guy" my ipad. When he returned it, he said the battery was missing, so it was broken. I suspected him of stealing the battery or removing it. Which is silly because the battery of an ipad is not removable (although it probably could be by someone who knew what they were doing...). Another part of me was thinking, way in the background... why do we still have devices with batteries? It's not necessary.

Friday, July 12, 2013


listen to your heart

can you hear the heartbeat

it's the beat of the universe

listen to the energy flow

it is like the blood flowing through your veins

It is an endless tide of creation and destruction

covering all planets, all stars

all forms of matter and light energy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being Buddha

Golden. Smiling.
I am the Way. I am the Path.
I am the alpha and omega — the beginning and the end.
I am true and I am false.
I am all and I am nothing. Om and Mu. Light and Dark.
I see you but you cannot see me. You see me but I cannot see you.
Within and without, we are One.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dream Log: 4 July 2013 - Dani?

I was in a lawyer's office. I recall mustard-colored carpeting and black marble trim. Japanese decor. I was there to discuss matters relating to The One People's Trust ( There were well-dressed families there, a child in a red dress playing with toys. Dani met me in the waiting room; she was wearing a navy suit jacket with a white blouse and navy skirt. Her hair was a bit longer than shoulder-length and bleach blond. This might have been in the late-80s or early 90s, she was younger than she is now. We talked but with no resolution, in the end I said, "I just wanted to say THANK YOU!" and unsuccessfully fought back some tears.

I left the office and walked down the hall, the elevator was out of order so I took the stairs. I left the building to meet my sons for lunch at a restaurant. It was a warm sunny day.


Note - I have updated this to reflect that this may have been Dani from Removing the Shackles. It's possible this dream was an "alternate timeline" kind of dream. It happened, just not in this PARTICULAR timeline. See the movies "Cloud Atlas" and "Mr. Nobody" for reference.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dream Log: 3 July 2013 - PinChu and the Book of Luck

Before going to sleep, I "heard" a friend of mine, PinChu, "calling" telepathically, and I accepted the call.

During dream time, I found myself in a small apartment with a small analog TV set on a TV cart playing - it was broadcasting a Chinese lantern festival. I remember a red paper lantern displayed on the TV, and some traditional Chinese music playing in the background. The room was small but comfortable, I recall white walls with dark wood trim (oak?), wood flooring, a brightly lit room. I was vaguely aware that my sons were with me, working on origami. There were objects displayed on the walls (collector's plates or photos perhaps?), and also what seemed to be Chinese New Years decorations.

PinChu was there sitting in a chair in front of the TV, working on a book made of rice paper. The book was the dimensions of the golden ratio, and about the size of a medium-sized notebook. Red silk cord held the book together (she was in the process of tying the cord). The book was made by folding large sheets of paper in half, and binding those together, similar to how one might make a construction paper greeting card.

On the cover was a single Chinese character, done in calligraphy in black ink. I don't know what the character was, since I am not familiar with the Chinese language. It resembled the Chinese character for "luck", but the character was upside-down, with the square/cross part of the character in the top left corner of the character.

She proudly held it up for me to see. In playful imitation, I took a tiny piece of scrap paper, cut it into a tiny square, and pulled a hair from a brush, dipped the hair into some ink, and drew a tiny character on the scrap of paper. I smiled and held it up to her. There you go, the world's smallest manifesto!

I met PinChu in a dream before actually knowing she was a "real person". It was roughly two years ago, and in the dream we were on vacation near a beach in Spain. We were visiting a castle, it was very sunny, and we had a really nice time exploring. We connected a few months ago over the internet, and have been good friends ever since. She is a "spiritual daughter".