Sunday, July 22, 2012

Astral Victoria, and Five Cloud Ships (a Dream)

I had two dreams on 21 July.

The first dream I'm in the "Astral" version of Victoria, BC (Canada). I know this because there's a restaurant there called Pirates Cove, down in the Inner Harbor, that isn't there presently.

I find myself holding a white road bike with a broken front wheel. The tire is off the rim, and the tire is split. I think I was riding it with my older son, but riding the bike with a flat tire apparently shredded the tire. We're near a gym with an adventure playground set up in it, so I bring the bike in with me and set it next to the wall. My son wants to hang out there (it is a daycamp, very similar to the gymnastics he's enrolled in now), and I go off to the local mall (Eaton Center) to do some errands.

In the "astral" version of Victoria there is a Jazz restaurant/ nightclub there, with a big band playing on the stage. I'm walking towards the front entrance, and someone (one of the waiters) has an airline service cart that they push towards the entrance to cause problems. I try and stop the cart from rolling into a bunch of people but it still crashes, and all the food it is carrying goes all over the place. The manager comes and and starts yelling at me, saying I'm going to be working there for the rest of the day to pay off all the damage I caused. "No way!"

I duck out of there, and apparently I have an office somewhere in the mall that I hide out in. The office has wood floors and stained glass Tiffany lamps. It feels old-fashioned but has computers on the desks. I decide to hide out here until it's time to pick up my son, apparently the security guards are looking for me.

The second dream was fairly simple, I was looking up at the sky and these UFO's that look a lot like lenticular clouds were putting on a show for me, appearing one after the other. They were all the same size and shape (shaped like a frisbee), they must have been quite large (300 feet across?). This is the first dream I've had of this type. The first one was a beautiful aqua color (sea foam green?), it was there in the sky, then disappeared. Then another one showed up, first it was white, then it went half-invisible, then disappeared. Another one was white then aqua, then merged into the clouds, then disappeared, then a couple of them showed up at the same time and disappeared. The way they moved was effortlessly, like a cloud, but much faster; it was more like they were fish moving through water. I think there were 5 ships total.  Half way through this display I thought "come on guys take me with you!" but that was not why they were here at this time.

Dr. Steven Greer, Practical Applications of an Unbounded Mind

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Manifest Your Own Galactic Light Ship

Throughout the universe there are millions of Galactic Light Ships, and many of them are here at this time around planet Earth to witness the Main Event. A question was asked, "how do I manifest my own ship?" This will be different for everyone, but here are some tips to manifest your own ship.
  • Think of something that gives you a LOT of joy or happiness. Some event, someone in your life, a pet maybe. Hold that in your mind for a few seconds, so that’s the only thing you’re thinking about.
  • Do not try to think of a ship, but let the ship tell you what it looks like. So you may start by thinking about a big ball of light (it could be any color), or a big empty space where a ship might be.
  • You might start by thinking about what it would be like to be inside the ship. Does it have a control panel, is it big, is it small. Does it have a crew, or it is it just you? What does being inside the ship feel like?
  • You may receive mental communication from the ship before you know what it looks like. If that’s the case, that’s great! This means you can ask it questions (yes you can have a conversation with a ship because it is sentient; "intelligent energy").
  • You may not receive anything, but some days later you might see the ship in your dreams (and it may resemble something else; the Athabantian resembles a balloon in dreamtime)
  • Galactic Light Ships can be made of any material, they are not necessarily made of metal.
Here is my experience with the Tulya:

Here is my first experience with the Aeterna:

The Aeterna is named after a Galaxy:
(or maybe the ship and the galaxy is the same being?)

Do not be afraid to get creative, ultimately it is what resonates in your heart!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Santa Muerte: Hide N' Seek

>Is anyone there?

Not that I'm aware of...

>any guides?





Nope. :-D

>Santa Muerte, I do believe you're still hiding...

Sorry, I'm not here...

>Ha, you see, got you!

Oh balderdash...

>How are you doing... why the hide n' seek?

Today it is all about illusion, my friend. I do appreciate our connection! As the illusion falls further, you may find yourself at times feeling alone, all by yourself. The silence was intended to teach you to look further past the illusion to what is truly there. You are never alone, and we are always here to help at any "time". Why is it that we are always available to everyone? We can portion time into smaller and smaller pieces until that same moment can be used over and over again, if we wish. Your friend experienced this by traveling "back" to a certain time/space and re-using that time, as you too have done on several occasions. So we do the same. We are simply reusing the same moment as many times as we wish.

>Think of the airmiles...

Well Troy there is no need for airmiles, as you have discovered this is not necessary, since energy is everywhere, and the expression of self as energy can be anywhere energy might be (which is everywhere). But we still maintain our singular identity for the purposes of our communication and interactions with your kind. The template of the bodhisattva extends beyond your third dimension.

>That is very interesting, it is service-to-others... a very real way, it is you might call something of a limitation but it is the point where service-to-others and service-to-self truly ceases to exist because all is one. Service to all one is more appropriate, perhaps. There is really no way to communicate this concept in your language.

>Can you tell me anything about the energies we're getting now?

Necessary but I understand some who have raised their levels of consciousness are feeling the energies more now, as they should. This is something of a balancing act, and as you understand it, not everything to do with this path is as pleasant as you might want. But in truth this is a good sign, symptoms increase with awareness. Think of it like a reverse allergy, and you can use this as a very real indicator of your progress. A canary in the coalmine, of sorts.

You have also picked up on the fact that following an easy path can result in easy progress. Well it is easy but there is a minor price to be paid in the area of discomfort. However this is more along the lines of growing pains, and the rewards are much greater than the toll. Much in the same way that adolescence is a necessary part of adulthood. It is perhaps more difficult because there are not too many others there (by definition) who can say "yes, I've walked this path". As luck would have it, this happens to be one benefit of reaching out to your guides, since they have walked this particular path and can tell you exactly what they went through. It is also fun to share among your friends, of course, but remember that we are all as snowflakes, and so too each experience is different.

>Thank you, Santa Muerte, I enjoy our conversations.

I do too, do not worry about the future, you're going to have a lot of fun!

 [ | channeled by dreamwalker]

Separating Instinct

This is a different kind of post for me, but I’ve been encouraged to post it, so here goes…
Regarding energies, my observations are that the biggest struggle involves recognizing the knee-jerk instinct. This might involve fear, anger, greed, hate, etc. I don’t think there’s any way of overcoming that completely, but being able to recognize it is likely half the battle. Here’s what I try to do if I experience these feelings:
  • okay, I’m feeling fear, I need to take a few minutes, and don’t react to that fear until I’ve calmed down, then I can look at it rationally. I am going to take time for ME.
  • then I look at the situation in different ways until I can see or feel the best outcome, and act on that. :-)
And sometimes the best course of action is doing nothing (Patrick Star of Spongebob fame is a master at this). This can be very important because it allows others to play the roles they need to play. You become the eye of the hurricane, the calm in the storm.
Usually there is a “physical” element to the instinct, which makes it easier to recognize. For example, your gut feels tied in knots, or your head starts to throb, or your throat might start to feel “tight”. We’re all different in this respect (my band teacher in 6th grade turned purple!). For me, this is key to taking action, because if I continue to feel the “physical” part of my instinct while taking action, it tells me I’m not ready to take action (or I haven’t made the right choice).  In extreme cases this can lead to paralysis, which is the body’s way of saying, “stop!!!!”
This is not to say that all instincts are bad, because we can act on our instincts for a positive outcome. As in, “go with your gut”. But the main point here is recognizing those instincts, and trying to understand how they impact the situation at hand.
What cues do you use to recognize your instincts?

At the Beach (A Dream)

I was at a beach, a bay with an island across from the beach. I was with a woman. We were trying to get a hobie catamaran sailboat with red and white sails launched but a strong gust of wind kept picking up the boat and flipping it over like a kite. For whatever reason I didn’t think to put the sails down first (which would have made sense!).

Friday, July 13, 2012

An Open Letter to Humanity, from Umbro

This is Umbro. I am Captain of the Galactic Light Ship Tulya.

As disclosure increases throughout the year, you will become increasingly aware of our presence. If you wish to contact us, the first thing you can do is look within, for it is there that we will contact you. You may look for us in your skies, but our ships are cloaked. Those who cannot handle our presence at this time are protected from the shock that would result from such a contact. Those who can handle this information are sometimes given a sighting, and these will increase as the year progresses. Fearing us simply creates barriers to first contact, we are in fact just like you in many ways. You as a society have for the most part overcome your racial differences, and this is a critical step to encountering an “alien” race of beings.

The next step is understanding that we pose no threat to your well-being, and we respect your life path. We are the lamb, and you are the lion. You may see this message as an attempt to “lower your guard”, and this too is part of a process you can go through. All things in this universe can be seen as positive or negative, or not, this is up to you.

At this time we encourage you to look beyond the information constantly fed to you in your media. We are your family, as you are ours, and we are excited by the possibility of meeting you face to face. It is time now to make this meeting a reality. It is time now for you to meet people from another galaxy. Please do not be frustrated if we do not appear instantaneously, it is up to you as a society, as a whole, to join us when you are ready.

We love you, and we look forward to your return.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mouse Woman at the Lake (A Dream)

Last night was a very vivid dream, like I was there physically. I was in a clearing with very green grass, it was a kind of lightworker conference, although there didn't seem to be too many people there. The clearing was near a lake, and the lake was kind of misty, and it was cloudy but warm. The clearing had evergreen trees around it, a forest, the trees also surrounded the lake, and there was a large path that ran between the lake and the trees to the right of the lake. Near the lake where the path started was a small stage. A little way back from the stage was a nice large comfy couch, which was facing the clearing (so the couch and the stage were on the right hand side of the clearing). The couch was large enough so I could stretch out my legs, and a woman who looked a lot like Lisa/Wolfke (this may or may not have been her) was sitting at the other end of the couch with her legs crossed. She fidgeted with her hands as she was talking and tapped my leg from time to time. She was wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt, I was wearing cotton pants and a white button-up shirt, so maybe it was early summer / late spring. It felt like it was on the West Coast somewhere. The stage was decorated with white bridal veils, like it was a wedding, but this felt more like a meeting or a music concert than a wedding.

We were talking about lightworker ideas, it seemed like she was sad or depressed about something and I was working through some ideas with her. We were good friends in the dream. I remember mentioning a music video which might be helpful to her, it was one that zoomed over a misty lake (the same lake in the dream), and then zoomed in to a character that looked a lot like mouse woman (or possibly Gollum...).

Mouse woman is depicted on the Bill Reid Sculpture "Spirit of Haida Gwaii". She is the grandmother of the raven, who attempts to restore order in things whenever she can (and often gets herself in trouble because of it...).

That was the end of the dream.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Neighbor's Slate (A Dream)

I had a dream last night (the 6th), I was staying overnight at my parent’s house. I heard this crashing noise as if slate was sliding off the roof of the neighbor’s house. I was thinking Gee, I hope ________ is okay! So I look down and there are two hispanic boys standing there, but they’re fine. The slate is somehow landing on the neighbor’s property, but not my parent’s property. The slate seems to be crashing down but not piling up, and it seems to just be a continuous flow of rock.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tulya Update 5JUL2012

Circle Square Triangle Hexagon Line Wave Spiral Wave Circle

Incoming transmission from Tulya

We are approaching zero point. Please stand by. This will not affect your primary perception of reality, although it may fluctuate.

Tulya Captian identified, and several crew. Ref. Avatar. Consciousness stream focused in multiple dimensions with shared / synchronized timelines.

Global unseen entities are defence mechanism of Gaia, similar to venus fly trap. These entities were original inhabitants, unseen to galactic settlers. Relationship symbiotic in nature.

Creativity is key to breaking the bonds of the veil. Illusion is structured on structure and control. Picket fences and racism, keeping up with the Joneses.

Be creative.