Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Discussion with Mikos from Telos

Focused/Channeled by  Dreamwalker
May 11, 2011

>Hello, Mikos how are you?

I'm fine thanks Troy, how are you?

>I'm doing fine, but I'm seeing spots today. I suppose this is a part of the process?

Yes indeed.

>Is there anything I can do to make this less apparent? It tends to conflict with my vision.

At this time unfortunately no. It is correct that you can ask your guides to "tune it down" a little but you may not see much of a difference. This is light encoding waves that are being sent to you to attune, at a lower frequency, your progress with Mother Earth. "Attune" is also similar to "tune" as in an instrument. When you tune an instrument, you are hearing beats or waves that are slightly out of synch. You can then adjust the instrument to gradually raise or lower the frequency to get it "in tune". This is a description of the process you are experiencing.

>Is there something you wanted to talk about?

I am never far away.

>Laurinda was asking about her title "Igen" - can you tell me about this?

This is a frequency reference regarding her teacher status. It is something that connects her soul-name to her current role on earth. There are many ties such as this between dimensions, but they are difficult for some people to pick up on in 3d.

>So she is aligned to her soul-path, so to speak?

Exactly. Others might have a title that reflects an alignment with their soul-path that is contrary to what they are doing now, discovering their soul-title will help to tell them what path they should be on. This can help people who feel directionless to shift their field or profession, although it is not necessary to know this. Deep down they already know what they need to do, and typically try to pursue this path even if it's not what they are paid to do.

A question is will this help fill gaps in employment areas - my answer is absolutely. As people raise their awareness, they will pick up on what it was they were meant to do more readily, and they will gravitate towards that job. Increases in technology will help make even boring or tedious jobs really fun, and they will be fulfilled in whatever role they take on, and not have to worry about compensation, since the compensation is that job they want to do!

>Can you tell me anything about the near future, with regards to the economy? Is it necessary to invest in gold and silver, for example?

You can if you like, although most currencies throughout the world will soon be tied to the gold standard, which will level off their value and make currency much more egalitarian between nations. So one dollar in each country will still be worth one dollar; you will not gain or lose anything in this transition. Money hawks may think that they can gain by investing in this, but they are simply gaining a complexity to their life rather than satisfying their need for greed.

Abundance is just around the corner; you do not need to worry about starvation as this will be taken care of. It is a concern of ours that this could happen but we feel that everything will adequately even themselves out, and in fact for those who face starvation now, they will benefit from abundance in the very near future. Part of this is advancements in technology that will be gained without monetary investment; it will be available to all. I am seeing from you that there are those who are fueled by greed who will be confounded by this and want to prevent it. I can assure you that they will be confounded and this will be a very real part of their own spiritual progress. They need to understand that it is the hierarchy that is the thing that is to collapse, and they have much to lose regardless of what they do. Giving their money to charity now will at least give them a good feeling that they are helping others. As above, so below.

>Laurinda was asking about some of her past lives, can you tell me anything about this?

I think Selphia wanted to talk to you about this but she is currently engaged in other tasks.

>Okay, thank you Mikos I will try to connect with Selphia another time. I am grateful for our connection today.

Blessings, Troy - We Are One

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