Monday, May 30, 2011

The Forgetting Device

Mikos of Telos
Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker

>Hello, Mikos, are you there?

I'm here Troy.

>Can we talk about my friends Robin, Laura, and Laurinda?

---Section removed at the request of the subject---

>They've told me a bit about the Reptillian Wars and their involvement with it. Can you tell me anything about that?

Their memories are slowly coming back about this, and this is great! I can't think of anything they need to focus on from that time. Our role is not so much to help others remember parts of their past, as it is to help them focus on areas they need to deal with. For the most part it is easy but they have to work through this process to move forward. We love to talk about past lives because they're so fascinating, but our primary objective is ascension for as many people as possible.

>How does dealing with these episodes in our past lives help us progress towards this goal?

It is different for everyone, and sometimes simply knowing someone will help raise your awareness. These specific memories are important because they are a way to teach empathy beyond your current existence; it's a trans-dimensional shift you're making in order to have these experiences. Periods of your past lives that are charged emotionally can be used as a focal point because they are easier to remember.

> A few of my friends were asking why they can't remember their dreams?

This is part of the device that makes people forget their past lives, and it effects people in different ways. Not being able to remember your dreams is a part of this. It is tied to some degree to blood type. You came across some information on this, negative is less susceptible to the device than positive, although there are other factors as well. You are not able to remember all your interactions in dream time, so the device is somewhat successful.

>Can this device be dismantled?

There needs to be an activation before this can happen; raising awareness is a big part of it. The brain has to be retrained/rerouted to accept this information and it is part of the 12 DNA strand modification that humans are experiencing right now. With regards to automatic drawing, that is one way to train your brain to remember some dreams, but you have to do it every day. You don't have to do a lot; 2 or 3 minutes of automatic drawing every day is good exercise if you're trying to remember your dreams. But you won't remember all your dreams because the device is still functioning. There is no way to shut it down completely without having a negative impact on life on the planet. Basically, it is the moon. It would fall into the planet if we shut it down completely because there are systems in place to keep it oriented a certain way. So our plan is to make it as irrelevant as possible, and this can be done through ascension.

>Can you tell me what ascension is, exactly?

It is the merging of 3-d and 5-d. We're simply going to share the same plane of existence, and humans will go through the same process we went through 12,000 years ago.

>Thank you Mikos, I guess that's all the questions I have for now.

Thank you Troy, have a good night.


  1. Wow! I've decided to just go through and systematically read all your posts, and as I read this one I'm laughing to realize that Mikos and Heruka are one! Could you please check with Mikos and see what he says about this?
    What struck me was the part about the blood types and the moon... It's just like Heruka to give out this kind of info, and I think to myself, "As if anyone is going to believe this!"... :D

  2. Thank you Leslee - this is very interesting, I received a "strong yes", although my initial impression was reversed, reading some of your posts - I found that Selphia's playful nature seems very similar to Heruka, whereas your guide Lhammo Dorje is more of an aloof but caring father-figure, like Mikos... perhaps this is the singular / balanced nature of these delightful beings... :-)