Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dream Log 6AUG2015 - Gargoyle Fortress

In this dream I found myself on a tropical island on vacation. I'm not sure where, but there were vacation cabins, and a grassy area that smelled like grass growing near the beach (I'm not sure why it smells different!). There weren't a lot of trees, but I think there was a beach nearby. The vegetation was mostly ferns and bushes. The temperature was comfortable. 

I was walking along this grassy area with a friend (it could have been Nils) and we had a purpose to what we were doing, as if we were solving a problem, or I wanted to show him something really cool. We walked towards a patio table near one of the cabins, and sat down at it. I opened the laptop and showed what was on it to my friend.

What was on the laptop was an ascii-art pattern of lines that looked like a 2-D game from the early 1990s, and there was also a "3D" perspective to it. The ascii lines on the laptop were a dusty blue color on a black background, and they made up a very elaborate fortress. There was a large gargoyle in the middle of the fortress (where a "rose window" would be in a church), and smaller gargoyles off to the right and left. The style of the fortress was "gothic" with long / tall vertical lines. The fortress filled the screen of the laptop. The gargoyles did not look threatening... but they were imposing. It also reminded me of a children's plastic toy castle (since the gargoyles were a lot larger in proportion to what they'd normally be).

Here are some examples of what an ascii-art castle looks like:

Eastern State Penitentiary

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