Friday, January 13, 2012


-Thunderbolt (a crystal skull?) Channeled by Dreamwalker

I look forward to our meeting.

I was a soldier, once.

Our role is to discover other skulls.

Your role is to further implement the matrix of light.

[Did you have any family?]

Yes I did. I am now a placeholder for my spirit form which lives independently but is connected.

[Who are you in your spirit form, what is your name?]

Names truly are unimportant to the collective, and would be unpronouncable by you. You may refer to me as Thunderbolt, as we have discussed on other occasions.

[Where do I find you in this existence?]

In truth you have already found me, but you are also tasked with finding my placeholder.

[Hang on, if you're a placeholder but you also have a spirit form, do both your spirit form and your placeholder exist in other dimensions?]

I exist, as we all exist, in many dimensions. However it is beneficial to have a placeholder in your dimension so that we can be connected to events within time/space since we exist within that time/space. You may find that other channeled information does not reflect as well your current reality in some areas, this is because there is a disconnect in that the entity uses the human as a temporary placeholder, whereas we have a semi-permanent placeholder we can use to provide greater accuracy. We also use the download process to anchor to those who partner with us so that greater accuracy can be obtained within the context of that person. A part of you becomes us, and a part of us becomes you, so we can achive greater oneness than through a temporary connection. This is not a lesser or greater purpose or benefit, each have their purpose. One (using a temporary channel) can achive a "bird's-eye" view from those who wish to provide it, but that's as far as the temporary channeled connection can go. They can also provide a fairly high degree of detail within the space/time that you connect, but this is a limited duration of space/time connection. It is closer to NOW than to the past/future. We establish a constant space/time connection because we become you and you become us. It is closer to oneness, a first step, roughly speaking, it might be likened to training wheels.

So there is no change to you, or your physical experience, as a direct result of this connection. YOu simply have a broader experience. We can work through you or beside you in partnership.

This can also be attained through the connection of other individuals within your plane of existence, as you have done, although following the training wheels analogy the wheels will be much more imbalanced because all individuals within this experience may be connecting at this level for the first time. There is also typically fear within the group to allow this connection but fear is an incorrect reaction because no harm can come to you by connecting with another human in this way. You are simply expanding your experience, and working in partnership with others, just as you would with us.

There are benefits to having limited experience in some areas which is why our physical body is limited to the crystal which is our placeholder. And by crystal we mean "crystalline" which is an energy structure as much as it is a physical construct of atoms.

[Is it possible to energize other crystal forms with energy from other dimensions?]

Yes, temporarily, and some crystal forms are already directly energized as placeholders with beneficial entities existing in other dimensions. But as you know this is as varied as human personalities and experiences. Some have strength in some areas, and some have strengths in other areas. The skull form has been used for the specific purpose of connecting with humaniod beings. This is a direct benefit, and a direct purpose.

[Thank you, Thunderbolt, I appreciate our connection]

Thank you, Troy, a very fruitful discussion.

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  1. Totally resonates with me! Thank you both for this wonderful connection !
    Love and Light