Monday, June 24, 2013

Dream Log 23JUN2013

I became aware during dreamtime of instruction going on, with a male voice doing a voiceover (like in a movie). Well it wasn't really a voiceover so much as telepathic communication. It was a friendly authoritative voice - it might have been Adama or someone else (The Voice of God?). I'm not sure who. But the communication was addressing the topic of progress - both my personal progress, and for my benefit in developing a better understanding of the process. I don't recall what was actually said. I recall the surroundings as me standing on a mountain or a rocky area - it was gray rock with no vegetation. I was embodied as "me". One detail I do recall is that illness was a part of progress - it is somehow tied to genetic modifications, what we might think of as a cellular mutation. Then the scene shifts, and my younger son and I are both sick - he is throwing up in the toilet.

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