Monday, June 10, 2013


"Glognog" by Konstantinos
Twisted ribbon (upside-down)

(voice of unknown origin): there are only enough days left to determine the distance between two stars. Which might seem like a long time, except for the fact that thought is instantaneous. A paradox then, when you are willing to go further.

A passive approach as "receiver" is often the best policy. But you can also ask questions.


T>Hello xyxel, who are you?

x> This was xyxel. This is xyxel. Captain.

T> Captain of....

x> Moon ))

T> You are the captain of the moon... ?

X> On the moon, in pieces... many years hence / before

T> Where were you from?

X> a star you consider to be named Andromeda.

T> How did you come to be with Mona Lisa?

X> She can tell more, from her side. But we had a partnership to monitor the creation / destruction / creation cycle for your current epoch of time. Still monitoring if not in pieces. weigh team to establish base. Also archaeology assignment for Marduk civilization. You are correct in that clothing and skin is similar meaning to us. You must drink water, so I wait.

T> Okay...

X> water energized, you can see the energy as well can you not?

T> Yes I can.

X> very good. water of life. Is life.

T> I take it you are in your eternal essence / energetic form?

X> Opportunity to take physical form. Awareness somewhat diminished yet functional. Avatar currently of bear, for purpose of research.

T> You're a bear? Where are you?

X> On earth, in the woods. Location not known in human terms.

T> I was curious, your name - sounds like a tech company.

X> Inspiration comes in unexpected ways. Some times reaching out has unexpected consequences. Message not previously received... yet received in other ways.

T> So you wanted to contact me?

X> someone yes. Please pass along message to Mona...

T> You can yourself?

X> Maintaining radio silence.

T> No, she is available. If I'm available to you, you are available to me, she is available to me, she is available to you.

X> Thank you for this information, I will contact her directly. 

T> Before you go, how did you and Mona come to serve together?

X> Joint mission. Some are still moonbound, inside. There is additional footage. We can release soon if needed/ desired.

T> Yes, please... if you can - or if you can inspire someone to release them...

X> There is more. We wish to reconnect. Will do so, when timing is right. Not only with us but with humanity.

T> Uh... you are in bear form...

X> A minor inconvenience, and part of the explanation. My previous form... alarming to some, still. It (physical form) is less important.

T> She's in a base, somewhere.

X>That is fine - seen as valuable "asset" / property. Human terms. Best / safest place at this time.

(Square / Triangle - end of transmission)


  1. Part of me can't believe what I have read. I know what girl your talking about. I also understand the the picture to be a Defenition to likeness for the other being. I don't know what else to say because I am just a normal girl. No connection to science or anything of the sort......

    I believe if you need me you will ask me.
    Stay Blessed

  2. Dear Sarah, thank you for your comment. I added a video which my friend Konstantinos provided. Here is his original message:

    I feel you are more than "just a normal girl" - you are eternal essence, and extraordinary in every way. (-_-) You are needed at this time, but how you use your unique talents is up to you. I can recommend, if you wish, to check out Namaste

  3. Hello Troy,
    How are you my dear friend? I miss you and everyone at Spirittrain. What an amazing communication. Thank you for posting it.

    Love and light

  4. Hi Vee! I'm doing fine, thanks - we miss you too! Keep shining that lovely light of yours! (-_-)

  5. Nice! :D
    Thanks Troy! ^_^ <3

    1. You are very welcome - have a great day Kirkeke!