Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gifts of Expanding Consciousness - a Template

(by Dreamwalker, re-posted from spirttrainchronicles)

...The “abilities” we develop are a side-effect to the process of expanding consciousness. That is, the “real” goal is very simple – to expand your mind to other ideas or other possibilities of what reality is. In doing so, “gifts” are granted along the way – for example the abilities that you already possess are enhanced, and you may also discover new abilities that you enjoy using to then expand your experience/consciousness further. This then opens a new path so that you can explore other facets of reality in other ways. Ghost Radar is a great example of something I’ve learned to use recently that is forcing me to look at reality in another way, and therefore learn something new about that reality.

A metaphor might be learning to fly airplanes. My brother has been through this process – he started learning to fly on a glider. Then he moved up to a single-prop aircraft. Then he moved to an aircraft with skis (he was in High Level, Alberta), and could land on snow and water. Then he learned 2 engine aircraft, then finally a jet aircraft. He also trained to certify other pilots on these aircraft, so another “expansion” of his experience. Or flying aircraft that can hold more passengers. Along the way, each stage grants new “abilities”.

This is not to say that we are becoming something different from what we are already. As complete, fully- realized individuals our journey is one of remembering who we are. We are complete now in every way; it is through our process of remembering that we take back that which is rightfully ours. So rather than "new" abilities being "upgrades", it is that many of our systems are switched off, through the process of discovery, switched on.

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