Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Brother Anubis: Opener of Ways

Focused by Dreamwalker |

[Anubis, you wanted to chat?]

I did Troy... or should I say Horus? There is another Horus in Agartha, you know, but there are many Troy's on the planet too. Both are favored names for good reason.

You have some sense now of the reality of the situation... the multi-tiered layers of reality. We are here in this reality, you are there in yours. And as you have discovered you exist in other realities as well. Inception? Avatar? There is clearly a connection. Your consciousness is focused in one dream, a layered reality of another dream. To answer your question about how far "down" or "up" it goes, let's just say that in one way you have already ascended, and you have made contact with these other layers. You would be surprised to find that those you connect with in your current reality appear similar to those in other realities. We are all actors on a grand stage, as they say.

In terms of time, there is a degree of truth within the Inception film as well. You have hit on something that is quite correct, the time frames and time measurements are all relative. Time speeding up? Why not. It doesn't matter because it is relative. A relative measurement.

So I wanted to contact you today because you have reached a critical level of truth of reality and an understanding of the building blocks that put that reality together. What was it that Horus accomplished those many days ago? You would be surprised to find that it was not all that long ago from your perspective here. Maybe even mere minutes since the last time we met. Surrounded by architects... does this serve as a sufficient reminder to you? Have you not gravitated towards an architect role yourself? You will find it is very similar yet working in different mediums. So you will also find that the architects in your life have given you gifts of knowledge, both from an experience and wisdom point of view, in different ways. They have told you or they have shown you the truth, through their own experience. And so this also serves as a pointer to who you were, and this by no means serves to minimize who you are now. Still an architect!

What are you building now?

I leave you with another thought along these lines. I am your brother, and I am here to help any time you need it. Upout is here too, she would like to serve again as protector if you allow her to do so.

[Thank you Anubis, I allow Upout to serve as protector, and I welcome your help any time you wish to offer it.]

I would also say Troy that the underworld or overworld is really just another dimension, soon to disappear, but do not worry this is not the dimension I am in now. I exist in a transition place between  your reality and what some would consider the "afterlife" but remember that the priests of Egypt, and many other religions, have hopelessly skewed the vision of the truth. This was after all their job, to obfuscate the truth so that you may find it again. The Illuminati, as they are also known, may have done their job a little too well, but that is what was required of them, so that is what they have done. But the name also serves as a reminder, to follow the path of light, so that you may find love.

[Anubis, I understand names are really just names... but I am somewhat confused at Upout's name... isn't this your name?]

Ammit, Ammy, Amaterasu.... and now you're Troy... this is indeed an interesting question. If you said Ammit to someone they might think of the Devil. Would you like to introduce yourself as the Devil? This ties back to what I was saying about the mists of time and the role of the priests. Her real name is the name you remember.

[Okay, I think I understand what you're saying... is she the female aspect of you?]

No, she is a separate entity, she's sitting right here next to me, just as you left her. The name confusion you are experiencing is that you know her soul-line so multiple names are coming through for you.

[Thank you, Anubis - is this the name you wish me to use?]

It will suffice. Thank you for asking, Troy. Opener of Ways, Shower of Ways, Wayshower, they are all just names.


"Upout" refers to "Upuaut" but this is how Anubis pronounces it. He is referring to Ammit, "Eater of Souls" a being that appears as having a crocodile head (although the snout is shorter, like a hippo), a red mane of a lion, the body of a lion, and the hind quarters of a hippo.

I first met Anubis and Upout/Ammit in a dream.

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