Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thunderbolt and Maureen: the Aeterna Dreamspace

[are you there, Thunderbolt? I hear you'd like to chat]

Center... that was a nice attempt, but you still have some work to do. You're almost there, and now you have created a crystalline ship at geostationary orbit that you can use at any time.

Many have visited this ship for the needed therapy out of the illusion. A very useful tool for such tasks. Have you given her a name yet?

[The Galactic Ship Aeterna.]

Very good, a fitting name. Also similarities to the naming used in Agartha, and your friend the galaxy of the same name is honored by this selection.

[Can you tell me about Maureen?]

Your presumptions in this area about correct, and she is a good friend, also a close kin of Allendale. A skilled starship captain.

[I wouldn't mind just going on board and seeing the ship as how it really looks...]

You have to get there first.

[Can you explain what you mean by this? I have to get there physically?]

No, you have to get there first. You are almost there, but you have to get there.

[where is there?]

Not there as in there, but there as in to your goal.

[can you tell me more about this goal?]

Not at this time.

[okay.... how about we talk more about Maureen... an Irish name... does this have something to do with what Allendale said about Ireland? ]

This is one of the keys, yes, and that key was specifically for you.

[Are there other keys?]


[Can you tell me what they are?]

As I mentioned before, I am a key. Maureen is a key. The GS Aeterna is a key.

[So the goal is to put everything together in some way?]

Yes, that is correct.

[Okay, thank you... I'd like to talk to Maureen now, if she's free...]


[Are you there Maureen?]

I'm here, Troy. What you hear from Thunderbolt is correct, and do not worry about your ship it is being taken care of...

[Mareen, can you tell me what happened last night? Was that you?]

It was me, Troy.

In another dimension you all met on the Aeterna. But to remember that you first have to meet a few more requirements. Also remember that your intent expressed was to meet in dreamtime and dreamspace - so you all met in different situations, but you met in one way or another. There was over 100 souls who participated in this little experiement and it was quite successful. So what we need to do is tailor the intent, and perhaps limit the experiment to fewer souls. A few people did find themselves on your ship, so it proved that your manifestation was successful. It's there now, and I'm here, maintaining it now for you.

Try again, simplify your intent to meet on the Aterna, and you will meet there, if that is your wish.

[Thank you, Maureen. Can you tell me why ireland is a key?]

It is an ancient place that puts history into perspective, even perhaps more so than if you were to stumble upon Atlantis. This is because Atlantis has somewhat decayed in the mists of time, whereas what you should be seeking is something more pristine, more preserved, so there is no question as to what existed. This is part of disclosure and will be revealed along with other important facts.

[Thank you Maureen.]

Thank you Troy I look forward to seeing you - will that be tonight?

[I'll try Maureen.]

I'll see you then, Troy.

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