Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maureen: A New Home

This is the second time I had this dream, so it has some significance, but I’m not sure what yet. It is a more difficult dream to post, because of the subject matter, but I feel this is necessary at this time.

Leslee spoke about dreams relating to “sex”… and I feel these are in fact not about physical union, but about spending time in the presence of a very high-level being. How our brains interpret this, as she pointed out, is a very high level of bliss, similar to that of the moment of conception. It is sustained, creative force. Pure, happy bliss.

The night before, I decided to try to use the password “wings” to access the Aeterna, and confirmed this with Maureen. I approached this without any preconceived ideas, other than to have an experience that would benefit my progress at this time.

So the dream is basically that I’m driving a 60′s sports car – (my research shows a 1960-ish Volvo P1800 coupe, a light yellow color), there’s a beautiful blonde woman with me, and we’re coordinating a rendezvous with a brunette woman on a cell phone, they’re telling me how they’d like to spend the weekend (a 3-day weekend), pretty much in the nude, exploring being in the nude…

The dream ends at a white 2-story house, built around 1920.

A very happy dream, until it ends… and then I spend the next day or two in a really lousy mood… as I did the last time I had the dream…

This time I wasn’t in quite such a bad mood after the dream, having a better understanding about what this dream was all about. I feel it is not about sex at all… it is the journey in this case that matters.


Leslee suggests Maureen is a "Dakini", a helper spirit from Buddhist tradition, in Tibetan means "she who moves in space."


  1. Thank you for sharing your dream. I had a dream that was sexual but I felt I was merging with my higher-self. I had another dream that was psychic rape. I have learned how to protect myself from those types of sex dreams.

    I don't know if you remember not long ago I talked about a dream I had of being on a space craft standing in the center of a spiraling circle for healing purposes. I recently learned it was for emotional healing. I wonder if I was on the Aeterna. Can you find out if I was there?

    Love, peace and light

  2. Vee, that sounds like the GLS Blaze to me! "spiral" is the password, and it does apparently have this facility onboard, its purpose is just as you suggested.

  3. The GLS Blaze, and spiral is the password, well I guess it can't get any clearer than that. : )

    Love and light

  4. As it turns out, Vee, the Blaze existed many months (possibly even a few years) before our experiment... this was when Tauno created it... so I find the synchronicity here once again very interesting...