Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maureen: Strategic Planning on 25FEB2012

Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker |

[Hello Maureen, would you like to comment on the experiences of the night of Saturday the 25th, 2012? I recall something happening, but I don't remember what. There were a lot of people there... what were they doing?]

Hello Troy, it is lovely to connect with you. ....


There is a strong veil at this time, you and your friends are experiencing a "disconnect" from all-that-is, which can translate into some unhappiness. Now that you have connected it sometimes can feel bad/sorrow-ful to do without. A small depression, and this is fine/natural. Do not be alarmed by it, as you will regain it as you work to regain it. As much as the void can be strenthened, so too can you strengthen your connection. It is a central part of the DNA re-attune-ment that is taking place at this time. Synapses connect, to reach out to the light, just as a plant, when poorly watered, might extend its roots further to the source of water. Light is becoming your sustenance, and you will notice when that sustenance is in short supply. This may give you more understanding of why other beings of light such as yourselves may have difficulty creating a material body on your planet. It is not for lack of desire, it is for lack of sustenance. In effect they would become very depressed to be disconnected from all-that-is.

You have created waypoints for them to now join you closer to gaia. Many have been here all along, but you may also invite them on board your Galactic Light Ship to meet them in person, if you wish! They have been waiting for an invitation for a long time, and you may be surprised to find that they are just like you.

You are correct that there is a template that human beings inhabit that many other beings inhabit, as intuited by Stephen Hawking. He is incorrect in thinking that there are a large number of Galactic beings who are "negative" in nature... this is simply not possible, given the fact that they must contain a certain amount of light to reach this stage, and progress through the trials of learning that the human race has done.

[My understanding is that there are fourth density negative beings... reptillians, for example.]

They have been portrayed as negative but this is not the case. Part of the dying control system put in place to make you fear your past, present and future. Living in the now, there is no fear because whatever happens has already happened and will happen. It is living outside the template of time/space that has controlled your planet for so long...

[Can you talk a bit about what happened on the Aeterna last night?]

I can indeed, Troy. Before any major effort, there is a meeting that takes place to coordinate the individuals who will partake in that effort. It would be unwise to state the contents of that meeting... for the same reason that the Rebel Forces in Star Wars required secrecy for their plans... or any force for that matter. You are all more than ready.

[Okay, that sounds exciting Maureen. I understand there are cosmic alignments. I understand it could happen any moment, or it may already have happened.]

I think you get the general idea of it, Troy. Surprise is our ally.

[Well, then, carry on, Captain Maureen... please make whatever preparations or upgrades you need to make to give us the most benefit. If there are specific upgrades you can make for my benefit, please do so.]

We have already upgraded to include a home for your beloved pegasus, and the translation module has also been installed as requested.

[Thank you Maureen, my deepest gratitude to you!]

You'll know what to do when the time comes... as you always have known in your heart.

Goodnight, Troy, my love and gratitude to you.

[Goodnight Maureen - my love to you and all who may wish to help.]

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