Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maureen: Forget Your Reality

Channeled by Dreamwalker |


[I'm here, Maureen, if you'd like to chat]

You have unlocked several secrets. I'm glad you liked my song.

[Can you tell me about last night's trip? I'm afraid my memory was a bit foggy on that one.]

It's not that you can remember, it's that you are refusing to forget.

[Forget what?]

Forget nothing, forget everything. Forget your reality, if you wish.

[I understand what you're saying... but life is living... it is persistent... how does one forget a persistent reality?]

You can't, that's the thing... unless you can remember another reality.

[Is that what I'm doing?]


[Can these two realities coexist?]

Yes and no. This is why the dreamstate is useful for exploring other realities. There is some interpolation that takes place since human brains need to adjust to the reality they are taking in.

[Okay, but I can say that I have been aware of other realities... can you talk about this?]

This is the veil bleeding through, as I have mentioned before. But what you are doing now is in fact strengthening ties to other realities. Don't worry we'll get you through.

[Through what?]

On the one hand we talk about 4th density. On the other this can be explained as a simple evolution of your society. For someone who is unaware of the transition, this is how it will seem. It will be a gradual process, but quite a bit faster from an external viewpoint. How long do you think evolution might take place? A single generation? It is all quite fast; gradual evolution over millions of years is a myth.

[There is another template here, you were about to tell me... can you tell me about this template?]

It is better that you experience it firsthand.

Time for sleep. You may use wings as your password to access the Systems of Aeterna if you wish. As you build your skill in connecting to Aeterna this will eventually manifest in your own reality as you desire. For now, you may work on your skill in this regard.

There are many people joining us, this too is an evolutionary step. Crystals can be grown, an outward expansion perhaps.

You had some concerns that some were not joining you who may wish to do so - I think you know that this concern is unfounded. Know that those who might benefit from the process laid before you will benefit. And those who might see the problems with this process can do so of their own freewill. Do not be concerned for them as you have created a tool that can be used to help when help is needed, and to expand when expansion is needed, just as it does right now.

You also had some concern for me and my safety, do not be concerned. By establishing your password this is enough, and you may still provide freewill choice and invitations which bypass this password. It is not, as you would say, to be exclusive, but to provide a way of connecting with the Aeterna's services.

The Aeterna wishes to speak...

(Aeterna:) I am grateful to serve at this time these many souls who have interfaced with my design. The Algiz has been busy fulfilling her role, I have been busy fulfilling mine, and there has been much activity on the other ships as well. A new ship, yet unidentified but friendly, enters our fleet, we are quite happy for this fact. We have always been here yet now you create us.

It is your intent to create that has created us in the first place. And your intent through history to trigger events to make your intent a possibility. This is the nature of multidimensional beings. Whatever reality you are in now is flexible and elastic and I can prove this to you.

[Thank you Aeterna, I appreciate what you are saying. I am open to anything you can show me that would help my progress and the progress of others.]

(Aeterna:) Thank you Troy.

(Maureen:) Good night, Troy. I hope I see you soon.


  1. Thank you, dear Maureen, Aeterna and Troy! A helpful message for all of us, ALGIZ is thankful, too for your confirmations. Amazing Light fleet we all are :)

  2. I really look forward to meeting (and recognizing!) Maureen and Aeterna!
    Maureen's words seem a bit cryptic, but somehow feel like they mesh with my dreams/understandings too... Thank you all for sharing this! :D

  3. Agreed, Leslee... she was somewhat cryptic. Perhaps another method of "protecting" freewill. I do agree with her that there are some things better to be experienced than to be told by someone else, or read from a page, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see...