Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(Repost) Laura Maintenant: Sharing on Dreamwalker Dream Experiences

Ok, I have received several memories from our trip left. I invite people to share their memories on Indy Info blog, in the comments section for us all to compare and have an impression of others experiences.

Here is David C. commenting on it:

I also am not sure if i made it,at one point i know i dreamt i heard your voice Laura making a countdown 3 , 2 , 1 as i woke up for a few sec suddenly and felt a strong vibration in all the bed or my body not sure and a strange loud noise outside…but fell asleep again,not sure what to conclude haah maybe a tremor dunno lol,also i remember dreaming of being in a group of people,but nothing really relating to a space ship hehe… it is all i remember…

And also from Rio:

There were a lot of people there, whether you remember it or not. I did not have time to interact with everyone, just felt you where there. I found myself in what I’m going to call the “crystal room.” I kept asking who the tall guy was because all you feel are entities, not physical beings. It was Salusa really happy to see us there. Everyone was having their own experience. I’m sure Laura and Dolly were there. I’m thinking maybe be have been running around in these circles and are barely getting to know each other in the physical world. Hilarious! All communications were telepathic and holographic. The crystal room was a rehab room where crystals were tasked to aid in positive change. I saw odd stuff, really expensive products that are part of our material world like expensive Saudi Arabian coffee. Never seen that before but it was part of the greed the crystals were working on transformation for positive change. I grabbed a bunch of crystals, lol, silly me, I could not bring them home ;)

Suzanne S says:

I remember being on a ship, in a hallway or small room with others around me, don’t know who & thinking, “I did it! I am here!” Will TAUK on it later to see what else happened. :)

As to my own experience:

Firstly I kept waking up during the night, which is a thing that never happens usually. Every time I would wake up, I felt as if I was coming back from a long journey, feeling tired and confused on where I was. This has happened about 5 times during my sleep of last night.

I was aware of the dream experiment at all times, although I was too tired for consciously trying to place any intention. I just left it all happen after inviting Dreamwalker and his friends to bring me onboard.

I had several interesting revelations, which I can not recall now, as my awakening moments were too short for being able to write them down during the night.

The two most significant parts that I do perfectly recall are the following. Firstly, I was in a very loud room, with many turbines, the predominant colour was white and blue. I think there was water passing through the turbines. I recall being explained that these were used for ventilation purposes, air purifying and perhaps producing. I was also told that parts of this noisy system were part of the propulsion system. I was shown various other parts of the vessel, in company of many others. We were all happy and enthusiastic about the experience.

The other significant part was a conversation with Dreamwalker’s friends, and SaLuSa as an observer. I was asking them how to visit them when ever we wish and how does travel through many galaxies works? I was explained that their vessel uses and creates vortexes. These vortexes are wormholes, which their space ship is able to generate for travel in time and space. I asked how could we also use this technology and I was explained the following:

We all have inbuilt within our physical bodies the ability for creation with our pure and simple intent. A ship can control parameters better, and allows for a platform for several beings at the same time. It enables them to travel on the same journey through the wormhole, without being lost. The ship is a stable platform for propulsion and transport to exact places other beings and materials that may be needed with them on their journey. However, we all can individually chose destinations in the higher dimensions and go just about anywhere we like. We can all visit other times, places and timelines.

I was also communicated that it is very important to ask for permission to our Higher Self to be able to retain our memory of the trips and voyages in the morning. I also found it helpful to keep a note pad next to my bed, in order to record fresh memories. Otherwise, I would have just dismissed what I have written above as irrelevant and confusing. However, when I have written it down, I found that it began to make sense.

I would like to ask Dreamwalker to renew this journey next weekend, if possible?

Laura Maintenant

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