Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Chat with Maureen, a Galactic Citizen

[I am here if anyone wants to chat...]

Create your own ship, just as we do...

[You create your own ship?]

Yes indeed.

[Who am I talking to?]


[Hi Maureen!]

You remember me!

[Yes I do, it's nice to talk to you!]

I see you have been thinking of a ship with crystalline structure... that is an interesting choice. It will act as a conduit to make it easier for those who wish to join you. The crystalline ship acts as a catalyst for those thought forms to join you and create their own light bodies in a specific location.

Is there a place you wanted to locate your ship so that everyone could rendezvous?

[Well, that's a good question, what would you suggest?]

Your present location near Washington, DC will be fine. You can certainly do as you suggested and time-jump those who need it.

You see there are many such ships around the planet at present and you will notice your many children have been creating ships of their own. However it it not necessary to engineer the ship beforehand, it can be a fully functioning thing. It is however alive.

[Am I right in thinking that the ship I am creating already exists?]

Yes indeed. This is not the ship you met me in, it is a larger ship, able to accommodate many more people. This is a mid-size ship that does not come into a planet's atmosphere.

It already exists but by the nature of your thought a ship will be selected that matches your thought patterns for greatest compatibility. What you selected as the image is somewhat close, but the structure is more crystalline in nature. Think about the crystalline comet-ship that was depicted in the first Superman movie, make it larger, and you have a better representation of the thing you're creating. The scale that you selected is somewhat accurate.

[I understand, Maureen - thank you for this information! Would you like to join us on this familiarization flight?]

I would, thank you for asking! I'll be joining SaLuSa and Allendale, I know of them and they are dear souls to me.

We will rendezvous this evening - have your ship and your friends ready to go, and we'll help you from there.

Thank you, Troy, good for you!


  1. Want to be with you all, in loving company, with my brothers and sisters. See you all tonight for this amazing journey..hope my higher self will allow me to remember.


  2. Hi, Dreamwalker! Finally made it by for a first-hand look! Whew :)

    Sounds so beautiful... Can you talk a little more about the "scale" you're sensing, please? I'm curious because I've gotten some strong impressions that some of the beings we're connecting with manifest in "forms" that are quite "tiny"... Does that resonate with what you've been receiving?

    (but I'm yet to read all the way up the thread, so if you've already answers elsewhere, I'll look for it :)

    In love & light, leslee

  3. Leslee- it's actually hard to tell at this point, but a very good question. From my experience some being can change their size at will, so they can be as big or small as needed. So I think what you saying is perhaps quite correct... Maybe as a variable rather than a constant.