Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(Repost) Laura Maintenant: SaLuSa and Allendale on Dreamwalker’s Invitation 4 Feb 2012

(Telepathic transmission through Laura Maintenant)

Good evening SaLuSa and Allendale. You are both invited to join us on Dreamwalker one hour dream time higher self journey with his friends from an other world. We are so excited at the idea of having you with us. Will you please accompany us and do you know who Dreamwalker’s friends are and where they come from?

SaLuSa: It would be an honour for us to join you in your dream state, as we often do during your regenerative, physically passive state. You all often visit us on our ships during dreams, and the invitation is extremely pleasing.

Allendale: I believe Dreamwalker’s friends are very a friendly species of beings who have followed him since a very young age, as he was being noticed as a shining soul by them as a child. In fact, they are very close to him and his other friends from Agartha and Telos. His connection with Inner Earth beings is very strong and these 3 beings are no strangers to Selphia. Perhaps she will tell him more about who they are. I will of course be happy to meet all your friends, Laura, and there are a few coming that we already know.

Laura: Thank you, we are so looking forward to meeting you, in this gentle way. I certainly hope that the connection will be renewed in the future and will lead us to a physical meeting between us all.

SaLuSa: So do we. We have great hopes in this project, the team spirit is an important aspect in this mission. The fact that you all are connected via the internet shows that there already is an invisible thread connecting you all. Therefore this type of project will run very smoothly and will be accompanied by an enormous amount of love and taste for freedom.

Laura: Will you also be taking part in the Neptuno trip?

SaLuSa: I believe this to be a separate project, in which I will not be taking part. I wish you the best possible outcome in this regard. However I would be pleased to meet you all in the higher dimensions, in a density closer to our natural level of existence. We do trust you and your group of friends, and the outcome for such experiences is always best under such circumstances.

In fact the Neptuno project will inspire and open doors to other dimensions. Dreamwalker was greatly inspired by it for your dream state travel journey. Perhaps it would help if your readers would understand the Neptuno project as a pioneering project. In fact as with all experimental enterprises, with inter-dimensional beings, it is difficult to predict the outcome.

The fact that so many souls are involved in the Neptuno project makes the end result even more difficult to predict. We salute all those who have decided to take part in it. It is an entirely safe project and we will be watching, even though the Galactic Federation of Light is not taking any part in it. We hope to be learning from this experiment and once again salute your courage, in particular for running 2 simultaneous projects of this kind.

This is all that I am willing to discus about the Neptuno. However, if I may just give one peace of advice, it is to remain calm, not to have huge expectations. The highs and the lows in your environment for the past few days, is not beneficial in any case. The objective of the Galactic Federation of Light is to achieve our reunion in balance, and peace. I recommend to be very aware of anything taking you away from the here and now and stops your active daily grounding process. We favour a balanced and friendly approach, with the emotions of people involved not running highs and lows, and not involving doubts. We function best in an atmosphere of trust and friendship.

Laura: and I thank you for your insight, SaLuSa. I really appreciate your words, something for us to ponder on. I am looking forward to meeting all together, in the dream state.

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