Monday, February 6, 2012

GLS Aeterna: Next Flight 11 FEB 2012

You are invited to join us on board the Galactic Light Ship Aeterna on the evening of Saturday, February 11, 2012.

All participants are  welcome and are not required to sign the roster; the purpose of the roster is to encourage intent. You simply have to express your intent, and the sensors on board the Aeterna will notify us that you are ready to join us.

We would love to hear of your experiences on board the Aeterna; the more connections we can make along dreamtime threads, the more real these experiences become.

The Aeterna now has a home page, and for background information you may wish to read the following:
Your First UFO Familiarization Flight: What You Need to Know

We look forward to seeing you!


  1. Hi Dreamwalker,

    I would love to come aboard your ship Aeterna. See you on the 11th of feb. It will be a blast party :)

    Namaste Lisa

  2. You can count me in too! I am ready and able. See everyone there.

  3. Look forward to it! Alilila x

  4. Hoping to be there with you all! (Hi, Lisa!) :D

  5. I set my intention to be there. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks, Troy for creating the Aeterna and inviting us along for the experience. KG