Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adrial of Aurora: 22JAN2013

Please remind newcomers to the dreamflights that when they do not experience what they expect to experience during the dreamflight, it may be due to the fact that this experience will not benefit them at this particular point in time in their lives. There are many other experiences, in fact all experiences, contribute to one's personal development. The dreamflight is another aspect of this but it is only one small part of a whole. So you may not be able to join a lightship "On Demand" although you may try to express your intent for an experience that will most benefit you at this point in time.

Do not be surprised if the thing that you experience has nothing to do with space travel - remember that the experience you have is specifically attuned to your benefit. Whether you have a "good" dream or a "bad" dream is a part of this process of expanding your awareness. You are so bombarded by stimulus during the day, and many of you are so busy, that sometimes it can be a blessing to have this time to simply "switch off" the mind so that the spirit may wander freely. So the mind as a conduit for "memories" may not serve the role of remembering your experience at that time. Rest assured that your intent is all that is required for your spirit to join us in whatever capacity that is needed, and the most benefit to you and others at "this" time. For in the now you are always with us, even if you happen to be fulfilling other duties in the "physical" world.

In due course humanity will have the opportunity to join their Galactic family and develop a greater understanding of being a part of the whole that is "all". We also wish for you to understand that "Adrial" is a part of that whole, less so than being somehow "attached" to the Aurora. If you like, you may think of it as a large machine with many different functioning parts. That machine may have redundancies but this is a critical part of the system features. You / we are all a part of this grand machine.



  1. Ah, so relevant right now, Troy, thank you! I haven't had much direct contact with Adrial lately, and my "ship-visits" seem more planet-based, so this resonates a lot with my current experiences... But since I'm back visiting in Atlanta, that is shifting again...

  2. Thanks Leslee, I am glad I watched "Hugo" when it was out in theaters, what Adrial says about the machine and the many parts was a central theme of that movie. I hope you have a nice time in Atlantis. I mean, Atlanta! ;-)

  3. Please I would like just to know! ‘Dreamflight’ experience is still going on or it was just for one day?

    1. Hi Siegfried, sorry for the delayed response - dreamflights are every Saturday, roughly speaking. My experiences actually tend to be on that Friday night, but I think there's a few good reasons for that.