Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I AM Thunderbolt: Training Grounds

By Dreamwalker | dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com 

I found a large globe in a dark room, it was like a snow globe but it was about 8′ high. Big. At the same time I hear Adama’s voice loud and clear. He’s encouraging me to touch it, so I do. The globe turns out to be a force field around that same black dragon statue that I saw the first time I visited Agartha, in my dream.
So then I need to touch the statue, so I do, and it opens a portal.

The portal opens to a training world. It looks a lot like minecraft. I’m at the top of a mountain, looking down into a valley. I walk down the mountain and come to the european town in Agartha I visited before. There’s that castle on the hill again. So I know where I am, more or less, although I still don’t know the name of the town. There’s the bakery (likely the same one Leslee mentions here, or something similar). The front windows open onto a patio so there’s inside and outside seating.

There are also planters with little cone-shaped evergreens in them. The planters are half-barrels. I think that these must be a bit of a pain to water so I decide that I can create a localized rain shower over each barrel. Looks a little strange but it gets the job done.

Then I walk down the road to the river, near the base of the mountain leading to the castle, and sit on the bench there. Fish keep jumping into my lap, just to say hi. I tell them I don’t want to catch them today but they’re cheeky and keep trying to jump into my lap anyways. Cut it out you guys!

So I get up and Adama suggests I cross the river, so I create a small white curved bridge over the river. When I get to the other side I find that the town is gone, and I am now in dragon-form – the terrain is different, like a desert, but the castle is still there. There are these dark-looking rain / thunder clouds. I’m able to create lightning from them in dragon form, I realize that this might be “thunderbird”, he was in fact a dragon. Oh yeah, the name of the dragon is “thunderbolt”. That would make sense!

Then I land on the top of the castle in dragon-form, realizing there that when Ben Fulford talks about “dragon family” it may be that all of humanity was once dragon-form.

There are 7 billion of us here. Are we THE creator-gods for the entire galaxy? Are we all on vacation? You see we created all this and now through a “non-disclosure agreement” (NDA for short!) we are now here on earth, field-testing our latest creation. The universe is now without us, and patiently waiting our return.

And the dragon statue is ME.

Why is there a statue of me as a dragon in Agartha, I wonder? Why is this also used as a teleportation device?


Notes: Image Source: Legend about the origin of Ljubljana


  1. What an amazing dream dear Troy. Can I re-blog it on my blog?

    It is strange, when I was reading your dream, it felt so familiar with it.

    Love Lisa (wolfke74)

    1. By all means Lisa you are welcome to reblog this or anything else here. Also check out the town I referenced - it is very similar to the town I saw. Now I really want to go there and see for myself.